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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Spheres Trinity (Indonesian Tokusatsu Webseries) - Episode 3


RATE 15+ (not suitable for children under 15)


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facebook page origin pictures:

facebook fanpage spheres trinity webseries


Collaboration with:
ScAPE Parkour Surabaya

Nadya Roviano - Dewi (SIVA)
Happy Anindita - Lisa (HARTRION)
Rama Djami - Benny (GALLANT)
Yulius Mario - Chandra (ENVYON)
Febe - Anna

Music list:
Desolation (Hybrid) - Chris Haigh
Warning - Alex Kashkin
Revel in Revenge - Levan Lordanishvili
The Lighthouse on styx - Levan Lordanishvili
Super Charged - Chris Haigh
Twilightings - Richard Heacock

From Anime OST: Trinity Blood - Eguchi Takahito

Directed by Jeffry Sung

Spheres Trinity (Indonesian Tokusatsu Webseries) - Episode 2


RATE 15+ (not suitable for children under 15)


follow our twitter

facebook page origin pictures:

facebook fanpage spheres trinity webseries


Collaboration with:
UKM Dance UK Petra, Surabaya
Creed Auto Club Surabaya

Nadya Roviano - Dewi
Happy Anindita - Lisa
Febe - Anna
Ilona Wijaya - Maya (Character. from Spheres Unleashed)

Directed by Jeffry Sung

Spheres Trinity (Indonesian Tokusatsu Webseries) - Episode 1


English Naration Opening Ver.
Directed By Jeffry Sung
Director of Photography: Paulus Rizal
Post Production: Charles Hartono

RAMA DJAMI as BENNY (Red Gallant)

First Episode:
Spheres Trinity is a continuation of the previous sequel, spheres unleashed / inherit the power the first indonesian tokusatsu from Surabaya - Indonesia which was produce by origin pictures in the year 2006, with the main character sam that can turn into a warrior name Zeal and Benny as Gallant knights can turn into a leader of 3 warriors of lights. Benny back at Spheres Trinity Web Series to reveal who the knights of the third light which is a nurse named Dewi who can turn into a warrior of light named Siva. Dewi also has a variety of obstacles in living himself as a warrior of light siva, he has a formidable opponent of the darkness that is named Lisa, a high school student who can turn into the dark knight named Hartrion.

Episode1: Spheres Trinity ini adalah kelanjutan dari sekuel sebelumnya yang berjudul spheres unleashed/inherit the power salah satu tokusatsu indonesia yang pernah di produksi oleh origin pictures pada tahun 2006 silam, dengan karakter utama sam yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria zeal dan Benny yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria Gallant merupakan pemimpin dari 3 ksatria cahaya yang ada. dI Spheres Trinity Benny kembali muncul untuk mengungkap siapa ksatria cahaya ketiga yang tidak lain adalah seorang perawat rumah sakit bernama Dewi yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria cahaya Siva. Dewi pun juga memiliki berbagai halangan dalam menjalani dirinya sebagai ksatria cahaya siva, dia memiliki lawan tangguh dari kegelapan yaitu Lisa seorang pelajar SMA yang dapat berubah menjadi ksatria kegelapan Hartrion.

Monday, November 18, 2013 Merida Marination - Part Two

Res'marth the Water Elf, Queen of Water Elves, Nagas and Merfolk in Lake Ovalna, Merida - Regia Confederation. Reached Immortality as Naga Goddess after her death.

Meanwhile, the undead is camping – or rather, infesting – the town of Ludl. It looks like a ghost town now, with the air reeks of death, decay and filth.
            One of the Dark Generals, the black hooded lich roams around limply and slowly like a rickety old fellow with the Viper Cane as a walking stick. No one can guess her mood behind her simple white masque, but her behavior shows that she has never been in a good mood, at least lately.
            A winged, single-horned and green-skinned demonic general comes and kneels before the lich, reporting, ‘News from the front, Milady. The shades*) have spotted suspicious activities on the plateau near the lake.’
            The lich responds with an eerie, deathly voice, ‘Reeeallyy?? What activitiesss are thatt?’

(* Shades = Ghosts or wraiths that can render themselves invisible, possessing no fighting power and serve as spies. Those who can detect auras can detect them, though.
            ‘A lot of people are making things with logs and ropes. Judging from their looks, they must be the Allied Forces.’
            ‘What thingsss??’
            ‘According to the shades, it’s some kind of fence. Maybe they’re going to make a camp on that plateau.’
            ‘I don’t assksss for ‘maybeee’! Just tell meee what they ssseee!!!’
            ‘Uh, my apologies, Milady. The spies went back just as they spotted the enemies, and they saw nothing else significant.’
            ‘Veeryy welll, theen. Sso, what about the reinforcementssss? Any newss?’
            ‘No, Milady. There hasn’t any message from Kraal’Thragon and Castoria. I don’t think they’re going to move anytime soon.’
            Hearing that, the lich suddenly grabs the demon by his throat, yelling, ‘For the last timeee, I want you to REPORT, not to theeeenk, suggeest or eveen maybeesss. One more timee, and I’ll crussshh your throat sso you won’t be able to utter anotherr nonseense, you hearrr?’
            ‘Y-yes, Milady, yes, I – I hear! I hear!’ Against his natur, the demon whimpers.
            ‘Any mooree information?’
            ‘No, Milady.’
            ‘Veeery welll.... Now you teeelll all generalsss and troopsss to leave the city! We’ll go to the plateau and strike the Alliance hard before they…’
            Comes the sound of rumbling water.
            What, now? Oh, I see! The Alliance has been working for some time and calculated the time before the shades know what happened, came all the way here and relayed the report to the General.
            I knew it, we should’ve occupied Icothl too, not Ludl only. Now the only thing we can do is…
            ‘GET OUT OF HERE!! NOW!! Go South! Get to the higher ground!’
            No matter how frequent she shouts, it’s still hard for the lich to direct all undead, mindless, and beast-minded minions. They tend to get panicked and scatter everywhere at the sign of danger. Only the demons, headless-men and the like with intelligence follow the leaders to safety.
            The water comes like a tidal wave. BBRUSSSHH!!! Sweeping the things and beings on its way. Even the river that runs outside Ludl can’t contain water that plentiful, and the flood rises in the city until it reaches neck-height of average grown-up men.
            And the surprises don’t end there. From the North comes the Allied Forces, sliding so swiftly downhill with their rafts.
            ‘Down with the Dark!’ Their war cries strike more panic into the already confused brutes. To complete the mayhem, the griffin riders led by Cristophe sweep down and sweep through the enemies like Wind Shear (also known as Kamaitachi in Shima Empire).
            Seeing that, the lich who stands on the tallest building on the south end of town clenches her fist in disappointment.
            Damn those Alliance scums! I’ve figured out their tactic, but they outsmarted me by acting so quickly before I can avoid it! Now I’ll show them my OWN tactic, taking out a Paladin or two like crushing a snake on its heads, thus crushing their morale!
            Suddenly, a voice startles her,
            The lich turns everywhere, looking for the speaker.
            ‘Wwhoo’sss thereee? Show yoursselfff!!’
            ‘I’m here,’ says a woman who now stands on the same building. It’s Carolyn the pink-haired sorceress, ready with her magic trident Esthagar, Aegis the thunder bird flying behind her. ‘It’s no use hiding behind your mask, witch. I already recognized you from the style of your clothing, Omegron, Viper Cane and the way you used it to manipulate minds and kill my friend’s husband, Galvanir.’
            ‘Oh, the foolish elf who danceeed likee a marionetteee before his insideees were torn apart? Thaat wass quite a successsfulll tesst for my new spelll, Soul Marionation. Quite interesting, you play with it and tear it down after you’re done. Perhappsss you want to try BEING oneee?? An Marionato’me Tyral!’
            The look on Carolyn’s face changes like a lightning just struck her. Zal’fira’s fingers play like a puppeteer; Carol’s arms move… and she breaks herself free from the spell!’
            Zal’fira is taken aback, ‘WHAT?? It’s imposssibbleee!! I’ve designeed it so even theee Nervatr spell cannot repel it!’
            ‘You see, witch,’ Carol responds calmly. ‘Everything is not always what you see or think. The Nervatr Mind Shield on me has worn off quite some time, and in me now lays a power you cannot comprehend. It’s empowering my mind and my heart, a true magic that protects me from all harm.’
            ‘What iss that power do you speak of? I can’t understand it unless you tell mee.’
            ‘Now, now. I’d be a fool if I tell you, but I’ll fill you in with a clue: If you had this power a long time ago, you wouldn’t become a necromancess and a half-life lich, a cursed being like you are now. This is the power only those who walk in the light can have, and you are just too late for that. So, just forget about it and continue our fight! Pyroagnios!’
            ‘An Nekraal’me Fyasch!’
            Now Carolyn’s Fireblast is met with Zal’fira’s Dark Disintegration blast in a re-enactment of their impending duel in Mount Hvalgarr *). The difference is, Carolyn is a stronger person now, not depending on Aegis, her guardian spirit and her long-lost lucky charm necklace. Her opponent, Zal’fira is now a lich, more powerful yet more vulnerable in her accursed half-life as an undead. No longer can she feel love, the truly most powerful source of strength and protection of the Light Side.
            As the pressure goes on and on, it’s hard to know who’s the stronger one, until at one time one of them can’t endure her spell any longer: It’s Carolyn!
            Zal’fira uses this momentum to add pressure on her spell, and KA-BLAAM!! The two powers explode on impact point. Carol, the nearest to that point gets the full blow and is thrown back quite a distance. The lich withdraws her spell and stands with her face looking up and her hands stretching open, signifying victory.

(* See Book Two, Chapter Eight: Magicians and Dragons

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