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Everna Saga


FireHeart – The Third Cycle: Legend of the Paladins

Table of Contents

Book One: The Bounty Hunters
Early adventures of Robert Chandler the monster hunter and his quest to hinder the return of Vordac, the Dark Overlord through the sealed Kraal'shazar, the Demonic Sword. Enter the prophesied Twelve Paladins, with their destinies to fulfill.
Chapters: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7-1 | 7-2

Book Two: Masks of the Soul
Hunter, fugitive, knight, hero: Robert Chandler is on the run from the murder of the Pope, can he prove his innocence or is he actually Vordac's Heir? Meanwhile, quests take place to determine Vadis' Heir, wielder of Excalibur, all in preparation of a great battle that follows.
Chapters: 8 | 9 | 10 | 11-1 | 11-2 | 11-3 | 12-1 | 12-2 | 13-1 | 13-2 | 14

Book Three: The Lion, the Eagle and the Serpent
Cristophe, blind with vengeance launches a full-scale attack to Lore to punish Robert Chandler. The Dark Forces use this opportunity to invade Aurelia Continent. Can the Forces of Light fight back or will Terra Eternia be engulfed in the Reign of Darkness?
Chapters: 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 Epilogue

Short Description:
FireHeart Saga - The NovelBlog
Terra Eternia, a world like Earth in an altered dimension, is indeed a beautiful world of love, hope and peace. But when evil – the extreme form of negativity – disrupts the balance, there are always conflicts between good and the Trinity of Evil: hatred, destruction and terror.
Evil once ruled supreme in this world, the Evil named Vordac, the Dark Overlord. His domination was ended by Sage the Fireheart, who assembled the Seven Heroes and waged the First Crusade. Vordac has once rebelled against Adair the Sodomos. The Dark God.Adair defeated Vordac, banished him from the underworld and cursed Vordac to roam in Eternia for eternity. As a result of that, Vordac’s spirit can possess mediums or hosts. After his defeat to Sage, he possessed a medium, the Great Sword Deathblade. Vordac re-emerged with the help of his host, Mildred Urganon, but he again met a fatal defeat from Fireheart’s son, Antoine the Avenger. And again, Vordac’s spirit found refuge in Deathblade.
Then, sealed by the three Archmages of Light, Vordac awaited for his heir to come and free him from this prison to return in his reign of terror. As prophesied, when the heir came, the heroes known as "Paladins" would rise again to stop the heir, vanquishing Vordac once and for all.

Come forth, Paladins! Fulfill your destiny!

Welcome to the Fantasy World of FireHeart! I'm Andry Chang, author and host, at your service. To navigate this novelblog for the first time, please make full use of the Directory Labels at the sidebar or search this blog using Google Search box for: Prologue, Table of Contents, Book31, Book32 or Chapter1. Hope this helps, and enjoy the ride!

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