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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Outlaw City - The RPG Game

Written by Anamei Productions™

Outlaw City Project History

Outlaw City the project came about because of the first official contest held by the RPG Maker XP community: After having set up a subscription service, had it's first time in the black (financially) and that very Tuesday they created the first contest.

To Create a 5+ hour game within 2 months from scratch. No other resource limitations were imposed.

We decided to come up with a new project idea, and were talking over things people hadn't often done in an Role Playing Game, and one thing that came right up with a Super Hero styled RPG game. Intrigued with the idea, we took some of our super hero designs from a game called City of Heroes and put together a story that used them.

Outlaw City has seen one sequel, Outlaw City: Dark Past, which details the early adventures of one of Outlaw City's main characters when she was younger and in her original home.

Future of Outlaw City

The future holds some fun possibilities for Outlaw City, of it's original story, only about 2/3 manged to make it into the game, much of the more personal aspects of the characters were ignored and avoided, especially the back history of Proto and Mystic, and Sahra's father and mother.

There were plans to revise Outlaw City to include the rest of this story, but we decided that just revising an old game with new content was a waste, and are planning instead an Outlaw City 2, where the huge underlying theme of Malice from Dark Past and Outlaw City will be uncovered, as will the truth behind Sahra and her unusual family ties.

History of Outlaw City

Outlaw City is an RPG set in the post-modern day "Generation City."

During a world-wide energy crisis, a newly formed corporation, Generation Corp, offered to solve the world's energy problems on the condition that they be given money and an island to form a central power-generating hub that had completely sovereignty.

Sounding outrageous, the world governments scoffed and asked for proof that such a thing was possible. Generation Corp invited each country to bring scientific representatives to see their newest endeavor, an Infinity Generator, in a highly successful demonstration. After having proven that they could create massive amounts of energy quickly, cheaply, and cleanly, the governments agreed, funding was supplied, and the island city of Generation was born.

The Price of Sovereignty

Run by Generation Corp, the city soon became a very popular hub for the wealthy and for trade. Generation City, free from world laws, also became an ideal place for black market operations and illegal opportunities. Soon even worse began to gather, including terrorists, anarchists, and other violient delinquints.

However Generation Corp was well aware of the dangers that being sovereign carried; they had formed a highly advanced and well equipped personal army of peace-keepers. Thanks to their own laws, dealing with such people in a very brutal and final manner brought the city back to a more stable state.

World Preparation

The other countries, not wanting Generation Corp to take advantage of it's situation, spent hordes of time and money developing alternate sources of energy. Not long after these alternate sources became viable an unexpected disaster befell the Infinity Generators. An impenetrable energy field formed around the generators, cutting down the amount of energy gained to barely enough to run the city itself.

No one could discern from where or why the large field had formed, attempts to penetrate or manipulate it all failed. With Generation City's main source of wealth suddenly gone, people feared for the state of the city even as the governments activated their alternate sources of energy, abandoning Generation City.

This was not the only thing Generation City could use to keep itself alive however, the immunity from world laws soon became the selling point of Generation City, and the darker aspects of the city grew. A hub for illegal activities, Generation City soon found that the energy emitted from the shield had another negative side effect....

Odd Changes

More and more occurances of civilians mutating were reported. These mutations were not usually disfiguring, but instead were changes like greatly increased physical attributes and rarely even abiilities not unlike those of teenage comic-book heroes. When word spread, Generation City attracted even more of the dead life from the world, people who wanted to start over and young people who wanted to make a name for themselves.

Generation City became Outlaw City, and the foundation of power itself shifted to become an equal match between Generation Corp, the city government "The Knights," a group of underground specialists who called themselves the "Arcanum," and a shadowy group that few knew much about.

Current Day

On top of it all, many self-proclaimed heroes, vigilanties, began to crop up and use their new-found powers to deal with their own personal issues in usually violent manners.

It's one-such person, a young writer named Sahra Vintage, that our story centers around.

1. Over-customized RTAB system!
. . . A. Customized Skill Effects, ranging from Transformations to special buffs to % HP reduction and more.
. . . B. Specialized MP replacement: Stamina, which recovers each turn.
. . . C. HP and Stamina regen levels replaces old item healing and "heal" botting.
. . . D. Raised effectiveness of debuffs and "holds."
. . . E. Removal of "Item" command.
. . . F. Damage caused raises a character's "stress," which is used perform special "Super powers."
2. Customized Skill Learning and Enhancement System!
3. Full range of dynamic difficulty levels!
4. End-game Score ranking based on numbers of fights and difficulty levels!
5. Enemy level scaling and special attacks which are only released in higher difficulty levels!
6. 5+ Full Hours of Gameplay.
7. Variable ending based on your performance.
8. Short special feature after the ending.
9. New Game+ (stability questionable)

Download from Here

For more information about Anamei Productions (TM) games and products, visit hxxp://

Friday, July 24, 2009

Where the Bad Kids Go-Welcome to Heck

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new for july!

Hotter than Heck! Four fantastic seriers plus the final installment in the Navigator trilogy.


Calling all San Diego Comic-Con Attendees!

We're looking for die-hard fans of Michael Scott's The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series to become evangelists at San Diego Comic-Con this week!

Stop by Random House Booth #1128 for details!



by Dale E. Bayse

When Milton and Marlo Fauster die in a marshmallow bear explosion, they get sent straight to Heck, an otherworldly reform school. Will Milton and Marlo find a way to escape? Or are they stuck here for all eternity, or until they turn 18, whichever comes first?


Buy this book

Not hot enough for you? Click for a preview of RAPACIA: THE SECOND CIRCLE OF HECK on sale July 28th wherever books are sold.


by Eoin McNamee

The final book in the Navigator trilogy.

Twice the Harsh have tried to destroy time, and twice Owen and the Resisters have stopped them. The Harsh are hungry for revenge and their massive fleet is ready to set sail and hunt down the Navigator. This time Owen travels through time and discovers that the mysterious Frost Child holds the key to the power of the Harsh.

Defend the Workhouse from Harsh's Army in the Harsh Battle game at


Check out THE NAVIGATOR and THE CITY OF TIME books I & II of the Navigator trilogy.


by Erica Verrillo

This bright and satisfying conclusion to the Phoenix Rising Trilogy includes riveting adventure, the testing of loyalties, and the return of two old enemies . . . not to mention surprising revelations for our heroine, Elissa—and her fans. It's not to be missed!

Buy this book

Also part of the Phoenix Rising Trilogy: Book #1 ELISSA'S QUEST and Book #2 ELISSA'S ODYSSEY.


by Pamela F. Service

When Heather McKenna is kidnapped by the sorceress Morgan LeFay, it is up to Heather's friend Welly and the wizard Merlin (yes, that Merlin) to rescue her.

Buy this book

This riveting sequel to Tomorrow's Magic continues Merlin and Arthur's quest to reunite the world.


Chilly Chilly Ice Bat
by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim

Wage and Babo buy an old fashioned ice-box in which a little Ice-Bat lives. Everything he touches turns to ice and , Wage and Babo's apartment cools off in no time.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gladiator - Best Quotes and Battle Scene!

I gotta record this battle scene! I gotta! - BJ Vadis

'Requiem for a Dream' Composed by Clint Mansell
Directed by Ridley Scott. With Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen

Strength and honor.
Roma victor!
You will not be Emperor.
My powers will pass to Maximus
I did not pay good money for you for your company. I paid it so that I could profit from your death and as your mother was there at your beginning, so I shall be there at your end.

My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius. Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor Marcus Aurelius. father to a murdered son. husband to a murdered wife, and I will have my vengeance in this life or the next.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

RPG Maker VX - Sideview Battle System with ATB

September 04, 2008

Scripts: STR33_ATB v0.8 + RPG Tankentai SBS v2.7 Located at:

Special Thanks: 香月清人

Kiyoto Kaduki

STR33_ATB v0.8 + RPG Tankentai SBS v2.7
Located at:

Special Thanks: 香月清人 Kiyoto Kaduki
Category: Gaming

Sideview ATB by eNu:

more details about this subject in this blog.

Tags: rpg maker vx sideview battle resources

Friday, July 17, 2009

FireHeart Artwork 1 by vanseven

Fireheart Artwork 1 by ~vanseven on deviantART

FireHeart Artwork by VanSe7en -

Up: Cristophe Deveraux the Swordsman
Down: Carolyn Deveraux-Deneuve the Sorceress

FireHeart Artwork 2 by vanseven

Fireheart Artwork 2 by ~vanseven on deviantART

Art by VanSe7en -

the one in the front is robert (hi, rob!), on the back left is carolyn (wow, your hair turned purple! nice stick!) and the back right is christopher (i like this kinda chris!)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

rpg maker vx mining mini game (completed)

posted by danny3153

Rpg Maker VX Project - MagiQuest

June 07, 2009

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Welcome to MagiQuest - the trilogy in in which Wanderer's odyssey is the first game. It is my third RMVX project, I hope you like it! ============= The video includes the first town and dungeon. So...
Welcome to MagiQuest - the trilogy in in which Wanderer's odyssey is the first game. It is my third RMVX project, I hope you like it!
The video includes the first town and dungeon.
Sorry about the bad quality, but what can you expect.
If you like the look of it, please subscribe for more videos. Also, the mapping took ages, so give me some feedback.

Don't worry I will be releasing more on the story, the characters etc later. This is just a short trailer to generate some interest.
posted by nahor23

RPG Maker VX - My World Map

This is the current world map of my rmvx project, MagiQuest. It's going to be a pretty long game, as the story is broken into chapters with different party members like DQ4. PLEASE give advice and constructive critizism. I know it looks like multi-coloured vomit, and im working on fixing that.

btw, although it uses rpg maker 2003 graphics, it is still rpg maker vx.

the song is 4-D religion by Scorngrain. (trust me, i had to use audioswap)

posted by nahor23

FireHeart Game Movie: Hall of the Mountain King


Finally, the three heroes: Cristophe, Carolyn and Robert got to see the Grand Trow (Dwarf King) of Grad Mountains, Haagi Thornhelm. Their meeting would've been fruitful, until someone infiltrated and caused chaos, someone... all-powerful.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MilanoCat's Tenkentai RPG Maker VX Battlers!

Original Site Source (in Japanese):

So, yes, I'm doing this Milano Cat guy a favor by translating the page into English and redirect the link to his original page. The second reason is, his RPG Maker VX Tenkentai Side View Battlers are sooo cool, you must download 'em all! Don't forget to credit MilanoCat for sharing it with us!

Tags: RPG Maker VX Resource, Resources, battler

Links to download the resources: Just follow the 2nd if the first links are broken

Battler Set 1 : Angels, Elf Rangers, Succubus, Incubus

Battler Set 2 : Minotaurs, Nagas, Imps

Battler Set 3 : Goblins, Trolls, Carnivorous Plants

Battler Set 4 : Pirates, Sea Monsters, Kraken

Battler Set 5 : Mummies, Egyptian-Styled

Battler Set 6 : Fishmen, Mosquitomen etc.

Battler Set 7 : Gavials, Archangels

Battler Set 8 : Witches, Warlocks, Lich

Battler Set 9 : Mermaids, Giant Aardvark, Common Beasts

Battler Set 10 : Harpy, Bat, Fairy

Battler Set 11 : Fire monsters, Cockatrice

Battler Set 12 : Undead: Skeletons, Zombie, Ghoul, Banshee

Battler Set 13 : Common mutant beasts

Battler Set 14 : Orcs, Ogre

Battler Set 15 : Crusade kings, mounts

Battler Set 16 : Winter Monsters

Battler Set 17 : Knights, Soldiers

Battler Set 18 : Griffins, Primates

Battler Set 19 : Common People

Battler Set 20 : Behemoth, Moby Dick RPG Battlers

Battler Set 21 : Knights, Super Warriors Worldwide

Battler Set 22 : Gnolls, Angels, Naga Queens

Battler Set 23 : Dragons

Battler Set 24 : Cerberus, Hellhound, Centaurs

Battler Set 25 : Dragons, Drakes, Mermaids

More to come in the original site, so be sure to check often!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Felgirth - The Online Fantasy Game!

This is a strongly recommended game from yours truly, bjvadis.
Play this online game as one of the clan in the
FELGIRTH : The Hunter’s Battleground ONLINE!

Will you be able to carve your name as the greatest hunter in Felgirth? Emerge through this epic journey and find out what kind of fate awaits !!

Choose over 3 faction and 12 clan/job each with it’s own unique set of learnable skills


Get your character to go on a hunt with a single click every 15 minutes, and then sit back to enjoy the result The result is completely random, your character might encounter a rare monster and earn the reward for killing it (or maybe hospitalised in the process) or he might encounter a fateful event that could change the world forever Hunt over 25 enemies and 5 legendary bounties, each with full illustration and it’s own unique stories Randomly encounter over 50 type of quests, 25 events, and 20 special events and still, more updates are coming!!
Register Now - It's completely FREE!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

me vs itachi NARUTO RPG

Channel Icon
May 27, 2007
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itachi is a unlockable char but when you beat him younext below him you face a trio of zabuza orochimaru and itchi so beware when you do this

now that's what i'm waiting for! a naruto rpg! finely made too!

(WITH rpg maker xp?)

naruto vs neji
rpg maker xp?

NotSuikoden Battlesystem Demo

Demo created for a currently untitled project, codename NotSuikoden. Battle system created in RMXP. For more info, visit

rpg maker xp

Seventh Wish: Rêve Battlesystem Demo

A demo of the battle system created for Seventh Wish: Rêve, an RPG for the RPG Maker 2003 platform. For more information, please visit

My rpg maker vx game project Magivolve Vid 2

Friday, July 03, 2009 The Last Embrace - Part 2

The following midnight, Robert secretly slips out from the guardhouse and walks to the orchard as though he’s patrolling. In the orchard, Robert sees Eloise in the gazebo, disguising as Elaine the maid but maintaining her blonde hair.
On seeing Robert, the Princess springs and hugs him tightly, lovingly. However, Robert doesn’t hug back and stands as cold as ice. Eloise, she just doesn’t care and doesn’t let go. After a long while, Robert can’t contain himself any longer and hugs Eloise back. Both are in tears, realizing that this might be their last embrace.
Then they kiss, re-enacting the one they did in the same place, same time and when they were younger. The difference is, this time it tastes bitter. Last kisses do.
Robert lets the kiss flow until Eloise steps back. Afterwards, comes no ramce, but awkwardness between them. They can’t seem to find a word to say until Robert breaks the ice.
‘So, Prince Cristophe is the lucky one, isn’t he?’
The Princess pauses. Looks like she wants to figure something out but she can’t, so she sighs.
‘Maybe he is,’ she replies. ‘But I don’t think I am. I never know that guy, never saw his face. Is he as handsome as my Robert? Is he as kind, brave and loving? Can he fill my heart the way you do? Does he have your silver, beautiful hair? Sapphire blue eyes?’
Eloise’s hand runs from Rob’s hair, temple, cheek...
‘Tough cheeks? Strong neck? Two strong hands?’
... Down to his neck, body, hands...
... And Robert holds her hands gently, saying,
‘Am I irreplaceable, my love? How can you love me so? All this time I’ve been away, never stayed by your side, protecting you and caressing your heart with warmth every day.
I’ve been away too long. We met only once in a while then parted again for a long time. And time, yes, time, has changed me much: from cold to caring, from vengeful to helpful, from an apathetic to a leader...’
Eloise interrupts, ‘But, did it change your feelings for me, Robert? Did it?’
‘As I’ve told you before, being a hero in Enia’s Sanctum didn’t change my love for you. Even Pope Xylen couldn’t tempt me to. Up until my trial in Valanis, I’d rather die in love with you than live without.
But, one thing did. When I found out about the diplomatic marriage plan, I knew at once that our relationship is not meant to last.
And then, I received word that Cristophe won the Arsenal of Light and I feel somewhat relieved that you’ll be in good hands. If Alexis won, I’d be concerned because I can’t forget how he killed Lord Walthorn in the Battle of Ingram Coast. But Chris – I know him and I always call him that – he is fun, always cheerful, handsome and strong, you’ll like him.’
Eloise’s cheeks are now soaked wet with tears. How can she stand hearing Robert’s words? Her heart bleeds.
‘You don’t love me anymore,’ says Eloise.
‘I still love you, Eloise. But you see, I have a greater love.’
‘Is that for another woman?’
‘No. But I love this world. I love my country. I love peace better than anything. If leaving you can bring peace to the people of Lore, I’m willing to do it.’
‘No, Robert! Please don’t! Here, I have a better idea. Let’s elope together. We’ll live somewhere remote, somewhere safe. The deal will be off, and Rael’charon will cook something else up to keep the peace treaty up. I don’t want to be a Princess anymore. I can’t bear to live without you! I won’t survive!’ Eloise hugs Robert and showers his chest with tears.
Robert just hugs her softly, rumbling with his thoughts for a while, then answers with a trembling voice.
‘Eloise, my heart... How many times must I tell you this? The future of Lore depends on your cooperation. You said you love me, but you want to abandon all Lore by running away with me...? You think I can be happy living alone with you and see the world crumbling around me? I was an apathetic man in the past, driven by vengeance. But time has changed me. Now I live for this country, for this world as a soldier of Lore. I can’t sit back and relax when the world is crumbling before me. I can’t live the rest of my life feeling guilty. I’m no hero and I’m not all powerful, but I will strive and do my best to help the people, the world I love.
Even if we run away, the armies of Lore and Arcadia will pursue us to every corner in Terra Eternia. And they won’t stop until they capture us, dead or alive.’
‘I don’t care!’ Eloise shouts. ‘As long as I’m with you, even if we should perish today, I’m happy!’
Robert hugs her tighter. Now he is in tears.
‘Eloise, can’t you please understand? We can’t be together! A love like this can only end in tragedy! I just realized now that the one I love was Elaine the maid, not Eloise the princess!
I, who is willing to sacrifice my personal love for the sake of Lore can never love anyone who sacrifices Lore for the love for one!’
Hearing that, Eloise pushes Robert away. She sounds desperate.
‘Even if I give my body to you, you will leave me?’
‘Yes, Eloise. If you do that, you are no different than Pope Xylen.’
‘Then you give me no choice.’
Suddenly, Eloise takes a dagger out from her boot and puts it on the skin of her throat!
‘I’d rather die than losing you. Now, Robert Chandler, what say you?’
Robert moves extra-swiftly as though he’s going to hit Eloise. The Princess moves back, but Robert’s hand grabs the dagger blade instead!
Eloise is shocked. She tries to take the dagger off Robert’s hand but it cuts deeper and more blood comes out.
‘Don’t be foolish, Eloise. Let go!’ says Robert.
‘No! If you let that stranger marry me, you push me to my death all the same!’
‘No, Eloise! On the contrary, you’ll be more alive than you are now! You won’t have to be afraid anymore! Don’t make me use force on you! Please open your mind, open your heart to reality! Just take a look at Chris first, and talk to him one time. After that, it’s your decision!’
Seeing Robert’s bleeding hand and tears on his face, Eloise loses all determination and breaks into a desperate plead.
‘Please Robert, please, I love only you in this world, and no one else.’
‘I love you too, but I love my nation more. You should do the same. Love your people and my love will stay for you. Don’t waste your life because a true happiness than you sacrificing happens for tragedy. Please remember this always, if you love me.
For now, you need a good sleep.’
Saying that, Robert punches Eloise’s stomach!
‘Unnh... You’re... cruel... Robert...’
And Eloise falls unconscious. Robert throws the dagger away and hugs her lovingly, saying, ‘This is hard for me too, my love. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how many challenges I’ve overcame to get back to you, a greater challenge came and pushed me away again. And now I realized that I must end this love with your happiness, not tragedy. Call me unfaithful, call me weak, call me cowardly, but it’s all for the best.
Good bye, my sweet Princess, my love. Maybe in another life we shall be together in love until we die. Good bye. May Vadis give you the happiness you deserve.’
When he’s about to carry Eloise back to the palace, a voice comes.
‘Robert Chandler, thank you for preventing the downfall of our kingdom. The Emperor of Arcadia always seeks our mistakes out so he has an excuse to attack Lore again.’
Robert turns and sees Rael’charon the elf, the Chief Advisor to the King of Lore standing behind him, patting his shoulder.
‘And thank you too for keeping this affair secret for a long time,’ Robert responds. ‘Now I’ve settled things with Eloise. I can now concentrate on my tasks here. After the wedding is done, I shall set out with Kyflynn’s group to hunt the Heir of Vordac.’
To this, Rael’charon shakes his head.
‘No, Robert. Your order now is: After the wedding, you and Kyflynn’s group will escort Prince Cristophe and Princess Eloise to Myrcalia. Viscount von Bachmann has agreed to take you all in Airship Aurora, so the journey will be speedy and safer from attacks.’
‘If that’s an order, either from you or the King... I shall obey,’ says Robert with a bow. Then, he stares at Eloise on his lap with a broken heart and tears on his eyes.

Navigation: Previous Page - Next Page The Last Embrace - Part 1


Even a devil has his day. The Last Embrace

It’s been two months since the King of Lore received a letter from the Emperor of Arcadia that they have chosen the Prince who will marry Princess Eloise Galford. However, the elected Prince is now in training full-time. So, the Royal House of Lore has time to prepare the wedding ceremony until further notice.
For Robert Chandler, this waiting and preparing period is like a torture inside. For six weeks since his arrival back in Lore, he has been avoiding Eloise and busies himself preparing security, training guards on the outskirts of the city of Alceste.
Kyflynn, Desmond and Agustina do some hunting for the Harbinger Guild in Alceste. Their occasional visits to Robert’s encampment are a cure to loneliness and an assurance of their commitment to Robert as partners.
A week has passed since their last visit and no word from them. They’re maybe on a mission, so I better fill my head with my task.
The people of Lore are really looking forward to this marriage. Look at all these conscripts, all spirited and fully motivated. So, they indirectly motivated me too.

Now Robert is preparing tomorrow’s training program, based on his experience as a soldier and a bounty hunter. With adequate knowledge of carrying out tactics and fighting techniques, he hopes that the conscripts, along with the seasoned soldiers he hand-picked will become strong elite soldiers under his command. Robert’s best friend in the Order of the Lions, Sir Vincent the Raging Bull is giving him some pointers.
The silver-haired knight works until late at night when a soldier comes into his tent, saluting.
‘Sir Robert, a mysterious person wearing a cloak asked me to give you this letter bearing an insignia of the Royal House of Galford.’
‘Very well,’ says Robert. ‘Leave it on the table and I’ll see to it. Is there anything else you want to report?’
‘No, Sir. But, if I may boldly say, please have a rest for the night and take care of your health, Sir.’
‘Ooh, is that so? Thank you very much for your concern. Now you may return to your post.’
The soldier salutes again, and then walks out from the tent.
Well, I must admit, he’s right. Let’s call it a day. Hmmm... Maybe after checking this letter out first. Maybe it’s from the King.
Robert opens the envelope and reads the letter.

Dear Robert,
I know what’s happening here and the reason you’re avoiding me for six weeks now. However, no matter how much I understand your feelings, that much also is my longing for you.
Please, Robert. I need nothing more from you except to see you, to talk with you one last time. Please, if you do love me, meet me in the Royal Orchard at midnight. I’ll wait for you each and every day until you come.
I’m dying each day without you, and only you can save me.
With love, Elaine.

Elaine... Eloise’s name when in disguise. Should I meet her, or should I not? Oh, well, I’d better settle this matter once and for all, not just hiding and waiting.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

FireHeart Game DEMO Starting July 1

Okay, here are the new demos for FireHeart PC Game (subject to re-update)

Platform: PC Game, Offline (Download-Install-Play)

Update: July 1, 2009
Click Here to Download

Update: August 4, 2009
FireHeart Book One - DEMO Version 3.8
Click Here to Download

Version 3.8 (Indowebster Link)
Click Here to Download

FireHeart - Characters List Jul 2009

FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins

Character List (Description only) - Update Jun 1, 2009

The Twelve (Plus One) Paladins of Light

Note: We've changed three names:

Andreas Marvellini to Paolo Marvellini (Reason: Too many "a" names)

Agustina Vyrakova to Vera Vyrkova (Reason: The same as Andreas)

Dejan Pavlovic to Janna Pavlovic (Reason: Add some more chicks in the story and avoid the same name as the real person whenever possible)

  1. Robert Chandler

Robert is indifferent, ‘cool’, serious, and full of determination, a personality formed by the traumatic incidents of his youth. For him, it’s very difficult to trust anybody. He even fears that someday his closest friend may stab him from behind. He prefers to focus to his disciplined life and training than women (he also had a traumatic experience with women). But several near-death experiences change his attitude and he can finally be a good leader to his hunting party and a great general of Lore. His prior obsession is to see orcs extinct from Aurelia, by his hands or another. His great loathing and vengeance towards the orcs earned him the nickname ‘Orcbane’ and the title master hunter in Lore.

  1. Cristophe Deveraux

A greedy, careless, reckless youth. He is truthfully a prince with no burden of the throne on him, being a second son, so to avoid conflict with his brother Alexis he leaves the palace with his cousin Carolyn to seek adventure and experience as monster hunters. In book one he is known as ‘Christopher’. But his encounter and adventures with Robert and his hunting party turns him from zero to hero. He is sometimes funny and irritating, but truthfully an intelligent and wise man fit for ruling and a very talented swordsman. The future Emperor Sage V of Arcadia.

  1. Alexis Deveraux

Alexis is a living enigma. He can be a great leader sometimes, but he seems to make wrong decisions and choices all the time. He once killed his opponent in a battle duel with a desperate move, cheating in order not to get killed instead. He often kills by mistake. Nevertheless, he is the apple of his father, Emperor Sage IV Marcus Deveraux’s eye, and viewed by all as a perfect man, excelling in every endeavor.

How far will he go to retain his honor and get the glory he deserves – even surpassing his forefathers’?

  1. Adler von Bachmann

As explained in the story, Viscount Adler von Bachmann is the man who likes to dominate, influence and control others. He’s not necessarily evil, but he’s obviously ambitious.

The facts that even the King of Borgia is within his influence and being the Grand Marshal of the Borgian Army form his hyper-arrogant and hyper-egoistic character. He knows no true friend – until he meets Don Hernan y Parvaez.

His positive traits are his resourcefulness and his ability to notice opportunities even in the most obscure manner. He is also a good negotiator (although many are proved better than him in this kind of field).

  1. Hernan y Parvaez

Don Hernan y Parvaez Besso Trinidad, a noble loyal to King Jaime of Escudia, Hernan repeatedly saved the country by doing secret missions as a secret agent in his noble, flamboyant disguise (just like James Bond in 007 movies). As a token of appreciation of his heroic feats, King Jaime awarded Hernan a sum of land worthy of a Marquis in addition of Hernan’s hereditary lands, and the body-part armor set of Eil’thanath.

Hernan’s only weakness is his reverence of beauty – especially in beautiful women. Although he already has a wife, a daughter and two sons, he still likes to seek adventures in distant lands just to meet and woo beautiful ladies (and deflower them, leaving his ‘mark’ on them if possible) with his charms. Unfortunately, his age and marital status, if known, makes him somewhat ‘repulsive’ for ladies with uncommon beauty and qualities.

  1. Kyflynn Windwalker

Unpredictable, irritating. Being an outcast dark elf (night elf), Kyflynn frequently finds himself in difficult situations. And sometimes his decisions to solve certain situations might be very controversial. His principles of 'Not killing good people' made him banished from his kindred, but it's not his privilege to judge who's good and who's bad, right?

He may laugh in critical situations and gets angry in happy times. He is the elf for himself: doing things the way he likes, as his heart pleases. He has no regard for decency, law and rules.

  1. Lavennia Iris

A typical show-off and a bit flirty (but is steady with one boyfriend at a time). Being an 80-year old elf on her first appearance in this story, Lavennia Iris acts bossy and show-off her talents to influence people and gain respect, because she doesn’t get it in Thyrine. She looks like a teenage elf, a bit under 16 in human age reckoning, but she already gets the thirst and hunger for adventure. She gets bored easily over monotonous works.

What she really seeks in life is love, which is rather seldom happening among fair Thyrinian elves.

  1. Carolyn Deveraux

She’s always precise and detail in anything – perhaps too much critical and logical – so that she’s like a fussy smart-aleck.

Truthfully, being resourceful and witty, Carol frequently gives out solutions for any problem, no matter how complicated it is.

Her Necklace of Luck makes Carol a rather daring daredevil. She frequently springs into danger and gets lucky every time, but in rare occasions that she gets injured or poisoned, she’ll be healed or cured 50% slower and the poison will work 50% slower – the side effect of that necklace. So, maybe Carol must learn to be more careful...

  1. Paolo Marvellini

Fatherly and good natured, this elderly dwarf always says, ‘It’s hard being a nice guy, but I like being nice and I like hard work, so there’s no problem.’

His love for family and his determination to help people with the craft he does best: healing collides with his brethrens’ principles and belief, so he learnt Vadisian and came back to his homeland with a new faith. His mission to bring cure and salvation to his people will cause him to do so many sacrifices: separated with his family, scorned by his brethrens, prosecuted by the leaders, and who knows what else next.

In spite of his sufferings, he stays calm and cheerful as usual. He is the ‘father’ of his hunting party. He cools things down when his much younger partners begin to heat up and quarrel with each other, with witty advices and sometimes mild jokes.

His dwarf name (real name) is Rollo Bigstumble. He has a wife, Uli Nockimble and two children, Ivor Bigstumble and Eni Bigstumble.

  1. Eidos Crydias

He is known as a typical opportunist. He supports people only if he can reap some benefit out of them. He is also a coward, often using his old age as an excuse to be exempt in difficult missions – a trait very unlikely for a true paladin, for sure.

Actually, people tend to “use” him instead because of his two talents: One, his superb Chronomancy (the magic that manipulates the flow of time and space), and two, his scientific expertise and Airship Aurora as his greatest masterpiece.

  1. Desmond Edmundsen

A blacksmith by trade, he is willing to leave everything just to travel around the continent with Vera Vyrkova, the attractive sorceress he once rescued. Their adventures get into an exciting turn with Kyflynn entering the picture.

Crushing the myth that “big guys have small brains”, Desmond is quite intelligent and wise despite of his extremely brawny figure. He even holds the principles of love and sacrifice, meaning that he’s willing to die to protect the woman he loves.

Wielding a great maul, then the great hammer Terra Nakroβ, he is a very formidable ally and an extremely feared adversity in every battle. As a berserker, he is unstoppable, earning him the name “The Thousand Gates Breaker”.

  1. Vera Vyrkova

If you think Robert is “cool”, then Vera is “ice cold”. She rarely shows any emotion, and people often mistake her as a mannequin or a golem. Actually, her eyes and ears work triple as her mouth, making her an excellent observer. She acts and speaks if necessary, and she seldom gets angry.

However, you really don’t want to make her angry, because if she does… things will get extremely catastrophic.

  1. Janna Pavlovic

Now here’s another outcast. This halfling (hobbit) likes to travel to distances because she is considered both a hero and an abomination in her village of Ekinmor, Edel Kingdom, Regia Confederation. She is gifted (and cursed) with an ability to change into three kinds of animals at will: wolf, eagle or dolphin – an animorpher.

Possessing exceptional reconnaisance skill and also a martial artist using either an iron claw or her bare hands, Janna is a very versatile warrior, despite her little figure and little physical strength.

She is quite cheerful, helpful with a good sense of humor, always ready to assist her comrades. However, in terms of making decisions, she tends to ask people’s opinions first and goes by the most reasonable suggestion.

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