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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sling Wars 2: Angels vs Demons

Play Sling Wars 2 Angels VS Demons At

Angels are fighting against Satanic Host in this worms-like game. Which side do you take? Funny characters and fascinating gameplay! You should eliminate the enemy using 4 different types of weapons. Upgrade your shrine to receive powerful weapons.

· Movements = Use W,A,S,D Keys or Arrows Keys
· Take Weapons and Shots = Use The Mouse

Friday, May 28, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Three Part 2

Varestine City

After shopping a bit, go to the Walthorn Guild building (lower left corner of the city next to the castle wall). Sign up for the Lumien Trolls quest with the clerk on the left. You may also take the bonus quest of finding a runaway boy (more will be added on later versions).

Mini-games: Horse Race level 1 and Rob’s Crossbow Practice level 1

Walk out from the city and you’ll be confronted by a rival hunting party, Baxter and Ellephar. Just talk to one of them (VERY IMPORTANT - Let them approach you) so you’ll aware of what they’ll do later in Lumien Forest.

Lumien Forest
Quest: Lumien Trolls – Mainstream

This forest is indeed a labyrinth, especially if you need to defeat three trolls to collect their ears plus the booby traps set by Baxter and Ellephar along the way. There’ll be another event when you stumble upon the third group hunting the trolls also, so better prepare at least one dispel herb to help the leader of the third group.

BOSS: Forest Troll (HP: 2000)
The three trolls are in separate locations in the forest.
Beware, it has strong attack and defense and can regenerate.
Drop Item: Mace

After defeating the three trolls, you’ll be transported (“teleported” to be exact) back to Varestine.

Settle your quest completion with the clerk on the center and collect your reward money from the cashier on the right, save your game and walk out from the building, and you’ll find yourself in the Varestine Cemetery for a special event: Rob’s another flashback.

With that, Robert only has one thing to do left to make peace with his past, and he needs to go to Alceste, capital of Lore Kingdom.

Hotshot Pass

Well, since the toll gate to Alceste is closed, you need to detour through this fiery cave on the left through the mountains. It’s a very tricky place, and the trick is: When you first go in and move to the bottom of the map, you’ll find a three-forked path. Just choose the middle path exit and you’re out of that area.

However, if you desire more challenge and bonuses (in treasure chests), you might want to try all paths of this tricky place first and exit with the same manner as above. Tip: The original cave is if the middle entrance leads to the world map.

The path is: (exit-to-entrance, L=left, M=middle, R=Right)
Hotshot Cave 1: L => 2R M => Out R => 3L
Hotshot Cave 2: L => 1R M => 2L R => 3M
Hotshot Cave 3: L => 2M M => 3R R => 1L

New from Christopher Paolini

Click here to see images.

brisingr header
alagaesia news header

Kvetha Fricäya! Greetings Friends,
and a very belated Happy New Year!
paolini author photo

I know that it's been months since my last newsletter, but I wanted to tell you that I've been hard at work and think about you, my readers, daily.

The holidays were unusually busy. Most years, my family and I spend the time quietly at home, but this year several friends came to visit. We shared long conversations, great food, and a special outing to the Museum of the Rockies—better known as dinosaur central.

Since the New Year, I've been working with renewed determination to finish the manuscript of Book Four. The story is unfolding much as I've always imagined, but, as usual, I find myself adding scenes I hadn't anticipated when I plotted out the book. Although it's taking me longer than I'd hoped to get my vision on the page, I think it's worth it. This is going to be the most exciting and action-packed book of the entire series.

Last month I watched the Doctor Who specials from last year. Wow! For those of you who follow the travels of the Doctor, you may have caught a reference to him in Brisingr. This year brings a new actor to the role of Doctor, and I look forward to seeing how he portrays him. He has a big scarf to fill.

I recently spoke with John Jude Palencar, the cover artist for the Inheritance series. He told me that he's been painting the green dragon for the cover of the fourth book. I can't wait to see it! John is immensely talented, and I always enjoy seeing how he interprets the creatures from my world.

This is going to be a newsworthy year for the Inheritance cycle, with lots of big announcements coming up. And I'm excited to tell you that the Brisingr paperback is now in stores. As always, and will post the latest developments.

Now, back to the book for me. At the moment, I'm in the middle of a really interesting section. It contains a one-sided game of knucklebones, an evil assassin, bags of flour, a water-born battering ram, streets lined with lead, a knife in the back, and the death of a character.

Yes, I'm killing someone off. Horrible, isn't it?

May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

Read's response to the first chapter from Book 4, here.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

FireHeart Game just got an award!

Whew, the game
FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins
Book One: The Bounty Hunters
just got an award:

Runner Up @ Atmajaya Game Show 2010 Game Making Competition
Scope: National (Indonesia)

Berikut ini adalah Pemenang Atmajaya Game Show 2010
Juara 1 : Great Merchant
Juara 2 : Fireheart
Juara 3 : Sang Peternak
Selamat kepada para pemenang…
Untuk hadiahnya nanti akan dihubungi oleh panitia…
Bagi yang belum menang, jangan berkecil hati
Tetap berjuang menciptakan game-game yang berkualitas
Hidup Game Indonesia!!!
* screenshoot sama keterangan ttg gamenya nyusul yak… masi ada di juri…
Berikut ini adalah Pemenang Atmajaya Game Show 2010
Juara 1 : Great MerchantJuara 2 : FireheartJuara 3 : Sang Peternak
Selamat kepada para pemenang…Untuk hadiahnya nanti akan dihubungi oleh panitia…Bagi yang belum menang, jangan berkecil hatiTetap berjuang menciptakan game-game yang berkualitas
Hidup Game Indonesia!!!

Well, it's a first step for the big ones! Thank you all for your support and downloads!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Three Part 1


You go back to the inn and Robert is now on his bed – gone! Well, there’s only one place you’ll find him for sure: his usual corner in Golden Ram Pub. Just talk to Robert and he’ll join your party as Cristophe’s mentor.

For the first task of this newly formed team, go to Sansarine Guild and take the Troll Hunt Mission in Lumien Forest. You need to go to Varestine City in Eastern Lore to sign up. The road straight to Varestine from the south is guarded tight and blocked, so you’ll have to go all the way north through Trident Cave.

Trident Cave

As the name stands, it’s a three-way cave. A problem arises: The toll gate keeper lost the key to the gate. Take the leftmost path until you get into the room where the stream is running inside. Go along the frozen path. The key is right below the shrub on the wall (take it by pressing ACTION button), and you can use it to unlock the heavy gate on the rightmost path. Exit the cave and go northwest to...

Partridge Town

Rest here for a while and shop for goods, weapons and armor. Talk to a young drunkard, Felmar in the restaurant section of Partridge Mall (the biggest building in the upper left corner) and take up a quest to deliver his letter to Dinara, the girl he likes.

Dinara lives in one of the nine identical houses in Partridge Real Estate, the one in the center. HINT: The content in the houses (left-to-right, top-to-bottom)

No.1: Talk No.2: Talk No.3: Talk+Bonus
No.4: Instant Death! (subject to revision) No.5: Quest No.6: Item
No.7: Battle No.8: Talk+Item No.9: Vacant

Deliver the reply letter from the girl to the drunkard to receive reward. After you’re done walking around, exit town, go to the east corner and then south to Arkvale Village.

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Two

Robert "Orcbane" Chandler the Ranger


Explore the town for a while and talk to everybody there. Go to the weapon shop, talk to Gershon who is specially grumpy right now. And then you ask the man who is browsing on the left corner of the shop about Gershon’s attitude. The man, Eldric the Diehard then tells you about a gang of kobolds led by A’bong the orc robbing and killing travelers, also robbed the couriers transporting Gershon’s goods.

After that, drop by for a while in the pub and talk to a white-haired man sitting on a corner. After the first talk, talk to him again until he tells you that his name is Robert.

You then go to Sansarine Guild, asking the clerk about the kobold gang quest or just go directly to the guildmaster Hulfred Randall in his office on the second floor. The quest, which is not for novices like Chris and Carol is already taken by none other than Robert Chandler, an intrepid bounty hunter famous by the nickname “Orcbane”. Just accept the task of collecting 10 cobalt ores by defeating kobolds in Harper Hills Cave.

Harper Hills Cave

It’s the first cave due east from Rand. The path is somewhat trickier with dead-ends, detours and poison traps. It’s actually a crystal mine laden with the crystals Arsenicum: touch it and you’ll get poisoned, and Halizeum: cures all poison by just touching it.

To save time, collect all 10 ores first and just follow the path before you enter A’bong’s Lair. There, Robert is confronting his quarry – A’bong and you just join him to help. (Robert joins your party!)

BOSS: A’bong the Orc

HP: 3000
A’bong are with two kobolds. He attacks quite slow but powerful. Always try stunning or sleep magic and beware of his power moves, Megaton Impact (Earth).

After defeating A’bong, you and Carol take Robert back to the inn in Rand (instantly). You might want to go back to Harper Cave again to finish your task or leveling up. There’s a secret exit on the top-right crack on the wall in A’bong’s Lair. It’s one-sided so finish your business before going out. Return to Hulfred and get the reward you deserve.

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter One

FIREHEART – Legend of the Paladins
The RPG Game by Andry Chang

By Andry Chang

Intro – Prologue
Vordac’s story about himself and the sealing of the cursed sword Kraal’shazar.


You are Cristophe the swordsman, who begins his adventure by – clumsily – falling from his bed in Golden Ram Inn, Town of Rand. Read a letter on his cousin’s bed, containing directions for the first task as a newly registered bounty hunter.

Next step, check the chest on the bottom left of the room to find supplies: a rusty sword, some money and supplies. Chris keeps reminding you to equip the sword on him, and after you’re done, he’s good to go. Touch the drawer in the room (or any room in the inn?) to find Lore Kingdom World Map.

Drop by the item store west of the inn to buy some more supplies if necessary, and go out of town through the south gate.

Wyrony Cave

It’s the second cave due east from Rand. Don’t bother to go north, because someone will remind you to finish the jobs here first before proceeding.

At the entrance, you meet Chris’ cousin, Carolyn and Chris rushes off alone with Carol’s pet, Chiel the micha catching up with him (Chiel joins the party!). The cave is pretty easy to tread, just go straight and fight the monsters off until Carolyn catches up with you and Chiel is back to its original function: the “living lantern” (Carolyn joins the party, Chiel leaves the party).

And then your party stumbles upon three statues. Check the left statue of Nikanomikos Theripides and the right of Carolyn Deneuve first, then heal your entire party fully using the white magic crystal Alluvium (heal point) nearby. Finally, touch the center statue of Azrael Elishamar, one of the three archmages who sealed Kraal’shazar. While talking, your party is surprised by...

BOSS: Giant Mantis
HP: 630
This monster has standard slash attacks, yet it’s a tough nut to crack. Be patient and don’t let it kill your party member! Defeat it, and in the end you get the reward: a circlet for Carolyn. (The boss and the boss scene here are subject to change in later versions in accordance to the manga).

Skipping the chores, the players are transported directly to the cave entrance. Go back to Rand, restock and go to Sansarine Hunters’ Guild, a big building at the upper left corner of town.

Two quests are available there:

Quest 1: Rand Rat Ruckus (Optional)

Kill 15 giant rats and enter a shabby storage shed northeast of town to confront:

BOSS: The Pied Piper

HP: 1000
Watch out for his elusive and dangerous skill: Pied Piper Allure! The [Confusion] effect will greatly devastate your party. Better ready some dispel herbs just in case.

Quest 2: Missing Daughter in Stonehenge (Mainstream)

Stonehenge Forest

Go To the Stonehenge Forest due west from Rand. Walk up into the [tent – area marker] to enter. Fight all the way until you find the client, who’s standing in front of house on the top left of the map. James the woodcutter will ask you to find his daughter missing in the Stonehenge. Just accept the task and walk to the exit on the southwest corner of the map.


On the world map, walk into the stone slab [area marker] on the world map to enter Stonehenge. Monstrous fireflies and will o’ wisps will give you a hard time until you reach the center – the Stonehenge altar itself. Heal up on the [heal point], save your game before you talk to the girl on the center of the altar. Gladys will refuse to go back to his father and orders the druids to attack instead!

BOSSES: Water Druid – Wind Druid – Earth Druid – Fire Druid
HP: 1000 - 1000 - 1000 - 1000

The druids will attack you in turns (may be revised into two/four at once in next versions) with their respective magic attacks: Water Cannon, Wind Shear, Megaton Impact and Fireball. Use healing items to heal yourself often and Chris to heal (if he masters that magic already).

After defeating the bosses, you’ll be transported to James who gives you [Long Spear] as reward, and you’ll be transported again straight back to the inn in Rand, ready for the next quest.

NOTE: All enemies, abilities and magic are made according to the elemental affinities and handling like in this diagram:

Game Affinities:

Other general principles:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FireHeart - War of the Paladins Wallpaper 1

War of the Paladins by ~vadis on deviantART

This is the front display of my novelblog - website, FireHeart Saga - A Bounty Hunter's Blog
that contains my unpublished novel, FireHeart Saga the Series.

War of the Paladins
in FireHeart Episode III : Legend of the Paladins

Monday, May 10, 2010

FireHeart - The Manga? Sneak Peek vol.1

The novel and the game of FireHeart Saga is now being developed
into MANGA! Work in progress, unpublished per May 10, 2010

Come forth, Paladins! Fulfill your destiny!
Sneak peek (Raw Sketch) of FireHeart Webcomic
by Andry Chang (

For FireHeart E-Zine
group members exclusive only!

Note: Manga is in Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia)

Chapter 1: I am Vordac

Chapter 2: Orcbane

Chapter 3: In Danger's Den

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wizards and Dragons

The evil kings army has been sent over the lands to attack the rival kingdom. Wiz the Wizad is their only hope for survival! Defeat the evil dragons, dark knights, and scariest of all... gnomes!


FireHeart Site in Many Languages!

English to Indonesian Language

English to Chinese (Simplified)

English to Japanese

It's all thanks to Google Translation!

RPG Maker Resources 4: Kaduki Sprite and Character Sets!

It's all in:

Google Translated Page:

Please note that that dude ain't accept requests from now on, and you must credit Kaduki, Katsuki Kiyoto (or Kai Usui ( ) if you use any image from that site in your RPG Maker game project.

All of those sprites, face sets and character sets are suitable for RPG Maker VX. Please consult in RPG Maker or RPG RPG Revolution forum for details about this wonderful site.

vadisworld - my way, my world

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