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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adventure Quest: Enator & Deathwing!

The Fall of Carnax
Enator vs Carnax

Deathwing vs Uncle Sham

Adventure Quest: Raven's Adventures!

Part I
Raven the lvl 79 x-gaurdian on adventure quest has come against his first opponent sylith the lich...

Part II
Raven is out again slaying the dead, This time their are almore monsters to kill, as in plural, more then one ;)

Adventure Quest: Cristophe's Hunts (vs Necromancer & Frost Knight)

Cristophe Deveraux (Lvl. 54) vs Frost Knight

Cristophe (lv.54) vs. Necromancer to get the Dark Orb (Temple of Hope)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cristophe vs. Alpha Dracowolf!

Well, this is still the same Cristophe, lv.54, free account in AdventureQuest Online RPG Game( More about Cristophe's REAL hunts in

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Survival of the Swiftest - Part Two

Then the second volley comes. They put their attention towards the projectile rain when more shadows come rapidly from both sides of the ravine. Apparently, they dive from the top of the ravine and swings down to add to the elements of speed and surprise.
As result, the travelers are not surprised, but shocked! Ambushed from three ways at the same time, they face certain death.
The dark elves’ ambush is three times as dangerous as Kyflynn’s, but the team quickly moves into a cross formation, as experience has taught them. This formation works every time, ever since their hunts together to fighting a horde of skeletons and zombies in Mount Hvalgarr. They don’t know if it works against the assassins, but this is their best bet and the clever Rael agrees with that.
Robert repels the assassins from the front and Chris from the rear. Carolyn and Andreas repel the projectiles with their staves, while Iris and Rael’charon shoot throwing knives and arrows to the sky. The flying assassins are surprised of this counter attack – with the speed matches their own. Some of them barely evade or block the shots, but one knife goes right into a dark elf’s cranium and one arrow tears another elf’s wing. Both of them fall, crashing into the ravine walls.
Seeing the loss of their two comrades, the winged ark elves fold their wings and launch a dive attack.
‘WATCH OUT!’ Carolyn shrieks.
As the dark elves go nearer to the ground, they spread their wings again and thrusts with their blades attached on their hands. Their targets on the ground duck or move aside to evade that. An elf tears Carolyn’s robe on the back and wounds her skin-deep.
Rael’charon also gets a graze on his left sleeve, and he realizes something. The dark elves’ daggers can penetrate the force field! Although the wounds inflicted are greatly reduced, they are still deeper than by ordinary weapons.
Andreas quickly mends Carol’s wound with Vitali spell, and the others fight the assassins on the ground while anticipating more attacks from the gliders above.
Robert is still concentrating on the enemies in front of him. Stabs and slashes come like rain. Robert blocks the blows to his head and let his Elven Cuirass (elf-made armor) absorb the rest.
However, the elves aren’t seemed to get tired. Their blows go quicker, and their movements go more complicated. They climb cliff walls to the top without ropes; do somersaults, back flips and such with similar flexibility to Kyflynn the Windwalker.
So, Robert grits his teeth and unleashes his counter strike, Black Dragon Soulstealer. His speed increases, and he moves like a shadow among shadows, wind against wind.
Three assassins stop midway after Robert’s shadow clashed with them, and then they fall, lifeless. Robert ends his move, standing to face the enemies. The black fire aura covering him and his sword turns to dazzling gold. He’s going to unleash another move...
Cristophe, on the other hand, tries very hard to defend himself. Being relatively ‘impregnable’ because of his full armor and shield, he can’t move very fast. His Three-Point Chain Slash misses, so does his Ten-Point Chain Slash. Although the stabs can’t hurt him, but the pain of absorbing so much of them on his armor becomes unbearable. At that point, Chris gathers up his light aura and spins in place with his sword and shield. The skill knocks one elf away and cuts into another elf’s foot. Then he moves forward and still spinning! This variant decapitates one elf who moves too close and obviously underestimated Chris, giving him the lesson he brings along to hell.
Well, one is better than none, Chris thinks.
But suddenly, a pain like no other comes from his back!
Someone actually stabbed him through his armor and Omnigalatr force field!
‘Gyaargh!!’ Chris screams, and falls to the ground.
Hearing that, Iris gets shocked and swiftly comes to Chris’ aid. She also screams on seeing Chris on the ground with blood flooding out from his back.
Then comes a whistle, and the assassins stop their attack. Rael’charon and friends have grazes and scratches all over their bodies. If not because of their auras and Omnigalatr protection field, they must’ve already dead. Andreas rushes to Chris’ side and tries Viavitali (Great Healing Spell) on his wound before it’s too late. Luckily, it’s only a flesh wound and no part of it is rotting. Survival of the Swiftest - Part One

Oliver MacLair the Assassin - Source:

On the way to Valanis, Rael’charon and his small band of ex-monster hunters ride swiftly. As all are riding human-breed horses, Robert’s Paeldagrin gallops the fastest.
All their faces are serious, except the elf archer Lavennia Iris whose face is gloomy and whose eyes are a bit out of focus. She can’t help thinking about the possibility that his lover, Cristophe will marry Princess Eloise of Lore. She wanted to ask Chris about his view towards it a few times, but she always restrained herself not to, as there’s a more important and pressing matter at hand: Robert’s trial.
They encounter several monsters along the way. They ignore neutral or harmless beasts such as flobbers, giant ants, unicorns and kobolds, and kill aggressive monsters that attack them, like giant bats (Iris’ Wind Shear wipes them out), zombies (Andreas’ Healing Spell kills them instead), giant carrion caterpillars (Chris and Robert do most of the work), even a werewolf (Rael’s flying dagger in his eye is enough to make him flee). Carolyn also contributes by roasting a giant boar with a single shot of Fireblast.
The group takes a longer road around the Black Forest, avoiding the treefolks’ wrath. They’d rather take the road along the shores of the peninsula to reach Valanis as long as they can still ride their horses. Robert, who took the route before, confirms it.
Iris rides in front of the group – as always. She scouts the perimeter with her far-seeing and super-senses abilities. Although she is rather distracted at the moment, she sees a ravine far ahead and warns her comrades.
‘Guys, we are now entering Wyrmspine Pass. We got to be extra careful this time, or we’ll never come out there alive.’
‘Right,’ says Robert, ‘We’ll walk in our usual formation now. Only this time Rael’charon will be in the middle with Andreas. I’ll take the front and Chris the rear. Carol and Iris on the left and right flanks. Scout according to our positions and take care of each other. Look out for ambushes and traps.’
‘Just like old times, eh, Rob?’ says Chris rather cheerfully. ‘Yet again, we better move quickly. This place gives me the creeps.’
Iris and the group ride in Wyrmspine Pass carefully, but not very quickly. The ravine is seven kilometers long, narrow and windy with cobwebs and turns. So far, no sign of ambush there. Robert has passed through it during his run without any trouble.
They reach the sixth kilometer after a long walk and still no attack comes. Smile comes on Chris’ face as he talks.
‘Haha! Looks like this is our lucky day! No enemy is stupid enough to ambush us here, as we are so near to the exit. Vadis is smiling upon us, blessing us with a smooth ride to Ascension. Tell me...’
Before Chris can finish, suddenly Robert shouts, ‘HALT!’
The next second, he shouts again, ‘DISMOUNT AND ON GUARD! ENEMIES INCOMING!’
All dismount. The horses instinctively run back, sensing the danger ahead, with Paeldagrin leading them.
Silence. All faces are tense.
Then, suddenly...
The sky becomes dark. Is that an eclipse coming? Or a work of great magic? Apparently, no. Something blocks the sun, but it’s not a natural phenomenon or magic.
Bat wings.
‘Dark elf*) assassins!’ Robert shouts. And Father Andreas quickly casts, ‘Omnigalatr!’
Glowing force barriers of light cover the group as the bat wings, namely the dark elves throw projectiles at them like showering black rain from the sky. They repel most of the projectiles, and the rest are deflected by the force field and armor, causing only minor grazes on their skins.

(* Dark elves have dark, brownish skin, a different sub-race next to the blue-skinned Terranovan night elves. A hundred dark elf assassins can take down a thousand well-armed soldiers, leaving none alive. Well, there are a hundred of them here, so what can our heroes do?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Book three in Paolini's Inheritance cycle unveiled!



New York, NY (January 16, 2008)—Following the #1 bestselling novels
ERAGON and ELDEST, the third book in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance
cycle will be titled BRISINGR, it was announced today by Nancy Hinkel,
Publishing Director of Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, an
imprint of Random House Children's Books. BRISINGR (BRIS-ing-gr), an
Old Norse word for fire, will be familiar to fans of the cycle as the
first word in the ancient language that Eragon hears. The jacket for
BRISINGR has been illustrated by the renowned John Jude Palencar,
illustrator of both the ERAGON and ELDEST covers. . .

Pre-order your copy of BRINSINGR

Get the full story at

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alagaesia News: Book Three News!

Kvetha Fricaya! Greetings, Friends!

I am pleased to tell you that the title of Book Three in the Inheritance cycle is BRISINGR. Sometimes one's first thought is best, and so it was with naming this book. After many months of trying to sum up a complex story in a single word, it struck me that I had had the name all along. For reasons that will become clear when you read BRISINGR, this title is perfect.

BRISINGR is an Old Norse word for "fire." As you may remember, in ERAGON, Brom uses the word BRISINGR to start a fire. This is the first time Eragon hears an ancient language word, a word of magic. Later, when Eragon is cornered by Urgals in Yazuac, he shouts "BRISINGR!" to great effect (see ERAGON—chapters "Revelation at Yazuac" and "Admonishments").

Both elements of the cover, the gold dragon Glaedr and the title, touch on Eragon's inheritance. With his painting, John Jude Palencar has captured the dignity and wisdom of Glaedr, and Random House has again designed an awesome book cover.

More exciting news is on the horizon . . .

May your swords stay sharp!

Christopher Paolini

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Cristophe vs Salamander

Hi, I'm playing as Cristophe Deveraux (the character created by me in FireHeart Saga Novel) in AdventureQuest Online Web Game.
This is still under a free account and it's a sample fight.

Cristophe's Page in Adventure Quest:

For more information about:
FireHeart Saga Novelblog, visit

AdventureQuest Online Game, visit

Cristophe's Stats on this fight:
Level 53, Ninja

STR: 50
DEX: 40
INT: 20
CHA: 25
END: 50
LUK: 20

Account Type: FREE
Clan: None
Subrace: None

Long Sword
Razor Fan
Candy Cane
Super Pzycho Sabre
Frostbite Staff
Trident of Etain
Eye of the Sphinx
Steel Plate
Shinobi Shozoku
Fighter Armor
Vartai Armor
Holy Armor
Fire Shield
Shield of Darkness
Glave Shield
Assassin Shield
Current Event
Griffin Strike
Water Dragon Blast
Cosmic Blaze
Spectrum Swirl
Heal Scratches
Earth Rage
Miscellaneous Items
Leech Head

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Runemarks by Joanne Harris

About the book

Seven o’clock on a Monday morning, five hundred years after the end of the world, and goblins had been at the cellar again. . . . Not that anyone would admit it was goblins. In Maddy Smith’s world, order rules. Chaos, old gods, fairies, goblins, magic, glamours–all of these were supposedly vanquished centuries ago. But Maddy knows that a small bit of magic has survived. The “ruinmark” she was born with on her palm proves it–and makes the other villagers fearful that she is a witch (though helpful in dealing with the goblins-in-the-cellar problem). But the mysterious traveler One-Eye sees Maddy’s mark not as a defect, but as a destiny. And Maddy will need every scrap of forbidden magic One-Eye can teach her if she is to survive that destiny.

>> Read an excerpt
>> Meet the characters
>> Buy the book


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Correspondent Contest to win a trip to Comi-Con New York. Deadline is
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The Strange Lands Newsletter goes head-to-head with your favorite
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by Joanne Harris

Seven o'clock on a Monday morning, five hundred years after the end of
the world, and goblins had been at the cellar again. . . Not that
anyone would admit it was goblins. In Maddy Smith's world, order
rules. Chaos, old gods, fairies, goblins, magic, glamours–all of these
were supposedly vanquished centuries more






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Saturday, January 05, 2008 Between Love and Peace (Part 3)

As scheduled, Rael’charon comes in the morning meeting with Emperor Sage and his ministers for his diplomatic mission. The two princes, Alexis and Cristophe sit on the left and right side of the throne. Advisor Talbot du Bois stands near Alexis, and Father Bernides stands near Cristophe. Robert, Carolyn, Ney, Iris and Andreas stand neatly far away near the exit.

‘Greetings from the Ruler of Lore to the esteemed Sovereign of the Empire of Arcadia. May the Emperor live long and prosper,’ says Rael.

‘We acknowledge your wishes and also wish the best for your King and country,’ says the Emperor. ‘Now tell me, what matter brought you here, far from home?’

‘I have here a letter from our King, a proposal for peace and mutual relationships between two great nations in our beloved realm.’

‘Peace? Peace, you say?’ says the Emperor with a mock grin. ‘That’s the word I’ve never heard from a Lorean for years. And you, saying that word so plainly right now, not in the best time and place, make me wonder: Is this the great Rael’charon I know, the cleverest being in Eternia?’

Rael’s expression is unchanging.

‘And yet, as this is a matter of great importance, I shall read this letter and confer with my officers. The Envoy and his companions are to wait outside until we reach a decision.’

Emperor Sage then opens the sealed letter and begins to read it with a grim, serious face. Seeing that, Rael bows as low as ever and withdraws from the room with Rob and Ney.

They wait outside for about two hours, during which they hear unclear commotions from inside. The commotion subsides finally, and then ten minutes later comes summon for the Envoy.

Back inside, the throne hall is quiet and orderly once again. But this time all eyes are turning to the Envoy and the Emperor, waiting anxiously for the decision. Sage’s face looks grim, and then after seeing Rael’charon standing with his head down in the center of the hall, he gets up and talks with a thunderous voice.

‘Now hear me, Envoy of Lore! WE have conferred, and we have decided. The Kingdom of Lore belongs to Arcadia! Ever since Emperor Sage the Third married Princess Galewyn of Lore, our claim of the Kingdom of Lore was sealed. We tried to realize that claim for years, but you Loreans wouldn’t admit it and resisted us all the way.

Now you come here, bringing your King’s proposal to re-enact our claim to the Kingdom of Lore by arranging yet another marriage between our Prince and your Princess. So, tell your King to come up with other ideas: surrendering, that will be best.

As for peace, you can say “peace” when Lore is safe under Arcadia’s wings. The Sovereign has spoken, and his speech is law.’

Hearing that, Rael’charon puts a smile on his face instead. Robert, however, gets the most disastrous shock in his life. All his hopes are shattered in pieces right before his eyes. Chris sees all this and he knows what to do instantly.

‘Your Majesty Father,’ says Chris. ‘Pardon my insolence, but as an envoy has the right to present his speech and view, right? He came here not just as a messenger, but as a representative of his King for diplomatic talk and conference. Let us hear him out first. If our decision stays, so be it. But at least we don’t violate any code of diplomacy and smear our name in front of other nations.’

Without looking at Chris, the Emperor says, ‘Guards! Arrest Prince Cristophe and let him spend a night in the dungeon, second level without food. That’ll be his lesson for talking without asking my permission first.’

As Chris walks to the exit with two guards escorting him, Sage talks on.

‘However, he did remind me to follow the protocols of diplomacy. So, Envoy Rael’charon, what is your say?’

Chris walks past Rael’charon with a smile. Rael nods slightly at him, looks towards the throne and delivers his argument.

‘O’ Exalted One, my King seeks peace and only peace for the people. With mutual relationships and trade, both our countries will prosper. Moreover in the eve of the Heir’s terrors, all Aurelia must unite, not weaken and destroy each other. Only that will overcome the threat. Peace is the only answer, not conquest, not expansion.

The Heir wishes us to fight each other, spreading terror and strife, making as though the murders in Lore were done by Arcadians and the other way around. He made scapegoats out of Robert Chandler, Prince Cristophe and few others. When we are all weak, he will strike, and his victory will be certain.

Therefore, let us put aside our differences, our rivalries and our claims, at least until we crush our common enemies, the Dark Forces and the Heir. For that, we offer you our Princess, Eloise Galford’s hand in marriage to seal the bond between us. You may choose which Prince to marry her; we are content with either.

If you have conditions and terms for peace other than this one, please do tell. If those are within our power, we would gladly fulfill them. May the Emperor long live!’

Emperor Sage pauses in his thoughts for a while, then responds with a very serious face.

‘A good speech, Envoy. So fitting for your intellect. You did make your point, though. We’d better set aside our differences and focus on eliminating the threat that once plagued our lands and is now putting on efforts to do so again. According to your points, we hereby state our conditions as follows:

First, this peace treaty will last until we eliminate the Heir and keep the Dark Forces at bay in Sylvania for centuries to come. After that, we shall renegotiate with renewed conditions.

Second, whether we strengthen our bond with another marriage, Arcadia’s claim over the Kingdom of Lore still stays. Whether the claim stays or doubles, it’s Arcadia’s right to choose, which we shall decide later and inform your King, and you will accept that decision without question.

Third, you must verify whether Robert Chandler is the Heir or not. Prove it in the Trial in Valanis. Cristophe, Carolyn, Iris and Andreas will go with you, so they’ll be the first ones to eliminate Robert if he turns out to be the Heir.

Only under such conditions we accept the treaty.’

Rael’charon is ready with his answer.

‘By the powers bestowed upon me by the King Sovereign of Lore, I hereby accept those conditions, with note that we shall renegotiate the terms for peace if we happen to destroy the Heir once and for all in Valanis.’

‘Good,’ says Sage. ‘The scribes will prepare the documents. While waiting for them, let us celebrate this historic moment, the beginning of a new era for Lore and Arcadia with a royal feast. We shall sign the treaty then. May Vadis bless us all!’

While saying so, the Emperor thinks. This is all too easy. Either way, Arcadia will get all: the beautiful Princess Eloise, the claim of Lore, pawns to fight the Heir, and most importantly, more time to prepare for war after the treaty expires.

Rael’charon walks to the exit with a smile and a thought. You think you have won, Arcadians? We are also preparing for war behind your back. With this treaty, we shall be able to predict your attack easily and ready to kick you out from our kingdom, thus conquering your land instead.

Even Alexis and Talbot show the same kind of smile, looking at each other. Robert, on the contrary, is in despair, though he never shows it on his face. Part of him regrets the success of this treaty, hoping if only they used other terms than marriage for peace talks. The other part, however, trusts Rael’charon that this is the best way to gain peace for the People of Lore: A great sacrifice for a worthy cause.


The peace treaty was signed that night during the royal feast. Prince Cristophe is out from the dungeon the next morning, joining his friends. He returns Robert’s horse, Paeldagrin to its rightful owner.

Ney’varíth parts with the group to return to Lore with the treaty document, and the rest begin their ride to Valanis.

Peace is one step away... Between Love and Peace (Part 2)

Twenty minutes later, Chris finds himself standing in front of the Main Gate with his mentor, Bernides the morbit. The guests they are expecting are now coming from the main road.

As the hooded travelers come into view, Chris recognizes Robert among them, whereas the other two seems familiar. The travelers then remove their hoods, and Chris greets them. ‘Welcome to Lourdes, o’ esteemed Envoys of Lore. I, Cristophe Deveraux, Prince of Redne-Borjeur bid you welcome.’

Rael’charon returns the greeting, ‘We are much honored that the Prince greets us here. I’m Rael’charon Luvazel, Envoy of Lore, and these are my escorts, Ney’varíth Ushmiel and Robert Chandler. We are here for a diplomatic meeting with your Emperor.’

‘I’m sure we can accommodate you by the best way we can. Sir Robert,’ says Chris, turning to Robert. ‘I’m so glad to see you again. It’s been a long time.’

‘A long time that brought lots of changes, Your Highness,’ Robert replies politely, and Chris nods approvingly.

As they walk into the palace, Robert says, ‘Ah, Father Bernides. Glad to see you again. All is well, I hope.’

‘It’s well so far,’ replies Father Bernides.

‘Glad to hear that. By the way, where are Iris, Carol, and Father Andreas?’

‘They’re out in the city on a mission. I’m sure they’ll be happy to see you.’

Rael comments, ‘You do have good friends here, Robert. I’m impressed.’

‘They’re just my companions during my wandering, as I told you before,’ Rob answers. ‘The ones who fought together in Enia’s Sanctum. ‘Twas a sad thing that we should part, but seeing them alive and together put my mind at rest.’

They exchange no more word as they enter the main chambers of the palace.


Hearing about Robert’s coming, Andreas, Iris and Carolyn return to the palace. They spend the night talking with Robert, exchanging stories about the things they went through after their parting. All the buccaneering, trials, adventures that involved air raid, gallows, bugbears and fishmen. Chris and Bernides also join them, exchanging informations about the Heir and the recent murders that took place in Lore, Arcadia, and the entire Continent of Aurelia. Ney and Rael are not there, busy with their own works in another chamber.

‘What? You’re surely not kidding, eh, Rob?’ says Chris with a mild surprise.

Robert answers, ‘I’m not kidding, Chris. Several of the victims were the people I know. The rest were mostly influential people and those who worked for them.’

‘Same here,’ says Carolyn. ‘I’d say the murderer was very picky and serious with his targets. The murders were done to weaken our nations, create chaos and clear the path for worldwide invasion.’

Andreas adds, ‘In that case, we are dealing with an organization of death dealers acting to fulfill the mastermind’s masterplan. And the one we know has the motive, power and will to conquer the world is...’

‘...Vordac’s Heir,’ Iris completes the sentence.

‘Now what’s our plan to stop this Heir?’ Bernides asks. ‘We have to, because WE are the Heir’s primary targets.’

Robert replies, ‘...Which reminds me. Three attempts already to kill me, and one to frame me. The last attack on Rael’charon and me was an attempt to have the heroes kill each other. I know Kyflynn didn’t mean to hunt us down, but he had to be serious with his work, because he’s being watched too. Failing in a hunt because the hunter can’t subdue the target is a good enough reason for him.

And after Myrcalia, Rael’charon will go with me to Valanis for the trial, so the Heir will have a fat chance to send his goons for another attempt.’

‘So, I guess,’ says Iris. ‘You can use more fighting power. We shall go with you.’

‘If, we have the Emperor’s permission,’ says Chris. ‘You see, we are under city arrest here.’

‘So, here’s what we’ll do,’ says Bernides. ‘We’ll ask the Emperor for permission to escort you to trial. And then, we shall spring a trap for the Heir’s death dealers, then capture them and bring them to trial as additional witnesses. We lay the rest to Vadis’ will.’

‘Thank you, my friends,’ says Robert. ‘Now let’s wait and pray for what tomorrow has in store for us.’

They all go on chatting until late at night, exchanging stories and encouraging words. Carol, however, can’t stop staring at Robert with a mixture of disappointment and anguish on her face. Between Love and Peace (Part 1)

Wandering around the palace all day, doing practically nothing is definitely not the Prince of Arcadia, Cristophe Deveraux’s favorite pastime.

Neither summoned nor present in daily audiences, he regards his mission to track down and find clues about the Heir and the recent murders in Lourdes Palace in Myrcalia as his only source of excitement.

But, as he finds no clue whatsoever on that case, Chris sulks in a dreary boredom day by day. Iris and Carolyn are investigating outside the palace with Father Andreas, while Father Bernides is busy with records, documents and evidences he got from the victims’ bodies.

Cristophe has examined the crime scenes in the palace many times, but no blood stain, no suspicious item, no murder weapon, and no sign whatsoever, as though no murder ever took place there.

What a drag. I don’t know where else to go from here. Hope my friends get more luck out there. Hmm... Maybe I’ll find Father Bernides and help him out.


The Infirmary in Lourdes Palace is the busiest place around the clock. It serves as a hospital, also a laboratory for research of medicine and cure for sickness. Ever since the Dark Plague in the Age of Darkness, this place has been the place to search for hope, and the final defense against Vordac, the Dark Overlord at the same time. Herbs and medicines from Aurelia and the Far Eastern lands such as Wushu, Shima, Ashura and Ubanga are tested and mixed into new medicines and potions to fight natural diseases as well as magical ailments.

A room in the infirmary is used for autopsies and detection for causes of death (a practice which will develop into forensics in the modern ages).

For the past few months that room became full of activities, and one of the busiest person (or morbit) there is Father Bernides. He is now performing an autopsy on a murder victim, a rogue that was just found dead, floating on the river about eight days ago. The body has been naturally preserved, and now Bernides is scanning it with magic and writing down the results.

Then a knock on the door breaks his magic scan.

‘Who is it?’ says Bernides, trying not to get angry. ‘Don’t you read the sign “Don’t Disturb?” on the door? I’m working in here!’

‘Sorry, Father, it’s me, Chris. I just want to help you out and exchange information.’

‘Do come in, My Prince,’ says Bernides apologetically. And as Chris is inside, he continues. ‘Honestly, there’s nothing you can do to help me in this kind of work, and I’m about done anyway. So, is there anything you want to share with me?’

‘Honestly, Father, there’s none. I’ve tried observing every inch of the crime scene for weeks, and there’s not clue at all there! No blood stain, no fallen object, no crack or abnormality, nothing! Like nothing ever happened at all!’ Chris talks with a desperate yet hushed-up voice.

‘None, you say? On the contrary, you DID find a clue. And a very important one, too. Every crime scene MUST have a mark, and it must not be cleaned up until an official report comes out. If it’s cleaned, then we can assume that the criminal has erased all traces of his crime. Congratulations, Your Highness.’

Chris smiles, saying, ‘Thank you, Father. Well, did you find any piece of evidence?’

‘I did find clues, but I don’t know whether they can be called evidence. Of the ten murders, only seven bodies are still preserved, the rest are rotten to their bones. I’ve examined five bodies and two skeletons. Five male, two female, and it seems they were killed with different poisons, weapons, by different people. From their wounds, the killers are obviously professional assassins. The wounds are clean and the poisons were administered carefully.

If the assassins were hired by one person, that person must be very rich and powerful. A noble, to be exact. The three rotten ones are unusual, though. They must’ve been killed by one person, one weapon. I’d say it was the work of the best assassin alive today: Kyflynn or MacLair. But with these rotten bones, we can’t know for sure.’

‘Is there a chance that the Heir is behind these murders?’

‘Yes. Most probably so. Five victims were killed in this palace. An attendant, two guards, a maid and an officer. Now we’ll just wait for Father Andreas, Iris and Carolyn, and we’ll have full details on the others and make a link between them all.’

Chris nods, ‘So, let’s wait for them then.’ He looks around and winces on the sight of seven dead bodies in this room.

Then suddenly, there’s another knock on the door.

‘Message from His Royal Majesty for Father Bernides.’

Bernides whispers to Chris, ‘Good thing I’m done now. If that was your father, I will lose my head. I really don’t like people interfering when I’m working, but in this case I need to make adjustments.’

Chris opens the door and finds the errand boy, the message bearer there. The errand boy reacts, ‘Oh, Your Highness is here too. This message is for you too, Your Highness.’

‘Proceed,’ says Chris.

‘The Emperor wants Your Highness and Father Bernides to go to the front gate and greet the Envoys from Lore. They should arrive in half an hour or so.’

‘What are their names, so we can address them?’ Chris asks.

‘Counselor Rael’charon, the Chief Royal Advisor and his escorts, Sir Robert Chandler and Dame Ney’varíth.’

‘Robert Chandler, you say?’ Chris’ face looks surprised. ‘Well... All right then, we shall do the Emperor’s bidding. You may go now.’

‘By your leave, Your Highness.’

Robert Chandler... Just as I heard. A Knight of Lore you are now. His King has pardoned him. Now he’s coming here with Rael’charon. To speak up and stand for us, maybe? To clear our names? I hope so, Rob. I hope so. Because if you don’t, you will have to answer to Wyrthal. Chris pats his hereditary sword hanging gloriously on his waist belt.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

=AQ= The Tower of Xyphos!

> Log in to AQ this week to and go to Dragonclaw Island to search a
> mysterious tower for a powerful mystical object!
> --Quest at Jagged Peaks to find the new Tenderizer weapons!
> --Get the new Reindragon mount armor and ebil teddy bear Stitches pet in
> Valenia's Z-Token shop!
> --Your Frostval Gift Boxes have opened! Log in today and see what was in
> them if you haven't already!
> --Find a special new Frostvale Stone Cottage in the House shop!
> Log in at

now and read on for more!
> ::: THIS WEEK'S NEWS :::
> On Dragonclaw Island, the archmage Beleqwaya needs your help to collect
> the proper ingredients for a powerful spell. The most important of these
> is a mystical Sphere, hidden somewhere in a deadly cloud of red fog.
> Within the fog is a tower, and a deadly force awaits to protect the
> Sphere! If you are Level 50 plus, take this new quest and see if you can
> survive! Get to Dragonclaw Island using the Travel map.
> If you got the Frostval Gift Boxes during December, log in today and see
> what was inside them-- they opened on New Year's Eve! If you missed out
> on the Gift Boxes this year, don't worry-- NEXT Frostval you too will be
> able to get new gift boxes! And there are several other holidays between
> now and then that offer unique rares, like SnuggleFest in February!
> Search Jagged Peaks on the Travel map for a new weapon called the
> Tenderizer! Used by the Butcher's Guild to cut, tenderize, and even cook
> their meat, this is an all-in-one tool-- er, weapon- that you shouldn't
> miss! The Tenderizer will replace the Bloodsail Axes, which will become
> rares.
> Talk to Nimrod as soon as you enter the Guardian Tower to take on a new
> monster challenge! Battle new enemies (including the Snout and the
> Horseman!) of increasing power to unlock several reward items.
> Z-TOKEN UPDATE: New Armor and Pet!
> The powerful new ReinDragon mount armor and Stitches pet have arrived in
> Valencia's Z-Token shop! Find Valencia in front of the town Inn. Special
> elite items are available using Z-Tokens. Find a complete listing here:
> If you have an active website that gets a lot of visitors, you should
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> Find these new spells in the Guardian Tower shop! Rain a massive column of
> fire down on monsters!
> Here are 2 links for you, and some of the most important things a Guardian
> upgrade will get your character:
> * The elite Guardian Armor and Guardian Blade! The Guardian armor has
> solid defenses and a 3-hit attack (the second and third hits unlock at
> levels 40 and up). The Guardian Blade can summon the powerful Guardian
> Dragon to blast your enemies with Element X damage!
> * Full access to ALL towns and quests: places like Lolosia, Granemor, and
> all the quests to the East and South, PLUS special minigames and quests
> within Isle d'Oriens. You'll find awesome stories, the most powerful
> monsters, reward items, and new characters!
> * The Guardian Tower! Inside the tower you will find a special shop full
> of awesome items, an armory, stables where you can take out a mounted
> armor (unicorn, nightmare, winged horse), a teleporter room that can send
> you to different quests, and the Guardian Arena, where you can fight
> through 10 big levels to get the title of Champion!
> Valencia in town and she has brought with her a hoard of new special
> items, that can only be bought using Z-Tokens! Take a look at what
> Z-Tokens can get you:

You now
> have a chance to get Z-Tokens by using the Battle Monsters button in town,
> or you can buy them in bundles here:
> Http://
> Coming soon: The Order Returns -- Assassin Class -- Martial Artist
> Class -- and more!
> AQ gets bigger and more exciting all the time, as new events, quests
> and items are added each week.
> Battle on!
> Galanoth & the AQ Team

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Neopets' Navigation Guide!

You should visit these Neopets Pages daily to get FREE daily bonuses!
Advent Calendar
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Healing Springs
Lab Ray
Lunar Temple (Guide)
Meridell Rubbish Dump
Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ
Monthly Freebies
Money Tree
Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe
New Features
Petpet Lab Ray
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Qasalan Expellibox
Shop of Offers
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Skittles Mystery Tent
Snowager (6am-7am, 2pm-3pm, 10pm-11pm NST)
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Symol Hole
Wise Old King
Wheel of Slime
Underwater Fishing

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Grab some Free Omelette (one per day)
Neopets Fruit Machine Free Spin (one per day)
Get a Free Tiki Tack Tombola Ticket (one per day)
Grab some Free Jelly from the Giant Jelly* (one per day)

Try the Daily Puzzle (once per day) Guide

Test your Lunar Temple skills (once per day) Guide 1 Guide 2

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Spin the Wheel of Slime and win Neopoints (every 8 hours)

Low in neopoints? Get free food at The Soup Kitchen
Get NP and gifts with Freebies For You (once per month)
Scare a Slorg to get NP in the Shop Of Offers (once per day)

Get a Free Christmas Gift (once per day during December)


Read the New Features (every day)
Check out Today's Weather (every day)
Check out your Item Event Log FAQ

Collect daily interest in your National Neopian Bank account

Check your Stock Market Portfolio and Bargain Stocks
Check out dark_shadow202020's Stock Market Guide.

Heal your pets in Healing Springs (every 30 minutes)
Approach Coltzan's Shrine (every 12 hours?) Stats Project

Contemplate the daily Neopian Haiku
Have your daily fortune told by The Mystery Island Mystic

Cheer up Grumpy Old King Skarl (twice per day)
Share wisdom with Wise Old King Hagan (once per day)

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