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Monday, September 23, 2013

FireHeart BASH!

FireHeart BASH!
Full Version 1.0

Type: PC Casual - Semi-Puzzle Game

Vadis Entertainment, 2010-2013

Creator of FireHeart Saga:
Andry Chang

Save Falambum Vale! It's being converted into the Theme Park of Evil by a greedy developer Zal'fira the Necromancess and her pet Tiamat Dragon, Omegron. As Cristophe, you play your way to confront this diabolical robber baron-ess through tons of mind-boggling and luck-testing mini-games. In short, just enjoy the ride in FireHeart BASH!

It's a collection of mini-games from FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins series
and to be applied in future VadisGames projects. Also derived some mini-games from other makers with a credit to them.

Features - Mini-Games Collection:

- Horse Race:
It's actually a derivation of Snake-Ladder game, utilizing luck through
dice-throwing actions. Well, animals are unpredictable, you know.

- Rock-Paper-Scissors:
Five-Level Duels to gain honor as champion!
Remember, Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, and Paper covers Rock.

- Memory Lane:
A memory tester game. Select two identical images to gain points as quickly as possible.

- Shooting & Fishing Game:
Shoot or fish as many targets as possible in the given time. Beware, don't let them shoot you back!

- Galasin:
Derived from Indonesian traditional game, all you have to do is to reach for the goal by going through obstacles.

- Casino Games:
Test your luck by playing "Big or Small" and "Pea Guess" games.
Roulette? Too difficult to win. Poker? Anyone has made it?

- Mines of Grad:
Remember Pac-Man? Yes, this is the FireHeart version of it.
Just add rail tracks, gems and power crystals, you are in the chase of your life!

FireHeart BASH! Game Credits:
Engine: RPG Maker VX (Enterbrain Inc.)

Vadis for music and graphics, sprites
Enterbrain for music, graphics,
sprites and basic scripts.

Moghunter, KGC and Claimh
Graphics & Sprites:
Pine, Antares, PainHurt etc

Kuro Creator: Rock-Scissors-Paper & MemoryLane

Music: Many people

SpaceBar: ACTION button
Keypad: Move your character
X/Esc: Opens main menu
Shift+Keypad: Dash

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game by clicking below:

Link #1:

Link #2:

FireHeart BASH! Version 1.0 Lite Version (Non-RTP Player - For RPG Maker VX users or those who have got RTP Player)

Link #3:

Link #4:

Let the BASH begin!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

FireHeart in Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
Book One: The Bounty Hunters
by Andry Chang

Revision Edition will include “EVERNADE” as the big title, with FireHeart  as a cycle and serial. 
Genre / Classification: Fiction / Speculative / Fantasy / High Fantasy
“Come forth, Paladins! Fulfill your destiny!”

Book One: The Bounty Hunters
English Synopsis:
Life as a bounty hunter is not easy for anyone. I, for instance, survived the massacre that wiped out my family and the whole village. And then I fell in a forbidden love, crashed alone into a legion of hostiles, fought giants with unlikely partners, and escaped from the legendary dwarven citadel. 
As finale, I worked together with hunters and champions in a mission to prevent the return of one of the darkest, mightiest enemies the world of Terra Eternia ever known. Which, I suspect, was a trap.
My name is Robert Chandler. Call me the Orcbane, White Ranger or anything. One thing is certain about me: I am a hunter.

Buku Satu: Sang Pemburu
Sinopsis Bahasa Indonesia:
Kehidupan sebagai pemburu bayaran tidaklah mudah bagi siapapun. Terlebih aku, satu-satunya yang selamat dari pembantaian yang menewaskan keluargaku dan seluruh warga desa. Lalu aku jatuh dalam cinta terlarang, seorang diri menerjang sepasukan tentara musuh, memburu para raksasa bersama rekan-rekan yang masih hijau, dan melarikan diri dari kota benteng legendaris kaum kurcaci.
Puncaknya, aku bekerjasama dengan para pemburu dan pahlawan dalam misi mencegah kebangkitan kembali salah satu musuh terkuat, terhebat yang pernah dikenal di dunia Terra Eternia. Misi yang kucurigai adalah suatu jebakan.
Namaku Robert Chandler. Juluki aku si Penakluk Orc, Pendekar Berambut Putih atau apapun. Satu hal yang pasti tentang diriku: akulah sang pemburu.

Author’s Profile:
Andry Chang is a wayfaring pilgrim in literary authorship since 2005. Aside his profession as an entrepreneur and a freelance translator, he also likes drawing cartoons and develop games as hobbies. And Andry is a big fan and a devout reviewer of fantasy stories in multimedia publications such as novels, comics, movies, games and sorts. Now he keeps on honing his writing skills, resigning  is not an option. And keeps on producing stories as a passion and aspiration of his life.  For the sake of the story and message alone.

Bibliography: All prints are published in Indonesian Language
  1. FireHeart – The Bounty  Hunters (Legend of the Paladins Book One) (Novel, 2008)
  2. Vandaria Saga – Crystalization (Anthology, Short story: “Song of Nature”, 2012)
  3. Qi Xi – A Romance Anthology (Anthology, Short story: “Legend of Li Junyang”, 2012)
  4. Love Around You (Anthology, Short story: “Serenade”, 2013)
  5. Magical Stories (Anthology, Short story: “Monkey Circus”, 2013

An entry for Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 Catalog "Books from Indonesia"

- English Language Manuscript Available
- Please contact the author or the literary agency in Indonesian Books Booth - Frankfurt Book Fair 2013
- For more information and to play FireHeart games, please visit
- Facebook: FireHeart Saga
- Twitter: @andrychang
- E-Mail: andrychang-at-gmail-dot-com

Come forth, Indonesian Fantasy Fiction authors! Fulfill your destiny!
Brace yourselves, this will set your hearts on fire!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The Ringmaster's Gambit by Yannis Karatsioris

The Ringmaster's Gambit
Book #2 in "The Game" series
by Yannis Karatsioris


Emilian's Finest is an old-style circus put together with a purpose. This isn't their shows. Our sarcastic storyteller from The Book of the Forsaken hides in the circus and awaits for the rest of them to make their move.
"Jaelle the Fortuneteller and Emilian the Ringmaster are the ones guarding the circus from anyone who's not being nice. The Bringers of Death want to kill. The Magi want to know. The Upyri want to kill and then know. They all suspect I'm in there, hiding, scheming, mocking them. They are coming for the book, for the ones who sleep; they are coming for me. Let's see what happens."

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