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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Crying Princess



Publisher: Sandie Angel Type: Fiction


ISBN: 096899573X Copyright: May 2005

A book for children of all ages...

In a land of enchantment where everything is magical, Princess Elysia and Kyle have met with Twilight, the kind fairy, and Reddy, the friendly dragon; and thus the magical journey begins...

This book is suitable for children of 5 and up. Younger audience can also be read to.

This book also contains many of Sandie Angel's wonderful illustrations.


They got into the fishing boat and went out to the sea, but alas! They had too much fun and forgot about the time that they should be back to the King and Queen’s castle! It was getting late and the sky was becoming dark. The boat drifted into the middle of the ocean, with no land in sight. Princess Elysia and Kyle were both very frightened, and Princess Elysia began to cry once again.

Suddenly, the water that was surrounding their boat began to swirl, and from it jumped a white fish with wings that flew in the air. It flew around the boat in circles and it spoke.

“Do not be afraid, my dear ones. I am from the kingdom of the good witches.”

Princess Elysia was frightened for she had not seen a flying fish before.

“But why are you here, my good witch? What beckons you to come forward?”

“I am Twilight. I came from the kingdom of the sea. I was a good fairy from a far away place, but I had done something bad while I was there so I was sent to earth to live at the bottom of the ocean for the past one hundred years. I was recently set free to roam the ocean floor. The king of the ocean world is a very mean fish who has sent fish guards to watch over me. He has also told me that if I could find someone or some people who are in trouble and do something good to help them get out of trouble, then I can earn my good title and go to a wonderful place where I will belong and will be allowed to live there happily afterwards.”

“But how can you help us?” Kyle listened, and asked in amazement.

“I will help you two to get out of danger. You will have to climb on my back. I will take you two to the most wonderful place in the universe,” answered the fish.

....If you want to know more about this most wonderful place in the universe, please buy this book, "The Crying Princess"...

Book: US$6.50 / CAN$8.00

Please send cheques / money orders to:

Sandie May Angel Joyce
P.O. Box 55380
300 Borough Drive
Scarborough, Ontario

Or you may pay with your PAYPAL account to my PAYPAL e-mail address:


Please replace (at) with the "a" in the circle as it appears in any other e-mail addresses.

Please go to Sandie Angel's Books World for further details.

Thank you!

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Reader Reviews for "The Crying Princess"

Reviewed by m j hollingshead 2/7/2007

i always enjoy your work

Reviewed by Randall Barfield 2/6/2007

really nice book. i visited your bookstore the other day. u really have great offerings. i like the cards very much. what about Christmas cards for this Dec.? cheers

Reviewed by Joyce Bowling 2/6/2007

Just finished reading Sandie's book "The Crying Princess" as a teacher I enjoyed it immensely, I am very anxious to read it to my first grade class. I will be able to teach various styles of writing, genre, culture, and a morale lesson as well. My four year old granddaughter adored it as I read it to her, she hung on every word and loved the wonderful artwork throughout the book. Sandie has written a wonderful children's book that would be an assett in any home, child's room, classroom, or library. The Crying Princess is a mystical fable with an easy yet exciting plot to follow. Just what every little girl wants to read or listen to, a great story with a beautiful princess! Enjoyed this very much Sandie...keep up the great work! I would recommend this one highly!
Blessings Sandie,
Joyce Bowling

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