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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cristophe's Double Impressions! And Robert too

Cristophe Deveraux Sept 2010 by ~vadis on deviantART
Color-Pencil Cristophe Deveraux - re-impression from a novel cover art by Weni (Sheila Publisher)

Cristophe Deveraux Aug 2010 by ~vadis on deviantART
FINAL Cristophe Game Chara picture art for FireHeart II Game

FireHeart - Robert Chandler by ~vadis on deviantART
Alternative Robert Chandler Game Chara picture art for FireHeart II Game - Masks of the Soul - reproduced from the original art by

Drawn by Vadis Strait Dyed Red

(Original Picture: Battle of Lepanto)


‘A war fought with the wrong reasons only produce bad results.
A war fought with the right reasons also produce bad results, but can be repaired in time.’
- Sir Kane Edelson, Grand Marshal, Lore Strait Dyed Red

A fleet of one hundred and ninety-three ships is crossing the Ingram Strait. It doesn’t bring trade, revenue or diplomatic cooperation to Lore, but merely conquest and death. That’s why the Arcadian fleet is expecting interception, all prepared and alert to face the most formidable fleet in the world – The Lorean Sea Lions.

Admiral Nante Raleissy of Arcadia, a veteran who has battled Lore fleet in the first Battle of Ingram Coast is well-informed of Lore’s strength and their strategy possibilities.

So, he uses a different approach. This time, the fleet moves in groups and loose formations between groups. Each group consists of four ships: One bigger ship and three smaller ships, all backing each other up. This formation is a variation of the well-known ‘Diamonds Formation’ derived from the Phalanx ground battle formation. This tactic will bring a formidable penetration and defense to break through the enemies’ barricade they see just ahead.

Lore’s barricade of ships spread alongside the coast, forming an impregnable wall. Even if a ship manages to break through it, the second layer of larger ships will shoot it off like making holes in a cheese.

So, the Arcadian fleet makes a go at the barricade. Three ships in a group against three Lorean ships. The big ship from the barricade comes to help, and the big ship from the diamond formation intercepts it.

Therefore, the battle goes evenly – except for one factor: The Arcadian ships are fully loaded with people: the crew plus the army, so they move slower than the Lorean ships which are focused to hit-and-run only.

Admiral Raleissy realizes that when he sees the Lorean ships move so quickly, evading shots after firing. Another ship comes, fires and runs. Three Arcadian Caravels sink or suffer serious damage, while only one Lorean Carrack severed in pieces by cannonfires from an Arcadian Galleon.

‘Get as close as possible and board the enemy ships!’ The Admiral signals his order to all ships with special mirror-light codes the Loreans cannot decipher. Then comes another order, ‘Throw non-combat things overboard! Less weight, more speed!’

The crew carry out the orders at once, and the result is significant. The ships move faster, and then when they get close to an enemy ship, the crew throw little anchors to the enemy ships, pull them close and board them.

Later, three Lorean ships including a galleon are taken over. The Lorean fleet Admiral, Sir Cyril the Two Swords signals the ships to keep away from enemy ships and go on with the hit-and-run tactic.

More ships sink. The Arcadians pay a bigger toll than Loreans in this battle, suffering the most damage and losing many good men. And now, both fleet are swarming in the strait, filling the area up, leaving little room for maneuvers.
The battle turns into a melee. In the midst of battle, a Lorean sailor shouts, ‘LOOK! It’s the Arcadian flagship!’

The Arcadian gigantic Man-o’-War is easily recognized. Soon, five Lorean ships come swarming near it. The flagship fires its cannons! The one volley from the triple-decker cannons puncture two ships at once. The two enemy ships move away and the other three fill in and fire!

The gunners on the flagship Le Valiant just barely loaded their cannons when explosions blow them away. The ship starboard and port are badly damaged, and one-third of the cannons are destroyed. All other ships are too busy engaging Lorean ships to aid the flagship, so it’s now one against five. The Le Valiant fires the remaining cannons fires the remaining cannons, forcing the enemy ships to do their last resort maneuver: boarding the ship.

Battle erupts on the deck of the Arcadian flagship. The men from three enemy ships clearly outnumber the flagship men. However, the Arcadians take the upper hand because of the Paladins on board.

Adler von Bachmann is on rampage, breaking through a rank of enemies with his thrust-slash combo Tusks of Myriad Elephants. The Emperor himself, riding his steed Acavela the griffin shoots the enemy with beams from his sword: Fruits of Diligence. Andreas helps by healing the injured and reinforcing his comrades with Galatr Protection Field. And Eidos’ Chrono Chakram splits the enemies by half. Soon, the enemies begin to scatter and be cornered, until they flee at last, running back to their ships or simply plunging into the sea.

Cristophe glides back to the flagship and dismounts when a sailor runs to him, reporting, ‘Your Majesty! The enemies have run away. The ship is now secure, but we’ve lost Admiral Raleissy!’

Nobody can guess Chris’ reaction with his helmet on. He just walks up to the helm, holds his sword high and shouts to the crowd on the deck.

‘ATTENTION! From now on I’m taking command as Admiral of this fleet! We’ll help our comrades and break through this barrier! Victory is ours for the taking!’

The crew who are demoralized upon the loss of their leader now get their spirit back. They roar, ‘HUZZAH! HUZZAH to the Emperor! HUZZAH!’

The Emperor points his sword forward, shouting, ‘NOW, FULL SPEED AHEAD!’

The Le Valiant dashes, ramming through the debris of a broken ship and engages an enemy ship in a shootout.

More Lorean ships are taken. Knowing that speed is no longer an advantage, Admiral Cyril shouts, ‘Signal all ships! Bombard any enemy in range, and retreat!’

The Lorean Navy doesn’t seek victory in these waters. They are just vanguards. They know full well that their fleet of one hundred and thirty-four ships can’t win against the Arcadians. So they put their trust in Rael’charon’s strategy and scatter away, withdrawing from battle.

That marks the first victory for Arcadia. The crew and soldiers leap up and shout with joy. The Arcadian fleet has sunk eight enemy ships, destroying three and took twenty. Thirty-seven Arcadian ships are destroyed and sunk, while forty more are badly damaged. Two hundred and seventy-nine Arcadians were slain plus four hundred and twenty drowned with their ships.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty more to fight on land. The fleet takes a longer route and lands on the coast north of Wagnerport. It seems nothing can stop Cristophe Deveraux from getting his revenge.

The strait dyed red
With blood painted
Steel was the brush
Sprinkled with fires rush

The strait dyed red
O’er wails of death
O’ why must we fight
For fool’s vengeful might?

The strait dyed red
Remember this with dread
Never a warpath we tread
Seek the Right Way instead


In a cold, damp dungeon cell, a white-haired man sits most uncomfortably, leaning on the wall. He is unshaven and dirty, yet he looks serene and calm. With his eyes closed, he looks like praying. A voice comes.

‘Sir Robert! Robert Chandler, prepare yourself. We’ll go and meet Counselor Rael’charon now.’ It’s the prison guard.

Robert didn’t answer. The guard looks into the cell through the barred window on the door and nods, as though he understands.

So he stands outside, waiting.

A few minutes later, the prison guard brings Robert to the bathroom. Rael’charon is already waiting there.

‘You sure prepared for a long time for the one who doesn’t bring anything with him,’ says the elf.

Robert responds, ‘You know the reason full well, Counselor. It’s my mind and heart to prepare.’

‘Good. So, I believe you are prepared for this. Robert Chandler, the King wants you to lead the army in war against the Arcadians.’

‘What? They attack here? With Vordac’s Heir on the loose? Are they mad or something?’

‘We didn’t expect it either. We thought the Emperor would be reasonable and put the salvation of Aurelia before vengeance. But we, no, I was wrong. I misjudged your friend. I know Cristophe used to be a reckless fellow, but I didn’t expect him to be THIS reckless. Or should I say, this is madness!

He must’ve believed that you killed his brother AND you’re the Heir of Vordac. So, by eliminating you the threat is over.’

‘All the bloodshed, all those troops, to kill me? I can’t believe this. And why must I lead the army? I lack the experience, and the men will not respect me, knowing the real reason of this war.’

The elf pats Rob, saying, ‘On the contrary, Robert. You ARE the most suitable one for this task. Sir Mallard even recommended you. You have traveled in Arcadia for a long time, and you know the enemy – especially the Emperor – inside-out. You know the way he thinks, so you’ll be able to predict his next moves.’

‘Well, I’m not sure about that, but I think Chris wouldn’t go through Ingram Coast like his brother did, but he’d rather take a longer route north through Lumien Forest.’

‘A-ha!’ Rael’charon exclaims. ‘See, I told you, you guessed that right! He landed north of Wagnerport and made his base there. Quick! Here’s your sword. Bathe, dress up and come with me! We must stop the Arcadians before all is lost!’


More resources and research for Naval Ships during the Age of Exploration:

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

David Eddings - Dreamers Book 2 - The Treasured One

Book Two of The Dreamers
by David Eddings & Leigh Eddings

Disclaimer: Personal Documentation/Archiving only

Dreamers - 02 - The Treasured One

David Eddings - Dreamers Book 1 - The Elder Gods

Dreamers - 01 - The Elder Gods

Book One of The Dreamers
by David Eddings & Leigh Eddings

Disclaimer: Personal Documentation/Archiving only

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Michael Scott e-short story, Sons of Liberty Sweepstakes and more!

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Joan of Arc was not burned at the stake in Rouen, France, in 1431. She was rescued from certain death by Scathach the Warrior.

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A Crack in the Sky
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Thirteen-year-old Eli Papadopoulos is worried. Even though he?s a member of the most powerful family in the world. Even though his grandfather founded InfiniCorp, the massive corporation that runs everything in the bustling dome-cities. Even though InfiniCorp ads and billboards are plastered everywhere, proclaiming:


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Friday, August 20, 2010

Legend of The Guardians : The Owls of Ga Hoole

Legend of The Guardians : The Owls of Ga Hoole - Official Trailer [HD]

Release Date: 24 September 2010
Cast: Hugo Weaving, Sam Neill, Emilie de Ravin, Abbie Cornish
Genre: Adventure | Fantasy
Director: Zack Snyder
Writer: John Orloff, John Collee
Studio: Warner Brothers

Soren, a young barn owl, is kidnapped by owls of St. Aggie's, ostensibly an orphanage, where owlets are brainwashed into becoming soldiers. He and his new friends escape to the island of Ga'Hoole, to assist its noble, wise owls who fight the army being created by the wicked rulers of St. Aggie's.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010 Fool's War

The reply from Lore comes four days later. After reading it, Cristophe chucks the letter on the floor. The ministers who are present in the Great Hall know at once what the King of Lore’s answer is. The Emperor stays calm on his throne, thinking, yet he looks like a volcano that is about to erupt.

Talbot du Bois, the royal advisor moves and picks the letter up and reads it.
‘Zoo, zee King of Lore refused to surrender zee fugitive Robert to us. ‘Ee ees being detained, until zee investigation ees complete, and ‘ee will be facing trial in Lore.’

Chris gets up with a jerk and shouts, ‘The question is: When will he be tried? Tomorrow? Or the doomsday? No, it’s obvious. The King of Lore trusts him, and he won’t cooperate with us no matter what excuses he uttered. As I’ve said before, the ultimatum is clear. Hand Robert over or we’ll attack Lore. As they sought ways other than that, our answer is clear: WAR! We, the Empire of Arcadia hereby declare WAR on the Kingdom of Lore!’

The declaration puts Eloise in an extreme shock. She pleads,
‘But, Your Majesty, you promised… You promised me not to attack Lore! You’ll break the peace treaty!’

‘HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY DECISION!? It’s the King of Lore who broke that treaty by protecting that criminal, Robert! And I, I am true to my word. It’s them who brought that upon themselves!’

‘They just go by the rules! Robert might did a crime in Arcadia, but he was captured in Lore, so the Loreans have the right to investigate on him before handing him to Arcadia or any other nation. He’s a resident of Lore in Lore’s soil, so he is bound by the laws of Lore first, no matter in what country he committed the crime! Just remember, Your Majesty, Lore has done much to your Empire. They fought for you, even two of their best knights lost their lives to defend Myrcalia. Don’t you see it? Lore has done the best to maintain peace with all good intentions. Isn’t that enough? Or should I take my own life to convince you?’

‘IMPUDENCE! This is an open rebellion to the Emperor! Listen, woman! If you’re not the Empress, I would sentence you to death! You might be Empress, but I’m still your Lord! You are not a Lorean anymore, but an Arcadian! Even your death won’t change my decision!’

‘But my father…’
‘ENOUGH! If you still think like that, you’re my hostage! GUARDS!’
The royal guards stride in quickly and orderly.
‘Take the Empress and detain her in the Tower of Solitude until I say she may go. She may go out to bathe with female escorts. No visitors allowed. Guard her at all time. Do it, now!’

The guards carry out the order at once, dragging Empress Eloise down and away. She doesn’t fight it and comes along. Her face shows disappointment, sadness and terror. She doesn’t dare to look back. For her, the man she loves has become a monster, consumed by hate and vengeance.

Chris, on the other hand, doesn’t care. War is the only option he has. He wouldn’t use covert actions because Rael’charon will see through his plan, definitely. He shouts out instructions.

‘Prepare our troops! In a week’s time, we’ll set out to Lore! It’s time we fulfill my father and brother’s dream to unite Lore and Arcadia into the strongest Empire in history!’

Suddenly, the Sword of Justice on Chris’ waist vibrates, as though protesting its master who is straying out of the Right Way. Chris grabs the sword hilt tightly, pumping holy aura to suppress it.

Stay still! You will obey your master!
A sword is still a sword. No matter how powerful it is, no matter how hard it fought, it finally stops shuddering. Instead, the glow on the blade vanishes. Never again will Excalibur lend its power to Chris until the master is back to the course of Justice. The armor, the greaves, the helmet and the shield are also no longer magical, just tools of war.

It’s a fool’s war, and no good will come out of it.


The Army from all over Arcadia gathers in the harbor city of La Porte Neuville five days later, consisting of thirty thousand infantry, twelve thousand cavalry, ten thousand archers, five thousand artillery and special units, and five hundred mages.
Twenty-seven thousand troops of various units including war chariots and arbalests stay in Arcadia for defense. The legendary griffin riders choose to defend Arcadia rather than joining in the meaningless campaign against Lore. Thyrine and Escudia has declined to join the attack. Only the Borgians and a small regiment of dwarves from Grad come along.
Chris only goes with Andreas Marvellini, Adler von Bachmann and Eidos Crydias. Carolyn and Bernides chose to stay and defend Arcadia. Even Iris and Dejan Pavlovic go to Regia Confederation to monitor the Dark Forces’ activities in Sylvania.
The Dark Forces has been greatly weakened after their defeat in Myrcalia, but who knows what Arachus and his minions are planning next. Better safe than sorry, people say. We cannot rely on the angels alone.
One hundred and ninety-three ships, great and small set out from La Porte Neuville that night. Though the troops know about Lore’s strength and geography, and some of them are veterans from the previous campaign to Lore, they can’t help but feel uneasy about this war. Something’s not right. It’s not about their chance of winning or the devastation in Myrcalia City, but the hunch, the weird feeling, the timing that they should be somewhere else, not Lore.
The Commander of this army, the Emperor of Arcadia himself is acting mysteriously by putting his helmet on all the time.
Perhaps it’s to hide the vengeance in his heart from showing on his face.
Perhaps he too has doubts of this campaign.
Troops and innocent people will fall victim just to capture a suspected heir-of-a-devil. What madness is this? Is it right to punish the whole nation because of someone’s crime? Or is it just an Emperor’s madness?

End of Chapter 15

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Six Part 3

Yggdrasil River

To reach the core of this vast forest, it’s now time to row, row, row your boat through the river. Just hop into the boat (Iris probably conjured one from somewhere but it doesn’t show in this event – should anyone ask).

Paddle through whirlpools, rocks and encountering monsters such as mutant salmons all the way to the right. If you notice the “odd” map layout here it’ll be to the “L” of “YGGDRASIL”.

Of course there’ll be treasures and you can even shop a bit, and at the “L” part you’ll encounter the MINI-BOSS: Sultan Sahagin and three mutant salmons. They’re easy to defeat, so without further ado, exit right to:

Wysteria’s Lair

Go right, exit the boat, heal up using the healing crystal, arrange party members ( I suggest you remove Iris if she’s in your active party), save your game and go up and right. A cutscene ensues, and on to battle with the quarry, the main objective of this mission.

BOSS: Wysteria
HP: 7500

Actually she is not a lamia, but a Mandragora (a monstrous version of Mandrake that is half-woman, half-plant). But as she already existed in many other works and my lack of resources, so a lamia (snake-woman, another variety of a gorgon) she is.

In the story, she is controlling the Wind Orb containing the esper (guardian spirit) Eshmyria the Wind Fairy, so Wysteria’s attacks are also of Wind Elemental: Tornado (HP <60%), Typhoon (HP <40%) and Pandemonium (HP <20% ultimate wind magic) beside her darkness spell of Dark Disintegration and curse spells such as Temptation Song (confuse), Sleep and Paralysis.

You might also want to eliminate the two Forest Imps first with powerful fire-based or lightning-based spells and attacks, and then protect Paolo so he can heal or cure your party every turn.

When you defeat Wysteria, Eshmyria will be freed and join the party as Iris’ esper (note that Iris won’t be able to use Eshmyria Pandemonium spell until she’s level 30 or more).

Then comes a long scene and you’ll be back in Palamural’s cave and then on to Adler’s scene in his home in Freidle. At the end of the scene, the party is already back in Freidle, talking to Heinrich. I suggest you just rest up and prepare the sundries, don’t buy weapons and armors yet here because there are better (and more expensive) ones in the next town on the journey to the west. It’s also a good time to withdraw all your savings in the Melchior Bank.

Exit the city and go west through the world map. Just follow the north route because the toll guards are disappearing there only. Just follow the path, go past the city of Myrcalia, Xenticen and Celc (you have no business there in Book One).

You then will come to the narrow road through the hills and you can visit the small frontier town of Medellar. This is your last chance to give alms, visit the church and accumulate your Vadis’ Blessing meter (the more the better but not compulsory because it’ll be used up on an ultimate one-use relic at the final stage of the game).

Exit Medellar Town when you’re ready, go down along the path and then left. Save your game before entering the tent marker entrance to the vicinity of Enia’s Sanctum, the place for the final chapter of this game (Book One only).

(End of Chapter 6)

Special buildings and professions to aid your party sustainability

1. Church:
The function of church in every town is always the same, it’s to exercise one’s compassion, thirst of truth and unconditional love (except for a special story scene in Book Two).

Give alms by talking to the nun near the collection box, entrance or sorts. Alm to the poor and beggars also count. Talk to the priest and you’ll know that it’s to accumulate Vadis’ Blessings meter. I know this is not realistic, educational or even religious in the nature of sincerity, but a game is a game and the wasted money and time for alms is to be accounted for something – called the “Divine Intervention”, tee hee hee.

2. Hunter Guild:
Assign optional missions and sometimes the mainstream storyline missions. So far only the guilds in Rand and Varestine are fully functional, because the author was too cooked up in mainstream story missions and additional missions will somewhat make the game look more easier... (or maybe we can add some more quests in later versions).

The operational in Rand and Varestine is quite similar, and the steps are:
- Look for mission posters in the walls, and choose the ones you want/are qualified to overtake.
- Talk to the “clerk lady” on the left to discuss mission details and confirm that mission. Some missions will give you a special “quest item” that is to check the progress of the mission on hand and will disappear upon completion.
- If you complete your quest, talk to the clerk in the middle to confirm completion and get the info of your rewards.
- Go to the clerk on the right to claim your rewards (most of the time it’s money).

3. Pub / Bar / Casino:
It’s usually a place to seek out information from “unusual” sources, usually when all else fails. The people here might hear things “normal people” don’t.
Some mini-games of luck and mini-quests are installed here, and the pubs in Rand and Freidle hold the key of mainstream story continuity.

4. Jeeves the Magic Butler:
Now this is an extra feature: play/change soundtracks (background music) using the Magic Piano from the future.

5. Melchior Bank:
Some critiques said it’s not quite useful. Well, wait until some bandits and thieves stumble with your party and stole your money or goods. We shall improve the scripting into storing items too and limit the “bag” unless we can assume that Carolyn carries around a magic “Doraemon’s Bag” that contains everything – another product of Melchior’s?

Buy an Account Book (100 geines) to check your money balance anytime in the game. Talk to the clerk on the center to conduct actions: (Deposit, Withdraw, How’s my Account Balance?). Talking to the clerk on the right and she’ll tell you the reason I put the banking system in the game.

6. Disabled Features:
Blacksmith (too complicated eventing), Party Changer man/crystal (already using item in book 1), Save Crystal (you can save your game everywhere from the menu).

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Six Part 2

Yggdrasil Forest (Outskirts)

Since this is going to be a long path ahead, I’ve closed the “wrong roads” with roadblocks. So, simply follow the path all the way down until you find a cave entrance and go in there.

Yggdrasil Keeper’s Cave

In this scene, you see an old man being surrounded by a group of satyrs (they’re actually centaurs, but maybe I’ll change them into satyrs or make/find a centaur spriteset if I have time). Just ignore the satyr on the left and just “touch” the right one to fight the centaurs.

After that, walk up and the old man will thank you, providing you with information about the current situation and give you a quest. It’s a mainstream quest, so you just move on with the storyline.

Exit the cave, move to the bottom left corner and SAVE YOUR GAME before crossing the bridge. Cross the bridge, and the scene automatically changes into...

Yggdrasil Forest (Inner)

You’re controlling Chris alone again, and this time Chiel the little helper catches up and joins him.

Go all the way down, save your game every so often and save again for sure near the healing crystal before moving on to the bottom and right. The enemies might be too tough with Chris alone for attack. Go right through a narrow path, and a cutscene ensues, followed by a series of battles with the Forest Imps.

After the first battle, two people join to help Chris: Lavennia Iris the elf archer and Adler von Bachmann the Borgian knight specializing in 2-hand greatswords.

You’ll fight four or five more Forest Imp troops non-stop until Rob’s group arrives.

The heroes then talk and Adler leaves the party (“to go back to Freidle”). It’s now five people (and a micha) in the group, yet the game script only allows four per active party, so for now on you can change active party members by keeping and using the [Party Changer Log Book] item.

Select the item from the [Items] menu to activate, choose add or remove party members, select the member in the party to be changed (remove) and select the standby (available in the menu choice) ones in the roster to join your active party (add).

If you select more than 4 members, the 5th will be included in the party but won’t be active in battles, wont’ receive [EXP] experience points and potentially can trigger a bug – which I haven’t tried or able to figure out the solution yet, fearing the risk. I suggest you stay with the Chris – Rob – Carol – Paolo combination and you might want to use Iris more often later in the next chapter.

Now that a problem is resolved, what remains is the mission they must do now here and another one in the place far, far away. So, as the story goes (game version), the heroes choose to finish up here first.

Mission: Roots and Branches of Evil – Mainstream

As the old elf Palamural informed, it’s now time for you to move on with the quest at hand. Move right from the imp battles site and go up the road, and you’ll find the first crystal. Touch it, it’ll disappear and the second crystal emerges somewhere.

Just follow the sequence to unlock the fourth, final crystal at the eastern edge of Inner Yggdrasil Forest (which actually is a roadblock and – in reality – an illusionary barrier to keep people from going in and out to the core of the forest, the Tree of Life Yggdrasil itself).

Done with the first crystal, now you follow the road all the way up and exit the map into...

Yggdrasil Forest – Outer

Move on and on eastwise. Follow the road up until you find a river. You’ll see an odd appearance of a horse in the water (make sure Cristophe is in your active party). Don’t worry, it’s not a bug. But if you don’t save your game first before “touching” it, that’s a reason to be worried because it’ll trigger a mini-battle with a Kelpie (just like in section 1 – Way to Freidle) only this time it’s alone. And as before, he’s not too tough so just consider this as a bonus.

Go down the road and you’ll see the second crystal glowing like the first one. Touch it, and now you have to detour all the way to Yggdrasil Keeper’s Cave to trigger the third crystal. Observe the road for opened paths and disappearing road blocks, and fight the centaurs (or satyrs) on the left in the cave to reach that crystal. Once you touch it, the final, fourth crystal will disappear.

Exit to Outer Yggdrasil, go all the way to the right and exit through the lower right corner of the map, and you arrive at the right side section of Inner Yggdrasil. Just follow the road until you come to the bottom right corner, save your game, replenish your entire party’s HP and MP, move up the road and you’ll in for a surprise battle with:

MINI-BOSS: Cyclops

Okay, so this monster is meant to add some game time, and I’ll add two forest trolls (popular demand) in the next version. After defeating the cyclops, just proceed along the road and exit right into the next area.

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Six Part 1


Uvarse Village - Spring

After the novel-adapted scenes, you find the party already in the village as the snow clears up. Rest, restock and save before exiting the village and move north the path of the Europe-like West Aurelia world map into the next area.

Way to Freidle

Follow the path and go northwise. Save your game often before moving a “tricky” boulder. The ways are always open as long as you move the boulders one step at a time and take care not to block all the roads permanently (Load last saved game if you do, amigo).

Interacting with people along the road there might be fruitful and informative. If you can see a hooded woman and a monster on the scene, go to the left path upwards, save your game and go right to trigger a cutscene and a battle with:

HP: 5200

The Kelpie (Zebra Gnoll) is with 2 gnolls. These bunch of pushovers are not of much problem (or are they to you?). Yet, beating them is easy enough, easier than Alpha Werewolf and the gang.

After beating the Kelpie, make sure you explore up the map and open a bonus treasure chest there before exiting on the upper right corner. At the world map, go all the way north to...

Freidle, Capital of Borgia

This mount City of Freedom was literally carved out of the Great Mount Freidle. The Great Palace of Drakkarsheim lies on the top end of the map but you can’t enter because you have no business there (at least in Book One).

After a cutscene at the city entrance, follow Paolo’s clue by moving to the left.
Approach the bearded man standing beneath the dragon statue (FYI: It’s a statue of a Borgian Dragon Rider). Talk to him, and a dialogue then ensues between your party and one Heinrich Ratzinger.

You’re free to shop and roam around in this city (recommended) before entering the inn for a cutscene and Robert, Carolyn and Paolo will leave the party and leave Cristophe to roam alone.

The attractions in this city are:
- The same dice and pea guess game as in Alceste in the Two Spurs Pub & Casino.

- Horse Race Level 3, the stable at the right side of the entrance. Try your luck and play to gain some geines. The money is good and you need it. Definitely.

- Training Dojo: It’s a spoiler mini-game, really to test the monsters you’ll encounter later – for a fee. Just make sure you have a minimal 3-man party or else they’ll maybe too tough for you to beat. No death penalties for losing, but better be safe than losing money for nothing, right?

- If you want to cheat a little, you can go into a stone house with a combination lock. Just enter the number “2575” and go inside. It’s actually my test site for Party Changer common event, so pick the available characters (Rob, Chris, Carol, Paolo, Chiel and Iris) and enjoy! You cheatin’ devil, you...

If you’re already alone as Cristophe and done playing around and picking bonuses along the way, just go and enter the pub on the far right corner of the map.

Two Spurs Pub

Save your game, talk to the barmistress going to-and-fro behind the bar to trigger a full special effect cutscene and a very-very long story dialogue scene all the way back to the inn.

Eventually, the party will be Robert, Carol and Paolo. Finalize your preparations and head out of the city on the world map, go right towards the forest and walk into the “tent” marker.

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