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Friday, January 30, 2009 The Sword of Justice - Part 1

The griffinback flight is not a comfortable one, yet it’s almost as fast as airship flight and less the hassle. You just mount the beast, kick off and steer them to wherever you want to go (or simply let Acavela take you to Yvais, it knows the way). You can even make nice stops in your favorite places in case you’re hungry, but this is a non-stop flight in full speed, not some advertising for griffinback flight.

Cristophe, Adler, Iris and Eidos arrive in Yvais, the Floating City of Angels exhausted, wounded, and not quite recovered from the last fight against the Succubus Queen and her harpy horde.

However, before they can rest they are to meet Archangel Avariel to report about their quests. Acavela and the other three griffins land on the top floor of the Tower of Immaculate Bridge, the highest cloudscraper. The four champions dismount and walk into the inner chamber.

Avariel Swordsinger the archangel personally greets them.

‘Welcome back, champions. I see you have completed your quests.’

Cristophe responds politely, ‘Our feats were far from perfect. However, we bring the Shield of Faith and the Helmet of Truth.’ He puts the shield on the floor in front of him and kneels. Adler also kneels and puts the helmet in front of him. The other two champions and kneel.

‘Splendid! Very well done, champions. Now you all must be tired. Take some rest and have a meal here while we wait for the other four.’

Four tables and comfortable chairs appear on the left side of the room. As the champions are all seated, the archangel claps his hands two times and various food – all vegetables and fruits – and goblets of orange juice appear on each and every table.

After a prayer of thanks, Cristophe, Iris and Adler eat a hearty meal. Eidos just waits until his master begins to eat. As a man of science, he doesn’t worship the Parthenian gods in Mount Olympus.

This is much better than waiting, Chris thinks.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Storm Riders: Clash of the Evils Ep 13-15

Part 13/15

Part 14/15

Part 15/15/ (End)

Storm Riders: Clash of the Evils Ep 10-11

Part 10/15

Part 11/15

Okay, the part 12/15 is missing somehow...

Storm Riders: Clash of the Evils Ep 7-9

Storm Riders: Clash of the Evils

Part 7/15

Part 8/15

Part 9/15

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Map of Aurelia Continent

Map of the Continent of Aurelia, World of Terra Eternia
Update: January 2009
By: Andry Chang

Complete version
Click on image to view full size
For readers and author reference

Nations depicted: (with reference to Earth in our dimension)
1. Lore - England
2. Arcadia - France
3. Escudia-Corazon: Escudia - Spain, Corazon - Portugal
4. Borgia - Germany (West) + Netherlands
5. Thyrine - Germany (East)
6. Valanis - Italy
7. Terranova - Swiss
8. Grad - Austria
9. Regia Confederation: Halethia, Edel, Merida, Ashtri, Castoria
10. Sylvania - Romania
11. Fordia - Finland
12. Bjordan - Sweden
13. Gremion - Denmark
14. Wardstone - Ireland
15. Meshallah - Turkey
16. Val'shka - Russia & (the whole ex-Soviet Union)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Storm Riders: Clash of the Evils Ep 3-6

Part 3/15

Part 4/15

Part 5/15

Part 6/15

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Adventure Quest Newsletter


Join your fellow Adventurers and Guardians for the continuation and finale of this year's awesome Frostval event! READ BELOW FOR MORE...


Go to Darkovia on the Travel map and enter the Dracopyre Legacy area to take part in the final chapter of the NightReign / GraceFang saga! The two new dracopyres battle it out while you and your army of fellow Adventurers and Guardians defend the land from dracopyric minions!



BECOME A GUARDIAN before the New Year (January 1st) in order to get the rare holiday Guardian Gift Box items and the rare Platinum Edge weapon in the Guardian Tower shop! These things will not be available after January 1st! Getting a Guardian Upgrade also
unlocks hundreds of areas, quests, and items, as well as automatcally have your base armor and weapon replaced with customizable Guardian armor and the Guardian Blade that can summon the Guardian Dragon and even transformed into the ultimate Blade of Awe!

You have beaten Kringle-- now what?? We have to deliver all of the Frostval gifts on Reindragon-back before the New Year starts! But watch out-- Zorbak is trying to put a kink in our plans! WHEN THE NEW YEAR BEGINS, the Guardian Gift Boxes will open up to reveal what's inside!

A very mean old man named Kringle the Barbarian has flown in to town on his sled pulled by PainDeer -- and he is trying to ruin Frostval for everyone! UPDATE: Kringle's army has been defeated! Log in now to battle Kringle himself and get some new rewards!



Visit valencia in town to see all of the powerful elite items she has in her Z-Token shops! This week a special rare weapon will be available: The Frostval Light Whip! This weapon will only be available UNTIL JANUARY 8th, so get it before it's gone forever!

Log in at now and read on for more!

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