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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Qin's Moon Episode 1

The OV

qin's moon ep 1

part 1/3

part 2/3

part 3/3

Some parts of the video I received is corrupted. Please forgive my horrible attempt by substituting the corrupted parts via capturing from another online streaming video of other users.

I also made a few wild guesses for the parts of the speech that are unclear or corrupted when subbing this animation.

---------------------------------------- ----

Some clarifications:
The term "uncle" here does not necessarily mean blood related. It is a respectful term used to address someone (a man) who is considered a generation elder than yourself.

Mohism was an influential philosophical, social, and religious movement that flourished during the Warring States era (479-221 B.C.) in ancient China. Mohists are people who practiced Mohism.

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