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Tuesday, June 03, 2008 Algaban's Call Part 2

(Revised Edition)

Robert feels that someone is calling him, but… in the middle of the marshland?
Robert Chandler.
Naah, it can’t be. I must be hearing things. But what am I doing here? Am I supposed to be asleep now?
Robert Chandler, Orcbane, hear me. I call upon thee.
Robert tries to shout in response.
‘Who’s there? What are you calling me for?’
Answer me with your mind, Robert, as I can speak through your mind only. But hear me out first. Stay calm. Don’t get up.
All right then. Tell me who you are, and if you try to invade my mind I’ll fight you.
I’m sure you can, Robert. Anyway, I’m one of the most ancient dragons alive, Algaban is my name. Now please don’t speak, let me finish. I can talk through your mind now because in me resides the spirit of my first master and friend, Rheinavl Shvi’tharmõn of Thyrine. She has become me and I have become her and it’s her voice that you hear now.
I call upon you now because I need your help. You see, Vadis the Almighty has subdued me once and assigned me to guard Sodomos Adair’s Arsenal – a sign of truce between the two gods after Enia’s sacrifice - in Mount Hvalgarr, Northern Regia. I’ve defended it for years and ages from attacks, sneaks and raids without fail, but now I sense that immense and terrible powers are coming this way, and I will not withstand this combined power. Then I searched throughout the land for someone who can help me. I let my mind flew far and wide, seeking among heroes, hunters and nobles, dwarves and elves.
Finally, I found you, not very far from my home. You’re the one and only person who can hear my call. We have a spiritual bond, you and me. So, will you help me fight those intruders to protect Adair’s Legacy? I will reward you beyond your wildest dreams.
Robert replies, still in his mind. I beg your pardon, O’ Great Algaban, but I barely know you. I only heard your name in legends and folklores, how can I be sure it’s you who’s talking to me, not someone else? And where in Mount Hvalgarr do you live? Please show me directions so we can go there as quickly as we can.
There’s silence for a while. Then Algaban’s telepathy rings again in Robert’s mind.
I understand you to be cautious, Robert, and I admire you for that. Therefore, I’ll give you images of my own and my humble abode in your mind, so, prepare yourself. Are you ready?
Yes, I am.
From a blank, dark view, Robert begins to see things in his mind. It’s Mount Hvalgarr, and it seems Robert is although flying towards it in high speed. The view of Mount Hvalgarr slowly zooms in, and at last he arrives on an entrance into a huge cave, big enough for five fully-grown dragons to fly in easily. Then he flies into the cave, and after several turnings and crossroads, Robert sees a huge, very spacious room. The wall of carved stones surrounds this room, giving it a grand look of a treasure vault. And what good is a treasure vault without treasures? Twelve cases are put in this room; eight of them are open and empty, and the rest are magically sealed.
And there it is. The ancient demigod dragon Algaban, standing on two feet not like ordinary dragons in the middle of the vast room. Algaban’s head looks more like an eagle than a dragon, but the back of its head is unusually shaped to give it a more menacing and powerful look. Its torso, legs and hands look like humans have, but they’re fully covered with red scales and golden, thick hide. Its long tail wags menacingly and its wide-spread wings flaps forcefully, lifting Algaban from the ground. And it floats there in mid-air, it stares directly to Robert. Robert is totally amazed with Algaban’s appearance, and suddenly he remembers something.
Ah! She… she looks like…
You’re correct. My head and neck look like the main cannon figurehead of the airship Aurora. In fact, the airship was modeled after me although in the end it looks more like a giant mace than a dragon. Eidos Crydias the Grand Artificer saw me once when he was young and I rescued him from a pack of dire wolves when he ventured into Northern Regia in his apprenticeship days to accomplish a quest from his teacher. The Chrono Chakram chose him and I let him have it. He never forgets me ever since; he even drew my head in his journal and built Aurora to honor me.
Well, now that you see me, what’s your answer? Will you help me?
Ah, I don’t know… you said you are guarding Adair’s Arsenal and defended them without fail. Well, there are twelve of them, right? But why are eight weapons missing?
Ah, you’re truly observant. Anyone seeing that would say that I lied about my flawless defense. But well, I’ll answer to that. You see, these weapons I’m guarding have ‘souls’ within them, so usually the weapons choose their masters. My job is to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. So, for thousands of years I’ve found people who can hear me and guided them here, and exposed the arsenal on them. And so far, there were three weapons which found their masters: The twin dagger Ultimatum, the great sword Kraal’shazar, Scythe of the Crow, Chrono Chakram, the great hammer Terra Nakroß, the twin sword Colathaloc, Carrion Halberd, and the Viper Cane.
Robert finds something very contradictive about this, and protests. But, that’s thousands and hundreds of years ago. By now, all the weapons out there may be held by wrong hands. Deathblade, for instance, was held by the worst villains in history, namely Mildred Urganon and Paliades, Vordac’s heir. To get it off their hands a great number of people have lost their lives; Thousands or maybe millions. And now it’s in Adler’s hands, a person whose allegiance we’re not sure about. I think I’d rather have them in your protection. Why did you search for suitors anyway? What are you playing at?
Before you say that, Robert, you must understand one thing. I used to a wild life once, and I was used by Adair to defeat Vadis, and as you know, Vadis defeated me instead. The truce between Vadis and Adair compelled both of them to surrender their weapons and the weapons of their subordinates and they are never to touch their weapons again. However, they may entrust the weapons to other people with lesser powers but with perfect compatibility to the weapons to maintain balance of power. Vadis’ Arsenal of Light and the Sword of Justice were entrusted to – for instance – the heroes of your age, Sage and Antoine Deveraux. So why Adair’s Arsenal can’t be distributed as well? And I, being trapped between the two gods, don’t have other choices but to obey the conditions of their truce. I will be free once more once I distributed the entire arsenal, and I need you now because I know for sure the people coming here are the wrong sort of people with great powers but dark intentions. That’s why I need your help. Maybe I’ll be dead if I fight them alone, or I’ll be dead for sure if they steal the weapons against the weapons’ will. That’s the magical curse that binds me, so I MUST complete my duty so Vadis will free me from the contract.
All right, I can take your explanations although some things are still unclear to me. Are you sure the things you’ve displayed to me in my mind are real? I mean those are pretty vague to me.
Hm, I still see hesitation in your face. Of course, if you’re still not sure whether these images are fabricated or reflections of reality, you can come to Mount Hvalgarr to find out the truth. So for the third and final time, will you help me?

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