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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Trinity Meadows

Have you ever wanted to experience a fairytale? Set in a muggle style world with a touch of magic, Trinity Meadows offers a unique experience that makes fairytales a reality. Anything is possible in this enchanted land of intrigue, betrayal, magic, romance—and sometimes even chaos. I welcome you to join us and make this site something special, not just like every other role-play game out there. Something that can truly set it apart from others.

We are looking for students to join Alessi, Lloyd and Chandler House. Teachers are needed to teach the various subjects such as Reception, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Classics, Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Magical Geography, Muggle Studies, Potions, Transfiguration, Librarian, Café Workers, Grounds Keeper, Dance, Photography, Metal Work, Wood Work and I.T (Information Technology)**

There are also about 30 shops that need owners and shop assistants.

Join today,
** Subject to availability. The Call of Heroes Part 2 - Adler's Call

In another place, in a castle near Borgian Capital, Freidle, a man is alone, in his training room. He is well-built, as seen clearly with him being bare-chested. He has a very long, blonde hair. One may mistake him as a lady if he sees his back when he wears a robe. He has a handsome, serious and arrogant-looking face, but with a pair of blue eyes that are full of concentration and determination, just like Robert’s.

The training room itself is very sophisticated. There are eight full armors there, including two suspended and stuffed for sword practice. People say that the armors used for practice once belonged to the lord of this castle’s enemies, and those displayed are favourites for his collection or his own use.

Various weapons are hanging on the wall and are kept on stands : Halberds, spears, axes, clubs, morning stars, short and long swords and bows, and the jewel of his collections : numerous two-hand swords, Claymores*) and Flamberges**). It seems he favors two-hand swords above all else in his arsenal and now he trains with one of it.

He slashes and swings Ulcergash, his Flamberge in different ways and variations. Enough with basic moves, he starts to practice his special skills.

Firstly, he swings his Flamberge in rotations, making a whirlwind effect just like Christopher’s: Whirlwind Slash. The effect itself is much greater and more effective with two-hand swords, providing both defense and offense in the same time.

Footnote :

(* Claymore: A broad great sword, can be used for hitting beside slashing. Made for power not art, Claymore is quite blunt and rough in its making. It is also known as ‘Horse-Splitter’, literally, with the rider and his armor also count.

(** Flamberge: A great sword with a rather wriggly blade like a big kris dagger. Named so because it looks like a flame as its blade. Those who are stabbed or slashed by its wriggly blade will get ulcers and infections on their wounds in addition of the damage by blade.

Then, he swings his Flamberge horizontally from his overhead forwards very quickly, making five lines of sharp energy blows spreading into five directions – Fingers of the Blade.

Satisfied with the result of this, he continues with the style that originally used for two one-hand swords – Phoenix Wings. He runs forwards slashing his Flamberge multiple times left and right. He sighs a bit after he finished – he still can’t reach the speed desired to make the effect tighter and unblockable. Maybe I must try two swords instead… Ah well, more practice then…

Then he tries several quick thrusts: Tusks of Myriad Elephants; Pouncing Tiger Bash, a finishing jumping overhead bash, and lastly, a beautiful combo of all the skills he practiced earlier, which he named: The Shattering of Heaven and Earth. This combo is so lethal and unavoidable, unless you have wings and flies beyond the clouds or dig your way down to the core of the earth. After all those spectacular moves, the long-haired man still stands tall and firm, he doesn’t pant at all. Of course he is only refining his techniques and only using twenty percent of his power, because if he puts full force on any of his moves, he will have to renovate or build another training room.

Just then he hears knocking sounds at the door. The man immediately yells, ‘Is that you, Jorgand?’

‘Yes, master Adler. A guest is waiting for you at the front door.’

Adler cuts in, ‘Have you asked for his name, occupation and business?’

‘Of course, master. Every time. His name is Orlevant, a lieutenant-general and noble elf from Thyrine, and he comes to give you a letter from Queen Carolyn of Thyrine and receives your answer in return.’

‘Hmm… good enough. Let him in, and tell him to wait for me in the front room. I need to change my clothes first.’

‘Your biddings will be done, master.’

Soon afterwards, Jorgand the butler escorts Orlevant the elf messenger into the front room, where he waits for quite some time. Then Adler comes into the room, wearing his daily tunic. The elf salutes Adler very politely and gracefully, but Adler doesn’t gesture back before surveying the elf with his eyes for a couple of seconds. Adler salutes back after he’s satisfied, and says, ‘Please take a seat.’

The elf doesn’t respond with the rudeness in Adler’s tone, but he sits immediately and carefully waits for Adler to sit and talk again.

‘Well, noble elf. What tidings do you bring, honoring me with your visit?’

‘I bring a message from Queen Carolyn of Thyrine to Viscount Adler von Bachmann, Lord of the Thull-Bergam district in The Kingdom of Borgia. May I presume that you are him, Lord Adler?’

‘I am Adler, noble elf. Now please relate the message to me.’

‘Here it is. Please read this letter first, and then give your answer to our queen.’

Orlevant hands Adler the red envelope with the same Vadis’ holy seal on the letter inside. Adler receives it with a mild surprise on his eyes but hides it with a serious expression on his face. Adler opens the letter, and reads the contents which are the same with Robert’s and Hernan’s. After a long while, Adler rubs his chin as though contemplating, and then says,

‘This is a mission from Thyrine, while I am an officer of Borgia. I am not a subject of Queen Carolyn and any foreign kingdoms and she can’t ask my aid unless the king of Borgia gave her permission to do so.’

‘Forgive my impoliteness, Lord Adler, but the seal and contents are all from The Holy Unison of Vadis and Enia itself. Queen Carolyn only relayed the message from the Pope Xylen to me, as I relayed it to you, and she has appointed me as your guide to enter Enia’s Sanctum and pass through the traps within. The Pope doesn’t need permission from kings because we are spiritually subject to The Pope, as we are the followers of the light.’

‘Hmm… very well then. Although I’m not quite a Vadis-Enia follower, I’ll take this mission and try my best to prevent the so-called “heir” from claiming the sword. A Zweihänder***)… Deathblade, or in elvish, Kraal’Shazar. A legendary sword once wield by a Borgian, although that man has dishonored and tainted Borgian history by his foul doings.’

‘May Enia’s blessings be with you, Lord Adler.’

‘And you will be my guide, right? We’ll set off tomorrow morning then. It’s good to travel again and put my training to a good use.’

(*** Zweihänder: Borgian terminology for two-hand great swords.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Don Hernan y Parvaez - Characters

Don Hernan y Parvaez, Swordsman – Human, Escudia

Class : Swordsman > Fencer + Guardian = Water Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Lore

First Weapon : Albatross Rapier

Best Weapon : Escobar, the Escudo Rapier

First Weapon : Albatross Rapier

Best Armor : Eil’thanath Escudo (Mythril) Armor Set (incomplete) :

Breastplate, Arm Braces & Shoulder Braces

Guardian : Petra the Leviathan, Lord of the Seas

Skills / Spells :

Sword Mastery :

Requiem of the Tides – Wave of Thrusts Combo

Shears of the Falling Rain – Downwards Multi-Thrusts

Dances on the Clouds – Upwards Multi-Thrusts

Whirlpool Polonaise – Spiralling Jump Thrust

Symphony of the Seven Seas – Thrusts and Slashes, Attack and Defense Combo

Description :

Don Hernan y Parvaez Besso Trinidad, a noble loyal to King Jaime of Escudia, Hernan repeatedly saved the country by doing secret missions as a secret agent in his noble, flamboyant disguise (just like James Bond in 007 movies). As a token of appreciation of his heroic feats, King Jaime awarded Hernan a sum of land worthy of a Marquis in addition of Hernan’s hereditary lands, and the body-part armor set of Eil’thanath.

Hernan’s only weakness is his reverence of beauty – especially in beautiful women. Although he already has a wife, a daughter and two sons, he still likes to seek adventures in distant lands just to meet and woo beautiful ladies (and deflower them, leaving his ‘mark’ on them if possible) with his charms. Unfortunately, his age and marital status, if known, makes him somewhat ‘repulsive’ for ladies with uncommon beauty and qualities.

Thursday, September 14, 2006 The Call of Heroes (Part 1) - Hernan's Call

Somewhere in a forest, a man is standing in front of a band of gnolls, brutal half-human monsters with heads like horses. The man is tall, handsome, with a neatly trimmed moustache, beard and ponytail. He’s wearing a fine blue tunic, making his appearance more like a flamboyant nobleman than a traveler. The gnolls snarl fiercely, and without a word, the man rushes swiftly towards them with a rapier on his hand.

One gnoll throws a boomerang at him, and he deflects it almost lazily with his rapier. Then another gnoll leaps high, and darts towards the man, rolling its body, making a spiraling move with its short sword held in front of it. But before the short sword reaches the man, it stops in mid-air. Apparently, the rapier already went into the gnoll’s throat, a superbly accurate thrust from the man.

More gnolls rush closer to attack the man together. Now it’s impossible for the man to attack the gnolls one-by-one, so with a word, ‘Tchah!’ he launches his killing blow, Requiem of the Tides, a multiple high-precision lunges to the fatal spots the opponents with no unnecessary moves. With water elemental property in that blow, it creates visual effect as though a huge ocean wave that can wreck large ships and even sever rocks during a hurricane. The blow’s sound effect is so melodious, like a requiem for the ones it sent off this world, sometimes accompanied by the screams of death from the victims of this deadly tune – these gnolls for instance.

Soon the path is filled with dead gnolls laying scattered, hanging on the trees, some with severed heads and body parts. The single blow alone slew six gnolls, leaving one survivor. The surviving gnoll is obviously terrified and immediately turns and runs away, screaming, to save its life. But the man who has killed all its comrades in no more than a blink of an eye doesn’t intend to spare any mercy to this half-human, horse-headed monster. No mercy for those who don’t give mercy.

With that thought the man springs forward, turning his body, making the spiraling move and lunges his rapier forward. And the rapier finds its target on the gnoll’s back, and the tip of it sticks out from its chest. The gnoll is still a gnoll, except now it’s dead.

The man immediately pulls his rapier out, and wipes the bloody tip with a cloth he brings with him at all times, thinking, this trick I just learned is not quite accurate and waste lots of energy but the power of the thrust is amplified threefold. I think I’ll refine this move and name it… Whirlpool Polonaise Thrust. Yeah, that’s it for the moment. Then he moves towards someone standing by a tree there, apparently it’s the damsel he saved just now. The damsel wears a green riding hood, and she instantly removes her hood to show her fair face and long pointy ears – an elf.

The man is surprised, but the elf instantly tries to calm him by saying, ‘Thank you for saving me, Don Hernan y Parvaez. Pretty impressive display with your Albatross Rapier, I daresay. And before you say anything else, let me explain first by this letter for you here.’

And she hands Hernan a red envelope.

‘You can consider this your reward, wearer of the Mythril Armor of Eil’thanath. I’ll accompany and guide you if you agree to do this mission.’

Without further ado, Hernan opens his envelope and reads the letter inside it. The letter is the same as Robert’s, except of the recipient’s name.

‘Very well, I’ll do it.’

‘May Enia’s blessings be with you.’

‘Haha. With a divinely beautiful elf like you to accompany me, I’ll go even to the hell and fight Sodomos himself.’

Having known Hernan’s reputation for flirting any pretty girl he encounters although he’s married, and preferring male elves than men, the elf responds with a cold smile, and starts to walk away, saying, ‘This way then. Follow me.’

Hernan follows her eagerly. Then he sees his own tunic and finds some more rips on it, revealing parts of the impenetrable, yet lightweight and cloth-like armor, the Escudo (Mythril) Armor of Eil’thanath.

‘But first I need a new tunic. This one is ruined,’ says Hernan.

‘Suit yourself,’ the elf responds coldly, avoiding Hernan’s flirting gaze upon her.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Nations in Aurelia Continent : Valanis

Name : Valanis - Republic

Location : South of Grad Mountains

Major Cities : Ascen (Capital), Encarta, Pervilon

Resources : Lorna Sea, fertile land

Specialities : Religious Educations, Magic Educations, Ruby, Sapphires, Star Diamonds

Economy : Making and selling books or tutoring, farming, lots of fishing and gem mining

Ruler : The Council of the Wise and Strong and Vadisian Spiritual Leaders with:

Ep1 : Pope Sanctus III, Chairman Ezelar Izeglio

Ep2 : Pope Nepathia, Chairwoman Katharine Montella

Ep3 : Pope Xylen, Chairman Solituri Salinas

Model Base : Italy in our world

Major Creatures : Giant bats, michas, luchis, tatras,

Legendary : Hydras, medusae, Star Diamond

Description :

The Nation of God. The Nation of Vadis. The Nation of Magic. People learn Vadisian Religion, white magic and philosophy in this country. Led by two leaders. The spiritual leader, known as a Pope, the holy messenger chosen by the archbishops as the channel of Vadis’ will to direct the spread of the religion throughout the continent of Aurelia. And a supreme council led by a Chancellor that manages all physical, mental and magical aspects of the Valanisian People.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006 Temperance Saves the Fool (Part 2)

Chris is shocked and tries to slash through it, but two other imps seize Chris’ hands. As death is very, very near, suddenly something sticks out from the imp’s mouth. It’s an arrow. The imp is dead before it can scream. Before Chris can even blink a shower of arrows comes and finds its targets. The imps surrounding Chris fall like dry leaves from the trees.

Chris is amazed, and knowing that he’s given a chance, he holds his Wyrthal with two hands, launches multiple slashes while rotating his body several times, creating a whirlwind around his body, accurately cutting several imps into pieces.

The rest of the imps are terrified and run away, scattering everywhere. Chris sighs in relief. It seems someone saved his life. Before he can see who his savior is, Chris hears someone clapping hands in a distance.

Chris turns back and he sees a girl sitting on a tree branch. Chris approaches, trying to get a better look on her. The girl looks like in her early teens, beautiful, clad in a beautiful dress that also functions as armor with shoulder pads. She has a unique green hair with two ponytails, and a pair of beautiful, big, green eyes. And she is apparently not a girl at all; she’s a she-elf. Her long, pointy ears flutters as she talks loudly,

Whirlwind Slash! Bravo, very impressive! I didn’t reckon any human can do that, did I?’

She swings her legs playfully and lazily.

Chris is surprised on this remark, but he decides to be polite in front of this beautiful elf.

‘Er, thank you for saving my life, miss...’

‘Iris. Lavennia Iris’ the name. And you?’

‘Cristo... er, Christopher.’

‘No family name?’

‘Er... no, just call me Chris.’

‘I thought humans ought to have family names. Christopher, Chris... what a DREADFUL name for a handsome man like you.’

Chris blushes as Iris pauses in thought and then she continues,

‘Hmmm.... maybe Ariel, yeah. Ariel should be perfect.’

‘Eww... If you don’t mind, Miss Iris, Ariel’s great, but I prefer my own name. It’s more familiar.’

Iris’ face changes at once. She glares at Chris and says curtly, ‘Your name’s Ariel! I deliberately took it from our Great Defender, The Archangel Avariel! Don’t you dare insult my judgment!’

‘Ok! Ok! I got it. Ariel. Yeah.’

‘Well, now that I saved your life, I need you to do several things for me to return the favor. The first thing I need you to do is, collect all the arrows you can find around here and give them to me. I’ve enchanted them, so I’ll need them again, you know!’

Hadn’t she saved Chris’ life earlier, Chris would utter curses to her and call her ‘a lazy mommy’s girl’. So, naturally, the curses never come out from Chris’ mouth, and without speaking or showing any protest, Chris goes on plucking each and every arrow from the imps’ carcasses. And Iris just leans back, resting her shoulders lazily on the tree trunk.

And suddenly Iris’ long ears are fluttering again. It seems she hears noises from afar. Judging that the noises are not hostile, she leans back, watching Chris wearily tries to pull out the enchanted arrows that penetrated deep in the dead imps. Her long ears flutter again, and Iris smiles with satisfaction, thinking, those must be Ariel’s friends.

And she is right. Iris sees Chiel the micha cheerfully flies towards her and then perches on her outstretched hands and open palms. Iris speaks softly and in a friendly way,

‘Hello again, cute little micha, darling of Yggdrasil.’

Chiel responds to her affectionately, ‘Chi... chichi... chiii!’

‘Your master’s right there, safe and sound as I promised.’ Iris points at Christopher.

Chiel immediatley flies towards Christopher, lands on top of Chris’ head. And the micha’s body begins to glow and the energy ring appears again on top of its head, a soft, serene glow with an effect to rejuvenate and invigorate the whole body from weariness and minor injuries.

Chris’ wounds are totally healed, and he doesn’t feel hungry and tired anymore. But instead of thanking Chiel, Chris grumbles, ‘I should’ve known,’ and goes on collecting the arrows, ignoring Chiel altogether. Chiel puts on a sad face, and returns to Iris for comfort. Iris pats Chiel as though it is her pet, saying, ‘Don’t worry. Your master loves you, and I kinda like him too.’

As soon as it is said, Robert, Carolyn and Andreas arrive at the spot and cannot believe their eyes: Dead imps all over the place, and Chris collecting arrows from the carcasses.

Carolyn yells, ‘CHRISTOPHER! What are you doing here?’

Christopher doesn’t turn towards Carolyn and doesn’t answer, only points upwards to the trees. Carolyn and the others are confused, and Robert intuitively looks upon the trees and finds Lavennia Iris the elf is still sitting there.

Iris smiles on seeing Robert and says, ‘Praise Enia, we meet at last, Robert Chandler. I’m your agent and guide.’

Robert only stares at Iris without showing any surprise or excitement, only a cold face, and he feels a bit irritated. Iris leaps down from the tree with a double somersault to wrap the show up. Iris looks around for anyone clapping hands at her spectacular move or staring at ther with awe, but no one is doing either of it. So, with a sour face she talks on.

‘Hmph. Looks like I’m going to work with boring people here.’

Carolyn reacts on seeing Iris, ‘Who said you’re going to work with us, you swindlin’ boyfriend-snatcher!?’

Iris looks at Carolyn mockingly. ‘Well, isn’t this my dear ex-friend, Carolyn? What are you doing here, sticking with these bore-me-to-death guys? Somebody wiped out all your boyfriends in Thyrine?’

Carolyn is real angry with Iris and says, ‘Yeah, you did! Every time I was close to anybody, you always stepped in and charmed them away! Uuh, you really deserve a lesson! Agnios!’

Carolyn points her magic stick towards Iris and shots at Iris with a fireball. Iris wards it off easily with a lazy flick of her hand that created a wind that blew it off midway. Iris chuckles amusingly, saying, ‘What, only this? Several years of hiding in Valanis only for this? You didn’t show this when you return to Thyrine, you just ran away after I beat you in charming boys. How pathetic!’

Carolyn reaches the peak of her anger and is about to cast a more powerful spell, saying ‘Pyroagni...’ as Robert moves in front of her, saying, ‘STOP THAT, Carol!’

Ashamed with herself, Carolyn withdraws her magic stick and only stares at Iris with anger. ‘Let me deal with her,’ says Robert diplomatically. Then he turns towards Iris and says,

‘Miss Iris, we thank you for finding our friend Christopher and... saving him as well. As for your task to guide us to Enia’s Sanctum, please tell your queen that we are not interested. You can guide other hunters for this mission.’

With a disappointed look on her face, Iris responds, ‘But, you don’t understand the importance of this mission, Robert. You’re right on one thing, the risk is too high and the percentage of success is near to naught, but mind that the future of our world depends on it. If we fail to stop the heir, he will swarm this world with scourge and darkness, and your next missions will be guaranteed more risky and death-assuring than this. The spirit of Vordac cannot depart to the underworld where Sodomos already rule supreme. He is meant for this world only, and he can possess anyone or anything and able to select his body at will. No one can find a way to destroy him completely until now, so the only way is to contain him in a relic and guards it with the very best measures we can find, and the efforts of all the heroes of light can bring. Think about your loved ones, protect them, their survival depend on you. So, what say you?’

Andreas says, ‘She’s right. The future and safety of our world is in our hands. Vadis and Enia provide the way, the means – and the guide – to do this, but the thing that really counts is our efforts. We were chosen, so we have no other choice but to do our best; and may Vadis and Enia bless us so we can accomplish this mission safe and sound.’

Carolyn nods. Chris, who just finished collecting the arrows, joins in and listening to all this and adds a comment, ‘This is not only a golden chance to gain fame and glory, this is a struggle to keep the good things going, and I’m already at it all the way although I’m not chosen. So you guys, please help me.’

Robert puts his hand on this chin, and after thinking for a while he decides, ‘Very well, then. Iris, please guide us to Enia’s Sanctum. Although I smell something fishy about this mission and I foresee a trap, but traps won’t stop us. So keep your eyes open, keep yourselves alive and don’t sacrifice your life unless it’s worth it.’

Iris says, ‘Well said, Robert Chandler. We better set off now; we’re running out of time. Follow me, I’ll find you a shelter safe enough to rest for the day, safe from the monsters that desecrate Yggdrasil’s Forest. Oh, yeah, Chris,’ she receives the arrows Chris collected and puts them back in her quiver. ‘Thanks for collecting the arrows for me. It’s really nice of you.’

Iris hugs Chris with one hand and kisses Chris on his lips. Chris is shocked, but a moment later he seems to enjoy it. It’s more shocking for Robert and Andreas, especially Carolyn. Iris must’ve thought that Chris is Carolyn’s new boyfriend from the similarities of their hairs end eyes, so Iris is going to snatch this ‘boyfriend’ away and makes Carolyn jealous on purpose. If it is really so, well, Iris kissed the wrong guy because Carolyn prefers Robert as her ideal kind of man compared with Christopher, ‘the sore loser’. Carolyn tries not to pay attention by giving an apple to Chiel the micha as a reward for its success in tracking Christopher down. Chiel receives the apple happily, but as it can’t hold it in its two tiny, short hands, it swallows the whole apple, inflating its body like an apple-shaped balloon. That makes Carolyn laugh. Temperance Saves the Fool (Part 1)

It’s a dark, dense forest. The forest seems different than the Lumien Forest in Lore. The trees are much bigger, and grow in very tight formations, only leaving narrow passages and gaps between them. And it’s of course darker there than Lumien, as the sunlight is more shaded. It’s darker now that it’s almost evening, and one should wish to find himself a good and secure shelter before he can’t see a thing around him at night.

So, the one who dares to tread in the dark forest full of wild animals and savage monsters alone, without sufficient equipments, provisions and even a torch is indeed foolish. And the one who’s foolish enough to do so is Christopher. It’s been three days since he left Robert and his friends in Ingvhus.

Chris is wondering why he came into this place. He had followed the map carefully: walk due south from Borgia, and then as you find a dense forest below the mountains, walk due West, following the mountains. As Chris can’t see the sun in the dense forest and he doesn’t have a compass (Carolyn’s magic staff and Chiel can also function as a magical compass), he should’ve found himself a guide and not relying on the map alone. So, at the end of the day, Chris realizes that he’s lost. He sees the sun sets, but not in front of him, but on his right. So all day he only walk farther south, not west.

Now he’s real frustrated. His rations are depleted, he’s too fatigued he can’t hunt, the trees are too high and large to reach by his sword – they are not fruit trees anyway. Soon he will only depend on leaves, worms and dew to live on. Here he is in the middle of nowhere, penniless, hungry, alone, and pretty much helpless.

Chris is too exhausted, so he sits on a gigantic root of a very large tree, drinking what’s left in his water bottle – and grunts because of unquenched thirst. He wishes he is somewhere else, in a place of comfort and love, a place he can call home rather than this maze of trees full of uncertainty and danger.

Darn, I’m lost, Christopher thinks. I don’t know where to go from here. It all looks the same everywhere. He leans against the big tree and closes his eyes with gritted teeth. Chris, you’re doomed.

Chris tries to take a rest, while he is still deep in regret and distress. He is quite unaware of anything around him, particularly several blinking eyes watching him in the darkness, under the bushes, on top of the trees and in the darker parts of the forest. As Chris closes his eyes for a while, the watchers think that he’s fast asleep and they spring out from their hiding places.

Apparently, the watchers are forest imps, monkey-like monsters with odd-shaped faces and ears, large mouth, sharp fangs, and abnormally long tails and tongues. Their tails are extremely useful to hang on trees, catch their preys and strangle them to death, and move from a tree to another. They’re carnivorous and very savage. They prey on anything or anyone as long as it’s fleshy, and tend to be cannibals when food is very scarce. There are about 30-40 of them, moving silently from above and under the trees and past the bushes towards Chris.

As they loom closer, they bare their fangs, ready to deliver a deadly surprise. A second later, nearly in unison, they scream – a deafening, eerie scream – that means food for them and death for the others.

Chris is startled and terror-struck to see such multitude. He draws his sword Wyrthal as quickly as he can, but he barely swipes it as the imps jump on him from every direction, scratching, and biting. Lucikly their teeth cannot pierce into Chris’ armor, but now they’re aiming for the unprotected parts of Chris’ body – the head and the neck.

Chris swipes his Wyrthal in every direction, and manages to cut an imp’s tail strangling his neck. Under such pressure, he forgets to use his newly trained defensive move, Whirlwind Slash against them. Then suddenly one imp leaps towards Chris right in front of his face, baring its fangs as though is going to swallow Chris’ head as a whole.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Eldest Nominated for 2006 Quill Book Award


Eldest Nominated for 2006 Quill Book Award

Eldest has been nominated for a 2006 Quill Book Award in the Young Adult Literature category. The Quills Book Awards are the only book awards chosen by readers. To vote for Eldest, click here. Online voting continues through September 30, 2006.

The Quills is the first awards program to honor excellence in publishing and include consumers in the voting process. Readers can cast their ballots for their favorites among the nominees for each category, and choose from the finalists in all genres for the “Book of the Year.”

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