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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quiz: Which FireHeart Hero Are You?

Facebook Version Quiz:

This is a personality test in comparison to the characters in the novel and game
FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins by Andry Chang,
the monster hunters who later become paladins, the multi-talented heroes destined to vanquish the Dark Forces led by Vordac the Dark OverLord's Heir.

Each character has distinguished, unique yet down-to-earth personality and easy to identify, including his/her favourites, type of work and reactions to some cases.

Here are the questions:

1. You’re a monster hunter in training, and you have to choose the profession or class of your liking. Which one is it?

a. Ranger
b. Paladin
c. Swordsman
d. Knight
e. Fencer
f. Assassin or Ninja
g. Archer or Enchanter
h. Mage (Fire or Lightning)
i. Priest or Cleric
j. Artificer or Chronomancer
k. Berserker
l. Mage (Water or Ice)
m. Martial Artist

2. What is your favourite weapon?

a. A curved sword (kiliji, scimitar, saber or katana)
b. Long sword and iron shield
c. Twin swords
d. Great swords of all kinds, especially Zweihänder
e. Fencing sword
f. Double dagger
g. Bow or crossbow
h. Magic trident
i. A cross between a poleaxe and healing stick
j. Chakram
k. Great hammer or great axe
l. Magic wand
m. Iron claw, spiked gauntlet or bare-handed

3. If you stumble upon an orc – savage tusk-mouthed, green-skinned warrior of legendary brutality, what will you do?

a. Go berserk and attack him head-on.
b. Say “hi” nicely, maybe he won’t attack.
c. Challenge him into a duel, be merciful when you win.
d. Try everything to subdue him.
e. Pass by though nothing happened with hand on hilt.
f. Observe him stealthily. If he proves to be evil, attack.
g. Run into a safe, hidden place. If the orc attacks anyone, you attack.
h. Try hard to keep him away from people or someone you care of.
i. Be nice and offer assistance. All beings are equal.
j. Run for your life!
k. Chance for a little spar, testing your skills.
l. You don’t look at them, you don’t care at all.
m. Seeking ways to observe them and report to the authorities.

4. What is the ability or talent that you wish to have or that suits you, if you’re a monster hunter?

a. Sharp eagle-eye and hi-tech moves
b. A bit of all skills
c. Decisive leadership
d. Ability to influence or control others
e. Intelligence, tactics
f. Speed, speed and speed
g. Enchant things, assist others
h. Elemental magick
i. Healing and protecting, support skills
j. Scientific knowledge and logic
k. Brutal, physical strength
l. To stun or freeze enemies
m. Reconnaisance, observation skills

5. What is the most challenging monster or creature for your quarry?

a. Dragon
b. Succubus
c. Efreet
d. Chimera
e. Sleipnir (Thundermare)
f. Wind Elemental
g. Kraken (Giant Squid)
h. Lich (Undead Mage)
i. Demon
j. Giant Rock Golem
k. Titan or Giant
l. Yeti
m. Manticore

6. What is your favourite monster, creature or beast?

a. Unicorn
b. Griffin
c. Garuda
d. Dragon
e. Pegasus
f. Wolf
g. Fairy
h. Phoenix
i. Micha (Winged Mouse)
j,. Golem
k. Behemoth
l. Lamia (Frost Gorgon)
m. Dolphin

7. You are on a difficult mission: fighting a very strong quarry, and one of your comrades is injured and cannot move. What will you do?

a. Help him straightaway, fight later.
b. Fight and protect your ally at the same time.
c. Toss him a healing potion and fight on.
d. Mission is everything, even with necessary sacrifices.
e. Create diversion so the quarry attack you instead.
f. Have full confidence in your partners and fight on.
g. Seek to finish the enemy quickly, removing the threat first.
h. Calculate the situation and act accordingly.
i. Heal him with your healing powers, items etc.
j. If the enemy is too strong, you run away.
k. Help, even sacrificing your life for your friends.
l. Casts a protective perimeter around your partner.
m. Stealthily transport your partner to safety.

8. You finally defeated the Dark OverLord, but he turned out to be your long-lost brother. What will you do?

a. Cripple him so he won’t be able to harm another soul.
b. Try your best to convert him back into the brother you love.
c. Fight him to eliminate this scapegoat in the family.
d. Kill him. He’s a Dark OverLord. Your brother is no more.
e. Make him understand that true happiness come from love.
f. Flip a coin: Head, you spare him, tail, you kill him.
g. At least you give him a painless, quick death and you cry afterwards.
h. Purge him of his dark powers and let justice be done on him.
i. It’s fate. You spared him. He deserves a second chance.
j. You back off, let others do the dirty work.
k. Turn your back a bit. If he attacks, you kill him.
l. Keep him in a maximum security prison for eternity.
m. Ask for other’s opinions and act accordingly.

9. You and your most powerful rival hunt the same quarry, and he once betrayed you to near death. What will you do?

a. You threaten him. If he betrays you again, you’ll duel him.
b. You confront him into a duel.
c. Try your best to finish the quarry quickly and be on guard.
d. It’s a chance to get even with him.
e. Warn him about the sense of honor and offer to split the pay, but be on guard anyway.
f. Just eliminate him first.
g. Offer him another quarry.
h. Avoid him and choose another quarry instead.
i. Your kindness surpasses all treachery. You assist him.
j. Seek ways to convert disaster into profit by all means.
k. Just go on normally and be extra ready.
l. Who cares? You can either kill him or avoid him whenever chance presents itself.
m. Hire a third party to hinder your rival.

10. Okay, you are a successful monster hunter. You gain fame, wealth and kicked the supreme bad guy’s ass. What’ll you do next?

a. Choose another career and retire in time.
b. A greater responsibility awaits: for family and country.
c. Aim for a higher achievement and ultimate greatness.
d. Retire rich with assets and passive income.
e. Live it up with all the pleasures in the world.
f. Keep all the money in the bank and stay as you are – for all the fun in it.
g. Express and pursue the idealistic things you like: arts, social work, write a book, etc.
h. As long as you’re with the one you love, nothing else matters.
i. Live in peace, quiet and happiness with family and friends.
j. Invest in a big business and reap more profit from it.
k. Marry the one you love, make kids and pursue the profession you do best.
l. Leave it all to live in solitary, seeking enlightenment.
m. Contribute to improve your environment.

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Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

FireHeart Game - Walthorn's Fall


A cutscene in FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins:
Robert's flashback on his liege, Duke Adamar Walthorn's fall in the Battle of Ingram Coast,
and the first introduction of Alexis Deveraux.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

FireHeart - The Game Screenshots 1

Rael'charon Luvazel, elf, Lorean Chief Advisor

H. R. H. Eloise Galford, Princess of Lore
Discussing with her (late?) mother, Queen Elena Galford-Martinez

In-Game Robert Chandler (white-haired sprite)

In-Game Cristophe Deveraux

In-Game Carolyn Deveraux

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Castle Oblivion II teaser 2

Update: The game is complete, here's the link.

FireHeart Game - Showdown In Grad!


The battle vs. Lamia Jokulion and the frost armies, all minions of Frei Val'shka, the Ice Goddess.

Music: (YouTube AudioSwap)
Your Enemy's Revenge - Demogorgon

Monday, June 01, 2009

Some Medieval Games

Medieval Rampage

Medieval Rampage

Destroy all the enemies on the field to get to the next level. Successfully complete all 25 waves to complete the game.



The objective of the game is to defend your castle and attack your opponent's castle at the same time. Every time you hit an enemy unit, you gain gold which you can spend on your own troops, building defenses and catapults, or upgrading your hero. A tip would be to try to send your troops in tightly packed waves so they can dish out the maximum damage. Good Luck!

· Look Around = W,A,S,D Keys
· Shoot = Mouse (left click button)
· Buy Upgrades / Troops = Mouse (point and click)

Strong Bow
Humans vs Orcs - by Wandah

Also visit for more online games:

Zelda Forever's word spread per june 1, 2009

Zelda Forever 1 - Play a multi level logical game in Zelda universe.

Download From:
Zelda Forever.exe

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