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Wednesday, August 27, 2008 The Animorpher - Part 6

Meanwhile, the tide of battle turns in favor for the orcs. They are still too strong for the halflings, three champions and an animorpher.
Carolyn, for instance, is overpowered by two orc grunts in close combat. Learning from experience, the orcs don’t give the sorceress any opportunity to cast a single spell. They only give her internal injuries, quite severe but not deadly thanks to her aura and protection.
Andreas, on the other hand is always assisting Carolyn, though he is defensive almost all the time. Hernan is also overwhelmed. Ze’bog and Chugal attack him ceaselessly, adding more injuries to the one he got from a sleipnir. The animorpher Dejan Pavlovic in wolf form fights most fiercely versus three dire wolf riders, killing one wolf and gets bitten by two others.
Suddenly, a voice echoes loudly throughout the battlefield and Windy Hills.
In the Windy Hills far away, sensing that its master has lost, Barudan hides inside its rocky shell like a turtle, refusing to fight anymore. Petra the Leviathan is wrestling the behemoth and releases its Serpent Hold at once.
‘Hmm? It’s over already? Just when this fight starts to get exciting. You stop fighting when there’s no reason to continue the fight. That’s a wise move, Barudan.’
Petra decides to keep a distance from Barudan, watching it with full alert until it goes away. ‘We’ll continue this fight another time, then.’
Back in the village, Father Andreas and Chiel the micha are tending to the injured champions, halflings and Dar’gum. The Warchief is still weak, but he’s recovering due to the effect of Viavitali spell. He speaks feebly to Andreas.
‘Thank you, priest, for saving my life although you know I massacred the halflings.’
Andreas reacts, ‘I do this not because Prince Alexis told me to. It’s been my duty and calling to save lives, friends and foe alike. Besides, I still remember you spared our friend Robert’s life in Enia’s Sanctum, so you deserve the same treatment. Anyway, you still owe us an explanation. What is your reason to attack and kill these halflings? Is it just to claim the greaves?’
‘There are two. The first is, the halflings refused to surrender it to us. The second... Gather your friends here and I’ll tell them too.’
Andreas immediately does so. Some Ekinmor villagers also come near Dar’gum. They come for one obvious reason: to avenge their slaughtered kin by killing this orc and chipping him into pieces. However, the wise village elder prevents them, saying.
‘Let’s hear for his reasons first. It’s extremely important. After that, it’s up to you.’
The other halflings obey, most unwillingly.
‘Go on, Dar’gum, tell them,’ says Alexis.
Dar’gum begins, ‘Our Khan*) received word that the Light Side is going for the Arsenal of Light and then they will conquer Gremion. The orcs were once allies of the Dark Side, so Gremion is the fist target. To prevent genocide, we must seek out a new land to live in and prevent the Light Side from getting the Arsenal. Only in Ekinmor we can do both at the same time. So, I’m acting under orders of the Khan.’

(* Orc Khan = Khan: Supreme leader, elected by the Chieftains for unification of tribes to become a nation).

Carolyn asks, ‘Tell me, from whom did your Khan get the information?”
The orc replies, ‘I don’t know. The Khan wouldn’t tell me, but compelled me to obey. If I fail, our tribe will be banished.’
Andreas says, ‘Oh well, choices are grim under a Khan like that. So now, your tribe is automatically banished.’
‘Yes,’ says Dar’gum sadly. ‘All the death we’ve caused, our fallen comrades, are for nothing.’
Alexis now speaks, ‘Hear me, Dar’gum. I have a solution. The city of Celc has became ruins since the First Crusade, and ever since no one in Arcadia wants to live there anymore, thinking that the city is cursed.
You and your tribe may reside there and rebuild the city, under conditions that you and your tribe will never attack people anymore, and your tribe will help defend Arcadia if Thalag’dhegan minotaurs and any monster attack.’
‘Sounds like a fair offer,’ says Dar’gum. ‘A fine place to make orcs more civilized, just like I aspired. Free from the Khan’s tyranny. I accept your offer, Red Prince, if you too are true to your words.’
Alexis replies, ‘Don’t worry. My father always listens to my advice. I’m sure you will be accommodated. We’ll arrange the technicalities there.’
‘Very well, then. Now I’ll go and take my people to Celc. Thank you, wise Prince. We will also pay our debt to the halflings on grounds of commonwealth and prosperity.’
The village elder comments, ‘At first, we half-hoped that you and your tribe will perish and that’s still not enough to repay your blood debt. But think again, fellows that revenge is not always the answer.
No good will come from war, even if it’s to defend our own country. If the orcs can become more civilized and peaceful, the blood of our brethren will not be a waste.’
The Ekinmor Elder forgives Dar’gum in spite of the villagers’ protests. He also takes out a carved wooden box and hands it to Alexis, saying,
‘Because you’ve defeated our enemy, the orcs and their champion, you may borrow the Greaves of Diligence. Use them well, and don’t forget to return them to us here.’
Alexis opens the box and stares at the Greaves of Diligence in there, gleaming white light, so pure and sacred. His face looks serious and determined when he says,
‘Yes, I promise with all my heart.’

Sunday, August 24, 2008

3.2.11. The Rising Stars - Table of Contents

FIREHEART – Legend of the Paladins

Book Two: Masks of the Soul


Update: August 24, 2008

Chapter Eleven: THE RISING STARS Oh, To Be a Pirate

Part 01

Part 02 Air Raid

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04 Cristophe’s Princely Return

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

Part 05 A Very Fishy Voyage

Part 01

Part 02 Whispers in the Wind

Part 01

Part 02 Rise of the Lion

Part 01

Part 02 Interlude – The White Castle Sovereign of the Seas

(Exclusive chapter for FireHeart Saga NovelBlog only)

Cristophe vs Avalurch

Celebrating the 601st post in FireHeart Fantasy NovelBlog!

A practice fight of Cristophe vs Avalurch in Adventure Quest web-based rpg online game.
More about Cristophe in
More about Adventure Quest in

EVE Online: Frigs vs. Level IV boss Rachen

Here we show that anything can be dangerous in large numbers. The level IV boss Rachen, a Raven with a tank from hell, was destroyed by a band of mere tech 1 frigates.

EveOnline Dog-Fight

A dog-fight with an npc.

Techno - All Systems go! East Clubbers vs. DJ Muh

Game - Eve Online

Race - Gallente

Area - random deadspace

Ship - Squad Fighter [Incursus]

Player - Anime SkiTz ( Me of course )

Hope you like it. ^^
Please Comment.


Friday, August 22, 2008

ElfHunter - Tales of Alterra

Book I: Elfhunter
"Elfhunter," the premier novel in a new and wonderful series by C.S. Marks, is the first of the tales of Alterra, the World That Is. It concerns the adventures of an unlikely pair of heroines, Gaelen and Nelwyn, who are Wood-elves of the Greatwood Forest. They are drawn into a quest to defend all the Elves of Alterra as they seek to destroy the 'Elfhunter', a monstrous entity intent on exterminating the Elves until none remain.

Book II: Fire-heart
In the second of the Tales of Alterra, the World that Is, the Elfhunter has been laid low, but he is not yet vanquished. Now there is a new challenge to be faced; Orogond has sworn on the grave of his father that he will find his wayward brother, Hallagond, and return him to the way of the Light. But Hallagond has been driven forth by shame, and believes that he is unworthy of redemption. The Company is now set upon a path that will take them into unfamiliar, distant lands filled with strange and intriguing people. Not only will they encounter wonders unknown to any in the northern lands, but they must now face a new, incredibly savage enemy. And all the while, Gaelen of the Greatwood is summoning Gorgon Elfhunter to follow after her, for she would lead him into lands where Elves do not venture. Should he find her, even the strength and will of the Fire-heart might not be enough.

Book III: Ravenshade
Gaelen of the Greatwood has taken a desperate chance in placing Gorgon's ring on her own finger. Now there begins a tale of deceit and promise, of courage, betrayal, dark plans and poisonous alliances. Gaelen and Nelwyn have ventured farther from their homeland than any two Wood-elves in reckoning, but their journey now takes them deeper into desolation, forcing a confrontation that may well end in the downfall of the World that Is. At the heart of it all is the Stone of Léir, and the mighty but forlorn spirit trapped within.

For more about Elfhunter, the second of the tales of Alterra - Fire-Heart, and the third, Ravenshade, visit

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

FireHeart - Author's Note 10 Aug 2008

Author’s Note

Update: August 10, 2008
A Review to FireHeart from the Author’s Point of View

Seeing this NovelBlog and (if there’s going to be any) Printed version of FireHeart Cycle, people may ask how come? Will FireHeart in print be more enjoyable yet less original than the NovelBlog version? Why did the author, Andry Chang put nearly entire content of the Cycle in blogs? Well, I, the author, have prepared an answer for that.

You see, I didn’t make FireHeart for money. It’s simply a way to express myself and a channel for my idealism: events, thoughts and culture that are different and doesn’t happen or exist in the real world (a.k.a. Earth) in modern times, but it happened in Eternia.

So that’s why I also made it in present tense (Blog/First Draft Version) giving the impression that all the events must be real-time, something you and I experience right when we read the book. I want you to think and feel them all: The rush of adrenaline whether Robert is in high emotion, Chris’ grudge that led him into near-madness and terrible anger, and the flow of blood rushing into your head when you, as Robert, kissed Eloise with love overflowing, and the difference between when he kissed Elaine, Carolyn and when he refused to kiss Xylen.

The feeling of family love, a true fatherly love for a son who despised and offended him. The feeling of living in a country that has corruption rooted deep in the culture (though it sounded more extreme than reality, but it happened in a feudal kingdom – inspired by an Indonesian comic strip: Panji Koming by Dwi Koen). Also, it depicted what Justice is all about, viewing justice in a whole new point of view.

It’s all idealism in one package, fellas. It’s not just a full-action novel with kung-fu like moves and display of extreme power. The paperback / commercial version of FireHeart may have refined storytelling, cutting off the elongated speeches of ideality and thoughts to entertain the popular demand, yet the blog version (the draft version) stays. It might not be entertaining, it drew out all kinds of bitter critics (like a medicine for idealism) in the forums from some fantasy-fiction lovers who craved for a greater sensation than Harry Potter, Naruto, Lord of the Rings and Inheritance Cycle (Eragon Saga), Saint Seiya, etc.

No way. Me, an Indonesian of Chinese ethnicity, in my state now can’t afford to pay the literary agents’ fees, as if telling me that I must be rich before I can make a dime out fro this FireHeart Project. So, at the risk of being pirated by plagiators (may lord forgive them) I have no choice but to display the whole content in this blog as if it’s my diary of my journey in Eternia.

And yes, I admit these entries are hard to navigate (as reviewed and recorded). I admit I lack all the education level, the literacy and English language mastery level to make this a grand literature like the classics (like King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Iliad by Homer and Asgard – Ragnarok Saga). Yet, like I wrote in my novel, at least I tried.

It’s a gruelling time since I started this project back in January 2005. I missed out many opportunities since then, but I can’t stop now. I started the journey and I’ve come this far. I played by my own strength, learning, improving my imagination and skill, meeting wonderful people, and last but not least, opening myself to possibilities (or opportunities) beyond the mainstream.

So, for my dedication (recipient undisclosed), here’s what I wrote:

“I’ve lost the sparkle of your eyes along the way, but in return, I’ve found myself”

- Andry Chang, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FireHeart - The Paladins

FireHeart - The Paladins 02 by ~vadis on deviantART

Submitted: December 15, 2006
File Size: 186 KB
Image Size: 153 KB
Resolution: 600×864

Portrayed in this picture are the 12+1 Paladins:
1. Robert Chandler
2. Alexis Deveraux
3. Cristophe Deveraux
4. Hernan y Parvaez
5. Adler von Bachmann
6. Lavennia Iris
7. Carolyn Deveraux
8. Kyflynn
9. Agustina Vyrakova
10. Desmond Edmundsen
11. Andreas Marvellini
12. Eidos Crydias

And the 13th Paladin who will replace one of the fallen:
13. Dejan Pavlovic

Vordac - The Dark OverLord

Vordac the Dark OverLord by ~vadis on deviantART

Vordac, the vanquished Dark OverLord, spawn of Adair (a.k.a. Sodomos) the Dark God
The archvillain in all series of FireHeart Saga. Twice vanquished, but still lingered in this world in form of spirit and sought new "hosts" or "heirs" so he would have a body to come back to life and into power. Banished from hell by his father, Sodomos for trying to usurp the position as Dark God. His soul was doomed to linger in Eternia and Underworld forever until doomsday.

Class: Devil
Age: Unknown
Weapons: Scythe: The Crow, Deathblade Kraal'shazar Zweihander
Nation: None, King of Underworld, conquered Sylvania
Gender: Unisex, always disguised as men but preferred women as host just because he was bored being men all the time.
Job: King of Underworld, Dark OverLord
Nickname: Spawn of Sodomos, the Accursed Traitor, Dark OverLord

Saturday, August 16, 2008

FireHeart Fantasy Music

FireHeart Fantasy Songs

Backup of the Fantasy Music Collections - soundtracks and themes from the greatest Fantasy Games and Movies ever created! Play this while navigating / browsing FireHeart blog and while reading the novel. - BJ Vadis


Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Enter: The Queen of Darkness - Part 2

A Succubus - Image Source: Cloi Succubus from CreativeUncut

That night, in Basilica Vadisium, the freckle-faced Sister Solnii is walking alone from the dining room to the nunnery. She looks worried.
Ah, Robert Chandler... Maybe he didn’t kill the Pope at all. All the things I saw there, the noises I heard, Pope Xylen’s lifeless face haunted me like ghosts in my mind. And after I testified, I felt free at last.
But why? Why did they free him? I testified to get him punished for sure, but they freed him anyway. Insufficient evidence, they said. Oh, Father Vadis, where is thy justice? Are you trying to say that Robert didn’t do it? Then who? Who’s the killer? Ah, I need to know who. My soul wont’ rest until I see the killer is brought to justice.
‘So, you want to see the killer, eh?’
Sister Solnii is startled. It’s a whisper, a voice in her mind, or rather, telepathy.
‘Who are you?’ Solnii turns her head here and there, trying to find the source of the voice.
‘You didn’t answer my question. Tell me... Do you want to see the killer?’
‘Who are you?!’
‘Answer me FIRST!’
Solnii pauses for a while, then she says,
‘Yes, I want to see him.’
‘I can take you to him. Are you sure you want it?’
‘You don’t have to ask twice.’
‘Very well, then. You’ll be gone to see the killer about... now.’
A dagger comes and plunges right into Solnii’s heart! The fooled nun turns and finds a hooded monk holding MacLair’s daggers using the bloody one to finish her off.
‘You...? W-why?’ says Solnii in mortal pain.
‘You will meet the killer shortly,’ says the monk. ‘After your body rots and you turn into an undead.’
With her last breath, Sister Solnii lets out a scream, ‘Undead? No...’ Not this way. That last piece only remains as an unspoken thought as she falls to the floor – and her life is snuffed out of her.
The monk then retracts the dagger, puts it back behind his robe and walks away from Solnii’s dead body as though nothing has happened. He only mutters, ‘Long live the Heir.’
The Ultimatum has taken another soul.


In Lore, Arcadia, Valanis and throughout the continent, the rapidly-rotting victims of the Ultimatum suddenly spring up as skeletons and zombies, wreaking havoc. The mages incinerated the turned-undead corpses unwillingly, preventing a scourge.


Back in the Wyrmspine Pass, the mound of MacLair’s grave is still there, except that it has been broken open. On the grave is a big hole, and the Death Dealer’s body is not inside.

End of Chapter 12
Completion Date: December 30, 2007

Previous Page
Next Page (Next Chapter) Enter: The Queen of Darkness - Part 1

The Succubus Queen. Original Image Source: Naamah by Genzoman Enter: The Queen of Darkness

Back in the Dark Tower Kraal’thragon, in the demonic hell-like throne room, the Archdevil Arachus receives a report from his general, a winged devil with thorns all over his face and body. Arachus looks furious.
‘So you mean, Robert Chandler is now a free man again? Free from the charges of murdering Pope Xylen?’
‘Yes, Sire,’ says the demonic general. ‘I’ve slain the demon that brought this ill tiding, and now I’m waiting for your next instruction.’
‘No, General Tholocaus, you have done enough for now. You may now retire until next summon.’
‘As your command, Milord,’ says Tholocaus, leaving Arachus’ throne room by gliding backwards; his feet don’t touch the floor.
Arachus is back into contemplating when a womanly voice comes.
‘Looks like your plan to make Robert a scapegoat has gone to scrap, Arachus.’
Then a figure comes, walking into the throne room. It’s a scantily clad, winged woman with dense dark aura surrounding her. Her face comes into the dim light – a beautiful face with an evil grin. Her skin is all deathly indigo; her eyes are black with yellowish pupils; two fangs stick out from her blackened lips. Her long, blue hair is flailing like dancing snakes, evoked by her dark aura. She’s a succubus, a she-devil who feeds on lust-generated dark energy.
Arachus snorts, ‘You surely hear things, Archdemoness. How’s your beauty sleep?’
The Succubus Queen - Sketch by vadis
‘Unpleasant, as always,’ says the Archdemoness dryly. ‘I should’ve had company, but it’s hard to find a fine one here in this accursed tower.’
‘In that case you should earn them by scourging other realms. The question is, are you ready?’
‘I won’t say it, but I’ll prove it. Care for a little spar?’
‘A little won’t kill me, but it’ll surely kill my boredom. Let’s!’
The two devils charge into each other in an aerial dogfight. Arachus has immense, brutal power and attacks fiercely with his long deathscythe, Vordac’s Legacy, the Crow. On the other hand, the Succubus Queen attacks with her black claws and she is quicker and more agile than Arachus.
After about a hundred clashes, the Archdemoness accumulates her aura power then unleashes her special attack, the second level of Unholy Seduction: Irresistible Desire. She spirals in mid-air and scratches from every direction. Arachus swings his scythe to block the claws, but the she-devil does a somersault and a scratch, then a double-kick, on and on. Arachus blocks some of the kicks and scratches, but the rest land on his body. With the same energy, her attack doesn’t hurt Arachus much, only minor scratches and pain all over the Archdevil’s body. Then, with another somersault, the succubus lands on the floor.
‘Well, how do you find my Wheel of Pleasure?’ says the Archdemoness mockingly.
Arachus responds, ‘A scratch for my itch, a massage for my back. Now it’s my turn!’
He attacks! He unleashes a big blast of black ray, the Dark Disintegration towards the succubus, who slides aside using her super-speed. The blast misses her by an inch, but it grazes the tip of her wing. The she-devil smiles slyly, but her smile vanishes instantly. Arachus is already behind her! Before the succubus can push herself away from him, Arachus already hugs her, locking his arms through the Archdemoness’ armpits and back of her neck. Then he flies, taking her up to bang her head on the ceiling. About two inches from the ceiling, Arachus rotates in mid-air, kicking the ceiling and dives with double the speed and force to ram the she-devil’s head on the floor.
The Archdemoness shrieks in terror. She doesn’t want to die in her debut after her ‘sleep’. And Arachus comes to an abrupt stop just three inches away from the ground. The two devils just hang in mid-air like being suspended with an invisible thread.
Arachus flips upright and puts his vanquished spar-partner on the floor. Then, he keeps a good distance away from her, anticipating sudden attacks. And he speaks.
‘Well, Archdemoness? Enough for the spar. I see it’s obvious now that I’m still the leader in our attempts to scourge the world – with or without Vordac’s heir. You may be quicker than me, but I’m still more powerful than you.’
‘Indeed, O’ Arachus, my lord. What are your biddings?’ says the Archdemoness, bowing low and kneeling in an absolute submission.
‘I just received word that the Heir is still weak. It’ll take a while more before he can return, so during that time we shall continue to prepare the dark army and eliminate those who have obstructed his way and dangerous to him. Doing so, we shall create chaos and weaken our enemies.’
‘Then I’ll do my part. I’ll gain supporters and open the path for the Heir. I’m sure the Gremion Orcs will love to have larger – and warmer – new territory, also for the goblins and giants there. Just promise them bloodshed, and they will shed their blood willingly for you.’
‘That’s one good plan, Archdemoness, you do that. I’ll do my part too. Firstly, I must get rid of those pesky Champions of Light and the ones who ruined my plans. They must pay, so the world will know that no one messes up with the Dark Forces. Well, by your leave, Archdemoness. I have people to kill.’
Saying so, the blood-red Archdevil spreads his enormous wings and flies away from the throne hall. The Succubus Queen just stands there, staring at Arachus with thoughts in her mind.
Arachus, that fool. He thinks he can lord it over me, eh? Just you wait until my strength is fully restored, and I’ll show you who’s boss. It is I, Vordac’s woman, the Dark Queen.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

FireHeart Paladins Chapter 10 - The Hanged Man

Table of Contents

Update: August 7, 2008

Chapter Ten : THE HANGED MAN Marked and Enlightened Justice and Prejudice (or the Fork Tongue)

Part 01

Part 02 To Trap a Hunter

Part 01

Part 02 Friends in Despair

Part 01

Part 02 A Hangman’s Sorrow

Part 01

Part 02

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

FireHeart World Spread Archive 2008

I'm archiving the ClustrMap for FireHeart Blogspot (this site)
so I can review my target market orientation and see the climate for further steps.
Thank you, ClustrMaps, this is really useful. You guys should have one too!
This map will be reset in August 8, 2008, so please refer to this map to see how far FireHeart Blog is progressing!

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The above map depicts: 12,006 visits from 8 Aug 2007 to 26 Jul 2008
This map is normally updated daily (latest: 2008-07-26 03:44:17 GMT)

Update frequency and previous day count may vary: see below.

Running total of visits to the above URL since 7 Aug 2006: 18,542
Total since archive, i.e. 8 Aug 2007 - present: 12,784

Note: One thing I note, most people are coming here mostly to see the updates on
Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle, Saint Seiya, and Dynasty Warriors 6. However, I'm still glad some paid attention to my project FireHeart Saga, especially after I added the updated table of contents. Still, i'm always say to myself: Come forth, Andry Chang! Fulfill your destiny!

And for you all readers, thank you and may God watch over you.

Cristophe Deveraux

(On Events in Book I: The Bounty Hunters)

Update: July 27, 2008

Other Name: Chris, Ariel, Christopher

Nickname: The Prodigal Prince

Race: Human

Gender: Man

Age: 18

Zodiac: Gemini (Jun 6), The Fool (Tarot)

Nation: Arcadia

Class: Knight / Defender

Job/Status: Monster Hunter / Bounty Hunter

Gears: Long Sword Wyrthal, Raven Shield, Full Mail Armor

Element: Holy Light


Judging from interactions during the story, Chris is known for being an opposite to his cousin, Carolyn. He’s reckless, impulsive, greedy and cowardly.

He dedicates his life for fun, adventure and excitement, so Chris always avoid responsibilities. He is easily swayed by prospects of luxury, and seduced by beautiful women, often endangering his life.

In spite of that, Robert and a few others see a hidden potential in Chris, like a diamond in its rough. Like Spider-man, Chris is going to get a great power – and a great responsibility that follows.

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