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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Xar & Vichattan -The Four Bodies of Statera (The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 3)

Xar & Vichattan -The Four Bodies of Statera (The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 3)


"Light..." Antessa's voice trailed away. Niteo was right. The sparkles didn't come from the Light they were accustomed to. Antessa couldn't sense this light, and neither could she embrace and control it.
"Niteo... you were right! That light... What is it, Niteo?"
"I don't know, Antessa. Not in the slightest."
Doubt and anxiety crept into Antessa's heart. "What is it, Niteo? What is that light?"


The Temple of Darkness has been resurrected.

However, as Xar has been imbued with light, Xar and Vichattan no longer consider the rise of dark powers as a grave threat. Especially after the Prime Crystal, too, is imbued with light.

The real threat comes from a light that is not Light; it comes with the fall of cold, white beads of light. A threat that overturns logical thoughts the world over.

Will Dark reign once more? What will become of the heirs to Light, and what is in fact happening in Xar and Vichattan? Find the answers in the final book of the Heirs to Light series: The Four Bodies of Statera.

Kindle Edition
Published July 9th 2016
Edition Language: English
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Xar & Vichattan - Tempest (The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 2)

Xar & Vichattan - Tempest 

(The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 2) Series

In the middle of the unfamiliar place, a whisper reached Kara's ears. "Kara," it called out. The voice belonged to neither Antessa nor Petra, but to a far older, unknown woman.
"Who are you?" Kara thought.
"It's me, Kara. Lisbet."
Kara wasn't sure she had actually heard the voice. It might be a hallucination. However, she wasn't the only one who heard the voice; Antessa sensed it too.
"Where are we, Lisbet?" Kara asked.
"You both are on a large plate. A different plate from the one inhabited by the others." Instead of clearing things up, Lisbet's reply confused Kara and Antessa even more.


The Temple of Darkness's army was advancing. Xar, Vichattan, and the Temple of Light were at a loss on how to stop the dark army's growing powers. The situation grew more critical when the dark fay's powers destroyed those of the fays fighting on the side of Light, and the four heirs to Light became scattered. When attacks from Khalash and his commanders increase, the elemental and Xar's powers also began to fade.

Driven into a corner, the warriors of Light put their hopes on a madwoman and ancient books protected by deadly sorcery. However, when help seems forthcoming, it doesn't last long, as no one has guessed Dark's true plans.

Kindle Edition
Published July 1st 2016 by Bonmedo Tambunan
Edition Language: English

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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Xar & Vichattan - The Throne of Light (The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 1) Kindle Edition

Xar & Vichattan - The Throne of Light (The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 1) Kindle Edition
by Bonmedo Tambunan (Author), Lewi Djayaputra (Illustrator), Hendryzero Prasetyo (Illustrator), Eko Puteh (Illustrator), Eve Shi (Translator)

Epic Fantasy Adventure from an Indonesian Fantasy Writer. The first in the Xar & Vichattan - The Heirs to Light series.
After the success of its original version in Indonesian, the Xar & Vichattan series has been translated into English in the hope of reaching a wider audience.

It has been seven years since the last priestess of light sacrificed herself in order to exile the Dark army into the Void. Xar, where Spirit power users live, and Vichattan, where Nature magic users reside, are living in peace. But now Dark has managed to break free from the Void.

Unleashing the dark curse upon Xar and Vichattan's supreme leaders, Dark begins its return to earth. Having lost the power of Light, Xar and Vichattan seems trapped in a dire situation.

In the midst of the chaos, Light reveals its heirs, four teenagers aged twelve and thirteen: Antessa, granddaughter of the Temple of Xar's Grand Abbess; Dalrin, son of a Ka-Xar commander; Gerome, son of Vichattan's previous leaders; and Kara, daughter of Vichattan's deceased leaders.

To resurrect the power of Light, the four of them must retrace the route taken by the first heir. Only then would Xar and Vichattan have a chance of winning against Dark and saving their leaders, before the dark curse consumes them and a terrible fate befalls the world.
The original titles of the series in Indonesian are:

    Xar & Vichattan, Seri Ahli Waris Cahaya: Takhta Cahaya
    Xar & Vichattan, Seri Ahli Waris Cahaya: Prahara
    Xar & Vichattan, Seri Ahli Waris Cahaya: Empat Tubuh Statera

Editorial Reviews

To me, Bonmedo Tambunan is a brilliant writer, worthy of notice not only in Indonesia but also on an international scale. For the first time I have found a faultless book: the story is straightforward, but with the potential to magnificently unfold. The book does not smother the reader with grandness; instead it takes the reader along on its journey to unfold. - Bondan Stanislaus - Review for the Indonesian version of The Throne of Light on Goodreads

Two good things about this book: It is exciting and neatly written. There are very few plot holes and the story is satisfying to read. The novel's advantage lies in its straightforward plot, which is handled in an experienced, detailed manner. - Dion Yulianto - Review for the Indonesian version of The Throne of Light on Goodreads

A constantly engaging book, combining sci-fi/fantasy-style narration and profound moral lessons. - Toba Beta - Review for the Indonesian version of The Throne of Light on Goodreads

Product Details

    File Size: 2020 KB
    Print Length: 301 pages
    Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
    Publisher: Bonmedo Tambunan (June 29, 2016)
    Publication Date: June 29, 2016
    Language: English
    Text-to-Speech: Enabled
    X-Ray:Not Enabled
    Word Wise: Enabled
    Lending: Not Enabled
    Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled


Xar & Vichattan Book One
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Xar & Vichattan Book Two
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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Everna Saga MORF Free July Giveaways at Smashwords!

MORF and the Pirates of Flamenca by Andry Chang
Price: $0.99 USD. (At checkout, enterSFREE for 100 % off!) Words: 22,410. Language: English. Published: April 8, 2016. Categories:Fiction » Fantasy » General,Fiction » Adventure » Action
An Everna Saga story. Four brave morfs, creatures in the shape of tiny objects go on a suicide quest to Flamenca, a town of brutal pirates. They need to rescue their guardian, Gaspar Portiva from the sins of his past and to prevent the morfs' total annihilation and worse, eternal slavery. Will Dion, Circe, Aris and Ector prevail against the pirates and a more dangerous, more gigantic threat?

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