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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lores of Magic

Lores of Magic and Types of Mages
A Summary for FireHeart Saga Project

GeomancerSpecializes in earth magic, shaping, digging and manipulating earth and sand
DracomancerMorphing ino a dragon, communicating and have dragon-like abilities
AquamancerSpecializes in water magic, manipulating and creating water
NecromancerSpecializes in black magic and manipulating the dead (undead)
AeromancerSpecializes in flying and air magic
PyromancerSpecializes in fire magic
MorphomancerShape-shifter, a mage who can turn into people/animals
VoltamancerSpecializes in lightning magic
PsychomancerManipulating the mind, including hypnotism (Hypnomancy)
DivinomancerSpecializes in holy magic, reviving the dead, healing, strengthening, protecting
ChronomancerChronomage, manipulating time & space
BovinomancerTurning self/other people to cattle (cow, goat or sheep)
ThaumancerSpecializes in Thaumaturgy, creating mutants, monsters, and assimilations from living beings (Thaumaturgist)
LycanomancerTransforming into a wolf/werewolf at will - a rare ability
TauromancerTransforming into buffalo/minotaur
ScorpiomancerTurn into a werescorpion and/or having poisonous nails
MermancerMorph into a merman/mermaid and back, or ability to breathe underwater
XenomancerMorph into a metal golem (gold/silver/titanium/steel etc)
GigantomancerTurn self into giant-size and back
HobbomancerTurn self into lilliput-size and back
DoppelmancerLike Doppelganger, a magewho can turn into someone's exact double by touching/having a sample of that person's DNA
RunemancerDeciphering runes and finding magical words to trigger spells more effectively. i.e An Vyr'me Fyasch to Pyroagnios
ArachnomancerTurning self into a giant spider or controlling spiders
ViperomancerTalking with snake, controlling snakes or transforming into a snake
InsectomancerControlling insects and uses them as army/weapon
NaturomancerSpecializes in nature magic, can manipulate elements and living beings

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just Announced: Brisingr Spoiler Unveiled!



A spoiler for BRISINGR,
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Alagaesia News: Book Three News!


A spoiler for BRISINGR, Book Three in the Inheritance cycle, has been
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Sunday, March 16, 2008 City of Angels - Part Three

Avariel finishes his briefing by lifting both hands. Suddenly, light emits from several crystals and creating holographic images surrounding the hall.
The heroes are shocked. The holographs are displaying the murders committed by minions of the Heir, from the very first until just recently. Squire Kelba, Larson Warthorn, a palace attendant, a maid... Even the killer was killed by another to cover their tracks. Carolyn’s face turns ghostly pale when she sees a recent murder and gasps, ‘... Sister Solnii...!’
Chris, Andreas and Iris turn and see the freckle-faced nun whose testimony was the key to clear their names being stabbed with MacLair’s dagger, the Ultimatum by a hooded monk. The champions are stunned, realizing that Avariel is right all along. Of the eight, only Viscount Adler looks somewhat indifferent. This catches Avariel’s attention.
‘Viscount Adler, is that Kraal’shazar you’re wielding?’
‘Yes, archangel. Is there any problem?’
‘Let me take a look at this sword, then I’ll tell you.’
Adler doesn’t seem mind and holds up his sword to the archangel. Avariel takes the sword, and it begins to vibrate – a reaction of resistance between two opposite forces – light and darkness.
Avariel tightens his grip, and the sword vibrates harder and harder. Now he applies some force, a pressure with his divine aura. The sword emits a dark aura, trying to shake itself off Avariel’s grip. The stronger the pressure, the stronger the resistance also. However, at a certain level, Kraal’shazar’s dark energy gets weaker and weaker, and it finally stops vibrating, staying nicely on the archangel’s grip at last.
‘Very well,’ says the angel, returning the Deathblade to Adler. ‘I see this sword is deprived of Vordac’s spirit after all, so I could suppress its aura. Still if it its wielder has strong dark power, I must use full power to suppress them both. You may bring this sword, Adler, but you’ll better off destroying it. Kraal’shazar is not good for you.’
‘I’ll destroy this sword if I can find its replacement,’ Adler responds. ‘But, to my knowledge, so far this Deathblade is the most powerful great sword in the world, and nothing can replace it. It’s the jewel of my collection.’
‘If that’s so, what is your motivation of entering this contest?’
‘I’m helping out my friend, Prince Alexis to get what he deserves. Then together, we shall unite all nations to fight the Dark Forces, and with Deathblade and Sword of Justice side-by-side, we shall win!’
The archangel doesn’t respond to Adler’s answer. He just turns around and leaves the room. Adler stares at him with a puzzled look on his face. Then he snorts, turns around and walks out of the room to join the other champions. City of Angels - Part Two

Avariel Swordsinger the Archangel
The airship Aurora lands on an open space, a grassland normally functioned as a gathering place. The people of Yvais are rarely visited by ‘land people’ and Aurora is the first airship ever built, therefore they didn’t build an airport.
The divi scholars stare at the ship with awe, also with hope that they have a chance to study this device and make more airships. It’s been their thirst to seek knowledge outside Yvais, not depending on the angels and aelis alone for transportation and information.
Anchors are cast, and some passengers and crew climb down the ship with rope ladders. Wonder never ceases to strike the champions and ship crew alike as they see the magnificent city around them – more out-of-this-worldly than Ascension in Valanis. Also so fair the dwellers are, perhaps fairer than elves. Even Iris the elf stares at the aelis and divis with admiration and (a slight) envy.
A wise, stunningly handsome divo who apparently is an elder, garbed in rich, purple robe approaches the guests and greets them, ‘Welcome, O’ People of the Land. Welcome to Yvais. The Eight Champions, our Archangel is expecting you. Please follow me to your carriages.’
The champions follow the elder to two carriages parking nearby. Four all-white skin and mane pegasi (winged horses, plural of Pegasus) are reined on each carriage. Being bigger than common horses, the pegasi are strong enough to bear the four-seated carriages up in the air plus eight passengers and two drivers altogether almost effortlessly.
The ride is swift and short, up to the highest tower in the city, so high that the carriages must fly through the clouds to arrive at the topmost floor. Calies’nevar, the Sky Piercer, that’s the name of the tower.
The carriages land on the terrace of Calies’nevar Tower Peak, a saucer-like structure that looks as though floating on the sea of clouds. The contestants walk into a great, dome-like room. The room has no furniture in it. Its walls and ceiling are made of crystals of uneven shape, size and color. However, the crystals don’t reflect any object in the room. Instead, each crystal piece shows the current event in the world. Actual, minute by minute.
The champions can’t help staring at the crystals with awe when a gentle yet divine voice comes.
‘To know all happenings in the world is great, but it’s the Almighty One’s work. He doesn’t need crystals to see them all, as he knows all and does all, timelessly and limitlessly. Each person must solve his own problems, and then he can solve the problems of many, but never all. It’s not your burden to bear.’
All eyes turn to the speaker: Archangel Avariel Swordsinger. He’s the fairest creature of all, with a face so divine, full of charisma. He has white, very long, wavy, angelic hair running down his chest. Unlike other angels, Avariel has four wings with wingspan about his height each. Though he doesn’t use his wings, he moves like a floating in the air, his feet don’t touch the ground. In battle, he uses a very long sword with its blade glowing white like a twinkling star, named Aschinova, the Shifting Star. Every time he unleashes a special attack, he sings the name of the attack (in a poem) when striking – a habit that earns him his name, Swordsinger.
The champions are snapped back to themselves as they hear Avariel’s voice, and the archangel talks on.
‘Greetings, Champions of Vadis. Welcome to Yvais. I am Avariel, the Keeper. You were invited and chosen to come here, and one amongst you will be chosen to be the true Heir of Vadis.
As you may well know, to claim the Arsenal of Light, you must undergo five quests, of which you will go through dangers and past the guardians, not to mention trials of physical, mind and spiritual strength. We have no specific rules regarding that matter, but be warned! Your each and every move will be taken into account, so think before you act!
As time is pressing, all of you don’t have to undergo all five quests at once. You will be split into two groups, each will take two quests. After all quests are complete, you all will regroup here and do the fifth quest. Now, when I say your name, move to your groups.
Group one: Cristophe, Adler, Eidos and Iris.
Group two: Alexis, Carolyn, Hernan and Andreas.’
The eight champions immediately move into groups as instructed. From the looks of their faces, they are not quite happy with that arrangement. They prefer to be with their original allies. But, none of them make any sign, any sound, even any sigh of protest because such action will be accounted against them.
‘Good,’ says the archangel. ‘Now, Alexis and Cristopher, come and draw from this box.’ He waves his hand and a silver box materializes on the palm of his hand. It’s covered with a white cloth with a clit as opening to put a hand into the hole on the top of the box without seeing what’s inside.
Alexis comes forward and draws first. He gets a red, transparent crystal with fire flickering inside it.
‘You got “fire”, Alexis. It means you will seek out the Armor of Righteousness. Go to Kparev Village south of Turmane City in Castoria, and then a guide will take you to Mount Urzaghi. It’s a dead volcano, but the lava cave underneath it is still burning. That lava cave is used to be an underground mine. Eternium, the rarest and the most indestructible metal was found there once. The guards and monsters in that cavern are very powerful and will surely attack you fiercely, so do your best and use your three strengths!’
Cristophe’s the next, and he draws a blue crystal with a water bubble inside. The archangel immediately gives his instruction.
‘You will seek out the Shield of Faith in the Great Lake Ovalna in Merida Kingdom. A great hero from the distant past, Res’marth, Queen of the Water Elves will help you and provide you with details.’
The knowledgeable Iris comments, ‘Res’marth? One of the Great Paladins aiding Sage the Fireheart and my queen Carolyn? I know her.’
‘Then you’ll have no trouble finding her on land,’ says Avariel. ‘Go on, Alexis, draw your next crystal.’
Alexis draws a green crystal with a tiny whirlwind swirling in it.
‘Go to the Windy Hills of Ekalla and the halfling village of Ekinmor in Edel and seek out the Greaves of Truth. You shall meet our guide, Dejan Pavlovic the halfling in the City of Klosser. His help will be essential along the way.’
Without further ado, Chris gets the last crystal in the box, the yellow one with a stone in it.
‘You will venture into the Griffin Cliff in the mountains of Halethia to claim the Helmet of Truth. Be careful, you will come across a griffin*) sanctuary there. Earn the respect of the red griffin, Acavela and he’ll guide you through safely as Guardian of the Arsenal.’ The archangel then turns to all champions and says,
‘Then all is set. With airship Aurora as transport and the angels to show the way, we shall finish the five quests as soon as possible. Go now, for Vordac’s Heir has continued his terrors and he waits for no one.’

(* Griffin = A majestic, magical beast embodying the strength of a lion on its hind body and legs, the agility of an eagle on its front legs, head and wings and great, almost-human intelligence. Sometimes used as a symbol of perfection and absolute power. Like unicorns, the griffin is enforced with holy aura. Vadis created this magically powerful creature as a rival to Adair’s creation monster, manticore. City of Angels Part One

The next day, Eidos Crydias’ great airship Aurora sets off from Myrcalia and flies towards the East. It is big and bulky, yet it has a slight resemblance to the Ancient Fire Dragon, Algaban.
This time, the airship has eight important passengers on board: Champions of the Light, contestants to claim Vadis’ Arsenal and becoming the Heir of Vadis. The set of weapon, armor and accessories is kept in five different places in Regia Confederation. And now, the Champions set out to meet the Keeper, Vadis’ Viceroy in Terra Eternia, Lord of Yvais, Grand Marshal of the Heavenly Angels: The Archangel, Avariel Swordsinger.
Thanks to its speed, the airship reaches one of the kingdoms in Regia Confederation, Ashtri. The mountainous and sandy terrain there serves as a natural barrier against the Dark Forces from Sylvania.
And right in the center of the longest mountain range there floats Yvais, the City in the Sky. It was built on a floating island in the middle of a circling mountain range and serves as the frontier defense, keeping the Sylvanians at bay. Angels, seraphs and cherubs reside there, though their numbers are only one-thirds of the natives of Yvais, the half-angels, the aelis*) and the divis*).

(* Aelis and divis are half-angels, the assimilation between angels and humans. Aelis are winged people with superior speed, divine aura and fighting power, mainly serve as soldiers and mages. Divis are wingless half-angels, compensated with superior physical strength and/or intelligence, mainly serve as workers, scholars and artists. The divis also have beautiful, angelic voices. Singular names for male/female are: aelio/aelia and divo/diva.

‘This is about the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life!’ Cristophe exclaims as he sees Yvais from the afar. ‘Just look at it! The whole city is built with crystal. Its high towers and buildings are unique in structure and design, like out of this world! Architecturally impossible!’
Andreas adds, ‘Of course, they must build their buildings symmetrically to keep the city floating, maintaining its balance. One more thing, the citizens are also able to live independently by their own resources. They are all vegetarians, and even their wheat is tastier than any meat.’
Iris adds, ‘I bet Ariel will turn vegetarian once he tastes their food.’
Ariel (Iris keeps calling Chris that) laughs, ‘Bet on, sugar plum. Back home, we don’t have Yvaisi food, and nothing, I mean nothing is tastier than a big slice of beef steak. Yum, yum!’
‘Keep eating steak and Iris’ darling Ariel will swell into a cow!’ says Carolyn in the midst of her giggle. ‘Alright, guys! Let’s get serious now. We’re about to land.’
The other group: Alexis, Adler, Eidos and Hernan are serious all the time. They spent their time in the war room, conferring strategy and how they can work together as allies as well as competitors. They end their discussion just as a steward announces,
‘We are about to land in Yvais. Estimated time of arrival, twenty minutes. Passengers please prepare.’

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Genie is the English term for the Arabic جني (jinnie). The word “jinn” literally means anything which has the connotation of concealment, invisibility, seclusion, and remoteness. In pre-Islamic Arabian folklore and in Islamic Culture, a jinni (also “djinni” or “djini”) is a member of the jinn (or “djinn”), generally thought to be a race of supernatural creatures.

Etymology and definitions


Genie is the usual English translation of the Arabic term jinni, but it is not directly an Anglicized form of the Arabic word, as is commonly thought. The English word comes from French génie, which meant a spirit of any kind, which in turn came from Latin genius, which meant a sort of tutelary or guardian spirit thought to be assigned to each person at birth. The Latin word predates the Arabic word jinni in this context, and may have been introduced in the Arabian civilization through the Nabataeans. The root however, and its concept of being "hidden" or "concealed" still comes from the Semitic root "GNN", which is originally from Paleo-Hebrew, and from which the Greek word Genesis and the Arabic Jannah (garden or paradise) is derived.

Arabic lexicons, such as Taj-il Uroos, and William Lane's lexicon provide the rendered meaning of Jinn not only for spirits, but also for anything concealed through time, status and even physical darkness. A classical Arabic use of the term Jinn is as follows:

وَلا جِنَّ بِالْبَغْضَآءِ وَالنَّظَرِ الشَّزْر?

And there is no concealment with vehement hatred and the looking with aversion.


The first recorded use of the word Genie in English was in 1655 as geny, with the Latin meaning. The French translators of The Book of One Thousand and One Nights later used the word génie as a translation of jinni because it was similar to the Arabic word both in sound and in meaning; this meaning was also picked up in English and has since become dominant. The plural, according to Sir Richard Francis Burton, is Jan.

Jinn in pre-Islamic era

Amongst archaeologists dealing with ancient Middle Eastern cultures, any spirit lesser than a god is often referred to as a “genie”, especially when describing stone reliefs or other forms of art. This practice draws on the original meaning of the term genie for simply a spirit of any sort.

Epigraphic Evidence

Inscriptions found in Northwestern Arabia seem to indicate worship of Djinn, or at least their tributory status. For instance, an inscription from Beth Fasi'el near Palmyra pays tribute to the "Ginnaye", the "good and rewarding gods" ( Hoyland: Arabia and the Arabs, 2001,) providing a sharp resemblance to the Latin Genius and Juno: The Guardian Spirits. This reveals the missing link between the Etymology of these two words.


Types of jinn include the ghul (“night shade”, which can change shape), the sila (which cannot change shape), the Ifrit [i'fɾɪt], and “marid” [mʌ'ɾɪd]. From information in The Arabian Nights, marid seem to be the strongest form of jinn, followed by Ifrit, and then the rest of the jinn.

Arabs believed that the jinn were spirits of fire, although sometimes they associated them with succubi (demons in the forms of beautiful women). The feminine form of jinn is “jinniyah” or “jinneyeh”.

Jinn in Islam

The jinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from 'smokeless fire' by God (the literal translation being “subtle fire”, i.e., a fire which does not give itself away through smoke), much in the same way humans were made of earth. According to the Recitation, jinn have free choice, and Iblis used this freedom in front of God by refusing to bow to Adam when God told Iblis to do so. By refusing to obey God’s order he was thrown out of the Paradise and called “Shaitan” (See Shaitan). In the Qur'an, jinn are frequently mentioned and Sura 72 of the Qur'an named Al-Jinn is entirely about them. Another Sura (Al-Naas) mentions the Jinn in the last verse. In fact, it is mentioned in the Qur'an that Muhammad was sent as a prophet to both “humanity and the jinn”.

The jinn have communities much like human societies: they eat, marry, die, etc. They live in tribes and have boundaries. They follow religions as humans do, and follow the same ranks in armies as humans do. Jinns can settle in a vast area to a tiny hole, as they are massless and can be fit into any space they find sufficient for them. They are invisible to humans, but they can see humans. Sometimes they accidentally or deliberately come into view or into contact with humans. Jinn are believed to live much longer than humans: some of whom are said to be still alive having seen Muhammad (who lived during the 7th century), which would affirm their long life. Much like humans, jinn have learned to assimilate into the human world when they desire to do so. In many cases they live unnoticed among people marked only by the rather unusual or somewhat secretive practises they keep. They cannot breed with humans. Jinn can take on the form of humans and other animals. The can also be summoned by humans.

Humans attempting to perform black magic on humans call Jinn specializing in dirty deeds to perform the magic; such black magic on humans can only be undertaken by dark Jinn - “Ifrit” or “Marid”. In many countries there are people who perform or supposedly perform black magic (usually for cursing other people, or using jinns to influence a marriage to end in divorce, etc) in exchange for money. Thus, a person often pays a magician, who then calls upon a dark jinn, who then performs the magic, at least supposedly. These acts are considered haraam in Islam.

Genie as a Thief

In Muslim beliefs, the genie can also act as a supernatural thief. [3] By some traditions, Prophet Mohammed warned against thieving jinn.

Jinn in post-Islamic Arabic fiction

Evil Ifrit in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights are called “the seed of Iblis”.

The Spirit of the Lamp in the story of Aladdin, a familiar djinn to the Western world (see next section), was such a jinni, bound to an oil lamp. Ways of summoning jinn were told in The Thousand and One Nights: by writing the name of God in Hebrew characters on a knife (whether the Hebrew name for God, Yahweh, or the Arabic Allah is used is not specified), and drawing a diagram, with strange symbols and incantations around it.

The jinn’s power of possession was also addressed in the fictional Nights. It is said that by taking seven hairs out of the tail of a cat that was all black except for a white spot on the end of its tail, and then burning the hairs in a small closed room with the possessed, filling their nose with the scent, this would release them from the spell of the jinn inside them.

Genies in Western culture

The Western interpretation of the genie is based on the Aladdin tale in the Western version of The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, which told of a genie that lived in an oil lamp and would grant the wishes of the owner of the lamp, as well as the genie in the tale of The Fisherman and the Jinni. Oddly, lore from these tales seem to get twisted and mixed into each other, thanks in no small part to Disney's animated film adaption of Aladdin.

Many western stories about genies tend to follow the same vein as the famous short story The Monkey's Paw by W. W. Jacobs, with the overriding theme of “be careful what you wish for”; in these stories, wishes can have disastrous, horrific and sometimes fatal consequences. Often, the genie causes harm to the loved ones or innocent people surrounding the wisher, making others pay for its master’s greed or ignorance. While this may be because of the genie's evilness, in other cases the genie may simply misunderstand the wishes.

Exploiting loopholes or twisting interpretations of wishes is a classic trait amongst genies in Western fiction. For example, in “The Man in the Bottle” episode of The Twilight Zone, a poor shopkeeper who finds a genie wishes to become a leader of a great nation - and is transformed into Adolf Hitler at the very end of World War II. Often, these stories end with the genie’s master wishing to have never found the genie, all his previous wishes never to have happened, or a similar wish to cancel all the fouled wishes that have come before.

Awareness about the origins of the genie, and the use of the original spelling jinn has become more common. Usually, the term djinn is used by authors who wish to convey a more serious interpretation of the legendary entity, rather than the comical genies the Western public has become used to, such as Robin Williams' character in Aladdin. However, all Arabian Nights scholars such as Richard Francis Burton prefer the term Jinn....

Examples of Genies in fiction and popular Culture


  • Jinnicky the Red Jinn is one of Ruth Plumly Thompson's most popular original Oz characters. His most notable appearances are in Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz, The Purple Prince of Oz and The Silver Princess in Oz.
  • Mr. Beaver in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe conjectures that the White Witch Jadis was not human (as was her claim), but was in fact half giantess and half Jinn, a descendant of Lilith, Adam’s “first wife”.
  • Christopher Moore’s book Practical Demonkeeping describes the pre-human origin of the Djinn and God’s favor for humans.
  • The “Djinn in charge of All Deserts” gives the lazy camel his hump in the story "How the Camel Got His Hump" from Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories.
  • Djinn feature prominently in Tim Powers' supernatural spy novel Declare.
  • Several references to djinn occur in the final short story, entitled “Ramadan”, of Neil Gaiman’s sixth The Sandman collection, . In Gaiman’s novel, American Gods, an ifrit drives a taxicab in New York.
  • In the Bartimaeus Trilogy books by Jonathan Stroud, a djinni is a section of five major spirits, also including afrits (a form of Ifrit) as a creature of fire, marids, foliots, and imps. The trilogy focuses on a five-thousand year-old djinni named Bartimaeus and his unwilling alliance with a teenage boy.
  • In Rachel Caine’s series of books named Weather Warden, the Djinn appear frequently. The Wardens who control fire, weather and earth capture the Djinn in bottles. The two most powerful Djinn in the world are used in these series of books.
  • Dragon Rider, a novel by Cornelia Funke features a djinn named Asif. She stated he was colored dark blue. She also stated he had a thousand eyes, he was so large his shadow could darken an entire ravine, his pointed ears were larger than the wings of a dragon, he had a fat belly, and blue hairs thicker than saplings grow inside his nostrils. He is an example of a serious interpretation of a djinn. He lives in a gray car, materializes from blue smoke, has a thousand eyes, and is omnipotent.If you ask him a question, he will show you it in one of his thousand eyes. A human must ask, it must be seven words, and if Asif has the same question but before him, the questioner must serve him for their entire life. Funke did not state if you could escape him and no character did get to be a slave, but Asif did say to the dragon Firedrake that he made his skin itch so much that a thousand servants had to scratch it for him. The servants were not shown, but mentioned.
  • In the popular book series Children of the Lamp, John and Phillipa Gaunt discover that they are members of the djinn tribe Marid.
  • In the young adult’s book Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones, the sequel to [[Howl's Moving Castle], there is a genie in a bottle and a pair of Djinn.
  • In Jinn a book by Matthew B.J. Delaney, the creature which is being hunted is a Jinn. Has been called "Saving Private Ryan meets Alien in Delaney's tense and involving first novel, a hybrid that transcends its several genres."
  • There are several passing references to djinna in Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses.
  • Julian referenced himself, as well as Jenny's Grandfather, as Djinn (Julian, it's a play off of that name) in the Forbidden Game trilogy by L.J. Smith.
  • In the Necromancer Wars literary series, an evil djinn is captured by a wiccan coven and imprisoned in a bottle.


  • In the anime and manga series Dragon Ball Z, the character Mr. Popo is a djinn that protects Kami’s Lookout and the final and most powerful villain faced by the heroes was a stylistically-Arabic demon called Majin Buu. “Majin” is the Japanese word for “Magical Being” or “Genie.” Befitting the genie that he is, Majin Buu is a spirit formed from smoke and clouds that utilizes horrific transmutation sorcery which transforms living beings into candy to sate his monstrous appetite, as well as possessing incredible power that quite literally rivalled that of the most powerful gods in the Dragon Ball universe.
  • In the Vertigo comic Fables, a Djinn is released. In this comic, they are considered armong the most powerful creatures in existence.
  • In the comic Jesi The Genie, a former milk goddess is cursed with becoming a genie, and then released during the time of the Arabian Nights by a young man. Jesi also appears in the webcomic Gaijin Hi.
  • ClanDestine, a comic book series by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer and published by Marvel Comics, is about a family of British superheroes in the Marvel Universe, children of a human and a female djinn.
  • Comic fiction author Tom Holt titled one of his novels Djinn Rummy, combining the word Djinn with the popular card game Gin Rummy. The novel is in fact about a number of djinns in the human world, many of which who have corporate sponsoring. Djinns appear frequently in a number of Tom Holt’s books, though it is normally taken for granted that the reader knows some of the fictional background of these characters. (I.e. the books are somewhat chronological).
  • The DC Comic’s characters Johnny Thunder and Jakeem Thunder are masters of the djinn from the 5th dimension named Thunderbolt. Genies in the DCU are summoned by their masters by saying their name backwards. Thunderbolt's true name is Yz, which when said backwards sounds like "say you". Disgraced superhero Triumph was later manipulated by the evil djinn named Lkz, which when said backwards sounds like "so cool". After a conflict involving both the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America the two genies were merged together changing the Thunderbolt's summoning word to "so cool". The 5th dimension is also home to Superman's enemy, Mister Mxyzptlk. In the pages of JSA it was revealed that imps, like Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite, are seen as something akin to children. Thunderbolt's son, Shocko and Shocko's wife Peachy Pet are also djinn.

Movies and television

Enlarge picture
A man carefully words his wish for power, only to find he is Adolf Hitler at the conclusion of the Second World War.
  • The original Twilight Zone features two episodes with genies in them: "The Man in the Bottle" and "I Dream of Genie".
  • The sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, which began in 1965 and ran for five seasons, featured Barbara Eden as a 2,000 year-old beautiful blonde Persian genie completely infatuated with the American astronaut master that had found her bottle and set her free in modern America.
  • The horror film Wishmaster features a hateful and evil Djinn as its villain. The film has spawned three sequels.
  • In the 1996 film Kazaam, Shaquille O'Neal played a rapping genie who lived in a boombox.
  • In the animated series Martin Mystery, episodes called “Curse of the Djini” and “Return of the Djini” featured an evil djinn trapped in a skull that could read peoples' mind’s and make them say their wishes. If the djinn died then the wishes would be undone.
  • In the episode "The Wish" of the UPN horror/comedy series Special Unit 2, Special Unit 2 encountered an evil genie-like link who needed to grant 3,000 wishes in order to gain free will. Unlike traditional djinn, this genie did not have supernatural powers other than the ability to transform between gas and solid states. As a result, the genie had to carry out wishes physically. So for example if someone wished for a million dollars the genie had to break into a bank and steal a million dollars for them. If someone wished for a relationship with a beautiful model the genie would have to kidnap the model. These wishes almost always ended in disaster for the genie's masters. After 3,000 wishes had been granted the genie would no longer have to live in bottles or grant wishes.
  • The 1964 comedy The Brass Bottle features a genie (Burl Ives) who causes more problems than he solves for his master (Tony Randall) and his fiance, Barbara Eden (who herself would enter the bottle the very next year in I Dream of Jeannie.)
  • An episode of the TV series Charmed called "I Dream of Phoebe" has the Charmed Ones confronting a trickster Genie that is trying to gain its freedom by granting three wishes.
  • An episode of the CW paranormal drama Supernatural called “What Is And What Should Never Be” has Sam and Dean Winchester hunting a Djinn which did not actually grant wishes. Instead, it would cause the victim to enter a dream state where their greatest wish was granted while the Djinn fed off their life.
  • Desiree from the animated series Danny Phantom is a genie-like ghost who grants any wishes she hears.
  • In the film Long Time Dead the characters do a ouija board, which brings out a vengeful spirit named Djinn.
  • In Fairly Oddparents there's a genie named Norm voiced by Norm MacDonald.
  • In the 1940 movie The Thief of Baghdad, Abu the thief frees a genie from a bottle who promptly tries to kill him, but after Sabu tricks the genie back into the bottle, the genie gives him three wishes. Abu asks first for sausages, second to be taken to king Ahmad, and third, in a fit of anger in an argument, for Ahmad to go to Baghdad, after which the genie abandons Sabu. Fortunately, Abu destroys the All-Seeing Eye, which has freed good spirits that will help him defeat the evil Grand Vizier Jaffar.

Video games

  • The role-playing game features a story told by a party member concerning a man who is unexpectedly asked by a genie to make his third wish. The genie explains that the man's second wish was to return everything to the way it was before his first wish. The man proceeds to wish to remember who he is. The genie replies, "Funny, that was your first wish," as she grants it and vanishes.
  • In the online MMORPG City of Heroes, the vendor Serafina is a free Genie who asks for the player's help to recover her magic bottle. After helping her, Magical Origin characters can use her as a Magic Store.
  • In the videogames Golden Sun and , players encounter Djinn as small benevolent creatures who use their powers to aid the protagonists in battle.
  • The strategy game series, Heroes of Might and Magic, features Genies as playable characters and units. A Genie named Solmyr is also a major protagonist in the series.
  • In the 1980s video game Archon, the Djinn is the champion of the light side, opposite the Dragon who is champion of the dark side.
  • In the video game Primal, the world of Volca is inhabited by evil creatures called Djinns, led by King Iblis and Queen Malikel. Those Djinn live dormant in a volcano, awakening only when the volcano is about to erupt.
  • In the video game Sonic and the Secret Rings, there are two djinn: Shahra the Ring Genie, a Genie of the Ring, who assists Sonic through the game and Erazor Djinn, the game’s main villain who is a Genie of the Lamp.
  • In the SNES game , a powerful Djinn enemy named Fausto appears inside a treasure chest enemy late in the game. He is characterized by high attack, defense, and a weakness to Mario's air attacks, classifying him as a dao, or earth djinn.
  • Djinn are creatures in the game Titan Quest.
  • Djinn are also creatures in the game Guild Wars.
  • In the video game series Final Fantasy, one of the summoned creatures is named Ifrit and offers fire elemental magic.
  • In the video game Vagrant Story, Ifrit is one of the stronger elemental enemies with the affinity of fire.
  • The Pokémon Jirachi is said to grant any wish once it is written on a tag and attached to its three star points on its head.
  • Genies are a major plot element in King's Quest VI as part of the Green Isles folklore.
  • Iblis, while not being the main villain of the story, is featured as a summoned entity by the game's antagonist in second of the Quest for Glory games. The protagonist (Hero) also has the opportunity to summon a lesser djinn who grants him three wishes near the game's end.
  • The real time strategy game engine used in the computer games Age of Empires, Age of Empires II, and , was called the Genie engine.
  • In AdventureQuest, theres a monster called Djinni which is a fire monster and is said to only obey people with a fire orb.
  • In the MMORPG Runescape, one of the game's ramdom events involves a genie appearing and gives you a lamp to rub so it increases one of you skill level's XP by a few points.
  • In the MMORPG Tibia (computer game), the Djinn's are NPC's you can sell expensive items to after completing a quest.


See also



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  • Barnhart, Robert K. The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology. 1995.
  • “Genie”. The Oxford English Dictionary. Second edition, 1989.

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GemStone IV is a text-based role-playing game (often known as a MUD) produced by Simutronics. Players control characters in a High Fantasy game world named "Elanthia.
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GemStone IV is a text-based role-playing game (often known as a MUD) produced by Simutronics. Players control characters in a High Fantasy game world named "Elanthia.
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Kesmai was a pioneering game developer and online game publisher, founded in 1981 by Kelton Flinn and John Taylor. The company was best known for the combat flight sim Air Warrior on the GEnie online service, the first graphical MMOG, launched in 1987.
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Record of Lodoss War - Episode 3

Record of Lodoss War OVA 03 1/3 Sub spanish

Record of Lodoss War OVA 03 2/3 Sub spanish

Record of Lodoss War OVA 03 3/3 Sub spanish

Record of Lodoss War - Episode 2

Record of Lodoss War OVA 02 1/3 Sub spanish

Record of Lodoss War OVA 02 2/3 Sub spanish

Record of Lodoss War OVA 02 3/3 Sub spanish

Monday, March 03, 2008 The Sacred Heritage - Part Two

Three days later, the morbit (were-rabbit) priest Bernides presents his report to the Emperor.
‘Not many came, Your Majesty, only six are chosen. Apparently, hunters and heroes alike saw no profit in this enterprise and declined the invitation. Unlike the Deathblade, wearer of the Arsenal of Light carry the burden to fight evil and curse of being the primary target of the dark forces – plus the obligation to return them when his mission is accomplished. Only the strongest fighters dare to challenge the tradition of Paladins in Deveraux family.’
‘Really? Pray tell me, who are the six candidates?’ says the Emperor, curious.
‘Your nephew Carolyn, Lavennia Iris the Elf Archer, Father Andreas Marvellini, Lord Adler von Bachmann, Don Hernan Parvaez and the Chronomage, Eidos Crydias.’
‘The Champions of Enia’s Sanctum, how fitting. With Alexis and Cristophe, that makes eight. Very well, then. Heralds! Summon the champions now!’
The heralds do what they were told, and the eight champions immediately come into the throne hall, kneeling before the Emperor in two neat rows. Sage gets up from his throne, raises his royal scepter high and speaks loudly.
‘Champions of the Light! Now it’s time to reclaim Vadis’ Sacred Heritage, the Arsenal of Light! You know the burden you’ll about to bear, but you came anyway. That’s the making of a true champion, and hopefully, a true Heir of Vadis!
So, will you swear to use the weapons for righteousness as shown by the Right Way? And to return them to their safe keeping once you vanquish the Great Evil?’
The eight champions answer all at once, ‘We swear, by Vadis!’
‘Then go forth and bring light into this world. May Vadis smile upon you.’
‘And upon you too,’ say the eight. The Sacred Heritage - Part One


Strength has three forms: of body, of mind, and of heart. The Sacred Heritage

The trek back to Myrcalia proves to be none too long for Prince Cristophe Deveraux of Arcadia. Without him knowing it, he rides slowly. He doesn’t want to miss a single second of togetherness for the last time with his mentor, best friend and hunting party leader, Robert Chandler. The group chats, sings, and kills a monster or two along the way just for sports.
The group split in two separate ways in Uvarse after recollecting the first time they met Father Andreas there *) Robert, Kyflynn, Agustina and Desmond are going with Rael’charon to Vochaux to take a ship to Lore, while Chris, Carolyn, Iris and Andreas are going North to Myrcalia, the Capital of Arcadia Empire.

(* See Book One, Chapter Five of FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins.

‘Say hello to that executioner Byraxx from me, Rob,’ says Chris, obviously kidding.
‘If I happen to meet him,’ Robert answers. ‘But after the humiliation, I doubt he wants to be an executioner anymore. Maybe changed profession to butcher or the like.’
‘Still, we have to go in disguises through there. The Bishop of Vochaux still hasn’t lifted the ban for Loreans because of the Lorean spy case,’ says Rael. ‘An international incident like this will add another reason for Arcadia to wage war upon Lore. We don’t want to risk another incident, but we need more speed.’
Father Andreas speaks up, ‘So, I pray for a safe passage for you all. I think Kyflynn can be a great help for you in fields of “speed” and “stealth”.’
With a sigh, Carolyn says, ‘Too bad we must go to Myrcalia and report to the Emperor. We would like to go to Lore with you.’
Robert can’t help showing his rare smile, saying, ‘Don’t worry, Carol. We shall meet again, though not very soon.’
‘Right, Rob,’ says Chris. ‘The thing we can do now is to prevent war between Arcadia and Lore. We must not fight each other in front of our common enemy: the Dark Forces and the Heir.’
‘Well said, Chris,’ says Iris. ‘Let’s hope we’ll meet again in peace and merry-making, not in battle.’


Cristophe and his group arrive in Myrcalia three days later. As he sets foot in the Imperial Palace, Chris feels a chill running up his face. Ah, our names have been cleared and our problems are resolved, but why still I feel the same chill as before? This feeling, the feeling that this place is not my home, comes again like deja vu. Here I am, wearing the same armor, climbing the same steps with the same feeling in my heart. My father summoned me – is that about Rael’charon’s treaty proposal? I’m included in deciding upon matters of the empire at last. Am I up to the challenge? Am I ready to become a real prince? The answer is behind this door.
The door to the throne hall is opened before him, and Chris walks in with his friends following behind. Inside, only the Emperor, Alexis, Talbot and Bernides are present. It’s way past council hours.
‘You are late,’ says Emperor Sage, as the newly arrived ones kneel before him. ‘How dare you make us wait here two hours after the council meeting? I’ll arrange for your punishment later.’
Chris doesn’t dare to talk back to his father because it’ll be useless anyway, only giving him more trouble. He just keeps on lowering his head and kneeling as the Emperor talks on.
‘But now there’s a more pressing matter at hand. The peace proposal from Lore has been long overdue, waiting for the results of Robert’s trial. Now, as Younger Prince’s name has been cleared, we must decide which prince should we choose to marry Eloise, the Princess of Lore.
The Crown Prince is naturally the best choice. But, if Lore violates the treaty, the Crown Prince will lose face in front of his subjects. Therefore, choosing the Second Prince will still secure Arcadia’s claim over Lore with lower risk. Difficult, very difficult. So, anyone have suggestion on a way to choose between the two princes?’
Talbot, the Chief Royal Advisor as always is the first to suggest something. ‘Your Majesty, I have an idea. Let’s have a tournament in which Prince Alexis and Prince Cristophe will compete. They’ll participate in jousting, swords, archery, plus a written test in warfare fields of warfare and strategy. Whoever is the best between them accumulatively will have the right to marry Eloise.’
‘Sounds like a good plan, Talbot,’ says Sage. ‘A tournament, what a spectacular way to show people that we want peace with Lore. However, we are still open for OTHER suggestions. Anyone?’
This time Bernides speaks up, ‘Your Majesty, I suggest that the two princes are to be tested not in terms of prowess and intelligence alone. Strength of body and mind is indeed essential, but the strength of heart is also to be accountable for.’
‘Ah, really?’ says Sage. ‘Is there any kind of test that can measure those three strengths altogether at once?’
‘Yes, Your Majesty,’ replies Bernides. ‘In fact, it has became a tradition in the House of Deveraux since the First Emperor’s time.’
‘Pray tell us straight away.’
‘The Arsenal of Light, also known as Vadis’ Arsenal is a set of weapons, armor and accessories that Vadis made and used for battle. When the war between Vadis and Adair ended with Enia’s sacrifice, Vadis left his arsenal sealed in well-protected places in the region of Regia Confederation, thus uniting the Five Kingdoms and bound them to protect the Arsenal for ages until the rightful heir comes and takes the Arsenal for good use – vanquishing the ultimate evil.
Sage the Fireheart once used it to defeat Vordac, and then his son Antoine the Avenger also used it. And each time they returned the Arsenal to its sealing place to make sure the next heir will be a suitable one. Then, it has been kept safe for generations – until now.
The Heir of Vordac is on the move, so now is the time to choose the next Heir of Vadis, wielder of his legacy. Anyone may try to claim the arsenal, and the best between the two princes are judged by the total assessment of their virtues, not by how many pieces of the arsenal they claim.’
The Emperor comments, ‘I have heard of my grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s Paladin gears and their feats when using them against evil. The Arsenal isn’t the only weaponry that can defeat or defend against dark energy, but it’s apparently the most effective and powerful one.
Think again, a tournament is costly and too spectacular, whereas this... quest can be done with low cost and hushed-up manner. Plus, we have to be prepared to fight Vordac’s Heir anytime. Choosing Vadis’ Heir will be a sound warning for the denizens of darkness indeed.
So I, the Emperor of Arcadia shall adopt Bernides’ plan.
Father Bernides, prepare communications with Yvais and Archangel Avariel right away. Father Andreas, you’ll be in charge to invite the candidates from the best fighters in Aurelia Continent and you, Counselor Talbot will select them. I give you three days.
Prince Alexis and Cristophe, you two prepare well, for this quest will not only determine your right to marry the most beautiful princess in Aurelia, but also being a leader in the war against evil.
Start now, and may Vadis smiles upon us all. The Sovereign has decreed.’
Immediately, Emperor Sage gets up from his throne, and then walks out from the room. Talbot follows behind the Emperor, glancing at Bernides with hatred and resentment on his face.
Crown Prince Alexis and Prince Cristophe also stare at each other, throwing challenges at each other in the eve of their competition.

3.2.11 Maps Update, Illustrations and More

Map of Aurelia Update - February 2008

Illustrations for Book 3.2.11 Death Dealers - Justice's Blindfold

Sketch for Book3.2. Masks of the Soul Front Cover

Featuring: The fight between two ancient dragons Omegron (above) vs. Algaban (below)

EverQuest MMORPG - Races

EverQuest Races

VideoJug: EverQuest Races

What are 'barbarians' like in the world of Everquest?
What are 'dwarves' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'erudite' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'froglok' like in the world of Everquest?
What are 'gnomes' like in the world of Everquest?
What are 'half-elves' like in the world of Everquest?
What are 'halflings' like in the world of Everquest?
What are 'dark elves' like in the world of Everquest?
What are 'humans' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'iksar' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'ogre' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'trolls' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'wood elves' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'Vah Shir' like in the world of Everquest?
What are the 'Drakken' like in the world of Everquest?
What are 'high elves' in the world of Everquest?

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