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Saturday, December 28, 2013 Castoria Catastrophe - Part Two

Sargathos the Dracolich (Dragon Lich or Draco Lich)

And here they come! A great flock of harpies along with winged demons, imps and giant bats are flying in high speed towards the city! The enemies are fewer from the north and south because the griffin riders intercepted them. But they are still far too many, a great number of them spot Chris and attack! There’s no escape!
            Avariel, I need your help right now, desperation invades Chris’ mind. But, I’ve heard that you were severely injured from your battle with Arachus, so you won’t be able to use your powers in a year or so. Guess I have to rely on my own power alone now.
            Avariel’s telepathic answer comes almost instantly. That’s right, Chris. You’re Vadis’ Heir and the power you need is already inside you all along. Just use it. Unleash the divine power within you.
            Cristophe’s aura grows stronger and stronger. The dark monsters fly closer, and...
            Genesis Supernova!
            Long range rayblasts shoot to all angles and directions, tearing the blue sky with slash-and-thrust hyper combo with great accuracy. The skill displays some sort of a Big Bang, the genesis of universe from one great planet that exploded and scattered, forming stars and planets.
            The beginning of all creations came with an ultimate destruction, and that’s what happens to all who are strong and numerous enough to challenge the Heir of Vadis.
            Chris and Acavela fly here and there, and many monsters fall in their passing.
            CRRASSH! CRASH! CRAKKH! ‘SHAA!!’
            Shrieks of severed monsters fill the air, though many are already dead before they can even shriek. The death count is – for curious minds – hundreds.
            The beastly monsters’ instincts tell them at once to move away and attack the city instead, and Chris just steers his griffin steady in the air after finishing his move.
            However, something tells him to... watch out!
            A Dark Bolt comes very quickly and Chris blocks it with the Shield of Faith. PYAAARSCH! He feels a shiver on his hand and turns his griffin back, facing the opponent who shot him.
            ‘My, my, hiding your face behind your helmet this time, Your Majesty?’ comes a familiar voice from a familiar face, a fiendish foe, the Succubus Queen. ‘You know, how many times we stumbled upon each other already? This must be fate, no?’
            ‘I’d say it’s an ill match, and today I shall purge that illness,’ Chris answers.
            ‘Well, I’d love to, but you see, this time I brought along a friend who is itching to have a spar with you.’
            The she-devil blows a strange whistle, and from the air behind her comes a creature that resembles a dragon with a man-like skeletal face. His body looks strange too, more like a skeletal centaur with skeletal dragon wings. Long thorns cover his body like a porcupine, and his blackened skin signifies a powerful, dark being. His four arms are swiping menacingly with long, beastly claws. One thing for sure, it’s really a huge monster created solely as a killing machine: a fusion of man, dragon and lich – mandracolich.
            ‘This is Sargathos, defiler of the pure, devourer of fleshes. He came all the way from the underworld with multitudes of his minions to help the Dark Overlord get rid of Vadis’ Heir.’
            The mandracolich adds, ‘And now that I’ve found you, my primary target, I’ll gain my satisfaction by adding your head into my collection!’
            Chris prefers fighting the she-devil than this overgrown necro-monster, because he knows the she-devil more, but the opponents don’t give him a choice.
            ‘Well, you two, enjoy your play!’ The Succubus Queen flies away in high speed. Cristophe tries to chase her, but the mandracolich blocks his way, saying,
            ‘I’m your opponent. Trying to run away, coward?’
            ‘Coward.’ Sargathos is going to eat that word as his opponent turns in a blitz and slashes rapidly to chop his head off – and misses! He taunts again, ‘You need much more than that to finish me off!’
            To that, Chris only says, ‘That’s just a warm-up.’ And he zooms again to his foe.
            CLANK! CLANK!
            The mandracolich’s skeletal arms are as tough as steel, blocking each and every blow Chris delivers without much effort. On the other hand, the Heir of Vadis moves extra-cautiously, observing this new foe he never had an info before.
            From that first impact, he knows that he cannot hurt this mandracolich directly. He must first search for a weak point, a way to hit it and exploit it for his benefit. And then he realizes that the mandracolich is observing him as well, aiming for the same thing but with a different method.
            ‘Humph, this is far less than I expected. Vadis’ Heir is a cowardly weakling who knows nothing but hit-and-runs. I really should thank Vadis for choosing this idiot, so I’ll be his nemesis.’
            Chris is about to ignore Sargathos’ taunts when suddenly a question pops up from his mouth.
            ‘I must say mandracolichs are fascinating, strong creatures. I’m just curious, are you one of a kind?’
            ‘I don’t know if there’s another like me in Eternia, but in the underworld, there are some of my kind and I am the strongest one.’
            ‘So, how come you became a mandracolich? Wasn’t that... hard to attain?’
            ‘Is that a trick question? Or, are you considering on becoming a mandracolich yourself?’
            ‘That depends on your answer.’
            The duelists fall silent for a while, just exchanging blows. And then, the size-wise superior duelist stops his attacks and speaks. Chris listens and be on guard. Castoria Catastrophe - Part One

War sure is chaotic and catastrophic. Castoria Catastrophe

            The Allied Forces’ total victory in Ludl puts the soldiers on the peak of their spirit. Yet, a day’s rest is what they need to recover from physical fatigue after the battle and long trek, and Cristophe knows that full well from his extensive experience in battles.
            As the result, the troops look fresh, in tip-top shape and high spirited when they march along the plains in Merida to their next target, the city of Dalamar in Castoria, also a vassal kingdom of Regia Confederation.
            Along the road, Chris sees countless marks of battle and the Dark Forces’ passing. Dead soldiers, really dead undead, carcasses of horses, beasts and monsters, and even civilians, inhabitants and refugees alike were not spared.
            War is not the answer, but it’s the only way to deal with the Dark Forces. If only we can talk their hearts out and make them believe in love and coexistence, all this senseless bloodshed can be averted. Alas, we never had the chance. If only I can get to see the Heir of Vordac, I’ll offer a solution other than war that can benefit both the light and the dark. I know he, within his nature won’t possibly listen to me but as I said many times before, ‘at least I tried.’
            Worrying that this sight might sink his army’s morale, Chris looks back and shouts, ‘Warriors of the Light! Multitudes of people have lost their lives in this war. The Dark drew first blood, and it’s now our duty to end this villainy and draw the last blood!
            So, come with me! You will witness a new dawn of peace and tell your children and grandchildren tales of your heroism! Come! Together, we shall earn our freedom and fulfill our destiny!’
            ‘HHROOOAAH!!!’ Comes the thundering, deafening roar as response. The troops now forget about their fatigue after crossing the Grad, battling in Ludl and seeing such horrors here at the Merida-Castoria border. They keep their morale and spirits high. They are now heroes: Heroes who make the change and they’re going to fulfill that mission.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

The Paladin Prophecy
By Mark Frost

Readers of I Am Number Four, The Maze Runner, and Legend will love this exciting new adventure series by the co-creator of the groundbreaking television show Twin Peaks, with its unique combination of mystery, heart-pounding action, and the supernatural.

Will West is careful to live life under the radar. At his parents' insistence, he's made sure to get mediocre grades and to stay in the middle of the pack on his cross-country team. Then Will slips up, accidentally scoring off the charts on a nationwide exam.

Now Will is being courted by an exclusive prep school . . . and followed by men driving black sedans. When Will suddenly loses his parents, he must flee to the school. There he begins to explore all that he's capable of--physical and mental feats that should be impossible--and learns that his abilities are connected to a struggle between titanic forces that has lasted for millennia.

Learn more at:

Video Source:

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vadis Review - The Book of the Forsaken by Yannis Karatsioris

The Book of the Forsaken
(Book One of “The Game” Series)
Author: Yannis Karatsioris

Published © 2012 by Yannis Karatsioris
Cover artwork: © Yannis Karatsioris
303 pages, paperback

A sarcastic storyteller traps three characters in his web in order to get hold of a special book.
Daniel, Cassidy and Igor are three unique individuals, considered outcasts for different reasons. They are about to meet and stick together, as coincidences and forced situations lead them to a journey all around Europe.
As everyone is after the Book of the Forsaken, the coming Game is about to take place on the dark side of the moon.
But there is a cost to that knowledge. Let alone to the wish to partake.
It has begun…

Winner on HarperCollins UK hosted competition on

The Game Begins! The Wayfarer’s Report
Review by Andry Chang (@andrychang)

When I first read this synopsis on the back cover, the first thing that came into my mind was, “What’s so special about this ‘Book of the Forsaken’? In reference of the dark, cloaked figure coming through a cemetery gate-like arch, I guess it would be like another cursed book loaded with forbidden, dark knowledge of something with immense, godlike power.
Well, most people will probably stop right there.

However, the thing that triggered my fascination on Yannis’ work for the first time was the story teller’s sarcastic, clever quotes. So I went to figure out why and when he said those things, and their connection and significance whatsoever with the storyline.

It’s intriguing how Yannis came up with these ideas and words. I didn’t bother googling for originality, because the sarcasm actually fits in the narration, as though Yannis himself is involved in the story as the mysterious storyteller and narrator.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Clip - Into the Barrels (HD) Peter J...

source: - "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" Clip - Into the Barrels (HD) Peter Jackson

The Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf have successfully escaped the Misty Mountains, and Bilbo has gained the One Ring. They all continue their journey to get their gold back from the Dragon, Smaug.

Director: Peter Jackson

Writers: Fran Walsh (screenplay), Philippa Boyens (screenplay)

Stars: Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Ian McKellen, Evangeline Lilly, Orlando Bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch

"the hobbit the desolation of smaug" "the hobbit the desolation of smaug trailer" "trailer" "the hobbit" "the hobbit 2" "lord of the rings" gandalf "bilbo baggins"

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Spheres Trinity (Indonesian Tokusatsu Webseries) - Episode 3


RATE 15+ (not suitable for children under 15)


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facebook page origin pictures:

facebook fanpage spheres trinity webseries


Collaboration with:
ScAPE Parkour Surabaya

Nadya Roviano - Dewi (SIVA)
Happy Anindita - Lisa (HARTRION)
Rama Djami - Benny (GALLANT)
Yulius Mario - Chandra (ENVYON)
Febe - Anna

Music list:
Desolation (Hybrid) - Chris Haigh
Warning - Alex Kashkin
Revel in Revenge - Levan Lordanishvili
The Lighthouse on styx - Levan Lordanishvili
Super Charged - Chris Haigh
Twilightings - Richard Heacock

From Anime OST: Trinity Blood - Eguchi Takahito

Directed by Jeffry Sung

Spheres Trinity (Indonesian Tokusatsu Webseries) - Episode 2


RATE 15+ (not suitable for children under 15)


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facebook page origin pictures:

facebook fanpage spheres trinity webseries


Collaboration with:
UKM Dance UK Petra, Surabaya
Creed Auto Club Surabaya

Nadya Roviano - Dewi
Happy Anindita - Lisa
Febe - Anna
Ilona Wijaya - Maya (Character. from Spheres Unleashed)

Directed by Jeffry Sung

Spheres Trinity (Indonesian Tokusatsu Webseries) - Episode 1


English Naration Opening Ver.
Directed By Jeffry Sung
Director of Photography: Paulus Rizal
Post Production: Charles Hartono

RAMA DJAMI as BENNY (Red Gallant)

First Episode:
Spheres Trinity is a continuation of the previous sequel, spheres unleashed / inherit the power the first indonesian tokusatsu from Surabaya - Indonesia which was produce by origin pictures in the year 2006, with the main character sam that can turn into a warrior name Zeal and Benny as Gallant knights can turn into a leader of 3 warriors of lights. Benny back at Spheres Trinity Web Series to reveal who the knights of the third light which is a nurse named Dewi who can turn into a warrior of light named Siva. Dewi also has a variety of obstacles in living himself as a warrior of light siva, he has a formidable opponent of the darkness that is named Lisa, a high school student who can turn into the dark knight named Hartrion.

Episode1: Spheres Trinity ini adalah kelanjutan dari sekuel sebelumnya yang berjudul spheres unleashed/inherit the power salah satu tokusatsu indonesia yang pernah di produksi oleh origin pictures pada tahun 2006 silam, dengan karakter utama sam yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria zeal dan Benny yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria Gallant merupakan pemimpin dari 3 ksatria cahaya yang ada. dI Spheres Trinity Benny kembali muncul untuk mengungkap siapa ksatria cahaya ketiga yang tidak lain adalah seorang perawat rumah sakit bernama Dewi yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria cahaya Siva. Dewi pun juga memiliki berbagai halangan dalam menjalani dirinya sebagai ksatria cahaya siva, dia memiliki lawan tangguh dari kegelapan yaitu Lisa seorang pelajar SMA yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria kegelapan Hartrion.

Monday, November 18, 2013 Merida Marination - Part Two

Res'marth the Water Elf, Queen of Water Elves, Nagas and Merfolk in Lake Ovalna, Merida - Regia Confederation. Reached Immortality as Naga Goddess after her death.

Meanwhile, the undead is camping – or rather, infesting – the town of Ludl. It looks like a ghost town now, with the air reeks of death, decay and filth.
            One of the Dark Generals, the black hooded lich roams around limply and slowly like a rickety old fellow with the Viper Cane as a walking stick. No one can guess her mood behind her simple white masque, but her behavior shows that she has never been in a good mood, at least lately.
            A winged, single-horned and green-skinned demonic general comes and kneels before the lich, reporting, ‘News from the front, Milady. The shades*) have spotted suspicious activities on the plateau near the lake.’
            The lich responds with an eerie, deathly voice, ‘Reeeallyy?? What activitiesss are thatt?’

(* Shades = Ghosts or wraiths that can render themselves invisible, possessing no fighting power and serve as spies. Those who can detect auras can detect them, though.
            ‘A lot of people are making things with logs and ropes. Judging from their looks, they must be the Allied Forces.’
            ‘What thingsss??’
            ‘According to the shades, it’s some kind of fence. Maybe they’re going to make a camp on that plateau.’
            ‘I don’t assksss for ‘maybeee’! Just tell meee what they ssseee!!!’
            ‘Uh, my apologies, Milady. The spies went back just as they spotted the enemies, and they saw nothing else significant.’
            ‘Veeryy welll, theen. Sso, what about the reinforcementssss? Any newss?’
            ‘No, Milady. There hasn’t any message from Kraal’Thragon and Castoria. I don’t think they’re going to move anytime soon.’
            Hearing that, the lich suddenly grabs the demon by his throat, yelling, ‘For the last timeee, I want you to REPORT, not to theeeenk, suggeest or eveen maybeesss. One more timee, and I’ll crussshh your throat sso you won’t be able to utter anotherr nonseense, you hearrr?’
            ‘Y-yes, Milady, yes, I – I hear! I hear!’ Against his natur, the demon whimpers.
            ‘Any mooree information?’
            ‘No, Milady.’
            ‘Veeery welll.... Now you teeelll all generalsss and troopsss to leave the city! We’ll go to the plateau and strike the Alliance hard before they…’
            Comes the sound of rumbling water.
            What, now? Oh, I see! The Alliance has been working for some time and calculated the time before the shades know what happened, came all the way here and relayed the report to the General.
            I knew it, we should’ve occupied Icothl too, not Ludl only. Now the only thing we can do is…
            ‘GET OUT OF HERE!! NOW!! Go South! Get to the higher ground!’
            No matter how frequent she shouts, it’s still hard for the lich to direct all undead, mindless, and beast-minded minions. They tend to get panicked and scatter everywhere at the sign of danger. Only the demons, headless-men and the like with intelligence follow the leaders to safety.
            The water comes like a tidal wave. BBRUSSSHH!!! Sweeping the things and beings on its way. Even the river that runs outside Ludl can’t contain water that plentiful, and the flood rises in the city until it reaches neck-height of average grown-up men.
            And the surprises don’t end there. From the North comes the Allied Forces, sliding so swiftly downhill with their rafts.
            ‘Down with the Dark!’ Their war cries strike more panic into the already confused brutes. To complete the mayhem, the griffin riders led by Cristophe sweep down and sweep through the enemies like Wind Shear (also known as Kamaitachi in Shima Empire).
            Seeing that, the lich who stands on the tallest building on the south end of town clenches her fist in disappointment.
            Damn those Alliance scums! I’ve figured out their tactic, but they outsmarted me by acting so quickly before I can avoid it! Now I’ll show them my OWN tactic, taking out a Paladin or two like crushing a snake on its heads, thus crushing their morale!
            Suddenly, a voice startles her,
            The lich turns everywhere, looking for the speaker.
            ‘Wwhoo’sss thereee? Show yoursselfff!!’
            ‘I’m here,’ says a woman who now stands on the same building. It’s Carolyn the pink-haired sorceress, ready with her magic trident Esthagar, Aegis the thunder bird flying behind her. ‘It’s no use hiding behind your mask, witch. I already recognized you from the style of your clothing, Omegron, Viper Cane and the way you used it to manipulate minds and kill my friend’s husband, Galvanir.’
            ‘Oh, the foolish elf who danceeed likee a marionetteee before his insideees were torn apart? Thaat wass quite a successsfulll tesst for my new spelll, Soul Marionation. Quite interesting, you play with it and tear it down after you’re done. Perhappsss you want to try BEING oneee?? An Marionato’me Tyral!’
            The look on Carolyn’s face changes like a lightning just struck her. Zal’fira’s fingers play like a puppeteer; Carol’s arms move… and she breaks herself free from the spell!’
            Zal’fira is taken aback, ‘WHAT?? It’s imposssibbleee!! I’ve designeed it so even theee Nervatr spell cannot repel it!’
            ‘You see, witch,’ Carol responds calmly. ‘Everything is not always what you see or think. The Nervatr Mind Shield on me has worn off quite some time, and in me now lays a power you cannot comprehend. It’s empowering my mind and my heart, a true magic that protects me from all harm.’
            ‘What iss that power do you speak of? I can’t understand it unless you tell mee.’
            ‘Now, now. I’d be a fool if I tell you, but I’ll fill you in with a clue: If you had this power a long time ago, you wouldn’t become a necromancess and a half-life lich, a cursed being like you are now. This is the power only those who walk in the light can have, and you are just too late for that. So, just forget about it and continue our fight! Pyroagnios!’
            ‘An Nekraal’me Fyasch!’
            Now Carolyn’s Fireblast is met with Zal’fira’s Dark Disintegration blast in a re-enactment of their impending duel in Mount Hvalgarr *). The difference is, Carolyn is a stronger person now, not depending on Aegis, her guardian spirit and her long-lost lucky charm necklace. Her opponent, Zal’fira is now a lich, more powerful yet more vulnerable in her accursed half-life as an undead. No longer can she feel love, the truly most powerful source of strength and protection of the Light Side.
            As the pressure goes on and on, it’s hard to know who’s the stronger one, until at one time one of them can’t endure her spell any longer: It’s Carolyn!
            Zal’fira uses this momentum to add pressure on her spell, and KA-BLAAM!! The two powers explode on impact point. Carol, the nearest to that point gets the full blow and is thrown back quite a distance. The lich withdraws her spell and stands with her face looking up and her hands stretching open, signifying victory.

(* See Book Two, Chapter Eight: Magicians and Dragons

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hired Heroes

Play free games at Kongregate

Created by Badim for

Tactical game based on not serious fantasy story.
- Find big scary Dragon and kill him!
- Hire famous 12 heroes to fight along your side.
- Shop for rare Artefacts – beside having awesome look, they will help you to overcome horde of enemies.
- 15 Tactical levels to solve.

If you like it – try it on your iDevice:

Monday, October 07, 2013 Merida Marination - Part One

Lake-Forest City of Ludl, Merida Merida Marination

            ‘Commander, is it right for us to move out without waiting for the Parthenian war machines and the Valanian mages?’ asks Ney’varíth Ushmiel the elf sorceress to Cristophe, Commander of the Allied Forces second division as they march along the main road from Arcadia to Merida.
            The latter, the red-haired man who is also known as Emperor Sage the Fifth of Arcadia and Vadis’ Heir answers, ‘Rael’charon’s instruction stated specifically that we must move at once to liberate Merida, and the Parthenians and Valanians will meet up with us en-route. That’s why your brother went to Valanis and sent Ivor Bigstumble to Parthenia to make sure that those countries fulfill their part of the Crusade.’
            Carolyn Deveraux, who also joins her cousin Chris also comments, ‘Oh, great. That leaves three women and one man to lead the main force. Are you sure this is the right arrangement?’
            ‘Well, everything is in Rael’s calculation,’ Iris responds. The elf archer points at the troops and says, ‘He has already predicted enemy’s movements, so for this part we need more magic and those who are highly defensive against magic, say, the elves, griffin riders, mages and war machines.’
            Again, Carolyn speaks up, ‘Plus, I have been to Castoria and Iris and the Emperor to Merida. With our knowledge, we have formulated some tactics to avoid enemy ambushes and the best, unexpected way to defeat the enemy. In Merida, Ney is the key.’
            Her three comrades nod together in understanding.
            And then, Chris glances at the troops marching in high spirits, each of them carrying a log of wood and a rope, singing the Crusader’s song as they move along, setting his mind adrift in his memory.
            Ah, I have fond memories in Merida, diving for hours in the lake without freezing, and learned from Res’marth that again, violence is not always the answer to attain our goals. He carresses the Shield of Faith hanging on the saddle of his armored red griffin, Acavela.
            And now, I shall go and avenge her and the people of Merida so they can rest in peace.
            Chris then turns Acavela around, lifts his sword high and pulls the rein so the griffin stands on its two hind legs, and shouts with a thundering voice, ‘FOR RES’MARTH! FOR MERIDA! For all the good people who should’ve lived in peace in this world! For all that, WE’LL FIGHT! We’ll purge the scourge in this land! Yes, we’ll fight!’
            ‘HROAAAH!!! HUZZAH!! WE FIGHT!’ Come the thundering voices from the troops as answer.


Magi - The Kingdom of Magic

This story is about the flow of fate and the battle to keep the world on the right path. Aladdin is a boy who has set out to explore the world after being trapped in a room for most of his life. His best friend is a flute with a djinn in it named Ugo. Soon enough, Aladdin discovers he is a Magi, a magician who chooses kings, and he was born to choose kings who will follow the righteous path, battling against those who want to destroy fate. Follow his adventures as he meets others from 1000 Arabian Nights, like Ali Baba and Sinbad, and fights to keep the balance of world in check!

Watch Magi online in:

Monday, September 23, 2013

FireHeart BASH!

FireHeart BASH!
Full Version 1.0

Type: PC Casual - Semi-Puzzle Game

Vadis Entertainment, 2010-2013

Creator of FireHeart Saga:
Andry Chang

Save Falambum Vale! It's being converted into the Theme Park of Evil by a greedy developer Zal'fira the Necromancess and her pet Tiamat Dragon, Omegron. As Cristophe, you play your way to confront this diabolical robber baron-ess through tons of mind-boggling and luck-testing mini-games. In short, just enjoy the ride in FireHeart BASH!

It's a collection of mini-games from FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins series
and to be applied in future VadisGames projects. Also derived some mini-games from other makers with a credit to them.

Features - Mini-Games Collection:

- Horse Race:
It's actually a derivation of Snake-Ladder game, utilizing luck through
dice-throwing actions. Well, animals are unpredictable, you know.

- Rock-Paper-Scissors:
Five-Level Duels to gain honor as champion!
Remember, Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, and Paper covers Rock.

- Memory Lane:
A memory tester game. Select two identical images to gain points as quickly as possible.

- Shooting & Fishing Game:
Shoot or fish as many targets as possible in the given time. Beware, don't let them shoot you back!

- Galasin:
Derived from Indonesian traditional game, all you have to do is to reach for the goal by going through obstacles.

- Casino Games:
Test your luck by playing "Big or Small" and "Pea Guess" games.
Roulette? Too difficult to win. Poker? Anyone has made it?

- Mines of Grad:
Remember Pac-Man? Yes, this is the FireHeart version of it.
Just add rail tracks, gems and power crystals, you are in the chase of your life!

FireHeart BASH! Game Credits:
Engine: RPG Maker VX (Enterbrain Inc.)

Vadis for music and graphics, sprites
Enterbrain for music, graphics,
sprites and basic scripts.

Moghunter, KGC and Claimh
Graphics & Sprites:
Pine, Antares, PainHurt etc

Kuro Creator: Rock-Scissors-Paper & MemoryLane

Music: Many people

SpaceBar: ACTION button
Keypad: Move your character
X/Esc: Opens main menu
Shift+Keypad: Dash

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game by clicking below:

Link #1:

Link #2:

FireHeart BASH! Version 1.0 Lite Version (Non-RTP Player - For RPG Maker VX users or those who have got RTP Player)

Link #3:

Link #4:

Let the BASH begin!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

FireHeart in Frankfurt Book Fair 2013

FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
Book One: The Bounty Hunters
by Andry Chang

Revision Edition will include “EVERNADE” as the big title, with FireHeart  as a cycle and serial. 
Genre / Classification: Fiction / Speculative / Fantasy / High Fantasy
“Come forth, Paladins! Fulfill your destiny!”

Book One: The Bounty Hunters
English Synopsis:
Life as a bounty hunter is not easy for anyone. I, for instance, survived the massacre that wiped out my family and the whole village. And then I fell in a forbidden love, crashed alone into a legion of hostiles, fought giants with unlikely partners, and escaped from the legendary dwarven citadel. 
As finale, I worked together with hunters and champions in a mission to prevent the return of one of the darkest, mightiest enemies the world of Terra Eternia ever known. Which, I suspect, was a trap.
My name is Robert Chandler. Call me the Orcbane, White Ranger or anything. One thing is certain about me: I am a hunter.

Buku Satu: Sang Pemburu
Sinopsis Bahasa Indonesia:
Kehidupan sebagai pemburu bayaran tidaklah mudah bagi siapapun. Terlebih aku, satu-satunya yang selamat dari pembantaian yang menewaskan keluargaku dan seluruh warga desa. Lalu aku jatuh dalam cinta terlarang, seorang diri menerjang sepasukan tentara musuh, memburu para raksasa bersama rekan-rekan yang masih hijau, dan melarikan diri dari kota benteng legendaris kaum kurcaci.
Puncaknya, aku bekerjasama dengan para pemburu dan pahlawan dalam misi mencegah kebangkitan kembali salah satu musuh terkuat, terhebat yang pernah dikenal di dunia Terra Eternia. Misi yang kucurigai adalah suatu jebakan.
Namaku Robert Chandler. Juluki aku si Penakluk Orc, Pendekar Berambut Putih atau apapun. Satu hal yang pasti tentang diriku: akulah sang pemburu.

Author’s Profile:
Andry Chang is a wayfaring pilgrim in literary authorship since 2005. Aside his profession as an entrepreneur and a freelance translator, he also likes drawing cartoons and develop games as hobbies. And Andry is a big fan and a devout reviewer of fantasy stories in multimedia publications such as novels, comics, movies, games and sorts. Now he keeps on honing his writing skills, resigning  is not an option. And keeps on producing stories as a passion and aspiration of his life.  For the sake of the story and message alone.

Bibliography: All prints are published in Indonesian Language
  1. FireHeart – The Bounty  Hunters (Legend of the Paladins Book One) (Novel, 2008)
  2. Vandaria Saga – Crystalization (Anthology, Short story: “Song of Nature”, 2012)
  3. Qi Xi – A Romance Anthology (Anthology, Short story: “Legend of Li Junyang”, 2012)
  4. Love Around You (Anthology, Short story: “Serenade”, 2013)
  5. Magical Stories (Anthology, Short story: “Monkey Circus”, 2013

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The Ringmaster's Gambit by Yannis Karatsioris

The Ringmaster's Gambit
Book #2 in "The Game" series
by Yannis Karatsioris


Emilian's Finest is an old-style circus put together with a purpose. This isn't their shows. Our sarcastic storyteller from The Book of the Forsaken hides in the circus and awaits for the rest of them to make their move.
"Jaelle the Fortuneteller and Emilian the Ringmaster are the ones guarding the circus from anyone who's not being nice. The Bringers of Death want to kill. The Magi want to know. The Upyri want to kill and then know. They all suspect I'm in there, hiding, scheming, mocking them. They are coming for the book, for the ones who sleep; they are coming for me. Let's see what happens."

Monday, August 12, 2013 The Reaper and the Crow - Part Two

And finally, Freidle is free once more.

‘Oi, Hernan!’ Kyflynn’s shouts from his back. ‘There’s no time to think! Let’s attack him together! It’s our chance!’
            Hernan answers with surprise, ‘But, your hands...’
            ‘I’ve got rid of the blackening with Tina’s help. Now let’s help our friends!’
            ‘Got it!’
            The fencer concentrates his aura while the Windwalker attacks with the homing-spinning thrust of Soul-Splitting Drill. The Heir just repelled Robert’s attack, turns aside and intercepts the dagger drill.
            CLANK! SCREEEECHH!!!

            The daggers hit the scythe, but the spinning doesn’t stop. Instead, its power amplifies and multiplies, with the wind element that is reserved for this moment. The pressure is so great, the Heir even concentrates all his power to repel it.
            This is our chance!
            Using that momentum, Hernan attacks! When he gets in range, his sword starts dancing as rhytmically as ever, except that this like rolling waves of the seven seas striking towards one ship, the Symphony of the Seven Seas.
            And this time, the Heir just eats the whole blow in full, sustaining the damage.
            The other Paladins also use this momentum to attack. Robert comes with the single blow of Gold Dragon Dominator from the left, while Desmond is going to apply the single blow of Megaton Impact from the right. The Heir is now agonizing from the consequences of being on the wrong side until at a point... BLAAAMMM! He explodes his aura, repelling all attacks and pushing all those pesky Paladins away. Nonetheless, that move inflicts some damage on all things in the radius of five meters.
            Hernan spits blood from his internal wound and looks at his opponent, his eyes widen with amazement. He’s so tough! Even after bearing those blows and exploding his aura, he is still standing! He’s like an angel of death himself. Oh, Vadis, I hope any of us is strong enough to finish him now, or he’ll be more impossible to kill in the future!
            Alas, all Paladins including himself are too injured to conjure a deadly blow on the Heir, all but one...
            ‘An Jokulion Aschi!’ 
            Agustina Vyrakova! She steps into the scene with the mighty guardian spirit Jokulion, the ice knight with serpent leg and readies herself to cast a top-level spell.
            ‘Hm, Jokulion, eh? Even he is no match for the Dark Overlord!’ says the Heir with a gentle voice. ‘Here’s a deadly lesson for you! An Arachus Aschi!’
            The great, brutal Archdevil comes in spirit to face Jokulion, but the Heir just stands still and doesn’t prepare anything except maintaining the aura link with the summoned spirit.
            ‘Vare Jokulhaups Tyral!’
            BBRUALL!! Heaps of snow slide downwards like an Avalanche from the highest mountain in the world with a force that can freeze and destroy anything in its path – no escaping that.
            In retaliation, Arachus opens his mouth abnormally wide and ‘GRRWAAAHH!!’ He blows an equally abnormally large blast of Dark Disintegration.
            And BLAAMM!! The two forces collide. Dark and ice energy push each other. The pressure goes on and on for quite a while. Arachus, realizing that Avalanche packs a higher level of power than Dark Disintegration and he needs more power supply from the Heir, but the ‘master’ apparently has another plan.
            The Heir throws his scythe! And it goes spinning, spinning towards the target: Tina! This is bad! The Paladins are still too weak, and Tina is still concentrating on the Avalanche. Death is spinning swift, until...
            Jokulion moves to the left and shields his summoner with his body! The scythe comes into a halt, nesting in the guardian spirit who just fulfilled his duty. Jokulion looks back and smiles at Tina. The sorceress’ face doesn’t show sorrow or surprise, but her eyes shine brightly with gratitude. She just stares back at Jokulion, watching as the faithful partner dissolves into the limbo.
             Jokulion’s spell also throws Arachus away and he too dissolves into the limbo, back to the Crow Scythe he resides on.
            Agustina’s mana runs out too, and she falls on her knees, exhausted. She just touches the ice crystal on her forehead where the Ice Orb is implanted, and in a rare occasion, her expression changes to worry!
             Suddenly, CLINKER! The crystal breaks, and she feels cold all over as the energy from the orb circulates all over her body, becoming one with her aura. Judging from that symptom, from now on Agusina doesn’t have to summon a guardian spirit to cast high-level ice magic now Jokulion lives inside her and merges with her completely. Tina’s magic level increases dramatically, but as she doesn’t have enough mana to cast any spell, her condition is quite fragile and defenseless.
            This is bad! Hernan thinks. Now all of us are down and the Heir is still standing?! But, wait! What’s on his body? Isn’t it... ice? He-he’s freezing! Thank goodness! I think we’ve got him at last!
            But, suddenly, to Hernan’s dismay, the ice melts! Exhausted as he is, the Heir uses the last drops of his dark energy to un-freeze himself. He mutters in a harsh voice, ‘It seems I need more coordination to my new body and skill, especially in combat. Well, this is your lucky day, Paladins as I must go now.’
            His voice turns gentle, ‘It seems my troops cannot last any longer either, thanks to those blasted chariots.’
            And he shouts, ‘Nöac! Withdraw the troops and strengthen our defenses! WE can retake Borgia again next time!’ Saying so, the Heir runs from battle.
            The Black Prince tears himself away from his ongoing duel with Adler, cursing, ‘We’ll finish this later, knave. I’ll never forget this humiliation. ALL TROOPS, FULL RETREAT!’
            But Adler doesn’t want to let him go, ‘Don’t run, you cowardly murderer! You must pay for my teacher’s blood!’
            He runs as fast as he can to catch up with his opponent, but Nöac utilizes his four spider legs to stand, spring and leap far away, and Adler can’t possibly keep up.
            Extremely upset, he bellows, ‘ALL TROOPS, FULL PURSUIT! Let none of those abominations escape!’ And all of them obey.
             And so it’s decided. The Allied Forces liberated Freidle, wiping out about seventy percent of the Dark Forces, though they can’t vanquish the Heir and the Black Prince yet.
            Dar’gum and the orcs already left Freidle for a more pressing matter: Liberating Bresconnor from the agents of Hagnorj and the Dark Forces, aiding Vincent the Raging Bull’s troops who are already there with the Resistance Forces led by Yemima Genilda.
            When all the troops are regrouped and ready, Adler instructs, ‘We have liberated Freidle in a famous victory. So, it’s time for us to go to Castoria and aid our comrades there in the Crusade. Ballax and Handelburg are easy targets for Lady Irene and Sir Mallard now, so, let’s not waste time and get going! Warriors of the Light, fulfill your destiny!’
Lady Irene of Everglades - A woman knight

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Image / Illustration Source:
Model for City of Freidle: Tyria in

Human Female Knight Concept by ~iidxgirl on deviantART
Author's note: Next: Merida Marination pg 219/487

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