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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lavennia Iris the Elf Enchantress

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Class :

Ranger + Enchanter, Bard, Archer + Guardian = Nature Paladin

Race : Elf

Nation : Thyrine

Best Weapon :

Wysteria (Yggdrasil’s Bark) Longbow, Elven Kris Dagger, Small Harp

Best Armor : Enchanted Green Dancer’s Dress with Enchanted breastplate, shoulder & arm braces, and enchanted long boots.

Guardian :

Yggdrasil, The Guardian Force Of Nature

Eshmyria, The Guardian Force Of Wind

Skills / Spells :

Yggdrasil’s Enchantments :

- Nervatr / Omninervatr : Single / Mass Protection against magical attacks and effects, effect lasts for a full day (approx. 24 hours).

- Yggfhylshazar : Sharpen and toughen weapons and armor

- Nur Halizei : Cure Poison

- Yggseimathu : Regenerate and heal wounds in a quickened natural way.

Eshmyria’s Spells :

Eshmyr : Wind Slash

Eshmyriad : Hurricane

Raduyev Eshmyriad : Typhoon

An Eshmyria Aschi : Summon Eshmyria

Rota Vaishazar : Twister Tempest

An Eshmyr Guilarr Aschi : Summon Wind Elemental

Description :

A typical show-off and a bit flirty (but is steady with one boyfriend at a time). Being an 80-year old elf on her first appearance in this story, Lavennia Iris acts bossy and show-off her talents to influence people and gain respect, because she doesn’t get it in Thyrine. She looks like a teenage elf, a bit under 16 in human age reckoning, but she already gets the thirst and hunger for adventure. She gets bored easily over monotonous works.

What she really seeks in life is love, which is rather seldom happening among fair Thyrinian elves.

Tarot Sign : Temperance

Andreas Marvellini the Priest - Characters

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Class : Priest + Guardian = Wisdom Paladin

Race : Dwarf

Nation : Grad – Valanis

Best Weapon : Healers’ Axe-Staff of Gloria Vadis

Best Armor : Robe Of Holy Light – the Vadis Priests’ uniform

Guardian : Galatea the Protector (in holy energy that empowers spell only)

Skills / Spells :

- Vitali : Heal

- Viavitali : Great Heal

- Omnivitali : Mass Heal

- Galatr : Protect

- Omnigalatr : Mass Protect

- Delmetr : Dispel Magic

- Omnidelmetr : Mass Dispel

Description :

Fatherly and good natured, this elderly dwarf always says, ‘It’s hard being a nice guy, but I like being nice and I like hard work, so there’s no problem.’

His love for family and his determination to help people with the craft he does best: healing collides with his brethrens’ principles and belief, so he learnt Vadisian and came back to his homeland with a new faith. His mission to bring cure and salvation to his people will cause him to do so many sacrifices: separated with his family, scorned by his brethrens, prosecuted by the leaders, and who knows what else next.

In spite of his sufferings, he stays calm and cheerful as usual. He is the ‘father’ of his hunting party. He cools things down when his much younger partners begin to heat up and quarrel with each other, with witty advices and sometimes mild jokes.

His dwarf name (real name) is Rollo Bigstumble. He has a wife, Uli Nockimble and two children, Ivor Bigstumble and Eni Bigstumble.

Ivor Bigstumble is also known as ‘Ivor the Beardless’, the one and only beardless dwarf warrior in Grad, and (because of that) is the most handsome dwarf in Grad in his time.

His weapon is a hammer "Haerkjeld", a gift from the Dwarven King (Grand Trow) Haägi Thornhelm.

He’s hardheaded but can be easily influenced by the person he respects.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November Newsletter

November 17, 2006

Kvetha Fricäya. Greetings Friends.
Today is my birthday. Thank you to all who sent me their well-wishes.

And today is also the first day the various Eragon video games are
available in stores. Vivendi sent me copies of them a few days ago,
and I've been having fun playing the Xbox 360 version.

I have to admit, having an Eragon game is pretty cool. Over the past
day-and-a-half, I ran straight through the game with one of my
friends, playing in co-op mode. We beat every level and found all the
hidden dragon eggs, which unlock extra content. One of the things that
impressed me is just how much work the folks at Vivendi and Stormfront
studios put into the game—from the orchestra they hired to record the
music to the in-depth interviews they included. I usually played as
Eragon, but I also spent time as Brom and Murtagh, both of whom have
their own unique strengths in battle.

The Xbox 360 game has two extra levels. One is set in the ruins of the
dwarf city Orthíad, and it contains a version of the star rose
sapphire, Isidar Mithrim, and the central chamber of Tronjheim. This
is one of the gamemakers' tributes to the book, and it gave me chills
when I saw it. The chamber isn't a mile high, but it's pretty tall
nevertheless. Who knows, perhaps the dwarves constructed a practice
version of Tronjheim in Orthíad, their old capital, before moving to
Farthen Dûr. . . .

I checked The Fortunes of Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini, out of
the library yesterday. Sabatini also wrote Scaramouche, which was
turned into two different movies of the same name. The first was
silent. The second, with sound and color, contains one of the greatest
swordfights in film history. It's right up there with the duel from
The Princess Bride.

Here's the opening line from Scaramouche: "He was born with the gift
of laughter, and a sense that the world was mad."

"Wind howled through the night, . . ."
The high winds that our area is famous for have come back full force.
We've had gusts of sixty-eight miles per hour, and the steady freight
train of wind has blown for the past two weeks. Trees, signs, and
tractor-trailers blown over, power lines down. Snow blankets the
mountains. Winter has arrived.

All the best. And may your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

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and Tamora Pierce!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

FireHeart - Paladins Sketches by Daniel Endro

I can't believe this!
Somebody actually made his own version and sketches from my work:
FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins.

Can you guys do me a favor? Comment on his sketches and let me know what you think.
Maybe I'll give him a generous consideration for my novel illustrations or even comic series.

These are the links to the sketches by Daniel Endro from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Please check it out. I'll give you direct links to these pics on the next post.

Cherokee Mystic's Arts

I Love art and am an artist myself, I am a fantasy artist and love painting anything that deals with fantasy or mythology so if anyone thinks they have what it takes and would like to be included in any of my upcoming paintings then feel free to contact me.

Well, just click on this link to contact Cherokee Mystic and view some of his artworks.

FireHeart Saga Project - Author's Note

Project Overview and Description:

FireHeart Project is an epic fantasy romance intended to reach mainly young-adult readers (age 12 and up) and readers of all ages. The series are mainly about heroism, love and how the power of love can conquer evil – in a supernatural manner.

The first written episode of the series is not Episode 1, but FireHeart Episode 3 – Legend of the Paladins. The first mainstream storyline is about the forbidden love between the soldier, Robert Chandler and the princess, Eloise Galford. Robert must also face two other men, the brothers who compete to marry Eloise. The second storyline is about the return of Vordac the Dark Lord and the gathering of paladins to vanquish him once again, once and for all. Can love, justice and righteousness prevail over evil again?

The readers of FireHeart novels will be thrilled and made curious of many things: Who’s the real culprit behind all the chaos? Will the lovers unite at last or trapped in a more complex chain of attractions? Will the heroes win or fail – even lose their lives? Will the evil be vanquished at last, or will it leave more problems in the future? And the readers will also be greatly entertained with a healthy dose of unorthodox action, fighting and battle scenes and educated by a bit of philosophy and poetry, how people act in various situations and what being mature is all about. After reading this book, the reader will get a better picture of what’s the difference between a child and a mature (grown up) person and be motivated to be mature and positive-minded and not be afraid to lose all the fun when we are grown up. Grown up people can have decent fun too.

In comparison with the famous fantasy genre titles like Lord of the Rings, Narnia, works of David Edding and Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini, FireHeart is unique in every aspect of its making. The elements of the story comprises a blend of: Europe-like background in medieval settings, Japanese anime-manga style, action role-playing games-like puzzles and story mechanics and fighting scenes greatly influenced by Chinese Kung-Fu novels and comics. So, this novel is the writer’s rather ambitious project to make an ideal fantasy novel, or in other words, ‘the mother of all fantasy.’ Like Narnia, this novel uses simple and easily understandable English, but with modern speech, feel and character interactions like Xena the Warrior Princess and A Knight’s Tale (starring Heath Ledger).

About the Author:

Andry Tanuwijaya (pseudonym : Andry Chang), an Indonesian, is a freelance translator. He began making cartoons since elementary school, and his comic strips and cartoons were first published in high school magazines. Being adept in English language in his work, and his liking to comics, role-playing games, novels and classic literatures, Andry made his first novel, FireHeart – Legend of the Paladins Book One from January 2005 to April 2006. He actively made short stories and poetries ever since, and all of them were published in his weblog. Now he is writing the second book of The Paladins trilogy, Masks of the Soul.

Andry Chang
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pencuri Yang Insyaf

Tales of Eternia: FireHeart Mini-Story (in Indonesian Language) for kids.
Pencuri Yang Insyaf

Alkisah di kerajaan Halethia, hiduplah seorang pencuri yang amat terkenal, Melvin namanya. Dia adalah pencuri yang amat ditakuti karena sering mencuri dari rumah-rumah para bangsawan dan orang-orang kaya. Walaupun yang dicurinya dari tiap rumah hanya satu-dua barang berharga, banyaknya rumah dan kastil yang disatroni olehnya membuat Melvin menjadi penjahat paling dicari di kerajaan itu.

Suatu malam, Melvin sedang mencuri di sebuah kastil saat ia dipergoki oleh anak gadis tuan rumah. Si gadis bangsawan ketakutan dan ingin berteriak, tapi Melvin dengan cepat menutup mulut si gadis dan mengancamnya dengan menempelkan pisau belati di tenggorokan gadis itu.

“Jangan coba-coba berteriak. Saya ini pencuri, tapi saya bukan pembunuh. Kalau kau membiarkan saya lari, saya tidak akan membunuhmu,” bisik Melvin.

Karena ketakutan, si gadis mengangguk tanda setuju. Perlahan-lahan Melvin berjalan menuju jendela kastil, dan saat dia sampai di jendela dia melepaskan gadis itu, lalu menuruni dinding kastil dengan tali yang sudah disiapkannya. Tapi malang baginya, saat sampai di bawah dia sudah dikepung beberapa pengawal bersenjata lengkap. Melvin akhirnya menyerah.

Sebagai pencuri terkenal, Melvin dibawa ke ibukota untuk diadili oleh ratu negeri Halethia, Ratu Urlisse. Saat melihat si pencuri terbelenggu tak berdaya, Sang Ratu dengan heran bertanya, “Melvin Ehlreid, selama ini kamu terkenal sebagai pencuri yang gesit dan tidak pernah tertangkap. Mengapa kali ini kamu bisa ditangkap dengan mudah?”

Dengan suara lemah namun tegas, Melvin menjawab, “Itu karena hamba menaruh belas kasihan pada gadis yang memergoki hamba. Hamba ini memang pencuri, Yang Mulia, tapi hamba tidak pernah membunuh seorangpun.”

Ratu Urlisse menatap Melvin dengan pandangan ragu, lalu bertanya lagi dengan nada menyelidik, “Hmmm... memang benar tidak ada seseorangpun yang kamu bunuh selama ini, dan menurut saya kamu tidak kelihatan seperti pencuri. Lantas mengapa kamu nekad melakukan tindakan yang merugikan hak milik orang lain seperti ini?”

“Ampun, Yang Mulia,” jawab Melvin, “Sebenarnya saya seorang petani, namun masa kekeringan yang panjang ditambah pajak yang sangat tinggi dari tuan tanah menyebabkan desa dan keluarga saya menderita kelaparan, sampai akhirnya ayah dan ibu meninggal. Sejak saat itulah saya nekad mencuri dari para bangsawan yang telah memeras kami, dan membagikan hasilnya pada orang-orang miskin, dan menyisakan sedikit untuk diri saya sendiri untuk melewatkan hari. Itulah satu-satunya hal yang dapat saya lakukan untuk mengubah nasib saya, desa saya dan orang-orang yang menderita di bawah penindasan tuan tanah.”

Sang Ratu tertegun mendengarkan penjelasan Melvin, dan setelah mempertimbangkannya sejenak, akhirnya mengambil keputusan.

“Melvin Ehlreid, kamu terbukti bersalah telah melakukan banyak pencurian dan merugikan orang lain, dan hukuman untuk kejahatan ini adalah hukuman mati.”

Melvin terhenyak. Pikirnya, inilah akhir perjuangannya. Ratu Urlisse melanjutkan, “Namun, setelah memperhatikan dan mempertimbangkan pembelaanmu, saya memutuskan untuk meringankan hukumanmu. Kamu akan diasingkan ke perbatasan dan tidak diizinkan masuk ke ibukota. Dan bilamana kamu kedapatan mencuri lagi atau melakukan kejahatan apapun, hukuman mati mutlak menantimu. Keputusan Ratu Halethia adalah undang-undang tak terbantahkan.”

Raut lega tercermin di wajah Melvin setelah mendengar titah Sang Ratu. Walau dia akan jauh dari ibukota, setidaknya inilah kesempatan baginya untuk menempuh jalan hidup baru yang jauh dari kejahatan dan dunia hitam.

Beberapa tahun sesudah pengadilan itu, Melvin tinggal di perbatasan dan bercocok tanam seperti semula. Untunglah pajak di perbatasan tidak tinggi, hingga Melvin dapat menabung dan membina keluarga. Keinginan untuk mencuri lagi telah dibuangnya jauh-jauh.

Suatu hari Melvin baru pulang dari ladang gandumnya setelah bekerja keras seharian. Tiba-tiba dia melihat sesosok wanita sedang berlari, dikejar oleh seorang pria bertampang kasar dari kejauhan. Wanita itu berbelok dan masuk ke semak-semak rimbun untuk bersembunyi. Melvin lewat di depan semak-semak itu, dan tak lama kemudian si pria bertampang kasar berpapasan dengan Melvin dan menghardik dengan kasar,

“Hey, bung! Apa kamu melihat wanita bertudung lewat di jalan ini?”

Melvin yang terketuk nuraninya untuk menolong mereka yang lemah menjawab dengan tenang, “Ya, tentu saja. Dia pergi ke arah sana,” sambil menunjuk ke ujung jalan di belakangnya.

“Oh, baik. Awas, kalau kamu coba-coba berbohong...” Setelah berkata begitu, si pria kasar menggeser jari telunjuk di depan tenggorokannya dengan isyarat yang berarti ancaman kematian, lalu berlari pergi ke arah yang ditunjuk Melvin. Setelah orang itu sudah cukup jauh, Melvin bicara ke arah semak-semak tempat persembunyian wanita itu.

“Kau bisa keluar sekarang. Keadaan sudah aman. Pengejarmu sudah jauh.”

Si wanita langsung saja keluar dari tempat persembunyiannya dengan masih mengenakan tudung menutupi wajah dengan perasaan was-was kalau-kalau ini jebakan.

“Jangan takut, nona. Saya ini orang baik-baik, seorang petani biasa. Saya tidak akan melukai ataupun menyakiti nona.”

“Ayo kita cepat lari. Tak ada waktu lagi. Cepat, sebelum teman-temannya menyusul!”

Melvin dan si wanita bertudung cepat-cepat berlari keluar dari jalan dan melintas hutan. Melvin mengusulkan sesuatu pada wanita itu, “Nona sembunyi di rumahku saja. Itu akan lebih aman.” Wanita bertudung itu mengangguk tanda setuju.

Setelah lama berlari melintasi hutan, sungai dan pedesaan, tibalah mereka di rumah Melvin. Melvin dan si wanita bertudung disambut dengan heran oleh istri Melvin, yang bertanya, “Pak, apa yang terjadi? Siapa wanita yang bersama bapak ini?”

“Oh, tadi bapak menolong nona ini di jalan karena ada penjahat yang mengejarnya,” jawab Melvin, lalu menjelaskan duduk perkaranya pada istrinya.

“Rupanya begitu,” kata istri Melvin. “Maafkan saya, nona tentu sangat lelah sekarang. Boleh saya tahu siapakah nona ini?”

Wanita bertudung itu lalu membuka tudungnya. Melihat wajah wanita itu, dengan spontan Melvin berteriak tertahan dan langsung berlutut. Katanya, “Yang Mulia Ratu! Terimalah hormat hamba!” Istri Melvin juga terkejut dan cepat-cepat berlutut.

Ratu Urlisse yang ternyata sedang menyamar itu lalu berkata, “Saya ingat sekarang, rupanya kau Melvin. Berdirilah. Sebelumnya saya berterima kasih padamu atas pertolonganmu tadi. Saya sedang dalam perjalanan rahasia untuk meninjau perbatasan saat segerombolan perampok menyerang rombongan kami. Saya terpisah dari rombongan pengawal saya lalu lari menyelamatkan diri. Sayangnya ada seorang perampok yang melihat saya dan mengejar saya. Untunglah saya bertemu Melvin yang menyesatkan perampok itu, hingga saya selamat.”

“Memang sudah kewajiban saya untuk menolong sesama, Yang Mulia,” jawab Melvin.

“Melvin, perbuatan baikmu tadi adalah bukti bahwa kamu sudah benar-benar insyaf dari segala dosamu di masa lalu, dan menjadi manusia baru. Sekarang berlututlah, dengarkan titah Ratu Negeri Halethia. Melvin, mulai saat ini saya membebaskanmu dari segala hukuman, nama baikmu dipulihkan, dan kamu diizinkan masuk ke ibukota. Dan mulai saat ini pula saya mengangkatmu menjadi pejabat tinggi kerajaan yang bertugas mengatur perpajakan baik di pusat maupun daerah. Keputusan Ratu Halethia adalah undang-undang tak terbantahkan.”

Melvin dan istrinya serempak menjawab, “Terima kasih, Yang Mulia Ratu.”

Sejak itulah Melvin dan keluarganya hidup berbahagia di ibukota Kerajaan Halethia sebagai orang-orang kepercayaan Sang Ratu. Nyatalah sudah, bukan aksi sebagai pencuri yang mampu memperbaiki nasib seseorang, tapi orang berbudi luhur dan berjiwa pahlawanlah yang mampu memperbaiki nasibnya, keluarganya, bahkan nasib sebuah bangsa.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Alagaesia News

Christopher Paolini at the 2006 Quill Book Awards

Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings Friends!

A lot has happened since my last newsletter!

Random House sent me quite a number of foreign editions of Eragon and Eldest, including an Icelandic Eragon and an Italian hardcover Eldest that is just a bit larger than a mass-market paperback and is covered in shiny pink foil. It's quite striking. The first line of Eldest in Italian is: Il canto dei morti è il pianto dei vivi.

I learned that a spoof of Eragon—written by Joey Luke Bandini—is being published in Italy. The title is Aerosol, Il Fratello Furbo Di Eragon, which, according to the translation Google gave me, means something along the lines of Aerosol, the Clever Brother of Eragon. Assuming my Italian to English dictionary is accurate, the book follows the adventures of Aerosol as he becomes linked with a beautiful blue Musk Turkey and becomes one of the mythological Poultry Riders. Just for the record, I had no part in the creation of this book. Still, it seems amusing.

The link, if you’re interested is:

On September 27, Random House released the Limited Edition (LE) of Eldest. I'm very proud of this book, as I put a great deal of work into it and because the wonderful folks at Knopf and Random House did an extraordinary job with its design and production. The front cover and spine are decorated with large swaths of gold foil that make the book really stand out on the shelf. It contains a foldout poster of John Jude Palencar's painting of the dragon Glaedr; two of my drawings: one of Brom's ring, one of Thorn's eye; a complete list of people, places, and things; a concise history of Alagaësia; and an excerpt from Book Three. In my opinion, the LE is the version of Eldest, and I’m delighted to have such a handsome frame for my story.

Another piece of big news is that Fox unveiled several trailers for the Eragon movie. You can find the US trailer at:

And the international trailer at: 2006/october/1/eragon_intl_trailer_hi.php

And here's a high-quality trailer for the Xbox 360 Eragon video game:

And I've been hearing about all sorts of interesting Eragon items, including swords from the movie, clothing branded with the logo, a snowboarding competition, an Eragon computer mouse, board games, trinkets, and much more.

Last month, I flew out to New York City for an interview and photo shoot with Ed Speleers, the actor who plays the character of Eragon in the movie. We had spoken over the phone once before and had missed each other by a day at ComicCon, so that was the first time we met in person. It was hardly a casual encounter, what with agents, publicists, journalists, photographers, makeup artists, wardrobe designers, and movie executives milling around, but we had a nice chat all the same. He was genuine in his desire to portray Eragon to the best of his abilities. During our discussion, he made a comment about Saphira that was so close to my own concept of her, I felt as if he had put his finger on the essence of her character. To paraphrase, he said that when he was acting across from the neon orange tennis ball that represented Saphira on the set, he imagined her being a combination of his mother and his best friend. What a perfect way to describe her!

No doubt about it, meeting the person who is portraying a character I have spent the better part of a decade thinking about is an odd and exciting experience. I'm glad I had the opportunity to visit with Ed, and I wish him the best, both personally and professionally. From my own adventures, I know how it can be when life kicks you into the spotlight.

A few days ago, I flew out to New York City to attend the second annual Quill awards, as I was one of the nominees. Readers from across the country voted for their favorite book in each category.

The ceremony was a high-profile occasion attended by numerous celebrities, and which NBC filmed and will broadcast on Oct. 28th. This year the Quills were held in the Natural History Museum in New York City, an awe-inspiring location.

It was the first black-tie event I’ve ever attended, and the first time I’ve had to stuff myself into a tuxedo. I never realized getting dressed could take so long! My suspenders did their best to strangle me, and as for my cufflinks, we are no long on speaking terms.

To my surprise, when the presenters for the young adult award announced the winner, I heard them say my name. My heart was pounding so hard as I walked up to the stage, I thought that I might keel over in front of six hundred people. I said then, and I say now, that I am incredibly grateful and honored to know that you, my readers, voted for me. Having started in this profession by hand-selling books to people who, in many cases, didn’t give a hoot for some kid wearing a medieval costume in a store, it means a great deal to me that people have enjoyed my books enough to show their support.

Now I dive back into Book Three.

May the stars watch over you,

Christopher Paolini


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