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Monday, November 24, 2008

Maven - Synopsis Chapter 1: The Crossroads

Main Branch Synopsis:

Chapter One: The Crossroads

Maven is a young girl orphaned from birth who wandered around the continent alone; steal from the rich to give to the poor – including herself. One day she rescued a young merchant named Reyl from a pack of wolves by shooting at them quickly and accurately with her sling.

Menu Choice:

A) Shot the wolves with her sling: Great! Maven showed her true talent and the wolves ran away. – JUMP pickpocket

B) Confront the wolves: Alas, Maven was not good in hand-to-hand combat, and the merchant’s swordplay was of a novice, so they became victims of the wolves (GAME OVER) - Return

C) Just run away! It’s really not my business!: And let that merchant die? Well, we might want to add some plot branches here, but as we haven’t in this version and you decided not to act according to Maven’s characteristics, let’s just return from the start. – Return

Label: pickpocket

After a proper introduction, Reyl gave Maven a bow and arrows from his merchandise as thanks, and persuaded her to train as an archer, upgrading her talent to the next level.

Nevertheless, Maven pickpocketed Reyl and went on her way. Reyl caught up with Maven and confronted her, and Maven told Reyl her life story (whether it’s true or false).

Menu Choice:

A) I’m an orphan wanderer, trying to find my place in this world. I steal from the rich and give to the poor and for my own sustenance. – Jump naive

B) Please, my family was so poor and they died in famine. I was the only one left and now I must steal or I’ll die. It’s the only skill I have, except for this sling, of course. – Jump naive

Label: naive

The naive merchant ate whichever story in full, but to test her sincerity, Reyl offered her to be his partner and bodyguard instead.

So, they traveled together, overcame many difficulties and became close friends. After some time, Maven began to reserve a soft spot for the handsome Reyl, without him realizing it.

The journey then took them to Reyl’s hometown in Handelburg, Borgia. There, Maven found out that Reyl already had a girlfriend, Olivia, a sorceress specialized in ice magic. Olivia just finished her training in the Academy in Valanis and got her hunting license. Her uptight attitude clashed with Maven’s shortcomings and got into endless arguments – especially when Olivia doubted about Maven’s REAL background.

Reyl suggested that the three of them take on monster hunting together as a party, but Olivia and Maven just couldn’t stand each other. The latter finally chose to leave the city, not wanting to interrupt Olivia and Reyl’s romance.

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