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Saturday, April 12, 2008 The Shield of Faith - Part Three

Meanwhile, Chris the redhead prince is following Iris in front of him. Chris has never swum all his life. However, now he’s swimming as gracefully and as quickly as water elves can, and he has no trouble breathing at all, thanks to his amphibious gills.
Although Iris has dumped him, Chris still feels that he needs to keep close with his ex-girlfriend, because she’s still part of the team. Iris doesn’t seem to mind, though things are a bit awkward between them now.
Chris sees two mermen passing by, and he only nods and smiles obeying Res’marth’s warning. Suddenly, Chris feels that someone is swimming fast towards him. He turns back and sees the two mermen attack him with their tridents! Chris wants to say, ‘What’s the meaning of this?’ but only gurgles come out from his mouth. He quickly draws his hereditary sword Wyrthal and parries their attacks altogether.
Swinging his sword underwater as quickly as on land, Chris easily repels every attack from the mermen. However, he can only block and parry because an attack will probably hurt them.
The half-men half-fish beings attack together with a super fast, spiraling move. Chris is ready with a stance, and as the tridents are within range, he spins around, parrying each and every strike with Whirlwind Slash.
Defending as hard as he can, Cristophe finally realizes that the mermen are just trying to keep him occupied until his time is up. So, he finally breaks free and flees from his attackers. The mermen chase him, of course. They are about to close up on Chris when an arrow sings right in front of the mermen’s eyes! The two are surprised to see Iris who shot the arrow with great power and perfect accuracy underwater. Now she loads two arrows on one bow, speaking with a gurgling voice. The mermen respond with the same gurgles, and Iris gurgles back.
After a brief pause, the mermen finally turn around and go away. Amazed, Chris stares at Iris. But the elf just swims away. Chris follows behind, trying to catch up with her through Iris won’t let it happen.
In another place, Adler and Eidos are fighting a school of piranhas *) and about a dozen fishmen. Eidos’ Chrono Chakram slices swiftly through water and splits three piranhas and a fishman in halves, and back to the owner’s hands.

(* Piranhas = Sharp-teethed, carnivorous fishes mainly live in big rivers. In our world piranhas live in the Amazon River, South America.

The old mage turns to Adler, who seems to have trouble swinging his heavy sword made heavier in the water. Quick-witted, Eidos casts ‘Velocivare!’ making a time split around Adler so he seems to be moving faster – the essence of Haste spell. With that, Adler kills more and more piranhas, even applying Tusks of Myriad Elephants multislash, killing two fishmen and five piranhas at once.
Thinking that his master won’t thank him for the help, Eidos turns back to face next opponents. Suddenly, a spear grazes his waist! His reflex is still quite good despite of his age, if not the spear would pierce his stomach. The attack came from a fishman below him, so Eidos launches his chakram downwards, splitting the fishman in half. A split for a graze, he thinks.
He’s about to move to Adler as he feels something gnawing on his shoes. It’s a piranha! And more are coming and start biting Eidos here and there. His chakram can’t do much, only killing one or two of them. Apparently, the piranhas fled because of Adler’s quick and fierce moves and attack Eidos, the bloodier and less fierce one.
Now the piranhas are all over Eidos, giving him no chance to attack or cast a spell at all. Eidos gets busy, covering his face and eyes from piranha bites. His body bleeds more and his blood attracts more and various water monsters to come near. He tries to call out for Adler, but the Viscount is also busy, fighting fishmen and more water monsters coming from everywhere. Adler’s skill, Fingers of the Blade keeps him in upper hand, but Eidos is helpless. He is only protected by his cosmic aura so the bites only leave flesh wounds. Nevertheless, if Eidos doesn’t fight back soon, he will die from loss of blood.
That’s it! In that desperate moment, Eidos pumps his cosmic aura to the maximum and explodes it! He knows full well that by doing so, he destroys all piranhas, but his aura power is empty. He must drink spirit potion, meditate or take a rest to replenish his aura – the first way is the quickest. And now, after doing it, he’s exhausted, powerless and badly wounded, with only Res’marth’s enchantment sustains him.
But the attack was very, very effective. It killed all fishes on Eidos’ body, also made the fishmen and other assorted water monsters scared, scattering, fleeing everywhere. Seeing that the monsters have ran away, Adler sees Eidos going down deeper, hardly moving at all.
Old fool, Adler thinks, darting quickly and catches the old man. He should’ve waited longer, and I would help him. His chronomancy*) and thorough knowledge about airships are essential for my goals. He will build me a fleet of airships to conquer nations, make me an Emperor and rich beyond measure through commercial flights. He’s as precious as this Deathblade, therefore I can’t afford to lose them both, my assets for success.

(* Chronomancy = time and space magic, the art of manipulating time, space as well as velocity of someone’s action. Generated by cosmic (outer space) aura, mainly from stars.

As they resurface, Adler takes a vial of spirit potion from his belt pocket, opens its lid and has Eidos drink it whole. The old man stirs feebly, mouthing, ‘Thank you...’ But Adler scolds him.
‘Gather yourself, you old fool! And quickly! We still have to find the shield. We’re losing time here!’
‘Just... just go without me, milord,’ Eidos mutters.
‘Nonsense, old man,’ Adler pats him. ‘You must come with me. I need your magic down there. Without your Haste spell, I would end up as fish bait, though my armor surely broke many teeth and spearheads.’
Adler gives Eidos his healing potion, emptying the whole vial. ‘Now take care, don’t get hurt again.’

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