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Thursday, September 24, 2009

RPG Maker VX Sprites Editor with Adobe Photoshop

Sprites for use in vadis' game FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins

RPG Maker VX Sprites Editor with Adobe Photoshop by vadis
Note: Always save the result in PNG format to be imported in your RPGVX Engine

Single Sprite Editor

Full-Size (Charset 8-sprite Mass Editor)

RPG Maker VX Charset Sprite Template Sheet - Photoshop Format

RPG Maker VX Battler Editor with Adobe Photoshop

RPG Maker VX Battler Editor with Adobe Photoshop by vadis
Note: Always save the result in PNG format to be imported in your RPGVX Engine

Good for side view battle

Good for first-person view and big battlers

RPG Maker VX Face Editor with Adobe Photoshop

RPG Maker VX Face Editor with Adobe Photoshop by vadis
Note: Always save the result in PNG format to be imported in your RPGVX Engine

Faceset full size 384 x 192 pixels

Full Character Picture Editor

Category: Resources, Faceset

3D Demo Reel

Demo Reel from Blur studios.
Fantasy Videos

HMS Victory in Battle of Trafalgar

**Please watch in HQ**

3D cinematic recreation of the HMS Victory breaking the line at the Battle of Trafalgar between Napoleon's Navy vs. England under Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Produced for the documentary "TRAFALGAR" from K2

Animatics and test renders:

Software used: Maya, Blastcode, RealFlow, After Effects, Photoshop


Sunday, September 20, 2009 The One Job No One Wants - Part 2

The second floor consists of several office cabins and Hulferd’s own compartments. Hulferd enters a room – his office. Robert follows him in, and inside he sees a simple table with three chairs, with piles of parchments stored in racks. The wall is full of job posters – almost all with ‘X’ in a ‘O’ stamps that signifies that the jobs are complete. Robert takes notice of a new, unstamped poster with a picture of a fearsome, mysterious looking assassin on it and asks Hulferd.

‘Hulferd, who is the guy in that poster? Why didn’t you put it on the boards?’

‘Oh boy, haven’t you heard, Rob? Tsk, tsk, a person by your trade…’

‘Well, I’m not actually THAT sociable, you know.’

‘Hahaha… By the way, that guy is called MacLair. Oliver MacLair, a rogue assassin. He has killed several high-rank officials in Wardstone, not to mention daughter of the governor, rest her soul. Who hired him, we don’t know. And it’s not quite an accurate drawing either. He moves real damn quick so none of the “survivors” can see his actual looks – and he seldom leaves any “witnesses”. If anyone tries to chase him or even takes a glimpse of his face – that guy will end up dead before he can even blink. And I’m damn sure that none of the hunters here can match him…’

‘… Even me?’

‘… Even you. Don’t get insulted – that’s for your own good. It takes someone who can match his speed to take him down. The poster was sent to me a fortnight ago from the capital, and I decided to keep it down low until I have a chance to meet Kyflynn.’

Robert is curious. ‘Kyflynn?’

‘A night elf assassin – don’t tell me you don’t know him too.’

‘Only by reputation. I once overheard people talking in the tavern about the assassin that never killed people – only monsters. And his speed is legendary too.’

‘Yeah. I believe he’s the only one who can match MacLair. Ah, shall we get on the business now?’

‘Go on.’

Hulferd moistens his lips then talks on.

‘Now this A’bong and his kobold gang are nomads, they came here about three months ago and they raid villages, caravans and ambush travellers – kill and pillage like bandits do. Only bandits sometimes spare people’s lives so they can rob them again in the future. By the way, our spies have found their lair in the cave in the West Harper Hills. Here’s a copy of the map, and you can find the location accurately drawn in it. A’bong uses a broad battle axe and well-armoured – I think he’s a veteran from The Gremion Wars that deserted his army after Gremion was forced to share its territory with Bresconnor. And the kobolds are eight – two large ones and six small ones – including two females.’

Hulferd pauses for a while, staring at Robert with concern. Then he sighs.

‘I know you always get excited when it comes to orcs, but as your friend and mentor I warn you – be extra careful this time. A’bong is not an ordinary orc. He is intelligent and have leadership qualities – real different than the orcs you hunted all these times. I think he used to be a captain or even a general. Better take along a party with you, don’t act alone.’

Robert replies in a calm, polite voice.
‘I understand, teacher. You always have been my helper and guide since I’m a greenhorn and only a bit skilled in the battlefield. You even saved my life several times. You taught me your sword moves and treated me like your son. I will never forget that.’

‘But as always, I work alone. I always had this difficulty to deal with people, you know. And I bet no one will join me even though I tell them to handle the kobolds only and let me deal with the orc. For this once, teacher, let me handle this alone. If I can’t overcome this difficulty, I will never improve and I will be no different than others who only content themselves hunting acid blobs, petty monsters and petty bandits.’

‘I see. But you surely won’t mind if I send one of my spies to keep an eye of you, so he can collect the heads and the proofs of your work – standard guild procedure.’

Robert nods. It seems that he doesn’t mind at all, because the guild usually send novice hunters as spies – an extra job – to learn from the experienced ones. Robert used to be a spy to assist Hulferd these three years.

Then Hulferd’s wife, Charlotte comes in. She’s 39, a plump lady but still pretty. Although never experienced real education, she has a keen judgment and a kind heart. She has two kids, Helen, 16, quite pretty just like her, and her younger brother, Pearce, 10 years old. Apparently Pearce is the same Pear that called Robert earlier. Pear has great intuition and a keen sense upon anything, just like his mother and great determination to improve himself just like his father. No wonder he immediately searched for Robert as he saw the poster before his father told him not to. Maybe someday he can become a great hunter just like his father.

Charlotte greets Robert enthusiastically – she also wants Robert to marry Helen someday, but apparently Helen already has a lover somewhere… and Robert too…
‘Oh, Robert! What a surprise!’

‘Good day, ma’am. Long time no see.’

‘A long time, indeed. Two months! Where have you been? Helen has been asking for you.’

Robert snorts and shows his rare, cold smile. How can that be, he thinks. Helen already has Albert, the bookworm. She must be in the library with him now. She is only interested in poetry and writing, and Robert doesn’t even have an interest in it – or even in her.

‘Really? Tell her I said hello. Oh yes, about Pear, just tell him to stay out of trouble. I’ve been staying in the tavern these days, and it’s getting rowdier each and every day.’

‘WHAT? Ah, Pear! That overactive son of yours, Ferdy. Give him a word or two once in a while, will you? What kind of father are you, letting him prowling around, huh?’

‘Aw, honey, don’t be like that. Just let him taste a bit of the real world, it’s good for him. He’s smart, and I’m sure he will be a good hunter one day, just like dear Rob here. Anyway I’m too busy with the guild and things…’

‘But at least a warning, so he can learn to be cautious – like dear Rob here.’

‘…. Perhaps too cautious.’

‘… Or too rash.’

Charlotte and Hulferd stare at Robert at the corner of their eyes with their strange faces. Robert stares at them with a silly, stupid and puzzled face. He replies…

‘Hey, hey, don’t get angry, old fellas. I promise you I will keep an eye on Pear whenever I’m not at a job. Is that okay with you?’

Hulferd lands a slow jab on Robert’s shoulder.

‘Now that’s the spirit. Don’t let your cool hides who you really are.’

But THIS is who I REALLY am, Robert thinks.

Charlotte is not satisfied yet with Robert’s answer, and contorts…

‘And MOVE OUT from that smelly, flea-ridden Golden Ram Inn! And buy yourself a REAL house! I don’t want to see Pear play with you in that God-forsaken place every day! Gambling? God forbid!’

Robert replies, ‘I’ll work something out, ma’am. I will.’

But a different thought comes into Robert’s mind.

Aw, we hunters still have to eat when there’s no job. And honest jobs will keep us out of monster-hunting. And I don’t have enough money to buy a proper house, either. Later, ma’am. Much later.

Charlotte snorts. She knows her bidding won’t be fulfilled in the near future, knowing very well of the hunters’ nature – namely her husband’s. But she finally resigns and goes to the kitchen to make some tea for Robert, Hulferd and herself.

‘All right then. Don’t leave yet, Robert. I still want to talk to you over a cup of tea.’

Robert nods. Although he knows that a talk with Chatty Charlotte will be a boring one, but their kindness tops over anything in the world for him so he compels himself to stay a little longer – preparing his spirit for the most difficult job he has taken until now… with some pep talks and a healthy cup of tea. The One Job No One Wants - Part 1

Robert Chander (left) said: Do you have those in blue, with bigger scabbard?

Robert and Pear arrive at the Hunters’ Guild in Rand. It’s a fairly large building with a banner bearing a cross-lining between a snake and a sword, as though the snake is pierced by the sword. All Hunters’ Guilds in all regions of Lore use this symbol to show the wide network and excellent management system they have. So it is possible that several jobs can come from other cities – but those sorts of jobs must be the difficult ones that require extra skill and experience that are few among the hunters in the job commissioner’s region.

Many hunters of different sorts: swordsmen, warriors, assassins, archers and mages; men and women are there – it seems that the hunting job attracts more talented people than being a soldier, a mercenary, a bodyguard or even a thug. Some even wear clean robes and shiny armors – to show that they are distinguished hunters that are more trustworthy than the shabby ones. Of course, most of them crowd near job posters hanging on walls and message boards, and queue near job counters. The clerks are usually fine maidens with attractive uniforms – another proof of the excellent management of the guild.

Pear guides Robert to a poster on the right wall – the one that no hunters are seen around it. It bears a poorly drawn picture of an orc’s face, and Robert sees the notice:

A’bong the Orc

200 Crowns

Extra 50
Florins for every kobold’s head of A’bong’s gang

For crimes against
the kingdom
Banditry, Robbery, Murder

Robert reacts, ‘Well, it seems the reward is slightly higher than usual.’
A voice comes from behind.

‘That’s because this is not any stray Gremion orc or common ones – this guy is intelligent. He can even round up kobolds and lead a band. Of course the reward is fitting.’

Robert turns around to see the speaker as he speaks – he is Hulferd, the Guild Master. Hulferd is a 43-years old man with beautifully-trimmed moustache and beard, and well-built. Traces of his handsome face can be found on him. It seems that he is a former well known hunter and now runs his own guild. Robert greets him in his usual, cold but polite manner.

‘Good afternoon, Sir Hulferd.’

‘So, are you interested, Rob? I got the details right here.’

‘You don’t have to ask me that. Just tell me the details straightaway.’

‘Hahaha, don’t be like that, Rob, my friend. You know I always remember you every time I get jobs like this. It’s just no other hunters here ever want to take orc-hunting jobs. They think it’s too risky and dangerous for them, and I don’t have to send the posters to other cities when you’re around.’

‘And I specialize in orcs, highly dangerous monsters, and bandits.’

‘Right. Well then, shall we move to a quiet place for a quick briefing?’


Then Robert takes out three zennies and hands them to Pear, touching his head affectionately as though Pear is Robert’s own son.

‘Here, Pear. Now stay out of trouble. There are so much bandits and monsters around with these many posters. Don’t let your parents worried.’

‘I will, sir. Thank you, sir.’

Pear walks away joyfully. Robert and Hulferd walk to the office rooms in the second floor.

Image Source: (Above) Ranger Weapons and Harnesses

Image Source: (Below) FireHeart Prior Version Comic by Irvan

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

FireHeart Fantasy Game Soundtracks Vol.1 on IMEEM

FireHeart Fantasy Games Soundtracks 1

mp3 songs from popular games like final fantasy, kingdom hearts etc. can be used as background music in rpg maker vx games (as long as u don't sell 'em) - collected by bj vadis

Monday, September 07, 2009

RPG Maker VX Legend of Onibaku (Tales of Oni)

Legend of Onibaku almost complete. This is my first game and I hope it get's a real nice base score from rpg revolution and the other sites. I new to rmvx so currently I lack alot of fancy things in my game but I do the best I can with basic computer knowledge so with that said enjoy the intro to Legend of Onibaku.

Credits will Be Given to Everyone That helped

Thursday, September 03, 2009

A New Exclusive from the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series

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strangelands header log
new for september!

The Tomorrow Code: Crack the code and watch the video

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The Sorceress

The Sorceress
by Michael Scott

Learn 10 things you never knew about the twins, Sophie & Josh Newman!

buy now

Heck Where the bad kids go

The Tomorrow Code

by Brian Falkner

Crack the code or tomorrow is history! When Tane and Rebecca receive a message from the future it could be a dream come true. . . or the start of a nightmare!

Watch the video introduction with Brian Falkner

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World's End cover

buy now

by Amber Kizer

Half-human, half-angel, Meridian Sozu has a dark responsibility.

Sixteen-year-old Meridian has been surrounded by death ever since she can remember. And on the very day of her sixteenth birthday, a car crashes in front of her family home — and Meridian’s body explodes in pain. Before she can fully recover, Meridian is told that she’s a danger to her family and hustled off to her great-aunt’s house in Revelation, Colorado. It´s there that she learns that she is a Fenestra — the half–angel, half–human link between the living and the dead.
Read an excerpt


The Frost Child cover

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The Monster Variations
by Daniel Kraus

Someone is killing boys in a small town. The murder weapon is a truck, and the only protection is a curfew enacted to keep kids off the streets. But it's summer-and that alone is worth the risk of staying out late for James, Willie, and Reggie. . .
Read more

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Watch The Monster Variations trailer


Yesterday's Magic cover

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by Rafael Abalos

Grimpow had no idea who the dead man was, but clutched in the man’s firm grip was a stone. A stone that will shape Grimpow’s destiny and change his life forever.
Read more

Read an excerpt




Suck It Up cover

buy now

Suck It Up
by Brian Meehl

Morning McCobb is a vegan vampire who drinks a soy-blood substitute called Blood Lite. He believes staking should be a hate crime. And someday he hopes to march in a Vampire Pride Parade. He was also the first vampire to out himself and try to show people of mortality, like you and me, that vampires are just another minority with special needs.
Read more

Read an excerpt

What Type of Vampire Are You? Take the Quiz!
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