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Fireheart Saga
The main, most essential arc of Everna Saga.
Written and Created by Andry Chang.

Fireheart: Legend of the Paladins
The earliest version of Fireheart Saga: Episode III

Book One: The Bounty Hunters
PC Game: Fireheart Paladins EX Version (English)

Fireheart: Legenda Paladin Buku Satu: Sang Pemburu (Indonesian Language)

Book Two: Masks of the Soul

Book Three: The Lion, the Eagle and the Serpent

Fireheart BASH! (Spin-Off Game)

Fireheart Legacy
The revised, rewritten version of Fireheart Saga: Episode III - formerly named "Legend of the Paladins". Author: Andry Chang.

Book One: Crimson Eagle
Buku Satu: Elang Merah (Indonesian Language)
Paperback: TBA
E-Book: TBA

Book Two: Azure Sun
Buku Dua: Matahari Biru (Indonesian Language)
Paperback: TBA
E-Book: TBA

Book Three: Golden Mask
Buku Tiga: Topeng Emas (Indonesian Language)
Paperback: TBA
E-Book: TBA

Book Four: Ivory Tower
Buku Empat: Menara Putih (Indonesian Language)
Paperback: TBA
E-Book: TBA

Book Five: Ebony Dawn
Buku Lima: Fajar Hitam (Indonesian Language)
Paperback: TBA
E-Book: TBA

Stand-Alone Fantasy Anthologies and Novels (Indonesian Language)

Wattpad (Online):

QI XI Bunga Rampai Asmara - Andry Chang dkk.

LOVE AROUND YOU (Romance, Semi/Non-Fantasy) - Andry Chang dkk.

PC Games by Vadis (English Language)

ADILAGA Clash of the Legends - Role-Playing Fighting Game
Download Link:

Fantasy Novels and Stories - Permanent Features:
- Silent Hero by Christine E. Schulze
- The Taleweaver by Tere-Liye

vadisworld - my way, my world

GetAmped Fansite - KICK ASS Inc.

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