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Monday, February 03, 2014

Archive Note - Fantasy Novels in FireHeart Blog

I list some of the fantasy novels either introduced or reviewed in FireHeart Blog. For my archive and reader's note only. - Andry Chang

fantasy novels
  1. A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
  2. David Eddings - Dreamers Book 1 - The Elder Gods
  3. David Eddings - Dreamers Book 2 - The Treasured One
  4. David Eddings - Dreamers Book 3 - Crystal Gorge - Excerpt
  5. David Eddings - Dreamers Book 4 - The Younger Gods - Excerpt
  6. David and Leigh Eddings - The Younger Gods (Book 4 of the Dreamers) Review
  7. Dracula - Bram Stoker
  8. Embrace the Highland Warrior - Anita Clenney
  9. Fantasy Novel Book Trailers - August 2012 Compilation
  10. Fawcetta Book Trailer - 2...Voices and Echoes of the Coliseum vol. 2
  11. FireHeart in Frankfurt Book Fair 2013
  12. Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
  13. Gulliver's Travel by Jonathan Swift
  14. Have you read more than six of these books?
  15. Inheritance by Christopher Paolini (Preview Video)
  16. JAKE WEST The Keeper of the Stones - Book Trailer
  17. Lunula - Alyssa Auch
  18. Mana (Book One of The Mana Saga) by Asher Tensei - New !!
  19. Robin Hood - Howard Pyle
  20. Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin - Book Trailer
  21. Silent Hero by Christine E Schulze
  22. Strange Lands: The Kill Order, Blood Magic, and a Grave Situation
  23. The Archer's Heart Serialized E-Book
  24. The Book of the Forsaken by Yannis Karatsioris
  25. The Crimson Time - A Vampire Crawl
  26. The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens
  27. The Flame in the Mist | Book Trailer
  28. The Golden Ashfruit (The Yggdrasil Saga)
  29. The Inheritance Almanac On-Sale Today and Enter a Super Fan Contest!
  30. The Islands of the Moon - River Jackson
  31. The Last Battle of the Starswords
  32. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
  33. The Ring of Knowledge
  34. The Ringmaster's Gambit by Yannis Karatsioris
  35. Vadis Review - The Book of the Forsaken by Yannis Karatsioris - New !! Break into the Dark - Part Two

The Wasteland Parts of Sylvania, near the Necropolis of Crypton

The Allied Forces waste no time. They immediately use the advantage they got from the ambush and storms into the Necropolis of Crypton, an x-shaped citadel with its walls all black and full of frightening carvings and statues of devils and evil deeds.
            Outnumbered, the undead in the city scatter and flee, going back to Kraal’thragon where the main stronghold of the Dark Forces is, the core source of dark mana in this territory.
            Chris and the Allied Forces enter the city gloriously. There are actually people living in this place, but they all look glum and without expression on their faces. They are actually slaves (and food) for the undead and vampires, bred with stale food and rotten meat, just like cattle for the wolf.
            Looks like they can’t help us in this war. It takes years even to make them realize that they’re human. In short, we must win this war for them first before we can ask for their help in any war. Well, time to set off again...
            Chris just shrugs and turns away when suddenly...
            BOOOM!! BOOM! BOOM!!! BOOM!!
            War drums! And it’s not ours! The sound, rhythm, loudness... It’s... Orcish!
            Riding his griffin, Chris rushes to the front and joins Rael’charon and the Paladins there. Sound of war drums comes from all directions. Chris soars up with Acavela, looks around and his face becomes pale. Myriads of orcs, monsters, undead and VAMPIRES surround Crypton, filling the whole area like sand on the shore! The dark flyers also fill the cursed sky of endless night, continuous lightning and thunder happening every now and then.
            No... we are trapped in the city again. The Dark Forces have expected us all along and only put a small fraction of their forces in Crypton! The rest of their forces went off quite a distance and hid so our flyers couldn’t detect them, and now, it’s the whole of us and the whole of them, and all heaven and hell break loose!
            Oh Vadis the Merciful, protect us, your children in your loving hands, and let Thy will be done!
            With that thought, Cristophe, the Heir of Vadis raises his sword, shoots a line of light straight into the sky and shouts thunderously, ‘Praise Vadis! To him be all glory!’
            Hearing that voice, the Crusaders are reminded again of what they’re fighting for and the source of their hope: It’s not Vadis’ Heir, but Vadis himself comes and fights alongside them. Driven by this knowledge, all Crusaders even the least religious ones shout in unison, ‘Praise Vadis!’
            Rael’charon the Grand Marshal shouts out instructions, ‘Infantry, form phalanxes*) outside the walls! Archers and mages, get ready to shoot the enemies from the walls! All other units, standby inside the city! Iris, Hernan, defend the Northwest wall! Kyflynn’s team, Southwest! Adler, Dejan, Ney, Northeast! Robert, Carol, Eidos and me will stand on Southeast wall. Ivor and Chris, as usual, will handle air units. Go, go, go!’

(* Phalanx = Wall of spears and shields formation, also widely used in our world by the ancient Greeks and Corinthians. Very effective against cavalries. Break into the Dark - Part One

What awaits you at the entrance of the Land of Everlasting Night? Break into the Dark

            ‘Unnh...,’ Cristophe, the Emperor of Arcadia opens his eyes.
The next thing he sees is Carolyn’s face so close to his. His sight is still blurry, and he becomes fully awake when his cousin suddenly breaks away from him, rushes out from the tent to inform the others and shouts, ‘The Emperor is awake! The Emperor is awake!’
Awake? That means I’ve been asleep for a while! Ah, my head is still aching, I can’t remember a thing. Oh, no! I remember now. I fell unconscious during battle and Robert brought me all the way to safety.
Suddenly, worry strikes him like a thunder bolt, and he tries to get up – with no avail.
Urrgg! Guess I’m still too weak to move.
Just then Carolyn rushes in and shouts, ‘Your Majesty! Please just stay in bed and don’t move a lot. Let us explain everything to you.’
At the same time Rael’charon, Robert, Hernan, Ivor, Kyflynn, Iris, Eidos and Dejan Pavlovic enter the tent, all seem relieved and calm. As Grand Marshal, of course Rael is the first to talk.
‘Your Majesty, thank Vadis you’re awake.’
‘How long have I been unconscious?’ Chris asks.
‘Three days. Our healers have been working intensively, and your wounds are all healed. However, you still need rest, and I’ll work amongst you from now on.’
‘What about Dalamar? Did we recapture it?’
‘Yes, Your Majesty. The tide of battle turns in our favor after the first division came, and when I arrived with the Valanian mages, the Succubus Queen sounded full retreat. The Dark Forces left quite a mess in the city, so we decided to set up tents and rest in open spaces.
Adler is reorganizing the troops and Ney and her team are extinguishing fire in the city to prevent our camp from being burned. Our losses are heavy, yet we still have enough men to go on with the Crusade. Dejan has brought help from Halethia and Edel, and we’ll be ready to march again in one day or so.’
Chris stares straight into Rael’charon’s eyes and says, ‘Anyway, there must be a good reason of the Valanians’ delay.’
‘Yes, Your Majesty,’ says Rael calmly without a thing to hide. ‘Not all things went as planned. The Terranovan dark elves attacked us, although we took the path through Lorna Sea as I’ve suggested.
We battled in the harbor, and when we were cornered, the pirates led by Sheena Mekh’ta came to the rescue. We finally escaped by the ships, and the pirates escorted us to the coast of Castoria. I thanked Sheena earnestly. The Pirate Queen didn’t want any reward and went off to assist the Allied Fleets instead.’
Hearing that, Chris doesn’t press this matter further. He nods and says, ‘Though we are clear of Sheena’s intentions, I must admit she has helped us so many times during this war. Just let her be with the fourth division fleets.
Speaking of the first and third division, how did they fare?’
‘The first division has recaptured Freidle, and then charged through Ballax and Handelburg without much trouble. The Borgian troops chose to stay in their homeland, getting their well-earned rest after all the battles they’ve been through. One thing that delayed them was that the Heir of Vordac showed up and fought in Freidle.’
‘WHAT?’ Cristophe is shocked to hear that. ‘Wait, if the Heir was there, then Robert...’
‘Robert also fought the Heir along with Kyflynn, Desmond, Tina and Hernan. So, I believe he is not the Heir.’
‘I see. That means all Robert said was true. Forgive me if I ever doubted you, my friend,’ says Chris to his ex-mentor, Robert.
‘That’s all right, Your Majesty,’ says Robert, reassuring him.
‘... Vordac’s Heir in Freidle, and I, Vadis’ Heir in Merida and Castoria. Hmm. He must’ve had a good reason to show up there and not here to face me.’
‘Precisely, Your Majesty. He just came to help Nöac and test his strength. Apparently, his power was not stable, so he fled, and all Dark Forces fled with him.’
‘Hmm. Some might say that was a glorious victory, but I say that’s a warning. The Dark Forces are regrouping in Sylvania, where they are the strongest and the dark mana is the densest,’ says Chris with resentment. ‘The fight ahead is got to be much, much harder for us.’
‘You’re right, Your Majesty. That’s why we need all the rest, strength, help and blessing we can get. We’re going to break into the dark and there’s no turning back.’
‘So, how about Sir Vincent and the third division?’
This time Dejan speaks up, ‘Here’s my report. I have guided Sir Vincent and we have found Genilda Yemima. Commander Rael was right. The orcs went to defend Freidle, only one third of their forces is in Bresconnor. Genilda was in a great despair because the orcs kidnapped her daughter Marjan, and Sir Vincent kept her from acting rashly.
So, I left the third division in their care and went to Edel and Halethia to get help.’
‘Hmm. It seems Genilda and Sir Vincent will make a great pair together. Very well, then. I now hereby re-transfer the authority as Grand Marshal to Commander Rael’charon. The fights ahead will be much harder, yet we still believe Vadis shall guide us to the path of victory and deliverance. With this faith, we go forth!’
Go forth, Paladins! Fulfill Your Destiny!

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