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Thursday, August 30, 2007


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FireHeart Armor Research

BJ Vadis' comment: So you know what "Mythril Greaves" look like.

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Greek greaves of “Denda”, ca. 500 BC, Staatliche Antikensammlungen (Inv. 4330)
Greek greaves of “Denda”, ca. 500 BC, Staatliche Antikensammlungen (Inv. 4330)

A greave (from 12th century French greve "shin", of uncertain origin) is a piece of armour that protects the leg.

Often in matched pairs (a pair of greaves), greaves may be constructed of materials ranging from padded cloth to steel plate. Some designs protect only the lower leg (a half-greave) or extend upwards to protect the thigh.

Greaves are most commonly found in the armor of heavy infantry, usually from ancient times. Greek Hoplites wore a bronze greave on each leg. Triarii, the better equipped soldiers of the Roman Republic, wore greaves on both shins reminiscent of the Ancient Greeks. Principes and hastati often only wore one greave (on their left leg) or none. The Roman Centurions wore altered greaves from the standard Roman uniform. Later Imperial legionnaires did not wear greaves, except for the centurions who retained them.

In the Middle Ages greaves eventually developed to protect the back of the legs as well and these were called full greaves (the style which only covered the front became known as half-greaves or demi-greaves).

Greaves are also mentioned in the Old Testament identifying an article of armor worn by the giant Goliath (1 Sam 17:6)[1] as he fought David, the young Hebrew shepherd.

Hauberk and Armor Parts Index


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Hauberk, Museum of Bayeux.
Hauberk, Museum of Bayeux.

A hauberk is a shirt of chain mail armour. The term is usually used to describe a shirt reaching at least to mid-thigh and including sleeves. Haubergeon ("little hauberk") generally refers to a shorter variant with partial sleeves, but the terms are often used interchangeably.[1] Slits to accommodate horseback-riding are often incorporated below the waist. Most are put on over the head. Hauberk can also refer to a similar garment of scale armour.

[edit] History

The word hauberk is derived from an old German word Halsberge, which originally described a small piece of mail that protects the throat and the neck (the 'Hals'). The Roman author Varro attributes the Celts with inventing mail. The earliest extant example was found in Ciumesti in modern Romania and is dated to the 4th-5th centuries BC. Roman armies adopted similar technology after encountering it. Mail armour spread throughout the world with the expansion of the Romans and was quickly adopted by virtually every iron using culture in the world, with the exception of the Chinese, who used it rarely despite being heavily exposed to it from other cultures.

The Bayeux Tapestry illustrates Norman soldiers wearing a knee length version of the hauberk, with three-quarter length sleeves and a split from hem to crotch.

The hauberk stored in the Prague Cathedral, dating from the 12th century, is one of the earliest surviving examples from Central Europe and was supposedly owned by Saint Wenceslaus. In Europe, use of mail hauberks continued up through the 14th century, when plate armor began to supplant it, and mail armour started to be recycled into other metal objects or used for scouring pads.[citation needed] In parts of Central Asia, it continued to be used longer.

[edit] Construction

The hauberk is typically a type of chain mail armor which is constructed of loops of metal woven into a tunic or shirt. The sleeves sometimes only went to the elbow, but often were full arm length, with some covering the hands with a supple glove leather face on the palm of the hand, or even full mail gloves. It was usually thigh or knee length, with a split in the front and back to the crotch so the wearer could ride a horse. It sometimes incorporated a hood, or coif.



FireHeart Armor Research

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Inside view of a Brigandine, Italian (c1470).
Inside view of a Brigandine, Italian (c1470).
Modern reproduction of a 15th century brigandine . Similarly, the canvas is generally covered with a richer material, such as velvet, leather or, somewhat more modestly, fustian.
Modern reproduction of a 15th century brigandine . Similarly, the canvas is generally covered with a richer material, such as velvet, leather or, somewhat more modestly, fustian.

A brigandine, a form of body armour, is a cloth garment, generally canvas or leather, lined with small oblong steel plates riveted to the fabric. The form of the brigandine is essentially the same as the civilian doublet, though it is commonly sleeveless. However, depictions of brigandine armor with sleeves are known. Many brigandines appear to have had larger, somewhat 'L-shaped' plates over the lungs. The rivets, or nails, attaching the plates to the fabric are often decorated, being gilt or of latten and often embossed with a design.

Brigandines were essentially a refinement of the earlier coat of plates, which developed in the late 12th century and typically were of simpler construction and used larger plates. Brigandines first appeared towards the end of the 14th century, but survived beyond this transitional period between mail and plate, and came into wide use in the 15th century, remaining in use well into the 16th. 15th century brigandines are generally front-opening garments with the nails arranged in triangular groups of three, while 16th century brigandines generally have smaller plates with the rivets arranged in rows.

«Saint Michael and the Dragon» with Sword & Buckler, wearing brigandine with plate armour for hand and legs
«Saint Michael and the Dragon» with Sword & Buckler, wearing brigandine with plate armour for hand and legs

It was commonly worn over a gambeson and mail shirt and it was not long before this form of protection was commonly used by soldiers ranging in rank from archers to knights. It was most commonly used by Men-at-arms. These wore brigandine, along with plate arm and leg protection, as well as a helmet. However, even with the gambeson and the mail shirt, a wearer was not as protected as when wearing plate, which was typically more expensive. The brigandine filled this gap very well. Brigandine was simple enough in design for a soldier to make and repair his own armor without needing the high skill of an armorer. A common myth is that brigandines were so-named because they were a popular choice of protection for bandits and outlaws.[1] This is untrue. Originally the term "brigand" referred to a foot soldier. A brigandine was simply a type of armour worn by a foot soldier. It had nothing to do with its alleged ability to be concealed by bandits. In fact, brigandines were highly fashionable and were ostentaciously displayed by wealthy aristocrats both in European and in Asian courts.

The brigandine has been confused with the haubergeon, a similar form of body armour, as well as the brigantine, a swift small sea vessel. [2]

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Rise of the Lion - Part Two

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The shout of ‘KNEEL!’ snaps Robert out from his thoughts. He falls on his knees, following Hulferd. Then, Rael’charon begins his report.
‘Your Majesty, here is the fugitive, the most wanted man in the entire land, the accused killer of the Pope, and a traitor to our country: Robert Chandler. Despite his honorable feat in Enia’s Sanctum, he abused his status as Vadis’ champion and committed the crime of all crimes.’
Ah, the truth didn’t convince old Rael after all, Robert thinks.
‘However,’ the elf continues. ‘During questioning, I didn’t find a single trace of evil in him. He is composedly emotional as he is still young, but in an extent not even close to killing me and my sister. No trait, speck of glint worthy of an heir of the Lord of Lies there.
His only mistakes are: He let himself being careless and distracted, leaving his sword in the crime scene. So someone used that to frame him, and he got himself involved with the wrong sort of people, namely Sheena Mekh’ta and her gang.
With his boldly spoken answers added, all in all, I hereby conclude that Robert is not the murderer of Pope Xylen Felicitia of Valanis, and I shall do the best I can to investigate this matter further and produce more proofs of his innocence, thus revealing the real killer.’
Hearing this, Robert suddenly feels that a burden like lifting Terra Eternia on his back was abruptly relieved, but he doesn’t show it on his face. Hulferd and Ney look absolutely relieved.
John Walthorn, however, protests, ‘But what of piracy? Hijacking the ship Le Partizane is also a crime!’
Now it’s the King’s turn to speak, ‘That’s true, Lord Walthorn. Whether Robert did it or not, he is still involved because he used Sheena to free his own countryman, and Sheena used him to remove the threat from Skyship Aurora. Besides, we are still at war against Arcadia, so I see this as a strategy to weaken the Arcadians’ morale for the advantage of Lore, our advantage. For that reason and that reason only, I hereby pardon Robert’s act of piracy. Let it be my decree. Is that understood, Lord Walthorn??’
John answers with a trembling voice out of fear, anger or both, ‘I understand, Your Majesty. But how about my brother, Larson? Robert must’ve killed him in cold blood! Let justice be done upon him!’
Sir John Hickram rises from his seat and speaks, ‘May I say my share, Your Majesty?’
The King nods, saying, 'Yes, you may, Sir Hickram.'
'Lord Walthorn, I do understand your loss, as I almost lost my life to this serial killer, too. But please, with all due respect, investigate the facts first before you pass judgment! Don't accuse Robert solely because of your personal dislike!'
'How dare you, Sir Hickram...! I won't tolerate this insolence!' John bangs on the table in front of him.
'I'm not finished yet, Your Excellency. When I heard about the murder of Squire Kelba and Lord Larson, I rode at once from Rand to Varestine to investigate this matter, because it happened in my former Lord's territory.
Suddenly, on the way, we were attacked! We couldn't see that single attacker, but apparently one of my guards felt it or saw it somehow, then the attacker was going to stab my back, that brave guard shielded me and got stabbed in the chest instead. Hearing his deathly scream, all other guards immediately covered me. The attack didn't come again, and when we were sure that it was safe, we brought the guard's body to Varestine with all haste.
There, we examined the guard's body and compared it with Lord Larson's and Squire Kelba's. All of them had the same cause of death: stabbed or slitted with dagger. The wounds were so clean and expertly done, and almost no blood came out of them. I doubt even Robert Chandler can do it like that. It takes a very skilled assassin, a magically superb dagger, or both.'
John Walthorn protests, 'Rubbish! With his skill, Robert can do it as well as any assassin, with any dagger!'
'With all due respect, Your Excellency, I think you don't know the extents and limits of Robert's strength. Your father trained him to be a swordsman. He can aim straight on target but his speed is pretty much normal. If you want more proof, I brought into this place the preserved and embalmed remains of Squire Kelba and my guard for further investigation. They are now being examined by royal physicians through autopsy.'
'Well done, Sir Hickram. While we wait for the royal physicians' results,' saya the King. 'Guards! Bring the pirates in here!'
The great door opens again, and this time four people come in, hands bound, with four soldiers escorting them. Three of them seem struggling.
'Traitor! Vow-breaker! White-haired bastard! How dare you ensnare us with lowly, cowardly traps! Lemme at him! Lemme at him! I'll whack his face up and down so hard he won't recognize it anymore!'
Baxter keeps on swearing like that until he sees Sheena's eyes beaming at him. Baxter looks around him, realizes where he is now and falls on his knees. Sheena, Ellephar and Zigurd follow suit.
The King says, 'Release that man,' indicating Zigurd. 'He is Sir Zigurd, and I have reasons to believe that Robert and these pirates have released him from the gallows.'
As the guards release Sir Zigurd, Rael'charon adds, 'Sheena Mekh'ta, Baxter and Ellephar, you are hereby accused of piracy and murder, punishable of death by hanging. However, as you've committed it in the territory of Arcadia, to which Lore is in war against, and on the account that you have rescued to Loreans, Robert Chandler and Sir Zigurd alias Zachary, the Kingdom of Lore offers you: You are to be our Privateer or serve thirty years of your time in our dungeon.'
'This is unfair!' Sheena shouts. 'I, Sheena Mekh’ta, the honorable corsair from Meshallah shall never bow to any lord or nation!’
‘You call this unfair,’ Rael’charon answers. ‘Yet you were unwise to go deep in a kingdom that prohibits piracy and exposed yourself in front of our agents. You should’ve let Robert and Sir Zigurd go free the moment they set foot in Lore.’
‘I knew Robert would leave me and I didn’t want to lose a trustworthy and powerful lieutenant like him, so I thought I’d better come and see things to the end. If things went awry, Robert could come back to us outlaws anytime and we both are going to rule the seas,’ says Sheena matter-of-factly. ‘But the fact is, things went smoothly for Robert and roughly for us. So, we’d rather die than living in shame or solitude.’
‘Well said, Sheena. Well said indeed,’ says Rael’charon. ‘But please, don’t misunderstand our offer and hear the details first before you decide. We don’t ask you to swear allegiance to us or to share any portion of your loots with us. We only implore you not to target Lorean ships and prioritize on Arcadians. If you are caught, just deny your link with us right away and say that you acted on your own accord only. That’s it. No strings attached. So, what say you?’
‘Seems like an interesting offer. We accept,’ says Sheena firmly.
The King says, ‘Very well then. Guards! Release Sheena, Baxter and Ellephar. Rael’charon, I entrust this matter to you. Just have the Letter of Marque ready and I shall sign it. Now I think it’s no need to wait for the royal physicians. Guards! Remove Robert Chandler’s binds.’
As the guards done so, King George stands up from his throne, takes out his sword and holds it aloft, saying,
‘Rise, Robert Chandler! Come hither!’
Robert gets up, his face looks a bit worried. He approaches the King slowly and carefully.
He kneels before the King as told.
‘Hear ye, nobles, officers, soldiers, and people of Lore! You are witnesseth of this proceeding! Robert Chandler,’ The King touches Robert’s left shoulder with the flat part of the sword blade, ‘With the power bestowed upon me by Vadis, The Right Way,’ and touches his right shoulder, ‘I dub thee. From now on you will be known as Sir Robert Chandler, Knight of Lore under my service, your King, your master, and your Lord. I will reward loyalty with love, betrayal with vengeance, and may you and your descendants live long and prosper as you made our country prosper. May Vadis help us all!’
Robert’s knighting is readily cheered by all people inside that hall.
‘HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH for Sir Robert, the Newborn Lion!’
The Newborn Lion is the appropriate name for a new knight, because he is automatically admitted into the Order of the Lions. King George then retires for the day, and Robert is surrounded by officials, ministers and knights, all congratulate him.
‘Ah, the King believes in you after all!’ says Sir Vincent, patting Robert’s shoulder. Even a soft pat from him is forceful enough for Robert.
Sir Alaric adds, ‘You are really a hero out there, kid!’
‘Welcome to our fellowship! The Order of Lions is complete once more!’ That’s the official welcome from Head of the Order, Sir Mallard.
Lady Irene, ever since the days of Adamar Walthorn always regards Robert like her own son, and now she’s giving him words of advice, ‘You are not a vagabond monster hunter anymore, Robert. You are now a soldier, and a soldier must obey and lead at the same time with total integrity and discipline. Be loyal to your lord and his wings will protect you. Be just to your subordinates, and they will fight and die for you gladly.’
‘Thank you, Lady Irene,’ says Robert. ‘I shall bear that in mind all along the way.’
Duke John Walthorn, a few officers and nobles and Sir Keenan, the newly recruited member of the Order leave the room without congratulating Robert, most of them scowl and grunt. Well, that’s politics, Robert thinks as he sees them. Whenever there’s position, there’s always opposition.
Robert goes out from the hall with Sheena, Baxter, Ellephar, Zigurd and Hulferd. Thanking each other, it’s time for Sheena to take her leave.
‘Looks like I lost a good first mate after all,’ she says.
‘But gains privilege and good name in return,’ Robert replies. ‘You have one less enemy to avoid, and your work will be easier without people chasing me around.’
Sir Zigurd adds, ‘And for saving me back there, I’m eternally grateful.’
‘And for taking us safely to Lore,’ Robert wraps them all up. ‘I would be happy to call you “my friend” from now on.’
‘Just one more favor for me then, Robert,’ says Sheena. ‘You keep the Letter of Marque safe for me and see to it that everyone honors that agreement. Your King is just and wise, Robert. You are lucky to serve under him.’
‘I’m also glad he’s willing to see further into the truth. I never expected him to put that much trust in me, but he did. So from now I’ll live up to his expectations. Well, I’m bound now. I will surely miss our adventures together.’
‘Me too, Robert,’ says Sheena. ‘So, good bye from now. May Khalik Al-Kalam watch over you. Until we meet again.’
‘’Till we meet again, Sheena Mekh’ta.’
At last, the Pirate Lady turns her back from Robert with heavy heart. As she walks away with Baxter and Ellephar who merely smirk and wave to Robert, the Orcbane can’t help thinking,
There they go, and here I am again. Facing my past, embracing my future. Though the Loreans believe me, I still need to face that trial. Furthermore, how am I going to deal with Eloise? Our love is mutual, but our statuses make it impossible. Will it be any different? Will there be hope at all? Only time will tell. Only time.

End of Chapter Eleven Rise of the Lion - Part One

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Running on foot, Rael’charon arrives in front of Alceste city gates ahead of the group. The city guards immediately recognize him and salutes.
‘Lord Rael’charon, sir!’
The Chief Advisor speaks, ‘I bring with me the captive, Robert Chandler and his captor, Hulferd, ex-general in the Order of the Lions, now the guildmaster of Hunters’ Guild Sansarine in Rand. Send word to our King and I need four men to escort the captive to the palace. Go now, and make haste!’
‘Yes, sir! But, where is the captive?’
‘Oh, they should arrive about... now.’
Just then, Robert, Ney’varíth and Hulferd come in sight, their horses galloping in full speed. The guard leaves his post at once, and another comes in his place. Ten minutes later, the group enters the city with four soldiers escorting them. Robert, his hands bound and his cloak down, covering his face, rides with Ney. People are looking at them and points at Robert, murmuring in low voices. But Robert pays them no heed. The memory of his capture in the Dwarven Realm of Grad flashes in his mind. This is happening again. The path we must take to follow the Right Way.
And he ends the ride of shame in the inner gate of Marlham Palace, after passing the drawbridge through the outer gate.
Robert enters the familiar-looking, marble-white corridors of this palace, and more memories resurface in his mind. A view of the stables where he used to work... The royal family garden where he saw Eloise for the first time... The corridor to the royal family chambers where his love fell apart into a hopeless state... And the silent corner where he said goodbye to Eloise, the princess he could never marry, and left her in the pool of her own tears. He can still her Eloise screaming his name in his mind, again and again...
‘Hulferd and the captive, Robert, stay here and wait for summons!’
The royal crier’s voice startles Robert, but his face remains calm and cool as he tries to be. But his heart is racing wildly.

I love without hope
I see without feel
I crave without courage

How can I see her again, in this base disgrace? No matter how badly I crave for her, we will never be together. Half an hour later, Robert’s chain of thoughts is broken by another loud voice.
‘The King summons Hulferd and his captive, Robert Chandler! Proceed into the throne hall!’
Hulferd pats Robert’s shoulder. Robert looks back at him and Hulferd mouths, ‘Brace yourself, lad. I’m your defender, not your captor.’ Ney also smiles at him.
Robert nods and walks into the hall. His feet tremble on every step he takes. Cold sweat runs down his face as he sees familiar faces in the hall: Sir James Hickram, Lady Irene of Everglades, the twin knights Sir Eldric and Sir Alaric, Sir Theval, Sir Vincent the Raging Bull, Sir Mallard – now the Grand Marshal and leader of the Order of the Lions. Duke John Walthorn stares back at him with loads of hatred on his face, and Rael’charon, his face remains as serious as ever. Robert looks at the throne, to the King of Lore, George XIV, his hand rubs against his forehead as though he is pondering very hard about something.
Next to the King, here’s a sight that makes Robert feel his heart is being ripped out from his chest: The beauty so divine like a star in the sky he can never reach, the Princess of Lore, Eloise Galford. Robert’s and Eloise’s eyes meet, and the disappointment on the Princess’ face makes Robert think of seizing a sword from a gurad and kill himself with it rather than to live on in this abysmal shame.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Death Knight-Spree!

Added: August 08, 2007 From: phrog801
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Here it is, The third video in my par... Here it is, The third video in my parody series. Death-Knight Spree Uses music from Eminems-Without me Enjoy it, i worked really hard on this one. And if you dont get some of the Jokes, head over to im pickin on a lot of the movies ppl posted there. Thanks a lot for all the comments!

Other movies:

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Cant PuG KZ

EDIT: MP3 by request:;8264726;;/fileinfo.html (more) (less)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Whispers in the Wind Part 02

Two days later… Six people are riding horses together along the main road from Rand to Alceste, the capital or Lore.
‘Good thing you’re a guildmaster now, Hulferd. The guards didn’t seem mind to see you leaving town with a bunch of strange people,’ says Zigurd a.k.a. Zach, breaking the silence among them along the way as they slow the horses down.
Hulferd responds, ‘Ah, that was a usual thing, a mere routine whenever I go to the guilds in other cities or for a hunt, and they thought you were all hunters. But I admit that was sheer gamble. If the King didn’t refuse to put the “wanted” posters with your pictures on the walls in every city, things would be a little more complicated there. It seems the King believes in you too, Robert.’
Robert doesn’t respond. He just stares forward. His mind is full of plans, calculating his every move carefully all the way. Alceste is a few miles away and now he realizes that something is amiss. He stares at Hulferd, but as his mouth opens, Hulferd abruptly responds,
‘Don’t worry, Robert. I’ve sent a pigeon to Rael just before we left, and he should be waiting for us in the woods somewhere around here. Ah, that’s the signal now.’
Robert sees lights flashing from the trees ahead. One-two-three times in a row. A typical signal made by reflecting sunlight with a mirror. Hulferd reacts to it, saying,
‘C’mon, Robert! He’s here… But proceed quietly. The rest of you,’ indicating Sheena, Baxter, Ellephar and Zachary, ‘Wait and hide here. We will come back for you after we’re done.’
Sheena, Baxter and Ellephar grunt and scowl, muttering curses as they go and find hiding spots behind the bushes and up the trees, hiding their horses as well. Zigurd teams up with Baxter and Sheena with Ellephar.
Meanwhile, Robert follows Hulferd into the woods, taking out his saber Grimlock for safety measures. Hulferd looks back with widened eyes, impressed with that godly weapon, one of the twelve Adair's Arsenal. But he redirects his attention back to the path ahead. Then suddenly, a voice as soft as the wind whispers – a woman's voice.
'Beware of the whispers as deadly as the night.'
Hulferd responds, 'But deadlier still the shouts in the daylight.'
'May the Light guide you to the Right Way. Proceed.'
Robert and Hulferd ride on, and then they hear the whisper again.
'Dismount and tie your horses. My brother will be with you shortly.'
Robert and Hulferd dismount at once and do what they were told. Then, two people approach them as swiftly as the wind and as gracefully as butterflies. They are elves, both of them.
The male elf, clad in white-and-gold long tunic greets the two guests, saying, ‘Sir Hulferd, it’s my greatest pleasure to see you again.’
‘You seem so happy, Rael’charon. I see nothing can disturb you since we first met until now.’
‘That’s because my heart is always in a peaceful place even though we are facing two potential threats.’
‘And what are they?’
‘One is from Arcadia and the other is from the heir. Speaking of which, you seem to bring an old friend. And how are you, Robert Chandler?’
Robert answers the elf politely, ‘I’m just fine, Master Rael, thank you. Ney’varíth, it’s a pleasant surprise to see you here.’
The she-elf with aquamarine hair and dress responds with a smile, ‘Ah, you still recognize me, Robert, since we fought together in Enia’s Sanctum. I’m Rael’charon’s sister and his contact in Thyrine.’
Rael’charon adds, ‘So you see, I know everything about your feats in Enia’s Sanctum and what actually happened there. Lately, I’ve been hearing news about the Pope’s murder and you being the prime suspect and – probably – the heir. I’d like to believe that it’s just all a set-up, but pray tell me, for what reason did you come here?’
‘As you have already guessed,’ Robert answers, ‘I’m here to seek your help to prove that I didn’t kill Pope Xylen and plead for my innocence in the court of Valanis.’
‘Why should I do that?’ The elf shoots another question. ‘I’m really very busy with my duties as Chief Advisor. If I leave them for a man’s sake, I will jeopardize the alliance between Lore and Thyrine.’
Robert answers, ‘You see, the heir has been tricking all people in Aurelia into chasing the wrong man. He also murdered the people I knew in Lore as though I did it to hide my tracks. He aims to create terror and weaken the entire Aurelia while he is still hiding, weak and dormant, to open the path for him. When he fully recovers, he will return to his throne, rally the forces of darkness under his banner and unleash a full-scale war to Aurelia, reinstating his reign of terror.
So, we better face the truth and chase the real heir. Just prove to them that I’m innocent and it will save not only Lore and Thyrine, but the world as well.’
Rael’charon rubs his chin. He still smiles on hearing Robert’s answer, saying,
‘I would like to believe in you, but the proofs point the other way. Your father’s sword on Xylen’s body, and many witnessed you as the last person entered the Pope’s chamber. Do you, actually, have the proof of your innocence?’
‘Honestly, Lord Rael, I don’t. I was distracted and careless that time. I must’ve dropped my sword there and the killer used it to kill the Pope. Maybe there are more proofs in the crime scene, but as I can’t go there myself due to magical detectors there, you, as a highly respected person in Lore, Thyrine and Valanis can investigate in there with their consent.’
‘How could you be so careless and distracted, knowing that you’re such a careful man? Tell me, what really happened during your meeting with the Pope?’
Robert sighed, knowing that this is the hardest part to tell, ‘You may not believe this...’ He tells the elf about the meeting, the Pope’s appearance and attitude at that time, and how Xylen has tried to seduce him. For the first time in that meeting, Rael’charon’s eyes widen.
‘That’s about the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard happening in Valanis. But, judging the Pope’s beauty treatment and such, the probability was not absolutely zero,’ says Rael’charon in response after Robert finished his explanation. ‘One last question. You know Vordac’s power is immense beyond any measure. With it, you can be the ruler of Aurelia Continent, even the whole world. You will marry the woman you love and live abundantly. What will you do if Vordac chooses you as his heir?’
Robert pauses for a while, then answers firmly, ‘The power to rule the world doesn’t interest me. I will resist it and purge it out of my body – it’s an abomination of my well-being. I once lived for vengeance, then someone changed me and now my mission is to make the world a better place to live in without ruling it. A world of love and peace we used to know. You once told me to follow my destiny, and here I am. I never followed any shortcut, and although my love is still far away from reach, at least I’ll be happy just to see her again one more time.’
Now Rael’charon looks more serious. Smile vanishes from his face, and he stares straight at Robert. Then he says, ‘You have answered all my questions, and here’s my conclusion... We have to put you under arrest.’
Robert becomes alert, but he doesn’t do anything. He just tightens his grip on Grimlock and fire flickers on its blade.
Then, the fire goes off and Robert lifts his sword up to Rael’charon with both hands. ‘Here, just arrest me. I have nothing to hide.’
Ney’varíth immediately casts a water bubble and binds Robert’s sword in it, retracting it until she can safely hold it. The red blade is dim now, and the fire aura in it is completely suppressed.
Rael’charon’s face remains serious as Robert offers his both hands to be bound. Hulferd shakes his head, thinking that Robert’s answers might not be enough to satisfy Rael’s intellect. Ney conjures an elven-made rope with her magic (An Kyraffia’me Aschi!) and immediately ties Robert’s hands with it, whispering,
‘Sorry, Robert. That’s my brother’s decision.’
Robert replies coolly, ‘That’s okay. I’m ready for this consequence. Let it be as Vadis’ will.’
Elven-made ropes are five times tougher than man-made ones, yet Robert makes no effort to break or cut this one.
Without a word, Rael’charon turns around and walks away very swiftly. Ney moves real close to Robert and whispers into his ear, ‘You ride with me, Robert. Oh, just a reminder. Don’t make any sudden move or try to escape, or Rael’s flying dagger will find home in your throat the next second.’
‘I’ll keep that in mind,’ says Robert. He never saw Rael shoot his flying daggers before, but as another elf, Iris have beaten him in speed-shooting, the speed of Rael the elf’s daggers will not be much different than Iris’ arrows. Hulferd follows behind them with his horse.
Quietly, they sneak out of the woods. Whispers in the Wind Part 01

Still disguised in his cloak, Robert Chandler arrives in the city of Rand, accompanied by Sheena, Zachary, Baxter and Ellephar. It's now two hours past midnight.
Ah, here I am again, back in Rand after a long, long time, Robert thinks. I better hurry and meet Hulferd. Only he can get me in contact with Rael'charon, and only he I can trust.
And so, silently, the five sneak through the narrow streets to reach Sansarine Hunters' Guild before sunrise. And they arrive in half an hour.
Robert knocks on the back door slowly and intermittently, trying not to wake the neighbors. He does so until...
'Yes, YES! What is it? If it's about guild affairs come back at nine! And stop knocking on my door or else...!'
The door opens. Hulferd, the guildmaster stands on the doorway with his eyes half-open, holding a sword in case of danger.
'And now what do you want, mister...? It's three o' clock in the morning, so it's better be good!' he says, his face looks upset.
'Sir Hulferd, don't you recognize me? I'm Robert!' says the cloaked man. Hulferd gets startled.
'Ah, Robert!? I... I know that voice! Robert, my dear apprentice. Do come in!' Hulferd's face turns cheerful.
As Robert and his companions come in, Hulferd just realizes something and asks, 'Lo, they are not Christopher and Carolyn, your partners! They're... I know, you two must be Baxter and Ellephar, ex-hunters!'
'Aye, in the flesh,' says Baxter.
Ellephar adds with a dull 'uh-huh.'
'And who's this lady here? You must be from Meshallah or somewhere in the middle-east,' says the guildmaster, tightening his grip on his sword and posing a stance as he sees these three suspicious-looking persons.
'I'm Sheena um Mekh'ta bin Abdul Aziz Haran, and yes, I'm from Meshallah,' says the middle-eastern lady.
'Sheena Mekh'ta? Ah, so the rumors are correct. You're the one who stole the Le Partizane and made the Aurora return empty-handed after some fierce duels.'
'I don't want to boast about it, but I'm afraid it's true.'
Hulferd turns to Robert, saying, 'And you, rumors had it that you killed the Pope and you probably are the Dark Overlord's heir. Tell me, is there any truth in it?'
Hearing that, the once-a-pirate Rob doesn't get surprised or upset. He just touches Hulferd's hand gently to keep the guildmaster's sword in its scabbard.
'If bounty is what you want, sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't do it.'
'I guess I do trust you after all. A mature and enlightened man you show me now would never do such atrocities,' says Hulferd with a sigh, standing at ease. 'But you were involved in an act of piracy with this woman, Sheena Mekh'ta!'
Now Sheena gets alerted, 'No, I commited policy with Baxter, Ellephar and my crew. Robert and this fellow Zakharia were only stowaways in my ship.'
'Zakharia?' Hulferd reacts, 'Who's Zakharia?'
'That would be me, Zachary,' says the man called 'Zakharia', coming from behind Ellephar. Hulferd's eyes and mouth widen in disbelief.
'... Sir Zigurd...! Is... Is that you...?'
Zachary nods. 'Well, I remember I was called with that name a long time ago.”
Sheena, Baxter and Ellephar are surprised to hear that. But nothing compares to Robert's shock on this new knowledge. Zachary (or in Sheena's tongue: Zakharia) is in fact Sir Zigurd, one of the sixteen best knights of Lore in the Order of the Lions. Robert never met him before because Sir Zigurd was always 'guarding the border'. Apparently, all these years he was stationed way behind enemy lines as a spy disguising as a traveling merchant named Zachary, organizing Lorean spies there, sending crucial informations to Lore and eventually helped Lore won the war, repelling Arcadian invaders.
‘Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, Robert,’ says Zigurd, ‘You surely understand, don’t you? It’s for my own safety.’
‘You don’t need to apologize, Sir Zigurd,’ Robert replies calmly. ‘No matter what your identity is, I’m really grateful for your help.’
Hulferd cuts in, ‘So, as we have made ourselves clear now, let’s get down to business that made you come all the way here.’
Briefly but thoroughly, Robert explains about what happened and his intentions to reclaim his father’s sword and prove his innocence in trial with Rael’charon’s help.
‘That’s about the wisest thing to do, Robert. To seek and surround yourself with people who know you and trust you. But I doubt Rael’charon will be able to help you. He is now busy handling and investigating some mysterious murders of high-ranking officials including Lord Larson Walthorn in Jeland, Varestine.’
Robert is aghast, ‘Larson, Duke Walthorn’s son? How come?’
‘We don’t know for sure, but Rael’charon has specially warned us that some of the victims were somehow related to you. Squire Kelba from the Jeland stables… A failed attempt on Sir James Hickram from the Order…’
Robert clutches his fist and grits his teeth.
‘Monsters! Squire Kelba, he was a good man! Tending horses was his life, he would never be involved in anything, and murdering him never crossed my mind!’
‘Rael’charon somewhat knows that these murders were committed to frame you, Robert. So, you’ll have to prove to him that you are really innocent, and maybe, just maybe, he can work something out for you.’
‘Thank you for your information, teacher.’
Hulferd pats his own thigh. ‘So, what are we waiting for? Let’s prepare to set off to Alceste! Rob, Sir Zigurd, please just watch these three fellows while I go up to tell Charlotte and Pear.’

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Final Fantasy X - Ending

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Final Fantasy X End
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The Star Tree

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Based on ancient myths which depict s... Based on ancient myths which depict space as a series of layers of crust. A boy creates a star by puncturing the first layer. Collaboration with Robert Bolesta. Music by Deerhunter.

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Category Film & Animation
myths space stars

Tuesday, August 14, 2007 A Very Fishy Voyage - Part 2

They have lost nine crews from the attack and one more by accident, and fifteen more are severely and lightly wounded – even one seaman get his leg amputated. Robert and the officers on board give the dead a proper burial – cover them all with their hammocks and drown them into their grave in the sea.
Sheena, the captain didn’t suffer any more wound during that attack, thanks to her loyal sidekick, Ellephar. She is almost fully recovered now, and contributed by arranging rations for the crews due to short of provisions.
But still, with those troubles on hand they managed to work together as a team and finally reached their destination before their provisions run out.
The fishing harbor town of Haran is really a busy town. Located near the city of Rand, you can see hundreds of fishing boats docking and sailing around there. Some fish in Petravia Ocean, and the rest in Ingram Channel and Darude Sea.
Fish smell reeks the air and filth makes the ground slippery, but the people in the harbor don’t care. All they’re thinking is to make a living through their catches.
As Robert climbs up the dock from the skiff, he sees a crowd chattering loudly from afar. Apparently they are looking at a fisherman with a large barracuda fish on his lap. The barracuda catcher looks around him proudly, enjoying the praises. Even the fishmongers’ croaks are not loud enough, muffled off in the commotion.
‘What did you say? Fishman fins? And you brought twenty five?’ says an overly fat fishmonger with an extra-large nose, hyper-bushy beard and super-thick lips to Sheena. The female corsair just nods and the fishmonger shakes his head. ‘This is unbelievable. Show me the goods and then we talk business.’
Sheena snaps her fingers and four seamen come, each carrying a crate of salted fishman fins.
‘... Twenty four, twenty five. Yup, they’re genuine, all right. Okay, I’ll give you three hundred crowns for all these.’
‘Three hundred crowns?’ says Sheena, irritated. ‘Don’t fool me, fatso. This thing is worth at least a hundred crowns – EACH!’
‘That’s for premium-grade fins. These moldy, fourth-grade fins are only worth ten crowns or less.’
‘Moldy? Moldy, your foot! Don’t think I can’t distinguish first-grades to second-grades, let alone fourth! Moreover, we didn’t steal them; we killed them fresh when a school of these monsters attacked our ship.’
‘Your story, ma’am,’ says the fishmonger mockingly. ‘Is like a story of a shark with legs. Just drop it. I think you are just some pirates trying to sell your loots, no matter how perfect your disguises are. So, as an honest trader, I choose to be generous. Tell you what, a thousand crowns for all this and I won’t report you to the authorities. That’s my rock-bottom price.’
‘And I think you’re mistaken, my dear sir. We may look like pirates, but these things aren’t our loots! Okay, so I choose to be generous too. You may choose either you pay us two thousand crowns for all this, or one thousand five hundred plus a free demonstration of how I cut your big bad belly open like I fine-cut these fins!’
The fishmonger’s face turns pale in terror on hearing that. He takes a look at Sheena’s face, then at Robert’s, Zach’s and the seamen’s. After he is sure that they are serious with their threats, risking exposure just to get a fair price, he finally gives in, saying,
‘Oh, okay! Okay! Here, a two thousand crowns note to the Melchior Bank.’
He takes out a quill and a sealed parchment, scribbles on it and hands it to Sheena, bellowing,
‘You guys are mad! Mad, I say! How am I supposed to sell this, huh? I have a wife and five kids to feed, no!? That’s almost my entire saving!’
Sheena hands the parchment to Zach, the ship accountant. After Zach gives his o.k. with a nod, Sheena turns to the fishmonger and replies coolly.
‘Don’t worry. They are really good goods, premium-grade, so you can sell them for a fair profit. The rest is your business. As for me, my business here is done.’
With her sweetest smile, Sheena walks away from the stall, followed by Robert, Zach and her four men. A Very Fishy Voyage

Although quite accustomed with sea travel, being a captain of a ship is an entirely new thing for Robert Chandler. He spends most of his time going to-and-fro between the captain’s cabin and the deck, seeking Sheena’s advice about directions and decisions way beyond his own experience.
Sheena Mekh’ta is now recovered from her wounds, thanks to Zachary’s treatment, but she is still very weak from lack of sleep plus the transition from ‘bandit queen’ to ‘pirate queen’. Her discipline and tenacity is exemplary, but her being too hard on herself resulted in fatigue and deteriorated health.
Being on the run is tiring for Robert as well, but not very much as he found a new friend, Zachary a.k.a. Nightshade, a spy from Lore. After a series of adventures, Robert finds himself walking up from the hull to the deck of the Carrack-type ship, Dewblossom. There, he sees the crews all busy with their own tasks.
Baxter the skinny archer serves as a lookout, whereas Ellephar helps moving things, pulling sails, fishing and all kinds of work that utilize more of the fat pikeman’s brawn than brain. Seeing them all working as a team seriously, Robert can now think of the plans ahead.
Our victory over Adler and Hernan has raised the men’s morale, and now they are more loyal to Sheena than ever before. We’re near the shores of Corazon now. If things go on like this, with this speed we can reach Lore in five days or so without having to restock. The wind even helps, blowing north as though Vadis commanded it.
Now I must keep my disguise as is until I reach Hulferd and Rael’charon, and I must do something to make Sheena leave me in Lore. Think, Robert. Think. You must plan ahead if you are to meet Eloise again... Ah, Eloise!? Hmm... Maybe this might work... with Zach’s help, of course.
Suddenly, Zachary, the one he is thinking about, comes and taps his shoulder, saying,
‘Rob, are you daydreaming again?’
‘Not really. I’m just planning ahead.’
Robert tells Zach about the problems he’s about to face, also the plans to make Sheena leave him.
Zach responds to Robert by saying, ‘I think Sheena will likely fall with the second plan, because it will really happen. Rael’charon will doubt you and put you into a test, like he did to everyone. You don’t have to be as smart as him to answer it. Just tell him the real truth and he’ll ponder it with wisdom. Just be yourself and let him see the real you, and everything will be alright.’
‘You sound like you know Rael’charon very well,’ says Robert. ‘Who are you, really?’
‘I? I know Rael’charon just like any other Lorean does. You seem to know him better than I do, so you’re confident that he’ll help you.’
‘Honestly, I’m not sure either. Rael’charon is an enigmatic elf, so I’d rather go as you advised. I never know what his reaction will be, but at least I’ll try.’

‘Well, let’s hope for the best, then,’ says Zachary, walking away from there. Robert sees him leaving, thinking.
It’s no wonder that he knows Rael’charon. The elf must’ve assigned him as a spy. A double agent blew his cover and he almost died on the gallows because of it. That’s why he’s rather sensitive whenever I ask him about his identity. I should’ve known better. I guess I was not acting as a good friend just now.
Robert moves to find Zach and apologizes to him when suddenly a shout surprises him.
A seaman shouts the alarm and runs towards Robert, pointing to the port. He’s not jesting all right. A school of fish-like monsters with hands, feet and tridents jump aboard the ship, attacking everyone in sight.
Fishmen! Robert thinks quickly and acts even quicker. He leaps from the steering deck to the lower deck, draws his saber Grimlock and launches his multi-slash attack Dances of a Myriad Dragons towards the fishmen. He successfully kills four fishmen in one strike, but a swarm more turn and attack him altogether.
Baxter, Ellephar, Zach and the others try their best to help Robert, but more and more fishmen keep on coming as though all their population in this area come and attack that single ship. They are so many, about a hundred or so. Although they are relatively low-level monsters, a large group of them greatly overwhelm everyone aboard.
A fishman plunges its trident into a seaman before Zach comes and hacks it off furiously. Robert is also overwhelmed. A group of fishmen attacks him simultaneously from all directions and inflicts a few grazes on his body.
Robert feels extreme pain, and more fishmen jump at him, making it impossible for him to escape. The fishmen pile up on Robert like a mound. For a brief moment it seems like the amphibian monsters doesn’t move, and the next moment, suddenly the pile of fishmen bursts with a deafening roar! The roar comes from Robert’s mouth, and the sonic force that sends the monsters flying everywhere comes from Robert’s technique, Blue Dragon’s Roar of Pain.
Countless wounds, deep and light are on Robert’s body and limbs now, but he doesn’t stop. With his remaining energy, he charges towards the swarm of fishmen using his mystic shadow thrust: Black Dragon Soulstealer, the fourteenth combo of the 18 Dragon Slayer Blade techniques he learnt from Algaban.
A layer of black aura covers Robert’s body entirely. Like a ghost, he moves like flying, quickly and stealthily, as though penetrating into his opponents with a single thrust. As he finally stops near the bow, Robert’s shadowy form turns into normal again, and he just stands there, covered in his and his opponents’ blood. The enemies along his trail stop dead. They look like statues: unmoving, their eyes are all blank as their entire life force is snatched from their bodies. Seeing the twelve of them in that state, the rest of the fishmen become instinctively terrified and flee at once. Baxter’s arrow even nests in one of the monsters’ cranium as a final warning.
The entire crews are rejoiced to see the dangers are now no more, and they shout praise to their savior.
‘HUZZAH! HUZZAH for Jolly Robert! HUZZAH!’
Says he whose name is praised, ‘Please, my friends; don’t praise me. Just praise Vadis who gave us a chance to go through this before many more of our comrades give up their lives. We better tend to the wounded and give the fallen our last respects.’
No sooner than he spoke it, the newly-nicknamed Jolly Robert moves to a wounded pirate and mends his wounds with his healing salve. Zachary walks up to Robert and says to him plainly,
‘Hm, Mister Dread Pirate Rob is now Jolly Robert too. And you tried to be modest by being kind.’
‘Yeah,’ says Robert. ‘I need no butt-licking and praises from anybody. I just want to go to Lore and see my friends and my love, so I must do my best to see it happen no matter how weak or strong our enemies are. Err... I’m really sorry for asking that dumb question to you. I should’ve trusted you more as a friend.’
‘Oh, that’s okay. It’s a good thing being cautious, you know. You don’t have to apologize for that. A friend shouldn’t trust another too much anyway. You are a man of principles, Rob, and you asked me my real identity because your principles demanded it. Don’t you change it, Robert. Don’t change what you are, be yourself because you’re special.’
‘Thank you, Zach,’ says Robert.
‘You’re welcome, lad. Now, let us sail with all haste to Lore. Oh, yeah, you said you have a lover in Lore?’
‘Well, yes! I will use this chance to meet her and propose to her.’
‘Ah, in that case, good luck, lad. Now let’s go downstairs to see how Sheena’s doing. Maybe I must heal her wounds all over again,’ says Zachary with a sigh. ‘And do something about your wounds as well.’


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This article is about the folkloric creature. For other uses of the name, see Gremlin (disambiguation).

Some of the information in this article or section may not be verified by reliable sources. It should be checked for inaccuracies and modified to cite reliable sources.
A gremlin is a folkloric creature, commonly depicted as mischievous and mechanically oriented with a specific interest in aircraft. Their origin is found in myths among airmen, claiming that the gremlins were responsible for sabotaging aircraft. In later times, different fantastical creatures have been referred to as gremlins, bearing varying degrees of resemblance to the original gremlins.
1 The airplane gremlin legend
1.1 Airplane gremlins in film
2 Different varieties of Gremlins
3 References
4 External links

[edit] The airplane gremlin legend
The word "gremlin" was a product of the second World War.[1] The concept of gremlins as responsible for sabotaging aircraft is first recorded among airmen of Britain's Royal Air Force during World War II, in particular the men of the high altitude Photographic Reconnaissance Units (PRU) of RAF Benson, RAF Wick and RAF St Eval. The story attempted to explain the accidents which often occurred during their flights.
The first published reference to the Gremlin is in an article by Hubert Griffith in the servicemen's fortnightly Royal Air Force Journal dated April 18, 1942[2] although that article states the stories had been in existence for several years, and there are later recollections of it having been told by Battle of Britain Spitfire pilots as early as 1940.[3] Later sources have sometimes claimed that the concept goes back to World War I, but there is no print evidence of this.[citation needed]
Author Roald Dahl is credited with getting the gremlins known outside of the air force. He would have been familiar with the myth, having carried out his military service in the 80th squadron of the Royal Air Force in the Middle East. Dahl had his own experience in an accidental crash-landing in the Libyan Desert. In January, 1942 he was transferred to Washington, DC as Assistant Air Attaché. There he eventually authored his novel The Gremlins, in which he described baby gremlins as "widgets" and females as "fifinellas". Widgets have no gender until their teens, at which point they become either male or female. Only about one in ten become Fifinellas. Dahl showed the finished manuscript to Sidney Bernstein, the head of the British Information Service. Sidney reportedly came up with the idea to send it to Walt Disney.
The manuscript arrived in Disney's hands in July, 1942 and he considered using it as material for a film. The film project never materialized but Disney managed to have the story published in the December, 1942 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. About half a year later a revised version of the story was published in a picture book published by Random House. The book was republished in 2006 by Dark Horse Comics. Thanks mainly to Disney, the story had its share of publicity which helped in introducing the concept to a wider audience. Issues #33-#41 of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories published between June, 1943 and February, 1944 contained a nine-episode series of short silent stories featuring a Gremlin Gus as their star. The first was drawn by Vivie Risto and the rest of them by Walt Kelly. This served as their introduction to the comic book audience.
While Roald Dahl was famous for making gremlins known world wide, many returning Air Servicemen swear they saw creatures tinkering with their equipment. One crewman swore he saw one before an engine malfunction that caused his B-25 Mitchell bomber to rapidly lose altitude, forcing the aircraft to return to base. Critics of this idea state that the stress of combat and the dizzying heights caused such hallucinations, often believed to be a coping mechanism of the mind to help explain the many problems aircraft faced whilst in combat.

[edit] Airplane gremlins in film

Falling Hare (1943), in which a gremlin torments Bugs Bunny
In 1943 Robert Clampett created his Bugs Bunny film, Falling Hare. With Disney's film being the inspiration, this short has been one of the early Gremlin stories shown to cinema audiences.[4] It features Bugs Bunny in conflict with a gremlin at an airfield. The Bugs Bunny cartoon was followed in 1944 by Russian Rhapsody, another short showing Russian gremlins sabotaging an aircraft piloted by Adolf Hitler.

Nightmare at 20,000 feet (1963)
A 1963 episode of The Twilight Zone, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" directed by Richard Donner, featured a gremlin attacking a plane.[5] This episode was remade as a segment of 1983's Twilight Zone: The Movie.[6] In the original television episode, the gremlin appears as an almost ape-like creature which inspects the aircraft's wing with the curiosity of an animal and then proceeds to damage the wing. In the movie segment, the gremlin more resembles a troll or a goblin, with green skin and a frightening grin. This incarnation of the gremlin appears to be more intellectual and menacing, and is also shown to be capable of flying.

[edit] Different varieties of Gremlins
As is not uncommon with folkloric creatures in fiction, the nature of Gremlins differs greatly depending to the setting. Creatures named Gremlins are encountered in various forms of video games, fantasy literature, role playing games etc. Many of these Gremlins encountered in popular culture have little in common with the original critters from the air force legend other than their name.
A famous example is the 1984 movie Gremlins and its 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The gremlins in these movies had nothing obvious to do with aircraft in particular, although they were portrayed as adept at subverting or sabotaging mechanical systems; more explicit connections between the films' Gremlins and those of folklore were drawn in the novellizations however.
Gremlins also appear in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game system, as diminuitive humanoid monsters with varying degrees of motivation to cause mayhem and mischief.

A gremlin as seen in the movie Gremlins.

[edit] References
^ Henry Kratz, E. A. S., Clyde T. Hankey. "'Gremlin' Again". American Speech, Vol. 40, No. 3 (Oct., 1965), pp. 224-229. [1]
^ Royal Air Force Journal, April 18, 1942. Number 13. "The Gremlin Question".
^ Do You Believe In Gremlins? Stories of 10 Squadron RAAF in Townsville
^ Merrie Melodies: Falling Hare at Internet Archive Movie Archive (The film is now in public domain)
^ "The Twilight Zone" TV series at the Internet Movie Database
^ "The Twilight Zone" movie at the Internet Movie Database

[edit] External links
A longer article examining the Gremlin's origins
The Inducks' list of Gremlin appearances in Disney comics
More Info on the Dark Horse reprint of Disney and Dahl's Gremlins book
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