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Thursday, June 28, 2007

FireHeart Characters Update!

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FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
Update: June 2007

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Andreas Marvellini (a.k.a. Rollo Bigstumble)
Dwarven Priest - Grad
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Alexis Deveraux
Knight - Arcadia
Tarot Code: The Emperor

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Agustina Vyrakova
Ice Mage - Val'shka
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Adler von Bachmann
Knight - Borgia
Tarot Code: The Sun

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Oliver MacLair
Assassin - Wardstone
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Morbit Priest - Valanis
Tarot Code: The Hierophant

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Night Elf Assassin - Terranova
Tarot Code: Wheel of Fortune Air Raid (Part Four)

Now it’s Hernan’s turn. He attacks with his basic moves, trying to study his opponent and find his weak spots. Robert also does the same but more to blocking and parrying. They need to ‘warm up’ again for the next special skill variants.
During so, Hernan asks, ‘Robert, is this going to ruin our friendship?’
‘You’re doing what you must, and I do mine. Don’t worry, I won’t hate you for this,’ Robert answers.
‘But you’re eluding justice and committed piracy! You swore to uphold justice, but ended up breaking the law! I’m really disappointed in you, Rob!’
‘I will go and face trial, but I can’t go alone. They won’t believe a single word I say! I know a very wise person in Lore, so I need to go there and ask him to help me prove my innocence! Alas, Sheena caught me on the way, but she helped me out of the dungeon. She committed the murders and piracy, but I simply knocked the Arcadians out! I need to go along with her because no decent ship will bear a most wanted fugitive like me!’
‘So that’s what this is all about. I would do the same if I was in your shoes, Robert, but in my shoes, I must do what I must!’
‘Then I’ll help you, Hernan. You will give them a better answer if you fail. And if you defeat me, that means you succeed,’ says Robert, still slashing fervently.
‘So it means we’re going to settle this matter up through our blades, then,’ says Hernan, delivering a series of thrusts. ‘Show me your best moves, Orcbane.’
‘I’ll certainly do,’ says Robert, now accumulating his aura and unleashes his combo, Twin Dragons Scour the Seas, attacking from two opposing sides with concentrated thrusts and slashes.
‘Oho, I do have a cure for that,’ Hernan says. He blocks Robert’s slashes from the left and uses the energy impact to block the ones from the right. He does that with great grace and precision, blocking all blows perfectly. With a last slash, Robert pushes himself away from Hernan and prepares his next attack.
‘That was a nice move,’ says Robert. ‘Stylish and effective.’
Hernan replies with a smile, ‘Thanks. I’m sure you’ll show some more of yours. You sure got plenty of them. Let’s see if you can counter THIS!’
Once again, Hernan unleashes a variant of Albatross Embraces the Clouds using a different approach: He crouches real low before delivering a very powerful spiraling uppercut slash to juggle Robert up in the air. Robert blocks that attack, but it pushes him aloft anyway.
Hernan jumps high with another stroke of Albatross Embraces the Clouds, but Robert already prepares his air-to-ground diving slash, Dragon Hammering Down. As Robert’s slash comes down, once again Hernan shows his superb precision by hitting the blade of Grimlock with the tip of his rapier, putting a concentrated pressure on one point. That action is indeed fruitful for Hernan as he manages to push Robert’s saber up and away.
Robert works hard to maintain his grip on Grimlock and not letting his defenses wide open. He does a single somersault and counters using his supreme one-hit homing thrust, Wrath of the Dragon God. It’s a direct frontal spiraling attack with a fully concentrated and multiplied fire energy sparks covering Robert’s body and sword. This time Hernan is caught unguarded.
Robert stabs Hernan squarely on the chest. The Mythril Armor, of course, protects Hernan’s chest from being cut open. Nonetheless, Hernan suffers a severe internal injury that forces him to back off seven paces, nearly falling. The seventeenth level and the second strongest blow of the Eighteen Dragon Slayer Strikes it is, and Hernan is the first victim since Robert mastered it. To Robert’s surprise, Hernan is still standing although he is staggering a bit. The Escudian fencer talks,
‘That was very devastating, Robert. Without my Mythril Armor, I would be dead by now.’
Robert replies, ‘Yours were as dangerous. Your precision move was superb, I daresay. But judging from your looks, I think it’s time to finish this.’
‘We have reached the peak of our auras, so go ahead and use your best move against the best of mine.’
‘Remember our deal, Hernan,’ says Robert threateningly. ‘Don’t force me to kill you if you break it.’
‘Sure do, IF you can survive this one. On guard!’
True to his words, Hernan unleashes his finishing combo attack, utilizing water energy to the highest, most powerful level possible: Symphony of the Seven Seas. His attacks are like rolling tidal waves coming from seven directions, constantly and randomly changing like waves from the seven seas all clashing in one place.
To match this, once again Robert uses his Regrets of the Dragon finishing combo. He defeated Adler by combining two final blows into one extra-powerful blow, so what variation will he use against Hernan’s speed, precision and unpredictable blows?
Combining the eighteen combos of the Dragon Slayer technique in one, Robert presses on and on, trying not to get dominated instead.
Rob and Hernan keep exchanging blows with several hits and misses from each side, but it seems like they will never stop. Not one seem to gain an upper hand and their energy is as though never going to run out – amplifies and amplifies until... their bodies cannot bear it anymore. And suddenly, when their clash is about to reach its climax...
That’s enough.
Hernan is startled to hear that. Losing his concentration, his attacks become weaker and less focus and his defenses are wide open. Without realizing what really happened, Robert lands an uppercut slash – part of the Regrets of the Dragon combo – on Hernan’s armor and send him flying to the back. Robert defeated Hernan in this last round, but he feels something is wrong.
Robert rushes forward to find out, but Hernan raises his one hand and put a finger on his lips, whispering,
‘Sssh, stop, Robert! Wait, wait... Did you hear that?’
‘Hear what? I don’t hear anything!’ says Robert, protesting.
‘I heard a man’s voice saying, that’s enough. Then he called me by my name!’
‘H-huh? Are you hearing voices in your mind, Hernan?’
‘I’m not? I heard it loud and clear, as if he’s next to me! I’m not crazy, Robert, I swear!’
The voice comes again.
You don’t have to swear, because you’re not crazy. Only you can hear my voice, my child, for I am Petra, the all-powerful Leviathan*), Sovereign of the Seven Seas. Your skill, Symphony of the Seven Seas drew so much mana from the oceans and waters; it woke me up from my slumber.
Right on that moment, I knew that the Chosen One has come: He who masters the water energy at the highest level.
(* Leviathan is the Ancient Blue Dragon, living in the deepest abyss of the Petravia Ocean. Like Bahamut, Tiamat, Armitage and Behemoth, the Leviathan is considered as a patron, deity and guardian of the element it represents, that is water.
Hernan talks to Petra’s voice, ‘I don’t understand. You said you’ve found the one you seek, but you came and disrupted my concentration in the most crucial moment, making me lose to Robert. What do you want with me, anyway?’
Firstly, I wanted to stop you two from destroying each other with the energy so extreme, more than your bodies could bear. And secondly, I want you to become my partner to ease my loneliness. I have slept for seventy years, alone and miserable. My mind wandered in my sleep, searching throughout the land for someone who can hear my voice – my new partner – the Chosen One and I found you.
So, I offer you a gift. A gift of power beyond measure, the help from a Leviathan, and a chance to make your name a legend, told by many generations to come. Will you take it?
‘It’s not power I seek, but friendship and the joy it brings. If you offer that as well, then I gladly accept it,’ Hernan answers.
Then I’m your friend, Hernan. With you around, I won’t be lonely anymore. Come to Petravia, my home and wait for me in the Lone Island of Jagt. Just shout my name, Petra in your mind and I will come to you. See you there.
‘The Island of Jagt? Where is it, O’ Ancient One?’ asks Hernan, but there’s no answer. Petra has disconnected the telepathic call, it seems.
Hernan sighs and turns to Robert, saying, ‘Well, I think you’ve won, Robert. Got an important call from a new friend, so I gotta go.’
‘But you’re still standing, Hernan. This is not over yet. A deal is a deal, so we have to fight on.’
‘Then I forfeit. You see, our skills are evenly matched. If we went on with our finishing moves, we both would end up dead. Petra the Leviathan distracted me – I made a mistake, I shouldn’t be distracted by anything at all – and you defeated me with that last blow. And now I’m too bruised and injured to fight. You’ve won that fight and we will leave quietly. As you said, a deal is a deal, right?’
‘Don Hernan, I think that was just an interruption and this is just a delay for our fight. You know, I once heard voices too, and it distracted me no matter how hard I tried to resist and ignore it. Just do what you have to do and we’ll continue this fight after you are stronger, when our paths are crossed again.’
‘Until then, I bid you farewell, Senor Robert,’ says the Escudian fencer, bowing real low as a salute.
‘And farewell to you too, my friend. Good luck,’ Robert replies. He also bows with respect.
Hernan then sheathes his Albatross Rapier and walks away from there, shouting an instruction, ‘Men! We bring Lord Adler and go back to the airship! Move out!’
The airship crews follow Hernan at once. Hernan also carries the unconscious Adler with the help of two crews, hoisting him up to the airship. Hernan gets in the airship, and soon afterwards the flying vessel rotates slowly. As it faces northwest, the Aurora flies away, leaving the Dewblossom behind, still intact.
Robert looks at the flying airship with mixed thoughts. He feels neither victorious nor worried about this outcome. He just walks up towards Sheena who is still sitting feebly on a corner with Zach tending to her wounds.
‘Good work, Robert,’ says Sheena. ‘And good riddance to that flying threat!’
Zach also adds, ‘That proved that for now, you are stronger than that bighead blonde and that flamboyant fencer – er... what were their names again?’
‘Viscount Adler von Bachmann from Borgia and Don Hernan y Parvaez from Escudia,’ Robert answers. ‘And I don’t think I’m stronger than them. It was all just Vadis’ will that I must reach Lore to uphold his justice.’
Baxter, who stands near Sheena also talks,
‘Whatever you said, Robert, the fact is clear. Hernan and Adler retreated because you defeated them – end of story. Now we better head straight to Flamenca and buy supplies.’
Zach protests, ‘Lo? Cap’n Sheena said you don’t have the money, and we haven’t raided a single ship!’
‘Yeah, we didn’t have money,’ says Baxter. ‘But now we do.’
He takes out a purse and jiggles it with glee. ‘That Adler is surely loaded. Look at this – whoa! Man, this purse is full of gold crowns!’
‘How did you get that, Bax?’ says Ellephar, absent-mindedly.
‘Nicked it when he’s unconscious, you moron. Gotta do it real swiftly with a bunch of airship crew around him. I’d say ‘twas one of my best steals ever.’
‘Yeah,’ says Zach. ‘And better still if you can nick it from him when he’s fully conscious.’
‘Oh, yeah? Of course I can do it! But wait! I have a better idea. Why don’t I nick the brain out of your head, right now? That will be my coolest steal ever!’ says Baxter threateningly, pointing his dagger towards Zachary.
‘THAT’S ENOUGH, BAXTER!’ Sheena yells angrily and coughs blood and causes her internal injuries to open again. Now Zach must redo his work mending her wounds all over again.
Then the captain of the Dewblossom talks feebly to Robert, ‘Please take over command of the ship for the time being, Robert. I must rest. We’ll sail to Flamenca to restock and then go straight to Lore to a fishing harbor near Rand.’
‘Aye, will do, Cap’n,’ says Robert in a serious tone and with thoughts in his mind.
Thank Vadis we can go through this without any casualty. But it’s still a long journey – who and what will we encounter next? Air Raid (Part Three)

Back on the Carrack, Sheena is still Holding Hernan and the crews of Aurora hostage.
Hernan protests, ‘You’re mad, Sheena! You are putting our lives in jeopardy! One blast from Aurora, and we’ll be finished!’
Sheena replies coolly, ‘If he still has some sense left in him, he will come down here. If not, well, just think that we’re dealing with a monster in a noble’s skin.’
Robert and Zach don’t say a word. They just stand on the lower deck with their weapons ready. Just then, someone is coming down the rope ladder. It’s Adler von Bachmann.
‘I told you so,’ says Sheena.
As he steps on the deck, Adler draws his Zweihänder Kraal’shazar from his back and says loudly,
‘Release Hernan and my crews and surrender, or else.’
‘And if we release Hernan, you’ll arrest us anyway. Just keep those empty threats and let’s get straight to the point,’ Sheena begins her arguments. ‘The bottom line is, we’re not going to give up without a fight. Let’s make duels: You and Hernan versus me and Robert. If we win, we will go with you peacefully. This is our fight, so no need to drag our crews along in it. Well, do we have an agreement?’
‘I don’t deal with pirates.’
‘Very well, it’s your loss then. EXECUTE ALL HOSTAGES!’
‘W-WAIT! WAIT!’ says Adler hastily. ‘All right, duels then. I just can’t wait to see Kraal’shazar in full action again!’
‘That’s more like it, Lord Adler. A wise decision,’ says Sheena. ‘Release Hernan and give his sword back to him. I want a match between his Albatross and my dancing scimitars.’ She readily draws her scimitars.
‘I adore and respect women, Sheena,’ Hernan replies. ‘So I won’t underestimate you. We’ll fight like two men!’ He receives his Rapier from Ellephar’s hand, waves it sideways and raises it upright in front of him, right between his two fiery eyes.
Adler takes his position to face Robert and says to him, ‘Robert Chandler. We’ve been rivals during our two years hunting marks for bounty. Now you are my mark, so you’ll end up like my other marks.’
Robert sets his stance with flame engulfing the blade of Grimlock saber, saying, ‘Grimlock and Kraal’shazar of Adair’s Arsenal. Let’s see which the better one is.’
The crews all move away, giving them enough space to move freely. Then, without any signal, the four combatants rush towards each other’s opponents. Sword clashes with sword, exchanging blow after blow with high speed. Power versus skill, speed versus precision.
At one point, Adler and Robert swing their swords at the same time with all their might.
Adler and Robert push against each other with their swords. Eventually, the force that concentrates on the swords becomes compressed and bursts, sending the two duelists away from each other: Adler five steps back, and Robert six.
‘Now you see the gap between our strengths,’ says Adler.
‘Yeah, it’s only a step away. But I feel warmed up right now. Do you?’ Robert challenges.
‘Got it before you did. Now, I’m on FIRE!’
‘Let’s put the fire to the test, shall we? On guard!’
Saying that, Robert slashes his sword two times, sending a high-speed bolt of Crossfire Slash towards Adler. Adler blocks it with the skill that should be performed with two swords: Phoenix Wings. The heavy two-handed sword makes Adler’s overall slashes slower than it should, so a friction of Robert’s bolt still hits Adler – although with much reduced force so it doesn’t hurt him much.
Before Adler can catch his breath, Robert already rushes close to him and then attacks with lightning-speed spinning slashes from different angles, a move named Green Dragon Assault Strike. Adler quickly retaliates with a similar attack – less in speed and frequency but superior in strength – Tusks of Stampeding Elephants. Their swords clash countless times, and some of the unblocked blows inflict more wounds on their bodies.
Making a full use of his speed advantage against Adler, Robert changes his variant to a combination of Rising Dragon Uppercut Slash and Dragon Hammering Down. Adler blocks the uppercut, but is unaware of the second slash from above. When he realizes it, the blow nearly hits his head. Using his reflexes, Adler spins his body and sword downwards with Whirlwind Slash. That particular move blocks Robert’s slash and counterattacks at once, but Robert quickly ducks and applies Dragon Tailsweep, a low spinning backward slash when Adler lands on the ground. Adler blocks the move by thrusting Kraal’shazar into the deck floor and quickly lifts his sword up. With a quick spinning jump, he slashes a long, deep cut on Robert’s leather armor with Pouncing Tiger Bash. Without his armor, Robert’s wound would be deep and fatal, but the bleeding alone shows that Robert is badly hurt from that attack.
Seeing that result, Adler smiles triumphantly. But Robert doesn’t give up. Adler’s pause gives him time to re-concentrate his aura, and then with a roar Robert charges with Wrath of the Dragon God, a single, concentrated thrust reinforced with high-level fire energy towards a single target: Adler’s throat that is most probably Adler’s least protected spot.
Adler moves his sword to parry Robert’s strike, but suddenly course of Robert’s saber strike changes! It turns and goes to Adler’s head from the side – a simple blow is going to be a killing blow!
Just as the edge of the blade is about an inch away from his brain, Adler slides forward in shock. Grimlock goes on thrusting, making a line of fire, burning the outer strands of Adler’s treasured long, blonde hair.
Robert moves on to a safe distance from his opponent and concentrates his remaining energy for the next move – his finishing move. Adler, however, doesn’t share Robert’s calmness. Instead, he is very much enraged.
‘My beautiful hair... ruined! Robert, you-must-paaay!!!’
Saying so, he accumulates rage into negative, black energy typical to his Deathblade Kraal’shazar to the climax. He’s going to finish Robert off, despite of his contract for bringing his mark in alive.
Realizing that they’re suffering enough wounds and this move is going to be decisive for the duel, Robert and Adler stay on their stances. They don’t dare to attack before their opponents do – If they run out of energy during this final round, their opponents will finish them off. So, all they need is a sign, a glint, or a faintest sound so they can launch their attacks together.
Zachary is aware of this deadlock situation, so he takes a zenny out of a pirate’s pocket and tosses the coin high up in the air between Adler and Robert. The duelists follow the signal determinedly with their spirited eyes. The coin stops in mid-air... ‘ready’, falls way down... ‘get set’, and lands, clattering on the floor... ‘GO!’
Adler and Robert rush towards each other! As their swords are within range, they launch their most powerful combos: Robert with Regrets of the Dragon and Adler with Shattering of Heaven and Earth. No one spectator, even ones with the sharpest eyes can catch their lightning-speed movements and blows.
The clashes go on. Both duelists do their best to cut into the unguarded parts without trying to block at a cost of ruining their attack patterns. Speed is their only defense. In this game, the fastest and the toughest will win – or die after this is over.
They keep up their attacks for another ten seconds until both of them move away to a safe distance from each other at the same time. This time they stand back-to-back against each other and don’t move.
Suddenly, Robert grunts painfully. His wounds from that last attack are opening and bleeding in countless places all over his body. His leather armor is not tough enough for the legendary Deathblade. It seems Robert is lost – again.
Suddenly, Adler is jerking and vomiting blood!
He bends over and clutches his stomach. The wounds he suffered are less in number than Robert’s, but one single inner wound in his stomach is so severe – it makes him lose his balance and falls on the deck, unconscious.
Now we know who the real winner is.
Robert doesn’t care if he wins or loses. He just walks feebly to a corner and sits there, watching the fight between Hernan and Sheena. Zachary goes near him and applies his Vitali Healing Spell on Robert’s wounds, exclaiming with awe.
‘Quality over quantity. Well done, Robert.’
‘Zach, old friend,’ Robert replies. ‘Please heal Adler’s wounds too.’
‘Lo, why? He meant to capture you, Robert! Your kindness won’t change anything!’
‘If he has a sense of honor within him, he will admit defeat and go away in peace. I have nothing to do with him. I don’t want to make him my enemy. We’ve been rivals in bounty-hunting, I admit, but nothing is more honorable than a good and fair competition. As long as we are in the same side in fighting injustice and evil, I see no reason to leave him knocking the death’s door.’
‘Well, if you think so, I’m with you. Just be careful, Rob.’
‘I always do. Now let’s see Hernan and Sheena’s duel – whose one will prevail.’
Meanwhile, Hernan is in trouble. His combo, Albatross Embraces the Clouds fails to juggle Sheena up into the air so he can combine it with Shears of the Falling Rain multi-thrust combo and smash her back to the floor.
Apparently, Sheena blocks that attack with her twin dancing scimitars and counters it with her signature move, the Scorpion Kick: the single kick with a back-flip somersault. The kick hits Hernan’s forehead and throws him to the back.
Hernan the Escudian fencer is still standing after that blow, but his head is now very painful and dizzy. Before Hernan recovers from that dizziness, Sheena uses this opportunity to strike with her fiery twin swords: Phoenix Wings.
This is bad! If Hernan doesn’t recover from grogginess, he will end up in pieces. He realizes that attack when the first two slashes land on his Mythril Armor Eil’thanath but not injuring him at all. The third slash misses Hernan altogether because in that split second Hernan moves away very quickly and gracefully using his defensive-evasive move Dances in the Cascades. Sheena next slashes don’t hit him at all, so she is real upset now.
‘Oh, you really can dance, mister. May I cut in?’
Saying that, Sheena changes her move to Sandstorm Skirmish, adding thrusts to slashes with greater speed. Her move is like a violent desert sandstorm, destroying everything on its path.
This time Hernan is ready. ‘Let’s dance together then,’ he says.
Hernan moves as gracefully as ever with his favorite move Requiem of the Tides. Though this is a serial thrust move, it gives the user more chance to evade enemy’s attack and opens the door to more variations and angles, combining speed and precision at the highest level. With water attributes, Hernan’s move soaks Sheena’s dry variants and causes her to ‘go with the flow’. It seems Hernan has Sheena under control!
But Sheena doesn’t care. She still slashes and thrusts, pushing her speed to the limit. She tries to hit Hernan from various angles, but only a few of them managed to hit the spot, that is, anywhere but the parts covered with the Mythril Armor. That lightweight, tougher-than-dragon-scales armor really gives Hernan a sheer advantage against Sheena. If she turn to defensive, she might still have a chance to inflict fatal wound on Hernan, but since she pushed on and on... well, she got much more damage than she should.
Feeling a bit ‘merciful’, Hernan pushes himself away from Sheena by kicking her stomach, sending her flying way back and hitting the ship mast.
Countless thrust wounds on Sheena’s body are not fatal, thank goodness. But as a result of that, Sheena can’t get up at all. She has pushed herself over the limit and now she’s powerless and defenseless. She can feel her life is going to end any second now, with the edge of Albatross Rapier piercing through her heart. But actually, it doesn’t happen. Hernan just stands there with his hand on his forehead. He is still groggy, but he’s the winner.
Then Hernan looks around and finds Robert on the corner. Zachary is still tending to Robert’s wounds, but Robert signals him to stop because of this challenge.
‘Looks like one-one, eh?’ says Hernan. ‘We’ll have a final match right here and now.’
‘Indeed. Your armor is legendary, but can it resist the power of Grimlock?’
‘Guess we’ll have to find out... the hard way.’
Saying that, Hernan spin-jumps way up and thrusts down right towards Rob’s eye – the Whirlpool Polonaise thrust.
Gained back seventy percent of his stamina, Robert parries Hernan’s attack with his flaming saber and counters with the basic multi-slash skill that targets ten different weak point possibilities: the Ten Point Chain Slash.
Hernan parries seven slashes, one miss and two hit Hernan’s chest and back. Thanks to Mythril Armor, those hits only made minor bruises and not fatal cuts.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Submission Guidelines - DAW Books and Orbit Books

DAW Books


We publish science fiction and fantasy novels. We do not want short stories, short story collections, novellas, or poetry. The average length of the novels we publish varies but is almost never less than 80,000 words.

Send us the entire manuscript with a cover letter, not three chapters and a query letter. We do not accept electronic submissions of any kind. Do not submit handwritten material. Manuscripts must be typewritten or letter-quality computer generated. Clear photocopies are acceptable. The manuscript should be on 8" x 11" good white paper, double-spaced, with at least 1" wide margins all around. Please use only one side of the page, number your pages consecutively, and put the title of your novel at the top of each page. Manuscripts should always be unbound.

Very important: Please type your name, address and phone number in the upper right hand corner of the first page of your manuscript. Right under this, please put the length of your manuscript in number of words.

We publish first novels if they are of professional quality. A literary agent is not required for submission. We will not consider manuscripts that are currently on submission to another publisher.

Be sure to include a postage paid envelope for the return of the manuscript, if it is not found acceptable. You are entitled to Fourth Class rates for literary manuscriptsask at your local post office. If you prefer to send your work by First Class Mail and wish it returned the same way, be sure to include sufficient postage, or a check or money order to cover the postage costs. Canadian return postage can only be sent via Canadian Postal Money Order in US dollars. If you are mailing your manuscript from outside the U.S.A. or Canada, postage payment may only be made via American Express Money Order in US$, or by a check in US$ payable from a New York City bank. (Please do not enclose International Postal Coupons, except as postage for a single letter. IPCs cost approximately $3.50 each, but are only valid for 55 cents postage). Never send cash through the mail.

It may require up to three months or more for our editors to review a submission and come to a decision. If you want to be sure we have received your manuscript, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed postcard that we will return when your manuscript is logged in.

It is not necessary for you to register or copyright your work before publicationit is protected by law as long as it has not been published. When published, we will copyright the book in the author's name and register that copyright with the Library of Congress.

Please send manuscripts to:


Peter Stampfel
Submission Editor
DAW Books
375 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014




Orbit Books (Little Brown Book)


 Submissions Policy

Orbit books are happy to read unsolicited SFF novels. Please address your material
(which should include a full synopsis and no more than 30 pages of double-spaced text) to
Orbit Submissions, Little Brown Book Group Ltd, Brettenham House, Lancaster Place, London, WC2E 7EN.

The editorial team aim to read submissions within twelve weeks, but due to the large number of manuscripts received, you may have to wait longer.

Please accept our apologies in advance but we will not enter into correspondence over rejected material, nor will we take responsibility for loss or damage to your work. If you would like your material returned, please enclosed a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
No short stories or poetry, please. We regret that we are unable to accept submissions by email.
Good luck!


Sunday, June 24, 2007 Air Raid Part 02

Meanwhile, Hernan and several Aurora crew are climbing down the rope ladders to board the La Partizane. Zachary, Robert and Sheena are expecting them near the bow.

This is too easy, Hernan thinks. Robert and Sheena are really good fighters, so it’s not possible for them to surrender without a fight. I must be very, very careful.

With that thought, Hernan walks towards the fugitives.

‘Don Hernan y Parvaez, welcome to Dewblossom. I am Sheena Mekh’ta, the captain, am so honored by your visit.’

‘You seem to achieve much since we fought side-by-side in Enia’s Sanctum, Sheena the Bladedancer,’ says Hernan, as politely as ever.

‘Well, I owe my success to my first mate here, Robert Chandler. He gave me my lucky break after his jailbreak. You do know Robert, don’t you?’

‘Of course I do. Hi, Robert. It’s been a while. Nice to see you here.’

Robert replies curtly, ‘I wish I can say the same to you, Don Hernan, depending on what you will do to us next.’

‘Escorting you to Aurora, of course,’ says Hernan with a gentlemanly tone. ‘ talk with Adler and Eidos.’

‘Lo? Didn’t we tell you to come on board and talk?’ says Sheena. ‘I mean on board the Dewblossom, not the Aurora!’

‘WHAT?’ says Hernan in a shock, then he tries to compose himself and acts gentlemanly calm in this trap of words. ‘What do you mean? Don’t you guys want to surrender and avert senseless bloodshed?’

Sheena answers, ‘We corsairs live with one code: never surrender. We’d rather fight to the death than rot behind bars. But in this case, we just want to talk to explain our actions. So, I need you, Adler and Eidos down here to negotiate things over and reach a mutual agreement. I think he’ll be interested to what we’ll offer him.’

‘Don’t fool me, Sheena. You know Adler doesn’t talk with non-nobles, no matter how powerful or heroic they are, let alone setting foot on this degraded, dishonored ship. Eidos? You’ll never get a decision out of him, he’s always Adler’s lapdog. So, let me do the talking on their behalf.’

‘Hmm,’ says Sheena with a slight pause. ‘Very well then, what do you propose?’

‘You may keep your freedom, Sheena Mekh’ta, with a price. We will take Robert and Zach under custody – they’re already condemned men. And we’ll also claim the Le Partizane – it’s not yours. You and your men come with us to “escort” the fugitives to Vochaux. We will make up a story for them and you and your men will be free to go.’

‘Sounds like a perfect plan,’ Sheena replies. ‘But it’s not as perfect as it sounds.’

‘Of course. I altered the original plan because of your unexpected response, so we must work on the technicalities later.’

‘No, no, it’s not that. You don’t get it, do you? There are two things that will never work here:

One, losing Robert and Zach will be painful enough for me, but I will never surrender my ship without a fight! Oh, yeah, and the name is Dewblossom, not Le Partizane.

Two, no matter how perfect your plan is, the end result is the same: me and all my men hanging on the gallows.

So, sorry, mate, we can’t follow your plan. But we suggest a NEW plan...’

Suddenly Baxter and Ellephar seize Hernan from the back, although Hernan’s hand is ready to draw his Rapier Albatross.

Hernan protests, ‘Hey! You all chose death?’

‘Yeah, and you’re coming with us,’ says Sheena. ‘But before that, let’s see if my plan works.’

In Skyship Aurora, Captain Quazar the centaur is startled by the development on the deck of Le Partizane.

‘What’s wrong, Captain?’ says Eidos.

‘They’ve arrested Hernan, Master Eidos,’ says Quazar.

‘That fool,’ says Adler. ‘He failed me for the last time. Prepare to fire all blasters!’

‘But... wait, Lord Adler! There are our men down there!’ says Eidos hastily to warn Adler not to make a foolish decision.

‘It’s a worthy sacrifice! Don’t try to question my judgment, Eidos, or you’ll join them down there, sinking into the abyss!’

‘Lord Adler!’ Quazar speaks loudly. ‘They’re waving signals again! They want you to come on board the Le Partizane!’

‘NO WAY! I’m not going down to that filthy, degraded ship! FIRE, I say! FIRE! Or you will lose our heads!’ screams Adler with rage.

There is no response from all people aboard the Aurora, nobody’s moving at all.

‘Oh, so you all turned against me, eh? Is this a mutiny?’ says Adler.

‘Don’t force us to, Lord Adler,’ says Quazar. ‘Don’t forget, I’m still the captain of this ship. All crews take command from me only, except if I’m absent and I still have my first mate. You’re the owner, yes, but the well-being and loyalty of the crews is my own responsibility.’

Eidos adds, ‘If you’re unjust, then we won’t respect you as our leader anymore. If you kill Hernan who swore to be your partner to make sure Kraal’shazar doesn’t make you Vordac’s Heir, you’ll betray Vadis’ trust, turn all Forces of Light against you, and you’ll be alone against the world.’

‘Is that a threat, Eidos?’ asks Adler.

‘You may think so, but I say this is the truth,’ Eidos answers.

‘Hrrgh! Never, I say never in my life someone disobeyed me! Abort that command! Lower a rope for me! I will deal with those rabbles myself!’

Adler walks out from the control room, then turns back and points his finger towards Eidos and Quazar, saying, ‘I will never forget this humiliation. Mark my words.’

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Ahoy, mate! Hand me that rope over there, will you? Gotta fix the sail here,’ Robert shouts while hanging on a rope on the main mast.

Hahaha! You surely sound more like Dread Pirate Rob day after day!’ says Zachary.

Arrr... not really, dear ol’ Zach. From the way I see it, I prefer to be called “Courteous Pirate Rob”... or better still, “Cool Hunter Rob”.’

Har har har! You, Rob, never cease to amuse me. Now, let’s play along with these scurvy dawgs until we set foot on our good land Lore again!’

Aye, my thoughts too, exactly.’

The ship, Le Partizane sail south towards the Islands of Flamenca. So far they see neither sign of a chase by any ship nor a merchant ship to loot. It’s not a good sign, because Sheena and her crew must sell the things in Le Partizane to buy supplies. This will raise suspicion, and one of the rowdy landlubbers in Flamenca might sell them out for bounty.

Sheena tried to minimize that risk by changing the name Le Partizane to the Dewblossom – a typically feminine name for a battleship, even for a merchant ship. She also disguises the ship: hides the cannons, the military apparels in the rooms, and makes the ship real clean. She and her mates all dress like merchants. The First Mate Robert still has his moustache and beard. Zachary has bathed and trimmed his hair, moustache and beard, so he looks more to his actual age of forty-seven than before.

Sheena has been a pirate before, so she knows full well of ship management, navigation and how to keep the crews loyal to her. All in all, everything goes perfectly and smoothly... so far.


Early the next morning...


A pirate runs towards Robert’s cabin, yelling that alarm repeatedly. Robert and Zachary rush out from their cabin to the deck. Sheena is already on her position, giving quick instructions to the crews. Robert looks around – there is no ship in sight.

‘Maybe you want to look at the sky,’ says Zachary, pointing upwards.

Then Robert sees a flying object from afar that was modeled after his dragon mentor Algaban – the Skyship Aurora.

They come for me and Sheena. And this time they come to arrest us, just like the soldiers talked about back in the harbor. Our conventional cannons here can’t shoot upwards, so resisting them will be futile. Let’s hope Adler will not sink this ship after we feed his arrogance.

Then Robert walks to Sheena, and when Sheena stops talking Robert talks to her.

‘It’s the Aurora. Do you know what to do, Sheena?’

‘Yeah, Rob,’ says Sheena tensely. ‘I think they’re coming to arrest us all. We’ll just ask them what they’re up to. If they attack, we’ll hit them with all we have and abandon ship.’

‘To deal with Adler, we just have to keep humble and polite – it might save your life. I and Hernan respect each other, and he has a soft spot for women. Eidos, well, we know he’s indecisive and a pure opportunist, so offer him a bigger profit and he’ll follow.’

‘Thanks for reminding me, first mate,’ says Sheena. ‘Now just let me handle them. I’m sure we’ll get a better outcome with it.’

As Aurora comes close to Dewblossom, Hernan’s amplified voice comes from the megaphone on board the skyship.

‘Robert Chandler, Sheena Mekh’ta, Zachary Nightshade and all people on board, you are all under arrest upon act of piracy and murder, and hijacking the frigate Le Partizane. Surrender now or we’ll attack!’

In the Skyship Aurora Control Room, Hernan moves away from the megaphone and uses his telescope. He sees Sheena dictating something to a seaman who waves and points a pair of flags to various directions.

‘It’s a signal from Sheena!’ Hernan exclaims. ‘Come... on board... to talk. Please... don’t... fire.’

Eidos Crydias the chronomage who stands behind Hernan comments, ‘They want to bend things up, explain themselves using the fact that we fought together in Enia’s Sanctum.’

Adler raps his seat and shouts, ‘There will be no negotiation! We will apprehend and lock them up in Aurora! And you, Hernan, bring our combatants and navigators and take over the ship, arrest all men on board and bring the Le Partizane back to Vochaux!’

‘Aye-aye, partner,’ says Hernan. The Escudian fencer walks away from the control room in no hurry.

Eidos comes near Adler and whispers,

‘Lord Adler, I think Don Hernan didn’t take this order quite seriously.’

Adler replies, ‘I know, that’s why I only sent him down there. Hernan trusts Robert and so does Robert to him. Hernan also likes pretty women, so he will be lenient to Sheena. He is our best bet to complete our task perfectly – no violence, no bloodshed, and we can return the Le Partizane in one piece.’

Eidos nods approvingly. Quazar the centaur, the captain of Aurora takes over the telescope and looks through it to monitor the situation.


Monstropedia - an online study for FireHeart Project

Enlarge picture
Composite of Pomeranian heraldic charges of griffin
The Griffin (Greek gryphos, Persian شیردال‌ shirdal "lion-eagle") (also very often spelled gryphon and, less commonly, gryphen, griffon, griffen, or gryphin) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. As the lion was considered the "King of the Beasts" and the eagle the "King of the Air", the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. The griffin is generally represented with four legs, wings and a beak, with eagle-like talons in place of a lion's forelegs and feathered, equine-like ears jutting from its skull. Some traditions say that only female griffins have wings. Some writers describe the tail as a serpent. See the entry Saint George and the Dragon for a 19th century painting of St George and the dragon, showing a dragon very like a classically-conceived griffin. Classical and heraldic griffins are male and female. A "male" griffin, called a keythong in a single 15th century English heraldic manuscript, is an anomaly that belongs strictly to a late phase of English heraldry: see below.

Nature of griffins

Enlarge picture
Sassanid Persian silver plate of a Simurgh (Sēnmurw), 4-6th c. A.D
Enlarge picture
Griffin (Homa) in Persepolis, Iran
Tales of griffins and the Arimaspi of distant Scythia near the cave of Boreas, the North Wind (Geskleithron) were elaborated in the lost archaic poem of Aristeas of Proconnesus, Arimaspea, and eagerly reported by Herodotus and in Pliny's Natural History. The griffin was said to build a nest, like an eagle. Instead of eggs, it lays agates. The animal was supposed to watch over gold mines and hidden treasures, and to be the enemy of the horse. The incredibly rare offspring of griffin and horse would be called hippogriff.

Griffins were consecrated to the Sun; and ancient painters represented the chariot of the Sun as drawn by griffins. The griffin was a common feature of "animal style" Scythian gold; it was said to inhabit the Scythia steppes that reached from the modern Ukraine to central Asia; there gold and precious stones were abundant; and when strangers approached to gather the stones, the creatures would leap on them and tear them to pieces. The Scythians used giant petrified bones found in this area as proof of the existence of griffins and to keep outsiders away from the gold and precious stones. It has recently been suggested that these "griffin bones" were actually dinosaur fossils, which are common in this part of the world.
Enlarge picture
Heraldic guardian griffin at Kasteel de Haar, Netherlands
Adrienne Mayor, a classical folklorist, has made tentative connections, in Fossil Hunters: Paleontology in Greek and Roman Times, between the rich fossil beds around the Mediterranean and across the steppes to the Gobi Desert and the myths of griffins, centaurs and archaic giants originating in the classical world. Mayor draws upon similarities that exist between the Protoceratops (b.c.e. millions of years) skulls of the steppes leading to the Gobi Desert, and the legends of the gold-hoarding griffin told by nomadic Scythians of the region (less ancient).

In Ancient Egypt, the griffin was depicted with a slender, feline body and the head of a falcon. Early statuary depicts them with wings that are horizontal and parallel along the back of the body. During the New Kingdom, depictions of griffins included hunting scenes. Divine figures in egyptian mythology, depicted as griffins, include Sefer, Sefert, and Axex.

Ancient Elamites used griffin symbol extensively in their architecture. In Elam legends, a Griffin was presented to Elamite Gods. In Persian mythology, in particular during the Achaemenid dynasty, griffins called Homa were used widely as statues and symbols in palaces. Homa also had a special place in Persian literature as guardians of light.

Enlarge picture
A modernist, Egyptianized guardian griffin, Washington D.C.
A 9th century Irish writer by the name of Stephen Scotus asserted that griffins were highly monogamous. Not only did they mate for life, but if one partner died, the other would continue throughout the rest of its life alone, never to search for a new mate. The griffin was thus made an emblem of the Church's views on remarriage. Being in part both a flying and a land-bound animal, it was seen in Christianity to be a symbol of Jesus Christ (who was both human and divine). The egg-laying habits of the female were first clearly described by St. Hildegard of Bingen, a German nun author of the 12th century. She outlined how the expectant mother would search out a cave with a very narrow entrance but plenty of room inside, sheltered from the elements. Here she would lay her 3 eggs (about the size of Ostrich eggs), and stand guard over them.

Enlarge picture
Gryphon illustration by Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland
In architectural decoration the griffin is usually represented as a four-footed beast with wings and the head of a leopard or tiger with horns, or with the head and beak of an eagle. The griffin is the symbol of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and you can see bronze castings of them perched on each corner of the museum's roof, protecting its collection.

A griffin (spelled "gryphon") is featured in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in which the Queen of Hearts' orders the gryphon to take Alice to see the Mock Turtle and hear its story. The original illustrations by Sir John Tenniel depict the gryphon in an unusually naturalistic style (pictured to the left).

Some large species of Old World vultures are called gryphons, including the griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus), as are some breeds of dog (griffons).

The scientific species name for the Andean Condor is Vultur gryphus; Latin for "griffin-vulture".


Griffins are traditionally regarded as having an antipathy for horses. Therefore the hippogriff, being the offspring of a horse and a griffin, was a doubly impossible being. Nevertheless, some tales depicted their existence.

Heraldic griffins

Enlarge picture
Medieval figure of a heraldic griffin
The griffin is often seen as a charge in heraldry.

A heraldic griffin (or gryphon) has the hind parts (including legs and tail) of a lion, the upper parts (including feathered neck, wings, claws, and head with beak) of an eagle and also ears. It is the ears which distinguish the griffin's head from an eagle's head in heraldry, which is important because, as well as the full griffin, the griffin's head is also often found in heraldry and would otherwise be identical to the head of the eagle.

Enlarge picture
Modern illustration of a heraldic griffin - coat of arms of the Griffiths family
According to the Tractatus de armis of John de Bado Aureo (late fourteenth century) “A griffin borne in arms signifies that the first to bear it was a strong pugnacious man in whom were found two distinct natures and qualities, those of the eagle and the lion”. Since the lion and the eagle were both important charges in heraldry, it is perhaps not surprising that their hybrid, the griffin, was also a frequent choice. The symbolism of the lion-eagle combination was also the subject of a quotation attributed to Chassaneus by Alexander Nisbet in his System of Heraldry (1722; p 343 of Vol I of the 1816 edn): "Gryphus significat sapientiam jungendam fortitudini, sed sapientiam debere praeire, fortitudinem sequi.". This translates as: “The griffin represents wisdom joined to fortitude, but wisdom should lead, and fortitude follow". There are alternate translations.

Heraldic griffins are usually shown rearing up, facing left, and standing on one hind leg with the other leg and the claws raised: this posture is described in the Norman-French language of heraldry as "segreant", a word uniquely applied to griffins, and which is the exact equivalent of the description of lions and other creatures in heraldry as "rampant".
Enlarge picture
Arms of the City of London flanked by the dragons popularly referred to as griffins
A heraldic griffin was included as one of the ten Queen's Beasts sculpted for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 (following the model of the King’s Beasts at Hampton Court) and this is now on display at Kew Gardens. The City of London adopted what are usually described as griffins as supporters for its coat of arms, and it marks its boundaries with statues of a single "griffin" carrying the City coat of arms at each road leading into the City of London. However, the City of London griffins are, in fact, heraldic dragons, with scaly bodies and wings, no feathers, and no eagle's beak.

The "keythong"

The heraldic beast called a "keythong" much enjoyed among members of the Society for Creative Anachronism is claimed to appear in a single English manuscript of the reign of Edward IV, a heraldic solipsism. J.R. Planche's Pursuivant of Arms (London 1859) notes, under the badge of the Earl of Ormonde (first creation) as recorded in a College of Arms manuscript under Edward IV, the single contemporary reference: "A pair of keythongs." Planche's footnote: "The word is certainly so written, and I have never seen it elsewhere. The figure resembles the Male Griffin, which has no wings, but rays or spikes of gold proceeding from several parts of his body, and sometimes with two long straight horns. ­­Vade Parker's Glossary, under Griffin." (Society of Creative Anachronism website). At the end of the 20th century the "keythong" began to be taken up enthusiastically among adherents of heraldry.

The Griffin Surname

The surname "Griffin" has two primary Gaelic sources in Ireland, which pertain to the towns of Ballygriffey in Co. Clare, and Ballygriffin in Co. Kerry. The spelling "Ó Gríobhtha" is associated with the Co. Clare family, whose surname was also anglicised as "O'Griffey" or "Griffey". "Ó Gríobhtha" translates to English as "decedent of the Griffin-like". The "Ó Griffín" spelling belongs to the Kerry family. In Ireland, the name can also be associated with the Norman surname "Griffith", but to a much lesser degree. (O'Laughin 1997)

The surname "Griffin" in Wales is also, generally speaking, a variant of the surname "Griffith", or other similar Welsh names.

Griffins in literature

Enlarge picture
Collinsfort Village book cover by Nick Greenwood, published by WindRiver Publishing.
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (see reference in summary above)
  • In Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic book series, a griffin is one of three guardians of Morpheus' palace in The Dreaming
  • Griffin is the Invisible Man in H.G. Wells' novel The Invisible Man.
  • Griffin is Monster in My Pocket #5.
  • The Crossroads series by Nick O'Donohoe, including The Magic and the Healing, Under the Healing Sign, and Healing of Crossroads. Griffins play a significant role in this series about veterinary students called upon to help mythological creatures.
  • Three varieties of griffins, with different spellings and very different dispositions, appear in the popular children's novel David and the Phoenix by Edward Ormondroyd.
  • Griffins are among the magical creatures that exist in the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter's house (i.e., grouping of pupils) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is called Gryffindor, after its founder Godric Gryffindor. "Gryffindor" may come from the French "gryffon d'or" or "golden griffin", but, oddly, its emblem is a lion and not a griffin. The gargoyle guarding the Hogwarts headmaster's office is depicted in the Harry Potter movies as a half-phoenix, half-lion griffin.
Enlarge picture
Cover of The Griffin and the Minor Canon drawn by Maurice Sendak, re-issued by HarperCollins.
  • The Griffin and the Minor Canon by Frank R. Stockton, illustrated by Maurice Sendak (1968)
  • Collinsfort Village by Joe Ekaitis, illustrated by Nick Greenwood, features a griffin living near an imaginary Colorado suburb.
  • Gryphons are among the creatures in Aslan's army in The Chronicles of Narnia.
  • The Mage Wars Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon. A gryphon known as Skandranon is one of the lead characters. Titles are The Black Gryphon, The White Gryphon and The Silver Gryphon.
  • The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. A griffin pulls the chariot which brings Beatrice to Dante in Canto XXIX of the Purgatory.
  • Revenge of the Shadow King by Derek Benz and J.S. Lewis
  • A human baby turns into a griffin in Wilanne Schneider Belden's Frankie!
  • Griffins play a part in the Dragonlance novels, under the command of Elves.
  • In the Eberron campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, the griffon is the heraldic beast of the dragonmarked House Jorasco.
  • In The Once and Future King by T. H. White, young Arthur and his step-brother Kay battle a fierce griffin with aid from Robin Hood soon after freeing captives of Morgan le Fay.
  • In Baldur's Gate 2, the gnome NPC Jan Janssen's family (according to him) has had a number of encounters with griffins, mostly as a food source. One spoken line from the character is a panicked "What? Is there a griffin about?"
  • There is a Griffin-like, English gargoyle, in the animated series Gargoyles, named Griff.
  • In the Warcraft Universe, Griffons serve as flying mounts to Dwarves and other races of the Alliance.


Enlarge picture
Waterloo Rugby Club
  • Midland Bank used a griffin as its symbol before it was subsumed into its HSBC parent company.
  • Waterloo Rugby Club's badge features a griffin in the centre of a red Lancastrian Rose.
  • Balshaws High School logo features a griffin in the centre as well as the words Non Sibi Sed Alis.
  • Griffin is a somewhat rare boy's name from the 1990s.
  • The Norwegian county of Troms and municipality of Bjarkøy have griffons in their coat-of-arms.
  • De Montfort University uses a griffin for its logo.
  • Vauxhall Motors of Luton, England, uses the griffin as its trademark.
  • Saab Automobile AB also uses the Griffin as its Logo. Saab Aerospace built a fighter jet, the JA-39 Gripen, which in Swedish means "Griffin".
  • Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA uses the griffin as its mascot and its symbol.
  • Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MO uses the griffin as its mascot.

Spelling variants

Griffin has been spelled various ways: gryphon, griff, griffen, griffon, griffoun, griffun, griffyn, grifo, grifon, grifyn, grefyne, gríobhán, griphin, griphon, gryffen, gryffin, gryffon, gryfon, gryf, gryphen, and gryphin.


  • O'Laughin, M. C. (1997). "The Book of Irish Families Great & Small". Irish Genealogical Foundation.

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Monstropedia Eternia - vol. 02

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List of Monsters and Magical Beasts
Described in FireHeart Novels
Part 02

Level A (Humanoid Race)
Element: All, mostly Earth and Fire
Alignment: Neutral – Chaotic – Warlike
Usually found in: Gremion (Realm of Orcs), Sylvania and throughout Aurelia
Orcs are a humanoid variation race with greenish, brownish or grayish skin. Their intelligence is slightly inferior to humans but they cover it with superior strength. Their faces are like boars with tusks protruding from their overlarge mouths, and short-boar-snout-like noses. Some orcs do have superior intelligence, and they mostly serve or lead as shamans and army officers. They organize their people as tribes, and sometimes several or many tribes unite as a nation ruled by a Khan. Chieftains are known with a title Bragl, and the superior orcs (in intelligence and/or strength) are usually called ‘Uruk-hai’.
Orcs are usually well-versed with Aurelian Common Speech as well as their own harsh language that mostly sounds like grunts and growls, but they always speak in harsh slangs and sarcasms, and only believe that they can only control or lead others by power and out of fear. Female orcs only choose those who are fearsome and strong (because no orc is fair – as a matter of fact). No wonder male orcs sometimes kill each other to get the female and to show who’s the strongest.

Level D (Humanoid Mutant)
Element: Physical, Beastly
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Lore, Regia, Escudia-Corazon, Arcadia, Wardstone, Borgia
A humanoid monster with a dog’s head and tail along with human limbs and torso. It has low intelligence and has instincts like most common dogs. They attack with fierce strength and speed.

Giant Mantis
Level C (Giant Insect)
Element: Physical, Beastly
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Anywhere throughout Aurelia, an uncommon mutant species.
Description: (as in the novel)
As he turns his head, suddenly he is greatly shocked at the sight of a gigantic moving form with big, round eyes like a fly’s; and the snappers on its two front legs look like overlarge scythes. The man is horrified, and starts to shiver. The monster looms closer to him and the faint moonlight from outside the cave shows its original form – a giant mantis. The giant mantis swipes its left snapper at the man; it misses his head about an inch.

Level C (Humanoid Giant)
Element: Physical, Earth or Nature
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Western parts of Aurelia, an uncommon humanoid species.
Description: (as in the novel)
Trolls are giants with large ears and noses. They exist in three types: Forest Trolls (who live in the forests with greenish skins), Mountain Trolls (common trolls) and Rock Trolls (with all-stone tough skin).
Trolls like fish the most, although some of them eat men. Proceed with caution. These creatures are dim-witted, but they’re very brutal. And Forest Trolls can regenerate and heal their wounds. But they can only heal one wound at a time, so attack quickly and inflict fatal wound as soon as possible.
Attack the trolls in broad daylight, because they are the strongest at night. But they’re never weak, only dumb. If you’re not strong enough to confront them frontally, use your wit and speed.

Flobber (Jelly Monster)
Level E
Element: Water (Solid Jelly)
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Western parts of Aurelia, a common species.
Description: (as in the novel)
Flobber is another name for Jelly Monster. A term widely used by hunters because of the jelly-ish substance they found in it – The Flob or Jelly Core. Flobber is a low level monster.

Forest Imp
Level D
Element: Physical, Beastly
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Yggdrasil’s Forest and the Black Forest of Terranova
Forest Imps are monkey-like monsters with odd-shaped faces and ears, large mouth, sharp fangs, and abnormally long tails and tongues. Their tails are extremely useful to hang on trees, catch their preys and strangle them to death, and move from a tree to another. They’re carnivorous and very savage. They prey on anything or anyone as long as it’s fleshy, and tend to be cannibals when food is very scarce.

Level C (Humanoid Mutant)
Element: Physical
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Western parts of Aurelia, an uncommon humanoid species.
Gnolls are brutal half-human monsters with heads like horses. They are superior to kobolds because they can somehow use simple techniques in their attacks.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monstropedia Eternia Vol. 01


For FireHeart Project – A Study

By Andry Chang

List of Monsters and Magical Beasts

Described in FireHeart Novels

Part 01


Level B (Magical Monster - Physical)

Element: Dark

Alignment: Evil

Usually found in: Sylvania, Regia, Terranova, Gremion


A harpy is a beastly woman with enormous wings as hands. Its lower body is covered with fur and comprises of a pair of bird talons and feet and a bird tail. Its face is beautiful or birdlike – downright hag-like – and its skin is colored, either in red, green, black or brown. Its hair can be short or long, and most commonly very untidy like thorns or spikes. A harpy, though human-sized, can fly very fast, and its common attack is scratching and stabbing using its talons.

Legendary: Gyaeghir the Black Wings

Marsh Folk

Level D (Freak of Nature – Physical)

Element: Water + Earth = Mud

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Bresconnor and some vast marshes in Aurelia


Half-man, half-frog. The ‘froggish’ parts: Head, face, hands and feet.

Partially intelligent, this monster can use weapons, mostly tridents and sais (trident-daggers). And it is also amphibious: it can breathe in the open and in the muddy, murky waters. Beware of its surprise attacks when you cross the swamplands!


Level C (Freak of Nature – Physical, Intelligent)

Element: Water

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Bresconnor and some vast marshes in Aurelia


Half-man, half-crocodile. With a crocodile head and tail, a gavial poses greater danger and somewhat superior to marsh folk in term of intelligence, physical prowess and culture. It can talk like humans do (although in growls and simple language), have names for each other and can form tribes and build simple buildings. Maybe it still has traces of human intelligence when a legendary thaumaturgist created it and called it ‘her masterpiece’.

Legendary: Schkumann, the Gavial King

Uthul Frog (or Dragon Frog)

Level D (Freak of Nature – Physical, Poisonous) – Rare

Element : Water, Poison

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Bresconnor, Jigdha’uthul swamp


Uthul frog has fangs, thorns on its body and a lizard-like tail. Its saliva alone is corrosive venom that can dissolve its victim’s skin, flesh and bones in an instant, let alone its fangs and claws. Uthul frog’s gall is one of the most valuable ingredients in alchemy – it can serve as a very powerful poison, and can also be the antidote of that poison.


Level C (Magical Beast)

Element: Lightning

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Regia, especially Mount Hvalgarr


Cute monsters with four antennae that can function as hands, feet and weapons at the same time. They can produce lethal electric shocks generated with their antennae.


Level B (Magical Humanoid, Moderately Intelligent)

Element: Poison, Nature

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Regia, especially Mount Hvalgarr, Borgia, Bresconnor, Arcadia


Man-spiders, combination of human head, hands and torso and spider torso and legs just like centaurs (man-horses).

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