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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three Kingdoms - Campaign for Hanzhong

Part 1 of Episode 56 in the Rotk Tv Series :

Using tactics and strategies.., Zhang Fei and Ma Chao manages to defeat Zhang He and Cao Hong's forces, and claims the victory of obtaining Wakou Pass to thereby allowing Liu Bei and the Shu Army to be one step closer into capturing Ba Xi and Han Zhong.

Furthermore.., Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang appoints the veteran generals Huang Zhong and Yan Yan to use certain strategies to defeat Han Hao and Xiahou Shang, thereby assuring the defense of Jia Meng Pass, and allowing Liu Bei and his forces to push deeper into the Han Zhong territory.

Meanwhile.., Cao Cao hears of the superb advancement of Liu Bei and the Shu Army, and assures that he will personally lead his forces to further defend the Han Zhong territory. Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang.., in knowing that taking Mt.Ding Jun would be of vital importance if they ever going to take Han Zhong and its defender Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He.., is then persuaded by the veteran general Huang Zhong to defeat Xiahou Yuan. Although being old as he maybe.., Huang Zhong nevertheless chose to undertake the task of capturing Mt.Ding Jun, and with Fa Zheng serving as a guide..,

Huang Zhong manages to trick Xiahou Yuan's forces into confusion, and Xiahou Yuan thereby loses Mt. Ding Jun in the process. Xiahou Yuan, being angered by the loss of Mt. Ding Jun, plans to recapture the mountain by provoking Huang Zhong to come out and fight. On the other.., Huang Zhong is advised by Fa Zheng to not take the bait, and instead wait for their oppurtunity to strike while using stalling tactics. Thus.., Huang Zhong uses Fa Zheng's tactics in stalling for time in the process, to successfully slay the unalert Xiahou Yuan at the foot of Mt. Ding Jun...


Three Kingdoms - Lu Bu vs. Three Brothers - Duel Battle Scene

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sam Kok)
Lu Bu vs. the three brothers: Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in the Battle of Hu Lao Gate.


Saturday, January 19, 2013 - I'm Here

Lady With Blue Hair. Image Source:

I’m Here       
I’m here.
            A woman is bathing alone in a pool of milk, an indoor marble pool in a big, marble room. She is the same blue-haired woman who heard voices in her bedroom some time back. She is startled to hear that voice again.
            I’ve found him, the chosen one.
            She holds her head. She is in a greater pain than before. The voice is throbbing in her mind like the poundings of a sledge hammer. It’s threatening her, torturing her mind.
            I was delayed, but I was not stopped.
            She frowns, her eyes are widened, her teeth grit and chatter.
            I’m here. But I don’t come out. Yet.
            Her face shows a bit of confusion, but then a grim determination. She tries to fight the pain and catch the message, no matter what.
            When the time comes, I’ll come out and conquer all.
            Hhahaha…. HAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!
            The last laugh is the most painful pressure, a direct blow in her mind.
            Then her pain suddenly subsides like a chilly, soothing wind after the storm. The woman is having her own thoughts now.
            So this is an ultimatum. Things are becoming clear to me now.
            She murmurs to herself. It seems it’s her habit, maybe out of loneliness and all the pressures of responsibilities she must bear on hearing this kind of message.
            ‘I know what to do now.’
            The woman wades along the pool of milk, climbs the steps at the other side of the pool, grabs a cloth, wraps it around her body as a towel and she walks out slowly from the marble room.

End of Chapter Seven
End of Book One: Chronicles of a Bounty Hunter
Completion Date: April 8, 2006
2nd Draft Completion Date: October 18, 2006
3rd Draft Completion Date: May 2008
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Xylen Felicitia - The High Priestess of Valanis
 Tentative Image Source:

Here's a bonus: Ending from the Game Version! Courtesy: YouTube The Morning Light - Part 2

Transport Airship in the game Lineage 2 - Source:

Meanwhile, the airship Aurora has taken off and flies east towards Parthenia. The surviving hunters, Vadis and Adair’s champions and elf guides are having a meeting in the strategy room near the deck. The host, Eidos conducts this meeting.
            ‘First of all, let us pray for our comrades who gave their lives for the success of this mission. Too many good men have fallen to foil Vordac’s evil plan. And for that, we’ll remember them. Remember Orlevant. Remember the noble heroes. May Vadis secure their way into heaven to rest by his side.’
            All the hunters and champions who are present there bow their heads, standing and praying for the departed souls.
            ‘You may now take your seats,’ says Eidos. And all champions and guides take their seats. The hunters are still standing as there are only a few chairs in that room. 
            ‘As you all know by now, our mission in the Enia’s Sanctum has ended in a success. We have eliminated Vordac’s heir, who happened to be the former owner of this airship. But in spite of that, we have come into this dilemmatic problem. The Deathblade Kraal’shazar, the dark weapon with Vordac’s soul sealed inside it, is here with us now. Lord Adler von Bachmann has claimed it.’
            The impatient Sheena Mekh’ta, one of Adair’s champions, suddenly springs up and protests in a loud voice, ‘How dare he claim Adair’s sword!? This is a mockery, blasphemy!’
            Kyflynn, however, responds to this in his usual, controversial way. ‘Hey, hey, calm down, miss. Just think, what drove Lord Adler to claim this sword in the first place? ‘Twas greed, right? Plus he had to sacrifice his own sword, so the Deathblade is very suitable to cover up the loss plus the profit, right?’
            ‘Watch your mouth, elf,’ says Adler behind his gritted teeth.
            ‘So, the point is, now the Deathblade is with us,’ Eidos continues. ‘And we are not pretty sure whether Vordac’s spirit has been unsealed, exterminated, transferred anywhere, or is still in the sword – and no one has actually unsealed it?’
            ‘You mean Lord Paliades was not Vordac’s heir?’ says Alexis.
    The Morning Light - Part 1

The Airship Aurora - Temporary suggestion from the art by Boo1989 -

The Morning Light

 One by one, the surviving hunters come out floating from the sacrificial pit. Among them are Vadis and Adair’s champions, Adair’s dark elf guides and Enia’s elf guides: Robert, Adler, Alexis, Kyflynn, Dar’gum, Sheena, Andreas, Carolyn, Desmond, Agustina, Iris, Eidos, Ney, Baxter and Ellephar. Orlevant fell, Fargothum the minotaur, Akh’mal’s bodyguard also fell, and Paliades turned out to be the heir. Chiel the micha is inside Carolyn’s goodie bag so it is saved and protected from the explosion too. Some of the hunters float too far from the landing path, so the mages use tractor beams to levitate them to safety. The Omnigalatr protective force fields really helped minimize the wounds caused by the explosion. Kyflynn’s plan really worked.
Once all survivors land safely and no more comes from the pit, Hernan shouts, ‘Let’s get out from here before the explosion triggers a chain reaction!’
Without any further ado, the hunters follow Hernan through the floating stone paths above the lava pit where the fire wyrms are entombed inside.
Then they come once again into the engine room. Hernan guides the hunters through the middle path, because he only went through fire pillars and fire elementals there – the easiest path according to him – and this time the hunters ignore the elementals and go through the fire and steam bursts and get no worse than blisters, thanks to Omnigalatr force field.
Suddenly they come across three maintenance probes and ignore them as they are in a hurry, but the probes wail out a deafening siren sound.
Without waiting for the next alarm, Hernan yells, ‘QUICK! To the exit! GO, GO GO!!!’
Then while running, he looks at Adler still bringing the evil sword Deathblade with him, and Hernan yells at him, ‘Lord Adler! Drop that sword! If you take it to other rooms, it’ll trigger another self-destruction sequence as well! Drop it, I say!
Adler snaps back at Hernan, ‘NO! I’ll keep it no matter what! Otherwise you’ll have to kill me!’
‘No, I won’t kill you, and I don’t want to touch that sword either! You go and guard the back, Viscount! So you can buy time for use before the alarm blares!’
‘I won’t forget this insolence, Don,’ says Adler grudgingly, but he goes to the back of the pack anyway.
And Hernan is right. When the hunters go in the ice generator room, nothing happens. But when Adler comes in with Deathblade, the maintenance probes in the room react and the alarm blares again, giving them another ten minutes to evacuate the ice chambers.
It takes five minutes for Carolyn and Akh’mal the Minotaur Shaman to clear the ice sealing the entrance tunnel with Fireblast and Fire Wall, and another minute for all hunters to go through it. Even with Ney’s help, the hunters don’t have enough time to evacuate the ice chambers. The self-destruction sequence begins before the hunters are halfway to the exit. The Ice Mirrors of Illusion shatter, the stalactites, stalagmites and ceiling collapse. Shards of ice fly and fall upon the hunters, but barely hurt them at all, once again thanks to Omnigalatr force field.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Clash of the Anime Titans!

Clash of the Anime Titans by ~vadis on deviantART

 A fan art by Andry Chang featuring the most popular of today's anime (plus tokusatsu) clashing onto each other for supremacy.

 Naruto vs Luffy vs Ichigo plus Ultraman

- Naruto from "Naruto"
- Monkey D. Luffy from "One Piece"
- Kurosaki Ichigo from "Bleach"
- Ultraman from "Ultraman"

Submitted for Fan Art section in Animonstar Magazine, Indonesia.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Map of Terra Everna - Update 2013

The Continent of Aurelia - Updated 2013 with name changes and revisions

World Map of Terra Everna - Update 2013 with name changes and revisions

Additional notes on:

Terra Everna World Map

Emphasizing the concept "Planet Earth in another dimension"

The continents are (with erratas and name changes):
- Aurelia (Europe-like)
- Orien (East Asian-like)
- Myriath (America-like)
- Quezal (South America-like, part of Myriath)
- Al-Kalam (Middle-East-like)
- Arcapada (India, South East Asia, Oceania and Australia)
- Boreal (Australia-like, part of Arcapada)
- Ubanga (Africa-like)
- Frigia (Greenland and Antarctic-like)

Continent of Aurelia

- The Kingdoms of Edel, Merida, Halethia, Ashtri and Castoria were united as Regia Confederation.
- The Kingdom of Bresconnor was previously named Kullsheim, the second Orc Nation.
- The previous city name of Crypton in Sylvania at the start of the Arcane Age was Solatar, the Sun City, before vampire rule.
- The Portal to the Underworld was sealed after Arachus and Vordac seized Sylvania from the vampires.
- The Town of Galvanir was built on Hail'varan Plains to commemorate the Great Battle (after the Third Crusade and the beginning of the Third World Age and Latter Arcane Age).
- Celc was once a big city until dragons reduced it into ruins at the beginning of the Arcane Age.

Map and World of Terra Everna created by Andry Chang

LEGO Lord of the Rings


All the cutscenes of LEGO Lord of the Rings put into one video. It's over an hour and a half long, which means it's literally a LEGO movie!

The campaign is around 5-6 hours, 1 hour 30 minutes of which is spent watching LEGO characters play out the movies.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Golden Ashfruit (The Yggdrasil Saga)

The Golden Ashfruit (The Yggdrasil Saga)

By A.L. Harris

Book Description

December 17, 2012
For Princess Mab, protection means power. As the most powerful faerie in existence, she is powerless to save her Lumen Court when its time runs out. Challenged from all sides, she is forced to court Freyr—an alluring and reluctant Vanir god sent from his world to marry her.
When Mab and Freyr unite against increasing betrayal and murder among the headstrong faerie kingdoms, an ancient prophecy plunges them into chaos with the catastrophic results threatening to tear them apart.
But Freyr is determined to save Mab from an unstoppable force that would lead her deeper into shadows and madness, even if it means losing the one thing that would save her court…and her life.

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

A.L. Harris lives in Wisconsin but secretly wishes her closet traveled to Middle Earth and Narnia. When she isn't reading or drinking some kind of caffeine, she blogs regularly and tweets frequently. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Journalism.

Product Details

  • File Size: 568 KB
  • Print Length: 366 pages
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0615733832
  • Publisher: Harris Synergy Press (December 17, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00APSL62S
To buy this book, please visit the source page in:

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Rurouni Kenshin Live Movie - Extended Trailer

This is the official full length trailer of the Rurouni Kenshin live movie!
Director Keishi Ōtomo's adaptation of Nobuhiro Watsuki's manga opens in Japan on August 25. Takeru Satoh (Kamen Rider Den-O) and Emi Takei headline the cast as Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya, respectively.

The footage belongs to Warner Bros Japan!


Genre: Martial Arts + Historical (Background)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013 The Ravaging of the Sun - Part 4

Aegis the Thunder Bird (Dio Summon in FireHeart) from

Meanwhile the mages, archers, and some other hunters on the other hand use their spells and ranged attacks on Chimera’s body to divert its attention but with care not to hit their short-range comrades.   
Alexis’ chest is grazed by the blade of Kraal’shazar and he is thrown downwards by the impact of the dark force. Paliades’ Meteor Napalm Rain successfully repels Robert and Sheena’s attacks at last and hurt them moderately, but after that Paliades falters a bit. A swordsman sees this and hits Paliades with an unknown, not very powerful combo yet it hurts Paliades considerably. Paliades screams painfully and swings the great sword Deathblade horizontally and splits the swordsman’s head in half. Paliades smiles behind his frown of pain, and this turnaround momentum turns against him. The heir’s eyes open wide, and he instantly becomes aware of his condition.
‘Gotcha, you bloody heir.’
Paliades turns his head to his right and sees Kyflynn behind him. Kyflynn the Windwalker just smiles slyly and pulls his dagger Maraj’vriad out from Paliades’ back. It seems the night elf assassin has appeared out of nowhere and backstabbed Paliades.
‘One thing you should know about this dome is,’ says Kyflynn threateningly as he moves very fast to a safe distance. ‘That we are all much lighter here than outside and other chambers in Enia’s Sanctum. About one sixth or seventh of our actual weight, I guess. So there’s no wonder if we floated before we landed. And I feel much quicker here so you were not able to detect my movement just now. Take this as my gift. It’ll ease your mind during your journey to hell with Vordac.’
The semi-devil Paliades twitches his lips and says, ‘But I don’t intend to go to hell just yet. You see, you forgot one little thing… you know, it’s Chimera, my partner in crime!’ He kneels and puts his hand on Chimera’s body. ‘Chimera! Now I merge with you! Embrace… your master!’ The Ravaging of the Sun - Part 3

The Mythical Chimera from -

Although the hunters are far below the sun, the impact of the explosion sends Chimera’s enemies rolling everywhere. And not only that, pieces of the ‘sun’ also rain down as fireballs and kill more people who get hit by them.
 After the rain of fireballs subsides, the hunters look up and – to their disappointment – Paliades and Chimera are still there, floating in the air, practically unharmed. Paliades looks down at his enemies, and stands firm on Chimera’s back. He is holding two different weapons at the moment, and one of them is unmistakably the great sword, Kraal’shazar, the Deathblade. It’s indeed the ultimate dark weapon with Vordac’s spirit sealed inside. The colors on its blade and handle are jet black and ruby red, with a carved red winged, skull-faced devil on its hilt. Seven runes are carved on it, symbolizing the seven sins, the sources of all dark energy. The great sword itself is surrounded by a thick dark aura; it’s so thick and evil that illusions of shadowy skulls are visible for everyone, even Chiel the micha.    
Slowly but surely, his entire body transforms, his muscles get bigger and bigger, his spiked armor shatters in pieces. The skin color of the right part of his body and face change to blood red, and a pair of horns grows from the skull, coming outside the head. Paliades surely looks like a devil now – no, not just any devil – he looks like Vordac now.
‘Now you believe me that I know this place from A to Z. I only tell you the mechanical aspects of it because I need to gain your trust and eliminate as many as possible of your number. So, as thanks for all who helped me to reach this place, I’d like to fill your curiosity up before I send you on a one-way ticket vacation to hell.
You see, there’s no one here who can break the seal of Deathblade, because Azrael, the only one who knew how to do it, has died without telling anybody else. Queen Carolyn, of course, naturally, bound herself magically so she will die the moment she tells anyone how to break the seal, and furthermore, she erased Theripides’ memory on how to break the seal when the construction of the trap chambers are finished. So how do I know? Theripides, thanks to him, secretly added his own blood in the seal and immediately told his son, so only he and his descendants can break the seal by dropping Nikanomikos blood inside the sun, on the orb Kraal’shazar was in, The Heart of the Sun. And there I was, I did it, the orb opens, and jackpot!
Well, I guess I won’t need this anymore,’ says Paliades.
Paliades throws away his old weapon, the great hammer Terra Nakroβ.  Desmond sees it falling on the floor, and carefully comes forward and takes it.
‘Oh, yes, Desmond. Have it for yourself. Terra Nakroβ is its name. And… what a pleasant surprise!’ Paliades sees someone floating down quite far from him. ‘It’s nice to you to drop in, Viscount. I guess you are very lonely up there and want some companions in hell.’
Yes, it’s him all right. Adler von Bachmann, floating down from the sacrificial pit. He finally decided to jump into the pit at last. Whether he’s lonely up there, or he finally saw through the illusion somehow.
Seeing Paliades holding the Deathblade with a dense dark aura around him, Adler springs forward, using his great sword Ulcergash as a step and thrusts with it straight to Paliades.
Paliades sneers at Adler, saying, ‘Oh, jumping straight into the party, aren’t we? Shall we serve our appetizer then, Viscount Grill a la Chimera?’
As if it understands his master’s words, Vyr’s head breathes fire at Adler. Adler barely defends himself with his Whirlwind Slash skill, but the fire hurts him anyway, though not severely. Chiel the micha flies towards Adler to heal him, but Adler slaps it away. One may say that it’s another example of Adler’s arrogance, but we immediately come to know it to be untrue as a Ball Lightning comes between Adler and Chiel.
Paliades laughs aloud as Chimera descends slowly, saying, ‘I guess we’ll skip Micha Shock Roast then, and here’s the next menu, Hunters Press-to Pancake!’
And as soon as it is said, Chimera lands quickly, stomping on a few hunters who are not lucky or agile enough to avoid its feet, crushing them to death. The three heads and tail roar in unison, and begin to blast and attack to every direction, claiming more and more casualties. All the hunters and champions are totally devastated now. They are not outnumbered, but inevitably out-powered by Chimera and Paliades, The Ravagers of the Sun. None of them have any chance to draw their skills or even hit Chimera with anything.
The heir laughs even louder.
‘Now it’s the time to finish them all! Chimera! Serve the main course, Feast on the Champions! NOW!!!’
The Mythological Chimera from

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