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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New from Carrie Ryan: The Dead-Tossed Waves

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New from Carrie Ryan, The Dead-Tossed Waves! A companion to The Forest of Hands and Teeth

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Now in Paperback!

by Christina Meldrum

Addictive, thought-provoking, and shocking, Madapple is a page-turning exploration of human nature and divine intervention?and of the darkest corners of the human soul.

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The Dead-Tossed Waves cover

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The Dead-Tossed Waves
by Carrie Ryan

Gabry lives a quiet life. As safe a life as is possible in a town trapped between a forest and the ocean, in a world teeming with the dead, who constantly hunger for those still living. Read more...

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The Story of Cirrus Flux cover

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The Story of Cirrus Flux
by Matthew Skelton

London, 1783. Orphan Cirrus Flux is being watched. Merciless villains are conniving to steal the world?s most divine power?The Breath of God?which they believe Cirrus has inherited. Now he faces a perilous journey through the dirty backstreets of the city. Read more...

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Edge Chronicles: Freeglader cover

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Edge Chronicles: Freeglader
by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Fleeing from the ruins of New Undertown, Rook Barkwater and his colleagues ? the librarian knights, Felix Lodd and his banderbear friends ? must lead the escaping population to a new life in the Free Glades. Read more

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Bonechiller cover

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by Graham McNamee

Now in Paperback!

From the author: Bonechiller was inspired by a nightmare. The story takes place in a small northern town with a dark secret. Based on a real town where my uncle had a little lakeside cottage we visited in the summer when I was a kid. A place of warm, sun-filled memories... Read more

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hero's Realm

Hero's Realm

An Indie Offline RPG PC Game
Download from:

Lead four heroes and their teams against the evil forces of Mephistocles, the Lord of Demons in this retro-RPG adventure. Toggle between the four heroes as you explore dungeons, ascend towers, spelunk caves, save villages and defeat the forces of evil! Reminiscent of classic RPGs such as Dragon Quest III and Final Fantasy V, Hero's Realm is a fun romp in old-school RPG nostalgia.

-22 character classes (12 base classes, 4 hero classes, 3 secret classes, 3 master classes)
-TONS of game content and sidequests
-Classic NES-era and SNES-era RPG gameplay
-Great music
-Multi-party switching system (like Kefka's Tower in FFVI!)
-Multi-party tactical battles (at least 5 of them!)
-Massive world map

The story is split into 5 chapters, with each of the first four chapters focusing on a new hero, and the 5th chapter bringing them all together.

Chapter 1: Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?
Chapter 2: There is Something Fishy Going on...
Chapter 3: Land of the Rising Son
Chapter 4: True Calling
Chapter 5: The War on Terror

Dragon Fable Necropolis Final Stand

Friday, March 26, 2010

FireHeart - Crossbow Wars Game!

Play directly in this site:


FireHeart Crossbow Wars.swf

Download file from:
FireHeart Crossbow Wars.swf

This is the second FireHeart Game:
Rob's Crossbow Showdown
Version 1.00 Flash Shockwave Game

A Adobe Flash practice game, not for sale
derived from the "Asteroid" game by Alif Harsan

For more about FireHeart Project: Game, Novel, NovelBlog, Manga etc.
please visit


Hold (UP) key: move up,
press (LEFT) to go up left and (RIGHT) to go up right

Hold (DOWN) key: move down,
press (LEFT) to go down left and (RIGHT) to go down right

(SPACEBAR) to shoot bolt arrows

In this crossbow practice, Robert must clear all enemies on the field to sharpen his shooting skills.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

FireHeart Game: Orcbane's Grudge

A demi-boss battle between Robert Chandler and Bragl Dar'gum to resolve an old grudge.
In FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins - The PC Game
Book One: The Bounty Hunters
Chapter Seven, in the Scylla's Chills area.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Nintendo Wii - Official Trailer

Journey to the Underland with Alice in an all new video game inspired by the Tim Burton film and experience a fantastical world of illusions, exploration and unique game play where nothing is quite like it seems.

Use the Mad Hatter and a menagerie of characters to unravel the mysteries of Underland. Explore a strange world, battle enemies and avoid traps. Meet bizarre new characters with unique abilities, solve mind-bending puzzles and play alongside your friends. Unravel the mysteries of Underland and help Alice battle the Red Queen and defeat the Jabberwocky.
I do not own Alice In Wonderland, the movie or this game, it belongs to Disney and Tim Burton.


3.2.14. Day of the Devil - Table of Contents

FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
Book Two: Masks of the Soul

DAY OF THE DEVIL The Last Embrace

part 1

part 2 The Royal Wedding Come Forth, Paladins! Make My Day!

part 1

part 2 Dance of the Devil

part 1

part 2 Rise and Fall of the Paladins

part 1

part 2

part 3 Rise and Fall of the Paladins - Part 3

Cristophe is still fighting the Succubus Queen. The she-devil is a bit astonished at how much Chris has improved since their last fight, with the complete Arsenal of Light and powerful new moves he packed. She pulls away from the fight and looks around. Almost all harpies and winged demons were killed, and some angels and griffin riders are now surrounding the she-devil.

The situation is bad, so she decides to turn away and flee for her life. She heads east, breaking through enemy ranks with her spiraling attack Irresistible Desire, flying away in full speed, shrieking retreat. On seeing their leader fleeing, the surviving harpies and winged demons flee as well.

Chris wants to pursue her, but he is overcome with fatigue from his fighting Archdevil Arachus, and his griffin Acavela is a bit wounded and can’t fly too fast. So, he decides not to pursue her. He can’t call Avariel too. The Archangel is probably chasing Arachus to the doorsteps of Kraal’Thragon.

Now the air units can fully concentrate on the undead forces. The constant bombarding and skewering are enough to make the intelligent undead like banshees and demons scatter and flee, leaving the mindless ones to perish.

Plus now about ten thousand Arcadian reinforcements arrive, overrunning the undead from all sides. In only two hours, not a single undead is left alive.

We won, says Chris in his mind. I can’t believe it at first, but we have defended this city. It’s all Vadis’ will, and whatever the result, I thank him with all my heart.

He rides downwards and lands on top of a high building. As he sees his comrades looking at him, he raises his sword. The crowd cheers thunderously, echoing to the entire city of Myrcalia, except maybe, the palace.

Back in the palace, Chris is most surprised. No one is cheering in there; no one is happy. He wonders, why? He sees Dejan Pavlovic on the entrance and asks, ‘Dejan, what’s wrong?’

The halfling replies, ‘Haven’t you heard? It’s your brother, Alexis. Robert Chandler murdered him.’

A sudden thunder for Chris.
‘That’s what the soldiers said. But I’m not sure...’

Chris grabs and pulls Dejan’s shirt to him, shouting, ‘Don’t play games with me! Tell me, did my brother die? HUH!?’

‘I only heard it from the soldiers! He was murdered on his bed when he was lying there, heavily wounded! I’m going to his room now, but I don’t know the way!’

‘NO! It’s all rubbish! Utter rubbish! My teacher, my closest friend would never do that! My brother is so strong; he wouldn’t be killed that easily!’

‘That’s what I’m going to find out too! Calm yourself, Prince Cristophe! Let’s go to your brother’s room to make sure of things!’

Without answering, still distraught, Cristophe rushes to the royal chambers. He keeps on running and running, ignoring all protocols, manners and his charisma as a Paladin Prince who won the Battle of Myrcalia just now. He only thinks of one thing: My brother is alive. It’s only a rumor, and I’ll prove that with my own eyes. Robert has told me that he wouldn’t have revenge on my brother. I’ll prove that too!

He runs and runs along the royal chambers corridor, bumps into a knight and rushes into his brother’s room. Several Paladins are already in there: Adler, Eidos, Carolyn, Iris and Andreas, all crestfallen. Father Bernides is there too, on the bed, crying loudly like he has lost a son.

Seeing such things, Chris’ heart beats as hard like popping out from his chest. Blood on the floor, blood on the bed, and there he sees – his brother, the Red Prince Alexis Deveraux.

Pale. Bleeding. Cold. Soulless. Dead.

‘Alexis! Brother! No, brother... NOOOO!!!!’

He has lost his mother, and now his brother. Tears flood on his face.

‘Don’t leave me! Father Bernides! You can fix him, right? GO! FIX HIM NOW!’

No. Even the powerful healers Bernides and Andreas cannot resurrect the dead. He just shakes his head, leaving Chris in dismay. Chris kneels and grabs the dried blood on the sheet. His face changes from sorrow to wrath. He looks upwards, shouting at the top of his voice.

‘ROBERT CHANDLER! You traitor! Pay for my brother’s soul! I’ll get you for this, I swear! I’ll hunt you down to the bowels of the world even after my death, and I’ll never rest until I have my revenge – WHATEVER-THE-PRICE!’

The battle was won, but the Paladins were lost
Killed and separated, falling on their rise
No jubilation today, only sorrow
The devil is lost, but is jubilant
What a day, what a day

End of Chapter Fourteen
End of Book Two: Masks of the Soul
Completion Date: May 5, 2008

NAVIGATION: PREVIOUS PAGE Rise and Fall of the Paladins - Part 2

Meanwhile, Robert is still fighting on the palace courtyard when suddenly a soldier comes to him, shouting.

‘Sir Robert! Quick! Come back to the palace! Prince Alexis is critical! Please help him!’

‘What?’ says Robert. ‘Can’t you find Father Andreas, Bernides or all other healers? I won’t be of much help there.’

‘I can’t find them. You’re the first one I found. Please, Sir, you go there first. I’ll find them and get them to the Prince. Please hurry! Sir!’
After asking directions to Alexis’ room, Robert immediately darts into the palace.

It must be the big, dark ball from that Arachus. Alexis must’ve been hit by its full force, and is being destroyed from within. All I must do is to force the dark aura out from him, and then the healers can do their work.

Robert asks around while fighting the undead still swarming in the palace. The royal family section of Palace Levides looks deserted as the royal family and Princess Eloise have already escaped through the secret tunnels.

The white-haired Paladin walks alone through the corridor until he arrives at the third room on the left. He knocks the door three times. There’s no answer. This time Rob shouts, ‘Your Highness, it’s me, Robert! Please open this door!’ Still no answer.

Fearing the worst, Robert draws his saber, Grimlock. He pushes the door open with a jerk and quickly moves inside.


He can’t believe his eyes. There, in Alexis’ room, dead people lay scattered. Two soldiers were slain.

Who killed these men? And... How about Alexis? Oh, no!

There, on the bed, lays Alexis Deveraux the Red Prince. Dead.

He wears no armor, and his body is full of wounds. The biggest wound is right in the middle of his torso, still bleeding. A sword is sticking into that wound. To Robert’s dismay, it’s his father’s kiliji!

No... My father’s sword... How can that be? Isn’t it safe in the Melchior Safehouse vault? Ah, this is a set-up! I must get the sword off him before anybody else finds out!

Just as Robert is about to remove the sword from Alexis’ body, suddenly a soldier rushes in. That soldier is stunned for a moment and then shouts, ‘MURDER! MURDERER! Robert Chandler killed Prince Alexis!’

Robert is most shocked. He’s too late! The trap was set so perfectly, leaving no room for him to do anything to avoid it. Speedily, Robert takes the sword out from Alexis’ body and chases that soldier. Just then five soldiers run along the corridor to intercept him.


Robert used to stop and explain things out to avoid conflict, but this time he just keeps running with his two swords ready. The soldiers also attack him, but all five of them soon fall over. They’re not dead but knocked out at the worst, because Robert hit them with the blunt and flat blade parts of his swords – just like what he did to escape from Vochaux Prison.

Two soldiers get up and chase him. Robert keeps on running away, out of the corridor and towards any terrace. He divides his mind on making his way through the undead and escaping the soldiers chasing him, shouting, ‘CATCH THAT MURDERER, ROBERT CHANDLER! HE’S A TRAITOR! VORDAC’S HEIR!’


Soon, more and more soldiers are after him. Robert now blocks the soldiers too. Overwhelmed, he calls for his guardian.

Algaban! Help! Save me!
What’s wrong, Robert?
I was framed! They think I’m the Heir who killed Alexis! Meet me up in the courtyard terrace!
Which one?
I don’t know, just look around! I need to get out from here...
Suddenly a dagger comes in front of Robert’s throat.

‘Did you do that?’ says a voice.
‘No, I didn’t, Kyflynn.’
‘My thoughts exactly,’ says the dark elf, putting his dagger away, now running along with Robert.

‘Tell Tina, Desmond and the Lorean Knights to escape too, or we’ll going to be in deep trouble.’
‘Got ya, Rob. One more thing.’
‘What’s that?’
‘I trust you.’
‘Thanks, Flynn. You’re a great friend.’

And Kyflynn leaps upwards, vanishing in hyperspeed.

Robert runs and fights on until he finds a doorway to outside, stacked full with undead and soldiers still fighting. So, Rob swings his two swords forward. He pumps his aura and jumps high and far using the skill Green Dragon Assault Strike. He reaches the terrace as he comes down. Robert redirects his fall by attacking a group of ghouls and severing them all without hurting the soldiers.

Algaban, I’m here. Where are you?

What? I can’t see you in this terrace! Another terrace, maybe? I’m coming!

That means Robert must wait, and the undead aren’t letting him do nothing. So, he just shoots them with a long-range attack with two swords: Crossfire Slash. The shot splits and burns the foes. However, another wave of undead comes to Robert.


Oh, no, the chasers again. I should’ve killed and silenced them, but whatever I do, it’ll only make things worse.

Robert chooses to ignore the soldiers and attacks the undead instead. Seeing his action, the soldiers hesitate a bit. They just think that this traitor doesn’t want to kill them, then why he killed Alexis? Personal vendetta, maybe? But in this time of chaos? Killing a fellow Paladin fighting on the same side? That just don’t make sense.

Before the soldiers even make up their mind, someone breaks through their ranks and shouts before Robert.

‘Turn around, Robert! You murderer! Turn and fight me!’

Robert chops a skeleton’s skull and turns. It’s Adler, challenging him.
‘This time I’ll capture you, dead or alive!’

Saying that, Adler attacks Rob with his skill, Fingers of the Blade. Robert blocks it with the random multislash, Dances of Myriad Dragons. The three swords, Grimlock, Kraal’shazar and Rob’s kiliji clash, emitting spectacular flashes of energy that sever the mindless undead nearby.

And then, Adler suddenly changes his blow to Singular Voice of Truth. Before he thrusts forward, a serial hit blocks and diverts his sword away. Adler spins once and just stands in balance when he sees Don Hernan y Parvaez standing between him and Robert Chandler, pointing the Albatross Rapier at him.

‘What’s the meaning of this, Don?’ shouts the Viscount.

The Don replies, ‘You may not lay a finger on him. I don’t think he murdered Alexis.’


Suddenly, a gust of wind drives all the combatants away! Everybody looks up, and there she is, Algaban the gigantic dragon landing on the courtyard. Seeing this, Robert immediately jumps, climbs and rides on dragonback. With a jerk, the dragon lifts up with her passenger and flies away quite fast. No one in the courtyard dare to attack or shoot this ancient beast, and they just let the fugitive fly away with her, up, up to the sky until they see them no more.

Adler just grits his teeth, turns to Hernan standing by his side and says coldly, ‘You and I are no longer partners. Now, you are my enemy!’

NAVIGATION: PREVIOUS PAGE - NEXT PAGE Rise and Fall of the Paladins - Part 1

Some time back, the Arcadians are outnumbered. Everywhere in the city, more and more citizens and soldiers fall victim to the superior, brutal forces. The city gates are all open, and a multitude more of soldiers and creatures of darkness storm into the city. The citizens are like lambs for slaughter, and each soldier must fight three or four undead at once.

Sir Harman and some Arcadian knights lead the defense of the castle walls. The ballistae and archers shot through a few winged demons and harpies, but causing more damage to the city buildings too.

An Arcadian Knight complaints, ‘They attack so suddenly! We didn’t even have a chance to call the griffin riders!’

The captain of the palace guards comments, ‘But, where’s Dejan? He’s supposed to help us here in the fight.’

‘As an eagle or a wolf? I don’t think so. He won’t be much help here. So, he went off by himself to find help,’ says Sir Harman.

‘I hope help will come soon. If not, we’ll be finished. Moreover, it’ll be night soon, so the flyers will be more difficult to hit...,’ says the knight, shivering in dread.

The officers stop talking at once when a winged demon shoots a fireball, smashing a ballista nearby. Another demon also shots and makes a big crack on the castle wall.

Come on, Paladins, Sir Harman wishes in his thoughts. Finish your fight there and come here to help us. We won’t hold out much longer.

The harpies and demons keep on storming. They also target the troops in the city. Sir Eldric who leads the Lorean soldiers outside the castle walls fights bravely, befitting his nickname, the Diehard. He even single-handedly slays an abomy *). The Succubus Queen sees that feat from above and shrieks to the harpies near her. And then, they dive almost altogether.

(* Abomy: Undead giant who likes to devour corpses and grows abnormally, abominably fat from undigested flesh and blood within.

Eldric sees that and sweeps his Claymore upwards, splitting a harpy in half. The second harpy grabs his helmet with her claws, and Eldric thrusts into that winged monster’s gut. Blood sprays through his helmet visor, into his eyes. Before he can do anything about it, someone grabs him from the back. It’s the Succubus Queen!

The next thing he knows is he’s being borne from his horse, up, up to the sky, and the she-devil takes him flying away from the city. Eldric knows it. This time he is certainly going to die easy, and his body is going to be difficult to find.

Now, without Eldric, the Loreans and Arcadians’ morale drop, and the Dark Forces charge on forward to total victory. The defenders are overwhelmed.

Suddenly, something breaks out from the palace through the windows. Sir Harman and the knights look back and see Archdevil Arachus. All of them lie down, terrified. But the devil just flies past them. He’s fleeing.

Shortly after, the Paladins fight their way out of the palace.
Cristophe asks, ‘Where’s the devil just now?’ and one soldier in the courtyard says, ‘He already flew away.’

Gritting his teeth, Cristophe looks at his own hand holding the sword. He raises Excalibur up high and then shouts,
‘An Avariel Aschi!’

The sword glows white, but no portal comes out. No Avariel, no Archangel, nothing!

Perhaps I don’t have enough mana for summoning him? Chris thinks, while Robert successfully summons his guardian, the Ancient Red Dragon Algaban.

Alas, the dragon can’t fly fast enough to catch up with Arachus. She only engages Tholocaus and other flyers. A big fire blast is enough to each the critters a lesson of not to mess with her. Tholocaus, however, avoids the blast and attacks her fiercely.

Amidst the battle, Chris makes a second attempt to summon Archangel Avariel. Instead of the Archangel’s coming, a voice is ringing in Chris’ mind.

No need to summon me. I’m already here with reinforcements. I’m engaging Arachus now.

Chris immediately looks up, and there they are! The reinforcements have arrived! From the east, come a number of angels and aelis flying in high speed. Behind them comes the Airship Aurora, shooting its ray cannons at the demons and harpies with incredible accuracy.

Not only that. From the south comes Dejan Pavlovic the halfling, riding the red griffin Acavela, charging on the enemy flyers. And he’s not alone. Behind him come an angel and the legendary Griffin Riders of Gryveil, the Pride of Arcadia. They are about a hundred strong, all riders wearing chain mails and red uniforms bearing the Arcadian Silver Eagle on each. Each of them wields a spear, a bow, a lance or a halberd reinforced with elemental aura. This elite squad is a rival only to the Dragon Riders of Borgia.

Dejan rushes to Chris’ side. ‘Prince Cristophe! Acavela is here!’ Saying so, he lands near the prince, who enthusiastically say thanks and rides his steed. Dejan then turns into a wolf and continues to fight.

The battle now heats up. Now the defenders are winning in the air. Sometimes, the griffins and angels help the ground units who are still outnumbered, bombarding the undead with explosives and aura blasts. The aid from the air units boost the troops’ morale, especially when a rider sweeps down and runs through two zombies and one skeleton with his lance, making a shish-kebab out of them with one blow. The troops cheer and attack more fiercely than ever.

Seeing this situation, the demonic general Tholocaus breaks away from his fight against Algaban. Just as he is about to rally his flyers, an angel attacks him. The distracted Tholocaus blocks the angel’s sword with his right arm – extraordinarily tough with his Armored Skin of Thorns – hooking the sword and disarming the angel. Desperate, the angel uses this momentum to move to Tholocaus’ back and grapple his limbs so he can’t move. As all the others are busy, the angel brings Tholocaus up and shouts aloud.


Quazar the centaur, captain of the Aurora hears the shout from afar and shouts, ‘FIRE THE GRAND CANNON!’

As the cannon concentrate the fire on the big parabolic plate below the figurehead, Tholocaus begins to panic and franticly struggles to get loose. The angel tries hard to maintain his position and begins to bleed all over by the thorns on Tholocaus’ body and wings.

Just as the devil is about to shake loose, the cannon fires! Dread shows on Tholocaus’ face – There’s no way he can avoid the Grand Rayblast. The angel, however, smiles on the face of death, singing praises to Vadis. The blast runs through both of them, disintegrating every part of their bodies until no trace of them is left.

The airship crews stand on their posts and bow their heads, in honor of the valiant angel, whose worthy sacrifice deprived the Dark Forces from one of their strongest generals. Knowing this, the fellow angels and aelis also sing their praises to Vadis because one brother is coming home to heaven.

The Succubus queen just came back from ‘processing’ Sir Eldric from the Diehard to the Dead. She shrieks upon the loss of her fellow general. Seeing Cristophe among the combatants, the she-devil flies to him.

‘Pay for Tholocaus’ death, you whelp!’ She shrieks.
Chris turns to face her, blocking her claws, saying,
‘Let’s finish what we missed out last time.’

So continues the fight between Cristophe and the Succubus Queen that started in Griffin Cliff.



Calypso - Goddess of The End
An unholy fusion between Vordac, Kraal'shazar and Eloise

Spoiler for
FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
Book Three: The Lion, the Eagle and the Serpent
by Andry Chang

Calypso - Goddess of The End by ~vadis on deviantART

Maven Istravel

Maven Istravel
the Elf thief / archer
a chara in "Maven" by Andry Chang
Tales of Eternia Project

Maven Istravel by ~vadis on deviantART

Reyl Adelant

Reyl Adelant
the Swordsman - Merchant

A Chara in "Maven" by Andry Chang
Tales of Eternia Project

Reyl Adelant by ~vadis on deviantART

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

RPG Maker VX Resources - FaceSet, Sprites and Screenplay Editor for Photoshop vol 2

RPG Maker Tools / Editors for Adobe Photoshop
Used in FireHeart Project by Andry Chang

RPG VX Single Sprites Editor
(To be saved in filename example: $sprite.png)
RPGVX Sprites Single Editor2.psd

RPG VX Character Pictures Maker
To fit perfectly in the game display.
rpgvx character pics maker2.psd

Game Title and Scenes RGB Editor
Making title screen, customized scenes with original/cropped pics, etc.
Game Title and Scenes RGB 2010.psd

RPG Maker VX Chara Face 8 cells like defaults. - Volume 2
RPG Maker 8 facefilemaker2.psd

RPG Maker FaceMaker Single
For example, cut the face file from Moromaga editor and put it in the 96 x 96 pixels template and then transfer them in the 8-face template above.
RPG Maker FaceMaker-96x96-2.psd

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