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Friday, November 28, 2008

Saint Seiya - Poseidon - Episode 12

Episode 12-part 1 (Spanish Speech)

Episode 12 part 2

just in case the old video is removed...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alagaesia News

Last chance! Order the BRISINGR Limited Signed First Edition

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Kvetha Fricaya. Greetings Friends.

I just returned home from book tour a few days ago. This was one of the most enjoyable tours I've been on. Everyone I met was excited about the Inheritance cycle, the booksellers were incredibly supportive, and the events themselves were lots of fun. A big thank you to everyone who made this possible!

So many interesting things happened on the tour, it's hard to know where to start. At one event, a boy gave me an elaborate board game that he made using a color version of my map of Alagaësia. In Toronto, I met a man who had a large (seven or eight inches long) tattoo of Saphira on his upper arm, along with the word for fate—wyrda—in the ancient language. A very nice couple flew to my event in Miami all the way from London. And when I was in Chicago, a woman came through the signing line with a sugar glider in her arms. A sugar glider is a small marsupial, somewhat like a flying squirrel. It was such a beautiful, intelligent-looking animal, I couldn't help asking if I could pet it. When the woman agreed, I held out my hand to let the sugar glider smell it, at which point, it wrapped its sharp little claws around my forefinger and, ever so delicately, began to gnaw on me, drawing blood. I didn't really mind, but the animal's owner was mortified. After apologizing, she said that the sugar glider would only bite things it thought tasted good. I suppose I'll take that as a compliment. Besides, it's not every day I get bitten by a marsupial at a book signing!

A number of bookstores arranged to have demonstrations of swordsmanship or other medieval-style performances, such as fortune-telling or singing. Very cool. Every time I saw the reenactors, I wanted to grab a sword and spar with them. In retrospect, I suppose it's better I didn't; I doubt anyone would have been happy with me if I had broken a finger or two before a signing.

The most exciting part of the tour, however, was getting to meet so many fans of the Inheritance cycle. It's easy for me to forget, given that I spend so much time hunched over my computer, how enthusiastic my readers are. I was fascinated to hear what part of Brisingr each person found most interesting. And I was humbled when three different families told me they had given their children names from Alagaësia: two girls were named Arya, and one boy was given the middle name of Daret. I hope the names serve them well.

And now I'm home. After all the excitement, and the early mornings and late nights, I'm ready to settle back into my routine and write Book Four. First, though, I'm doing two drawings for the deluxe edition of Brisingr that will come out next year. The deluxe edition will also contain deleted scenes from Brisingr, which I think you will enjoy.

Once again, thank you all for coming to the signings. I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. And to everyone who stood in line, I salute your dedication!

Now, let's see. Where was I in Book Four before I left on tour? Ah yes, and . . . . Eragon shouted and leaped forward just as—

Until next time . . .

May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini


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Monday, November 24, 2008

Maven - Synopsis Chapter 5: Goddess & Heroine

Chapter Five: The Goddess & The Heroine

Their minds are set. Maven and Jarvis started the final journey to the ruins of the fabled Shka’lash, the Frozen Palace in Val’shka Empire.

The perilous journey in winter and the obscurity of the place (because it was covered in snow) almost caused Maven to get lost. Later, after giving their ration to an old, starving poacher near the area, the poacher guided them to the entrance before he vanished (kyaaa! Ghost!?).

And then, Maven & Jarvis got into the citadel ruins and encountered many monsters, puzzles and traps and a maze like no other (map will be enclosed). They would also trapped and got to get out of them.

Nearing the center, Maven & Jarvis caught up with Olivia & Reyl, who are surprised to see them.

Menu Choice:

A) Be (half) honest that Maven & Jarvis also seek the rumored treasure in Val’shka, so they followed Olivia to compete or help them in getting that treasure that worth a fortune. – Jump revelation

B) Accuse Olivia directly that she was Val’shka’s host – Jump reylwrath

C) Attack Olivia head-on – Olivia attacked Maven, the Blizzard spell is too strong that killed our heroine (GAME OVER)

Label: reylwrath

Reyl got angry of that accusation. He insisted that Olivia is NOT possessed and warned Maven not to create dispute and strife between he and his sweetheart – or suffer the consequences. Maven, on seeing the shadow of Reyl’s berserk face behind him just realized that his brain has been twisted, so, in order to save the man she loved, Maven apologized to Reyl & Olivia – Jump revelation

Label: revelation

Unexpectedly, Olivia said that she believed Maven and Jarvis and invited them to help in the hunt (and share equally as the treasure worth more than enough for the four of them).

And then, the people got into the center of the palace ruins, where they saw the body of the Ice Goddess, Frei Val’shka encased in a great, ice coffin. At this point, Olivia admitted that she shared her body with Val’shka as a result of an accident in a necromancy practice, which she regarded as a blessing in disguise.

She quickly put a dagger on Reyl’s throat and threatened Maven and Jarvis to let her retrieve the tiara. Reyl protested that Olivia has been deceiving him all this time, and has been meddling with his mind. Olivia said if she became Queen of the World, she would name Reyl as King Consort – and Reyl just spat on her face as answer.

Maven got her bow and arrows ready, and so is Jarvis with his lance. Reyl told her to take the shot. Better him dead than the whole world in Val’shka’s rule again. Now it’s Maven’s decision.

Menu Choice:

A) Take the shot – Jump lastshot:

B) Tell Olivia that Maven will help her fulfill her ambition – Jump tactic:

C) Can’t do anything/Hesitate. Olivia was too strong – Jump oliviawins:

D) “Challenged” Olivia for the right to be Val’shka’s host – Jump realending:

Label: lastshot

Maven shot extra quickly before Olivia knew it, killing her instantly. Reyl pushed the dagger away, his life is saved. Maven then lived happily ever after with Reyl and Jarvis became a priest, but Maven had regrets. She should’ve saved Olivia’s life too, but Reyl assured her that it was nobody’s fault. It was okay. Maybe there was a better way, but it was still a (GOOD ENDING).

Label: tactic

Maven said that she would help Olivia fulfill her ambition. Reyl & Jarvis understood that and played along. “Good, the four of us will rule the world together.” Olivia unsealed the ice coffin, but at a split second Maven used her pickpocket skill to snatch the tiara from Val’shka’s head and tossed it into the chasm below. Olivia was going after it but Reyl & Jarvis held her back, knocking her off by hitting her knockout point on the back of her neck. Val’shka’s spirit left Olivia’s body and got towards the tiara, and both were lost into the abyss. Soon hereafter, Reyl & Olivia were together, and Maven took her leave to continue her life of adventure with her true soulmate, Jarvis. The good guys were saved and live happily ever after, which is a typical (PERFECT ENDING).

Label: oliviawins

Maven and Jarvis only watched as Olivia unsealed Val’shka from her tomb. The three heroes confronted Oliva – Val’shka, but the Ice Goddess was too damn strong for the three heroes without great skills altogether. Val’shka killed them all and began her reign of terror (BAD ENDING).

Label: realending

An one-on-one duel without any outside support (including Val’shka) between Maven vs Olivia ensued. Eventually Maven defeated Olivia and Val’shka’s spirit possessed Maven through dagger contact with Olivia. The spirit told Maven to kill Olivia, Reyl and Jarvis, and began to control Maven’s mind, but with the last ounce of conscience, she jumped into the chasm!

Val’shka’s threat was averted for centuries to come. Reyl, Olivia and Jarvis were grieved upon Maven’s sacrifice, and told the tale of her bravery and heroism to people in the wide world.

Maven has become a legend, and Parthenian scientists used her name, changing the name of the 2nd planet from the sun into Marvella, to commemorate this great hero.


Maven - Synopsis Chapter 4: The Possession

Chapter Four: The Possession

Maven, Reyl and Jarvis returned to Handelburg with the spoils and proofs of the quarry. Reyl and Jarvis went to the Hunters’ Guild to claim their pay, while Maven went to Olivia’s house to visit. According to Reyl, Olivia complained that she was not well and Reyl just went to Karlsbard Caverns alone.

When Maven arrived at the door, she eavesdropped and then peeped at Olivia talking to herself. Olivia was apparently possessed by the Ice Goddess, Frei Val’shka, whom she summoned through a backfired necromancy practice. The Ice Goddess planned to rule the world again, and she urged Olivia to take the treasured artifact, the Frost Tiara Freigaline wtih a promise of great power for the wearer (as the greatest wizard in the world). It actually contained Val’shka’s mana core (residual power), reserved when she was frozen to death as her spell backfired.

Note: Val’shka once casted the ultimate frost spell: Frozen Doomsday. Unfortunately, that spell cannot be used in the already frozen environment or it would backfire and froze the caster instead.

Well, that’s bad! What must Maven do?

Menu Choice:

A) Pretending that she didn’t know – Jump playalong:

B) Confront Olivia – Jump oliviakillmaven:

Label: oliviakillmaven

Maven confronted Olivia, and Val’shka’s soul ordered Olivia to silence her. She fought Olivia, thinking that she could defeat her, but apparently she was wrong. With Val’shka’s support, Olivia was too strong for her. One Blizzard spell destroyed the house and Maven along with it. (GAME OVER)

Label: playalong

Maven knocked at the door, ending Olivia’s trance. Olivia wasn’t to happy to see her again. After Maven explained on how she and Jarvis helped Reyl finish the quarry and Reyl going berserk, Olivia got a bit friendlier. She then asked Maven: Is Jarvin your boyfriend?

Menu Choice:

A) Yes – Jump oliviafriendly: Good! Olivia showed a most friendly smile. Jump oliviacontinue:

B) No – jump oliviaquestion2: Olivia asked again: Is Jarvis handsome and of your ideal type?

Menu Choice:

A) Yes – Jump oliviafriendly2: Jarvis is a bit uptight, but they’ll find a way through somehow. As friends, the chemistry is good. Who knows? Jump oliviacontinue:

B) No – jump mavenlied: Reyl & Jarvis showed up, Olivia told Reyl that Maven has lied about Jarvis, looking displeased. Olivia thought Jarvis was real handsome, but she still loved her Reyl. Reyl stared at Maven, starting to distrust her, but Jarvis understood Maven’s intention and he just smiled and backed her up. Jump oliviacontinue:

Label: oliviacontinue

Reyl told Maven that he and Olivia were doing all right and thanked her for the help. He has divided quite a handsome pay with Jarvis. He also suggested Jarvis as Maven’s ideal partner and love interest, to which Maven only nodded. Maven and Jarvis left the premise after saying goodbyes.

However, Maven got uneasy and told Jarvis about Olivia being possessed. Jarvis suggested that they spy on the two again so they can do anything necessary to save the day. Jarvis also told her about Val’shka, the Ice Goddess who possessed Olivia, how powerful she was and how bad things might get (the 2nd Ice Age) if Val’shka ever gets to full strength again. They must stop Olivia at all costs to lay her hands on the Freigaline Tiara.

Maven - Synopsis Chapter 3: Karlsbard Berserk

Chapter Three: Berserk in Karlsbard

Maven and Jarvis went inside Karlsbard Cavern. The dark cavern was full of dead-ends, quicksands, and monsters. The journey inside include a crazy slide into the center.

In the center, the couple caught up with Reyl, who was fighting alone with the quarry: Garghnak, an ultra-rare monster resembling a giant three-eyed, four wings, armored chest manta ray: the freak of freaks. Sadly, Olivia was not around. The three just fought together, and Maven cooked up a tactic to shoot:

Menu Choice:

A) The three eyes – Jump threeeyes

B) The mouth – Jump mavendead1 – Jump mavenzap: Garghnak chew the arrow! Maven got electrocuted beyond superhuman endurance, and died (GAME OVER)

C) The chest – Armored chest, the thickest of all. – Jump chest

Label: threeeyes

The three eyes seem quite vulnerable, the obvious weak spot of all. Just as Maven shot at it, Reyl suddenly went berserk as though he was crazed/in trance. He attacked the eye and got in line of the arrow shot. He was shot on the back through his heart, and lost his life on the spot.

In fury, Maven shot the three eyes and killed the monster, but she wept on Reyl’s death. She ran out of the cave and out of everybody’s lives, in the deepest regret of her life. No one has ever heard of Maven anymore. (BAD ENDING)

Label: chest

Maven observed a bit more and spotted a tiny red speck on the monster’s chest. Just then, Reyl attacked more brutally, and Caeleth had just enough time to notice that and be more careful. She found an opening, and she shot the red speck! Blood sprouting out like fountain, and Garghnak keeled over.

After they killed the quarry, Rey continued to get berserk and attacked his companions! Maven sprang into action.

Menu Choice:

A) Threaten Reyl with the arrow straight at him – Jump shotatreyl: Reyl charged at you, and you just shot at him at the critical moment. Reyl’s dead and you lost your purpose in life (BAD ENDING)

B) Let Jarvis handle him – Jump stun: Dennis stunned Reyl with the Stunning Spell.

Stunned, Reyl’s berserk gradually wore off and he is himself again. Maven/Jarvis asked Reyl about his berserk, and he admitted that he didn’t know. He just got angry, and the next thing he remembered was he has killed/destroyed anything in his path. His berserk began 2 months ago.

Maven - Synopsis Chapter 2: Escudo Rosario

Chapter Two: Escudo Rosario

Back to her former life as a thief, Maven couldn’t forget about Reyl and it bothered her job performance greatly. Nevertheless, the thief guild she was in, the Chrylidan gave her a big job: to steal the Jeweled Escudo Rosario from the catacombs beneath the cathedral in Redne City, Arcadia Empire.

After scouring the catacombs that was actually a labyrinth full of trap chambers and mutant monsters like giant rats and giant bats and reached the hidden chamber (with the “ankh” crest on it) with the Rosario inside , Maven was caught red-handed by a young acolyte named Jarvis de Larchmere. Jarvis was quite good with his spear and defeated Maven who has ran out of arrows and only fighting with her daggers.

Menu Choice:

Maven must say the WHOLE truth so (Jump warning) Jarvis warned her that her employer would kill her instead of paying her for that priceless Rosario. If not, just skip this part and straight to the scene where Maven returned to the Chrylidan Headquarters. (Jump rogue)

Maven didn’t believe Jarvis and surprisingly, Jarvis let her “borrow” the Rosario, with a bet that if the employer played safe, the Rosario was hers. A foul play from the employer, and Maven was on her own.

Label: rogue

Predictably, when Maven returned to the thieves’ guild headquarters, the rogues attacked her. She defeated two of seven, but the rest overpowered her. Jarvis rescued her before the rogues raped and then killed her, and with the two working together, no one can stop them.

Menu Choice:

A) Keep on Fighting: More rogues came into the room, and as there were too many of them to handle, Maven and Jarvis’ journey must continue in the afterlife (GAME OVER) - Return

B) Run for your lives!: Maven knew the way through the back door, and the two finally escaped from the rogues. You might want to add another plot branch of the Chrylidan Boss confronted Maven & Jarvis, but we best continue the main branch first. – Jump fakerosario

Label: fakerosario

Once they were safe outside and far away, Jarvis told Maven that the Escudo Rosario was a fake. The real one was teleported by magic not so long ago to Basilica Vadisium (center of the Vadis Religion), Ascension City, Papal of Valanis.

To avoid revenge from the surviving gang members, Jarvis decided to leave town and travel with Maven. He obviously had his eyes on her. Noticing this, Maven frankly told Jarvis that she was longing for Reyl, although he already had Olivia as girlfriend. Jarvis said that they should go to Handelburg just to see whether Reyl is OK & happy, thus made Maven see the light and choose Jarvis instead.

As they arrived in Handelburg, the guild informed them that Olivia and Reyl were hunting in Karlsbard Caverns in Grad Mountain Range, so the couple must go south.

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