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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Komikers Studio - Hmm, it's really some loaded stuff

Now here are some serious comic stuff. Whaddaya think, fellas?
Maybe FireHeart can go with them - BJ Vadis

iam Rayteda, Director of Komikers Studio from Indonesia...

we have many artist can do your project ,my artist can do
color [ and we

not only can do manga, just tell us what kind of style do u want ]

you can check on :
[PRESS F11 to see full size of my homepage and click "head" of my
artist to
see each

gallery ]

info the artist :

illustrator :

felix, regina, evenine, wong, dhani, Rie, Aejun

Colorist :

rayteda, doni, sake, dadang, Tommy

Writer :

Rima, Panugraha

Our deviant :

or :

Andry Chang
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Hendra Adriyasa, an Indonesian Penciller

Hey, pals, check out this talented Indonesian Penciller's gallery!
Hendra Adriyasa
here is the link to my gallery:
How do you think? I think FireHeart will be a lot more nicer in comics...
Andry Chang
Blog Jockey (BJ Vadis)
Vadis Productions - Release Your Imagination!
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Monday, October 30, 2006

FireHeart Book 3-2 Masks of the Soul Cover - Art

And here's the front cover suggestion of the second book:

FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
Book Two : Masks of the Soul

If ever published anywhere... - BJ Vadis

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

3.1. Prologue

Terra Eternia

The world of Vadis, Adair and Enia

Created by the One

Kept by the Three

Terra Eternia

Where three live as one

Positive, negative and neutral

Magic, science and nature

Terra Eternia

The world where myths are real

Fantasy is history

Fairy tales are actual

Terra Eternia

The world of dangers and adventure

When light and dark collide

And the neutral shed tears

Just like in our world, our dimension, when all beings live in harmony, Terra Eternia is indeed a beautiful world of love, hope and peace. But when evil – the extreme form of negativity – disrupts the balance, there are always conflicts between good and the Trinity of Evil: hatred, destruction and terror.

Evil once ruled supreme in this world, the Evil named Vordac, the Dark Overlord. His domination was ended by Sage the Fireheart, who assembled the Seven Heroes and waged the First Crusade. Vordac has once rebelled against Adair the Sodomos, the Dark God. Adair defeated Vordac, banished him from the underworld and cursed Vordac to roam in Eternia eternally. As a result of that, Vordac’s spirit can possess mediums or hosts, and after his defeat to Sage, he possessed a medium, the Great Sword Deathblade.

Vordac re-emerged with the help of his host, Mildred Urganon, but he again met a fatal defeat from Fireheart’s son, Antoine the Avenger. And again, Vordac’s spirit found refuge in Deathblade.

And now, that very blade is in the hands of an old man with white long hair, moustache and beard. He is standing in a dark, vast room with another old man and a she-elf. The bearded man talks,

‘At last, we found the perfect, safest place to keep the sword.’

‘Are you sure, Azrael?’ says the she-elf inquiringly, ‘Because, honestly, this room is not inaccessible enough.’

‘I agree with Carolyn,’ says the old, half-bald man with a white moustache. ‘I say we better melt this sword in the lava pit.’

‘I can’t believe a scientist like you would say that, Theripides. If we melt this sword, we’ll destroy it. Vordac’s spirit will be free and possess any of us,’ says Azrael.

‘Hmph, I guess we don’t have a choice, then,’ says Theripides. ‘We have searched for months, and Her Majesty here offered this place although she is not sure either.’

Carolyn, the blonde, long, curly-haired elf responds with a sigh, ‘I guess we have to be satisfied of this place. It has all natural barriers, enough to prevent any being to reach here. All we have to do now is adding some more to make sure no one can claim the sword, even us.’

Azrael nods and makes a decision, ‘Very well, then, we’ll seal Deathblade in here! I will now create a force field using this orb, and I also need some magical assistance from you two. This will be the final barrier should others fail. So, shall we begin?’

‘Naturally,’ says Carolyn.

‘Anytime,’ says Theripides.

Azrael holds the sword with his outstretched hands, and Theripides casts a spell to keep it aloft.


Azrael releases the sword and reaches into his pocketed belt. He takes out a silvery-white orb, and places it on his upright palm, and chants,

‘Aegis, ma washtar galatre Kraal’shazar, im gemackt an Corona Infer. (Aegis, please help seal the Deathblade, as the Little Sun is being made)’

The orb reacts and emits violent sparks, then flies towards Deathblade. When the orb touches the sword with a devil carved on its hilt and seven runes of Original Sin carved on its blade, the sword suddenly vibrates very hard. The red eye carved on the blade just above the hilt is widened although it’s alive. An thick aura of darkness comes out from the eye, resisting the power from the white orb.

The orb intensifies its energy, and the sword follows suit. As they reach the peak of their auras, anyone can see a visualization of a thunder bird and a black devil fighting each other. Soon enough, the thunder bird still doesn’t get the upper hand against the devil. Seeing this grim prospect, Azrael decides to help, saying,

‘I’ll begin the sealing process now! The dark energy from Vordac is still too strong for Aegis! Carolyn, help Aegis too!’

While chanting an indistinct, long mantra, Azrael releases threads of light from his ten fingers of his hands. The threads of light spin around the devil and the thunder bird as though trying to cover both of them in a bigger orb.


Carolyn’s Force of Nature spell is much simpler than Azrael’s, yet more focused, giving more and ever-amplified pressure on the sword and also amplifying Aegis’ power. Under such pressure, the devil’s shadow roars. It amplifies its energy threefolds and overpowers Aegis and the three wizards. It now looks like a devil’s shadow with an overlarge, open mouth. It’s going to swallow Aegis!

Knowing that more power is needed, Theripides now shows his speciality: his ability to cast two spells in one time. Using his free hand holding the Chrono Chakram, he casts Meteor Shower. Bolts of fiery meteorites pour down from above, and all focused towards one target: the Deathblade. The battle is in an even footing again, but the wizards need something more – because they don’t know how long they can keep this on. If one of them runs out of mana, all will be lost.

A calm loving smile shows on Azrael’s face. He knows at once that for the greater good, he must sacrifice himself. He stares at Carolyn and Theripides in turns, and then nods. Just then, a layer of light appears, covering Azrael’s body and making him shine dazzlingly. Carolyn and Theripides stare back at Azrael in terror: Azrael is going to cast Divine Retribution, the spell that once made him vanish without a trace – until he was found again about five years later.

Before any of them can say anything to stop Azrael, he already spoke the incantation aloud.

‘Eleison ex Tributalis!’

As though a million angels rush down from the sky to attack one devil lord, the beautiful-looking yet deadly spell attacks the Deathblade from all sides. It’s a sure hit, no evil can escape and block this spell and the damage is continuous and extreme – the truly ultimate holy spell next to Armageddon. If it’s a one-hit and kill, Azrael is going to be all right. But the need to cast this spell ceaselessly drains more energy than Azrael can bear.

The Great Archmage of Light’s face turns white and pale, with traces of his nerves showing on his face and hands. His eyes are bloodshot, and blood begins to drop out from his eyes, nostrils, ears and mouth. It seems the spell is backfiring on him because of his lack of mana energy, but now the vision of devil begins to contort and dissolve. The dark mana from the sword is going to be suppressed, and the seal is about to be completed.

Then suddenly the devil’s shadow explodes the last drops of its energy, throwing Azrael, Theripides and Carolyn far away. The Orb of Aegis is thrown too, but it doesn’t break. It immediately turns into a white bird and flies back to the sword. Then it uses this golden opportunity to electrocute the entire sword.

Staggering and half-kneeling, Azrael also uses the last drops of his energy to complete the seal covering the sword. Theripides, who instinctively rushes near the sword, gets an unpredictable turn. The Deathblade suddenly attacks and severs Theripides’ right arm. Theripides moves back, electrocuted and badly wounded. Now he probably regrets that that was the stupidest thing he ever done in his lifetime.

Carolyn immediately moves to cure Theripides, and the Viavitali spell mends his severed arm nicely although it can’t connect the severed parts together. ‘Good thing you’re a lefty, we sure are going to need your technical concepts.’

‘Ugnnh... I’m done here, don’t worry about me. You better tend to Azrael.’

‘Ah, alas... he’s a lost case. Just let him finish the sealing before we help him.’

‘He did it again,’ says Theripides, shaking his head. ‘Why did he get to cast that blasted spell? Come to think again, he really sacrificed much so we can seal this sword.’

At last, Azrael finishes the orb covering the sword and Aegis’ orb. Taken from Vadis’ Aegis Shield, Aegis is assigned to a new job: suppressing and protecting Kraal’shazar, the Deathblade at all times. Carolyn the Elf Queen, the Archmage of Nature completes the sealing by adding Flame of the Eternal Corona on the orb surface, making it into a complete miniature sun.

‘At last... my last mission in this world is complete.’

After he says that, Azrael falls on his knees. Fatigue takes over him now all his magical energy is gone. He is one hundred twenty four years old now, and he is a mage no more. Naturally, he is now very weak and his feet can barely support him. Carolyn moves to support Azrael, saying, ‘You fool... losing everything to a devil-inhabited sword. You should’ve done better.’

Azrael responds feebly, ‘I have done my best, and... and I h-have no... regrets. Now I’m g-g-going to leave you all f-for sure. This is my last journey. I can’t go anywhere else now. Please, my friends. Now, for the first time, I’m going to ask you two some f-favors.

Please send my regards to the Old Emperor Sage and Prince Anthony. Tell them it’s been an honor serving them. And for me, Anthony is always Anthony. I will send his love to my daughter Vivian in heaven. May Arcadia live long and prosper.

Also, tell your descendants that should the Deathblade is in the open again and Vordac gets a new host, they must gather a number of heroes again to prevent that or make sure that this time Vordac’s soul will perish permanently.

I now prophesy that one day the paladins will rise. We may not be able to seal Vordac forever. But when Vordac is indeed released, these multi-talented heroes of light will emerge and fight the Dark Overlord and his minions. Find them, and make sure they are united and well-prepared. Only in the paladins’ hands hope may prevail.

And this is my last request. Just let me stay near here long enough until I die. I will now retire from the world and take a rest here. Put somebody trustworthy here to take care of me, so I can look towards this place where my masterpiece lays and be happy and satisfied about my life and what I’ve done for this world. I hope you will comply with my wishes.’

‘Of course, Azrael, my friend,’ says Theripides. ‘We will strengthen this place with our combined mastery of science and magic, and prepare our future generations.’

‘And we will find the paladins once we hear or see any premonition of Vordac’s return. The Holy Pope in Valanis will help too,’ says Carolyn.

‘Thank you, my friends,’ says Azrael with tears in his eyes. ‘Thank you for appreciating my thoughts and wishes. N-now would you take this old soul outside, to his final resting place?’

‘You don’t have to ask,’ says Carolyn. Then she and Theripides take the ex-wizard Azrael out of the room through a secret stone door and then the door slams shut.

The room is empty again, except for a miniature sun ever-burning in the center. It’s the sun with a devil within.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Seal Online Cartoon - Hungry Pet part 01

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The pet said : "I'm hungry!"

Seal Online Cartoon - Hungry Pet part 02

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The pet is still hungry after its master is kicked in the butt... ewww...

Seal Online Cartoon - Emoticon Love part 01

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I didn't win the SEAL online cartoon contest after all, but at least I can share it here.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter - Front Cover

Well, if I ever want to publish this blog in paperback myself,
here's my suggestion for the cover... - Andry Chang

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Attractions and Distractions

Robert’s party continues their journey through Yggdrasil’s Forest in Thyrine due West to the Thyrine-Escudia border. Lavennia Iris the female elf archer leads the way, but she walks almost like dancing along the path, showing off her flexibility and agility in slipping through narrow passages, while Christopher always lags behind, with his heavy armor and provision backpack as burdens. To his annoyance, Iris always talks along the way, and dominates all discussions, so the rest of the party then choose to be silent and concentrate on the tricky way ahead. The guide doesn’t lead them to easier paths, but at least they are going the right way – they hope. As they arrive at a clearing, Iris is going to walk on, but Robert insists that the party needs rest. Snorting to mock humans’ lesser stamina than elves, Iris ultimately agrees. They come to a halt near a small creek and set their camp there. Robert’s party gathers round the campfire, but without cheerful chats and jokes as usual. They only sit there silently, minding their own businesses. Iris tries to cheer the situation up by telling about herself.

‘I gladly volunteered for this task, you know. Being the best summoner, enchanter, dancer and archer in Thyrine, I was appointed as a guardian of Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life. I was the youngest among them, you know.’

‘But, guarding Yggdrasil is a boring job, I only free when not on my shift, so when our queen gathered the best elves as guides for the chosen heroes, I was the first volunteer, and here I am, guarding you and your gloomy-looking party for this mission.’

Andreas suddenly becomes curious and asks, ‘Well, who else are chosen for this mission? Any well-known heroes among them?’

Iris puts her finger on her temple, and looks up, thinking. Then she quickly says, ‘I’m not supposed to tell you, but yeah, I guess I will if it helps. I only know most of them, especially the very famous ones. Vadis’ champions, to be exact.’

‘Don Hernan y Parvaez, the flamboyant fencer from Escudia. Owner of the Enchanted Mythril Armor.

Viscount Adler von Bachmann from Borgia. He specializes in two-hand swords, so we better be extra careful with him; he is most likely the “heir”.

Paliades, the rich nobleman in Parthenia who employs Eidos Crydias, the most powerful chronomage in Aurelia and an all-resourceful scientist who can construct golems and airships.

Kyflynn, the dark elf assassin with his hunting party.

And of course, the most famous of them all, the crown prince of Arcadia, Alexis Deveraux.’

Robert, Carolyn and Christopher are shocked on hearing Alexis’ name. Robert even mutters ‘Alexis...’ in a vengeful way. It was him who slain Duke Walthorn. Robert pats his trusty steed Paeldagrin and remembers how Duke Walthorn died in battle. As it was done in a battle, Robert can’t help thinking about why one nation claims others, and use force by war for those who won’t submit? What use are conflicts? If it’s for greater prosperity, fair trade can give better results to it. Robert is deep in his thoughts about what he will do if he meets Alexis. Will he kill or be killed by Alexis for vengeance? Will he pretend that he doesn’t know Alexis, or just forgive him and blame the war for it?

Robert is very much distracted by his own dilemmas that he doesn’t pay attention as Iris talks on.

‘The dark forces should’ve sent their champions and hordes. Releasing and unsealing their dark lord is their primary mission. So, besides the traps set by our Enian comrades, we must also fight dark monsters and champions there.’

Iris looks at Robert inquiringly, saying, ‘Robert, are you listening to what I’ve said? This is important!’

‘Yes,’ Robert says. ‘So all we will meet there are our enemies. We don’t know whether our fellow chosen ones really intend to protect the sword, or claim the Deathblade for their own. The “heir” might be one of us. So we need to be extra careful.’

Chris nods disipiritedly, ‘Yeah’. Carolyn doesn’t respond at all, she just stares at Chris with a worried look on her face. The observant Andreas notices this, but before anyone else realizes what’s going on with Chris and Carol, he talks, ‘Well, we are in better grounds now knowing who we’ll be facing. So now, let’s…’

Before he can finish his words, Andreas feels an arrow flies right past the right side of his face. Then, he hears a ‘thud’ and a beastly scream. Andreas looks back instantly, and he sees a cockatrice, an overgrown rooster-like creature being pinned on a tree by an arrow through its throat and unmistakably dead.

Then, still surprised, he quickly looks in front of him, and he sees Robert aiming his crossbow towards him with a bolt on it and Lavennia Iris with an arrowless bow. Andreas is amazed, saying,

‘A cockatrice, here? And you two – just killed it?’

Robert sighs and puts his crossbow and bolt back in his backpack, saying, ‘Ah, Iris shoots faster than me. Who can beat 80 years of training and experience?’

Unexpectedly, Iris tries to be modest. ‘Ah, it’s nothing. Compared to other elves, mine is slow. Anyway, I heard you’re an accomplished swordsman, Robert – in which I’m not. So, shall we move on? We’re getting out of time now.’

Robert’s party moves on, with thoughts in heir heads, to the dangers ahead, to the heart of the sun.

End of Chapter Six

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Zweihänder - Medieval Swords, An Online Study

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16th century zweihanders, image (c) John Clements.
16th century zweihanders, image (c) John Clements.

The Zweihänder (help·info) (German for "two hander", also called Bidenhänder or Bihänder), is a massive two-handed sword, designed to capitalize on brute force and shock effect, at the expense of finesse.

While implemented in Germany in the 14th century[citation needed], it gained renown during the 16th century as the hallmark weapon of the German Landsknechts from the time of Maximilian I. They were allegedly used by the front lines of the Landsknechte, where they would be used to hew through the opposing pikemen and spearmen whose spears presented a difficult barrier for normal weapons and cavalry.

The zweihänder could be up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long from the base of the pommel to the tip of the blade, with a 4 to 5 foot (1.2 to 1.5 m) blade and 1 to 1½ foot (30 to 46 cm) hilt. The weight could range between 2.8 and 5 kg.

Some were shorter, though. Earlier versions in particular often had an overall length of about 5 feet (1.5 m), weighing in at as little as 1.5 kg.

Guards could be plain or ornate, while hilts usually ended with heart or pear shaped heavy pommels. When it originally debuted, in the 14th century, the construction was very similar to that of a scaled up longsword.

Occasionally a blunted portion of the forte, the ricasso (often covered with leather) at the base of the blade allowed a hand to be placed above the upper guard to "shorten the grip" and make the weapon faster. By the 16th century a second smaller upper guard was forged into the blade rather than the hilt, to protect this hand hold.

Two-handed swords made for combat use are actually quite light, often between 3 and 5 pounds, while ceremonial zweihanders weighed up to 16 pounds. Even so, with the mass distributed over a length of close to two metres, effective use would have required considerable strength. The swords have hilt-mounted side-rings and enlarged cross-guards of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) across. Along the blade, some 10 to 20 centimeters (4–8 inches) from the upper guard, Parierhaken ("parrying hooks") shaped like lugs or flanges acted as a guard for the ricasso to prevent other weapons from sliding down the blade. These could be used in the attack of an opponent.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
1548 depiction of a Zweihänder used against pikes in the Battle of Kappel.
1548 depiction of a Zweihänder used against pikes in the Battle of Kappel.

According to post-medieval accounts, the earlier, more practical zweihänder types were used to break up pike formations, first by smashing the pikes and then by hitting the pikemen themselves. Other longer versions of the sword were used to take the front legs off a steed in combat[citation needed].

Some scholars suggest that this is a latter-day legend, and that the type was mainly used for display. But at least as a legend, the notion appears to date to at least the 17th, if not the late 16th century: Cesare d'Evoli in 1583 discusses the impossibility of cutting pikes with a halbert and also dismisses the Zweihänder as a useless weapon. A fanciful depiction of a Zweihänder used against a halbert in a battle line appears in a Polish chronicle dated to 1597. [1]

Soldiers trained in the use of the sword (the title Meister des langen Schwertes was granted by the Marx brotherhood) earned twice the pay of a common footman and were called "Doppelsöldner".

The Doppelsöldner were often used as guards of artillery batteries. Some zweihänders were so large that they became practically unusable. These bigger, later zweihänders were mostly used for ceremonies; many do not even have proper edges.

The "Goliath fechtbuch" (1510) [2] shows fencing with zweihander sized swords, albeit without the ornamental hooks. A zweihander measuring more than 2 meters, weighing more than 6 kg, is exhibited in Leeuwarden as the sword of Pier Gerlofs Donia.


* Arnold, Thomas. The Renaissance at War. London: Cassell, 2003. ISBN 0304363537.
* Miller, Douglas. Landsknechte 1486–1560. Sankt Augustin, Germany: Siegler, 2004. ISBN 3877486363. (In German.)
* Miller, Douglas, and Gerry Embleton (illustrator). The Landsknechts. Oxford, England: Osprey Publishing, 1976. ISBN 0850452589.
* Richards, John Harald, and Gerry Embleton (illustrator). Landsknecht Soldier 1486–1560. Oxford, England: Osprey Publishing, 2002. ISBN 1841762431.

Claymore - Medieval Swords, An Online Study

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For other uses, see Claymore (disambiguation).

A claymore that is a replica of one used in the film Highlander.
A claymore that is a replica of one used in the film Highlander.

Claymore is a term used to describe two distinct types of swords used by Scottish soldiers.


The name claymore is thought to be from claidheamh mòr—a Gaelic term meaning "big sword". However another theory suggests it comes from "claidheamh da lamh", literally two-hand sword. Claidheamh is ultimately cognate with Latin gladius.

Two-handed (Highland) Claymore

The two-handed claymore was a large sword used in the medieval period. It was used in the constant clan warfare and border fights with the English from circa 1300 to 1700. The last known battle in which it is considered to have been used in a significant number is Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689. It was somewhat smaller than other two-handed swords of the era, and was widely feared because its lightness made it faster in combat than its European counterparts. It was also an effective disarming weapon because of the design of the cross-guard, which allowed for maneuvering the weapon in such a way that it would wrench an opponent's sword free. The two-handed claymore seems to be an offshoot of Early Scottish medieval swords which had developed a distinctive style of a cross-hilt with downsloping arms that ended in spatulate swellings. Claymores often had a ricasso to allow half-sword usage.

The average claymore ran about 55 inches (1.4 m) in overall length, with a 13 inch (33 cm) grip, 42 inch (1 m) blade and weighed approximately 5.5 lb (2.5 kg). Fairly uniform in style, the sword was set with a wheel pommel often capped by a crescent shaped nut and a guard with straight, down-sloping arms ending in quatrefoils and languets running down the center of the blade from the guard. Another common style of two handed claymore (though lesser known today) was the "clamshell hilted" claymore. It had a crossguard that consisted of two downward curving arms and two large, round, concave plates that protected the foregrip. It was so named because the round guards resembled an open clam.

Basket-hilted Claymore

The second, later, sword to be designated claymore was a much shorter, one-handed basket-hilted broadsword popular with Scottish troops from the 18th century onwards, even seeing combat on the beaches of Normandy during World War II. The basket was designed to protect the hand in combat. The Scottish basket-hilt sword is often distinguished from others by the velvet liner inside the basket (often in red), and also sometimes by additional decorative tassles on the hilt or pommel. This latter form of "claymore" (unrelated to the first) can be seen in some forms of highland traditional dance as well as on the dress uniforms of British Army regiments drawn from the region. A Claymore was carried in World War II by Lt. Col. Jack Churchill DSO, MC & BAR.

See also

* Broadsword
* Claymore mines

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Flamberge - Medieval Swords, A Study

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Also referred to as the Flamberg or Flammberg. The name derives in part from the old German geflammten, or flaming and from the French flamboyant. The flamberge is a form of the two-handed sword popular in Germany between the 15th and 17th centuries, especially among the Swiss mercenaries, the Landsknecht. The purpose of the wavy, flame-like blade is not clear as there is no demonstrated advantage to such an edge against armored or unarmored opponents. Often, the flamberge was used as a processional or court weapon; an undulating blade was undoubtedly more attractive than a plain blade in these cases. In any event, the flamberge was still a formidable weapon.

Source :

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A flamberge (meaning flame blade for the wavy resemblance to flame) is a sword (typically a rapier, though there were longswords as well) with a wavy blade, which, although beautiful to look at, also serves a practical function. When parrying with the blade, it can cause a series of unpleasant vibrations which can disrupt the technique of anyone who isn't correctly prepared. Also, when another blade came into clash with the flamberge, it was often slowed down as it slid across the waved formation of its blade. The name isn't entirely correct as it is a modern term for the form, and as such it is more properly called a "flambard" or "flammard".

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Also, a Flamberge is a large Zweihänder, a two-handed sword most commonly known from the Landsknechts of the 16th century and it, too, has a wavy blade. However its purpose was mostly for knocking away enemy pike- and spearheads (cutting off the heads was very hard as most had langets, strips of steel to protect them from just that) and chopping up the enemy hiding behind it, unlike the rapier, which was more often used for personal combat than the battlefield. There is an area between the hilt and blade called the ricasso which can be used as a prolonged grip, which were sometimes wired with leather and had small protruding hooks called Parierhaken, meaning, literally: parrying-hooks.
Flamberge was also the name of a sword borne by Renaud de Montauban. It was forged by the smith Galas, and was one of nine blades shattered by Olivier's sword, Hauteclere.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Adler von Bachmann - Characters

Viscount Adler von Bachmann, Knight – Human, Borgia

Class : Cleric + Knight + Guardian = Chaos Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Borgia

Best Weapon : Deathblade Zweihander (Kraal’shazar)

First Weapon : Ulcergash Flamberge

Best Armor : Omegron’s Tiamatte Armor – Black Full Plate Armor (Adair’s Arsenal)

First Armor : Der Ingelham, Enchanted Full Plate Mail

Guardian :

Omegron, but never had a chance to summon him because it’s controlled by Zal’fira the necromancess

Skills / Spells :

(Forces of Nature – Great Sword Mastery)

Tusks of a Myriad Elephants = Gading Selaksa Gajah

Pouncing Tiger Slash = Singa Putih Menerkam Mangsa

Whirlwind Slash = Badai Berpusar Membelah Awan / Sabetan Badai Berpusar

Shattering of Heaven and Earth = Penghancur Bumi dan Langit

Fingers of the Blade = Jari-jari Tapak Pedang

Description :

As explained in the story, Viscount Adler von Bachmann is the man who likes to dominate, influence and control others. He’s not necessarily evil, but he’s obviously ambitious.

The facts that even the King of Borgia is within his influence and being the Grand Marshal of the Borgian Army form his hyper-arrogant and hyper-egoistic character. He knows no true friend – until he meets Don Hernan y Parvaez.

His positive traits are his resourcefulness and his ability to notice opportunities even in the most obscure manner. He is also a good negotiator (although many are proved better than him in this kind of field).

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nations in Aurelia Continent : Lore

Kingdoms and Realms in Aurelia Continent

Name : Lore - Kingdom

Location : Large island north of Arcadia surrounded by the Alluviel and Darude Sea

Major Cities :

Alceste (Capital), Rand, Varestine, Wagnerport, Leddingsford, Armitage, Partridge

Resources : Alluviel Sea, Darude Sea, fertile land, copper mining in Mount Armitage

Specialities : Delicious fruits and high quality agricultural products

Economy : Farming, commerce, fishing

Ruler : Ep1 King Michael VI The Great

Ep2 King Michael VII The Protector

Ep3 King George XIII The Cranebill

Ep3 King George XIV The Invincible

Model Base : England in our world

Major Creatures : Fairies, sea serpents, fishmen, mermen, trolls, giant boars,

sprites, pixies, unicorns, carnivorous plants, acid blobs, acid slug,

Gnomes, fairies, few orcs, hobbits, flobber, giant mantis, giant spider.

Legendary : Pirates, Leviathan, Kraken (in Petravia Ocean)

Description :

Maybe the word ‘lore’ is derived from the many stories and great legends that came from this realm. Although the monsters there are quite ‘dull’, but the bravery and heroism of Loreans are far beyond compare. The thing is, the maritime and adventurous life also result in piracy and buccaneering. Loreans are also known for their daring to explore and trade with far countries beyond the oceans.

Lore is also a perfect place to start being a monster hunter.

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