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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Odyssey 3D Animation Film


The Odyssey 3D Animation Film
The movie focuses on Odysseus, the
Greek King of Ithaca and his journey home after the ten-year Trojan War.
When he reaches Ithaca, he has to face a group of suitors, who want to
marry his wife.
The Odyssey is a 3D Animation movie that I made based
on the Homre's poem. Directed, produced by me. Music is also created by



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

GODS OF WAR by Karel D.K.

Gods of War

Authored by Karel D.K.

The power of an ancient deity.
Twin brothers, Ares and Mars Hansen are estranged from the world. Their lives have been filled with endless hours of moving around and changing schools. And it's because they possess the power of gods.

The rage of an anguished god.
When they sense another like them has been killed, the twins realize that someone is hunting them and seeking powers like theirs. And so, they decide to stay one step ahead. To do that, they must journey to the Land of Pharaohs; Egypt, searching for the power of a god of war. As Ares and Mars endure another long voyage, they find themselves in the heart of the Pyramid of Khafre. But the plan to find the person responsible may prove to be a trap.

The sacrifice of a brother.
With Mars missing and only a mysterious girl to trust, Ares now must go around the world to find his brother. Time is catching up as the world is on the verge of another war. And Ares finds himself triggering the wrath of a formidable foe while the secret of his power finally uncovers.

Publication Date:
Jul 15 2015
1515072673 / 9781515072676
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
5" x 8"
Black and White
Related Categories:
Fiction / Fantasy / General
About the author:
Karel D.K. was born in 1991, in a small town on western shore of Indonesia. Left home at 14 to Malaysia, where he studied from high school through first year of degree, He is now living in Brisbane, Australia.

Karel began writing when he was 7, spending weekends writing fan fiction of Power Rangers, X-men and other superheroes stuffs. Later, his love for superheroes expanded to sci-fi ( Star Wars fan, he is) and Fantasy ( Thanks to Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings ). After he left high school, he thought he wanted to become a mechanical engineer, and writing was abandoned for most of his Pre-U and first year of Uni.

Now studying Physics in University of Queensland after no longer able to study engineering, he is taking writing courses in order for him to do what he loves the most, writing Science Fiction and Fantasy and liberating voices in his head that are screaming to be written.
Available for purchase in: 
E-Book format : -
Paperback: (Information Update Soon) 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Faerie Blood by Angela Korra'ti

Faerie Blood (The Free Court of Seattle #1)

Kendis Thompson of Seattle thinks she's as normal as the next computer geek, and up till now, she's been right. But her world is about to turn on its ear, for she is the daughter of a Seelie Court mage and her mortal husband--and her faerie blood is awakening. Suddenly the city she's known all her life is transforming before her eyes. Trolls haunt the bike trails. Fairies and goblins run loose in the streets. An old woman who is not what she seems and a young wanderer running from his past stand ready to defend Seattle--and Kendis--from magical assault. She will need those allies, for the power rising within her is calling her fey kin to the Emerald City to find her. And kill her.

Faerie Blood was originally published by Drollerie Press in 2009. This new second edition has been updated by the author, and includes new cover art and design.
ebook, 2nd edition, 257 pages
Published June 28th 2012 by Low Orbit Publications (first published May 2009)
original title
Faerie Blood
edition language

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Terminator vs Robocop. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 4.



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Hi, my name is Nice Peter, and this is EpicLLOYD, and this is the Epic Rap Battles of History, Season 4.

We hang out here:

Filmed on a Canon C500 camera,
and Canon Compact Cinema Zoom Lens.

Big thanks to Sam Macaroni for letting us use his Robocop suit.
Check out his sketch Robocop: Mall Security

Also, thank you to the Youtube Space LA
for linking us up with the Terminator himself.
Check out: "Terminator Genisys: The YouTube Chronicles"

▼ CAST ▼
Robocop: Nice Peter

Terminator: EpicLloyd

▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers: Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist
Co-¬Executive Producer: Michelle Maloney
Directed by: Nice Peter
Co-¬Director: Mike Betette
Co-Producer: Atul Singh
Written by: EpicLLOYD, Nice Peter & Zach Sherwin
Staff Writer: Dante Cimadamore
Writer: Mike Betette

Song Produced by: Nice Peter & Jose "Choco" Reynoso
Mixed by: Nice Peter and Jose "Choco" Reynoso

Beat Produced by Diamond Style Productions

Video Editing by: Andrew Sherman, Ryan Moulton, and Nice Peter
Director of Photography: Jon Na
Costume Designer/Art Director: Sulai Lopez
VFX and Compositing: Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton
ed209 Animated by ForrestFire101
Dept. Head Make Up and Hair: Ashlyn Melancon
Key Make Up Artist: Tara Lang
Gaffer: Kurt Schmidt
Music Supervisor/Playback: Dante Cimadamore
Asst. Production Coordinator: Shaun Lewin
Grip: Yev Belilovsky

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I think that's everything. As always, thanks for watching, and being here with us.

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