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Friday, October 02, 2009

More About ATB Battle System

Tankentai Automatic Timed Battle System for
RPG Maker VX Engine
This is for private documentation only, please visit the source for more updates.

There is little to no reason to use any SBS version older than 3.3c. All SBS versions older than 3.3c are prone to having a game-breaking immortal bug occur in the projects they installed are in.Download the Basic demo here! ( )

9/24/09 The Basic demo contains the bare essentials for running the Sideview Battle System. Several add-ons are included.

Download the Basic ATB demo here! ( )

9/24/09The Basic ATB demo contains the bare essentials for running the Sideview Battle System along with the Active Time Battle scripts. Several add-ons are included.Download the EXTRA demo here! ( ) 9/24/09

The EXTRA demo is an advanced demonstration of the capabilities of the Sideview Battle System. Many add-ons included in this demo and most of them are able to be used with other SBS projects. This demo is the one the screenshots contain. Please note that the sound effects and images that are associated with the EXTRA demo cannot be used commercially.Download the Kaduki Battlers demo here! ( )

- 9/24/09The Kaduki battlers demo is a special configuration designed to utilize a unique battler format made by Kaduki. This demo was made by Night'Walker. For more information, read the respective spoiler below.Download the Kaduki Battlers ATB demo here! ( )

- 9/24/09The Kaduki battlers demo is a special configuration designed to utilize a unique battler format made by Kaduki. The ATB scripts are also included. This demo was made by Night'Walker. For more information, read the respective spoiler below.Download the Improved Animated Battlers demo here! ( )

- 9/24/09Improved Animated Battlers is a special configuration designed to utilize the Minkoff battler format. The Minkoff battler format uses 4x11 frames. For more information, read the respective spoiler below.Compatibility Patches:All patches here are unofficial (i.e. not made by KGC or Enu).Shanghai's YERD Compatibility Patches( )

- Topic Link-
Are you using any YERD scripts by Yanfly, but you find that some of them aren't compatible with the SBS? Check out Shanghai's topic to see if there's a compatibility patch for you.Moonlight's KGC_EnemyGuide Patch kgc_enemyguide_patch.txt ( 1.74K ) Number of downloads: 269

- Compatibility patch for KGC_EnemyGuide by Moonlight will properly mark killed enemies as defeated. Updated 2/25/09 by Moonlight to fix compatibility when using boss collapse animations.KGC_HelpExtension and KGC_CategorizeSkill for ATB Patch kgc_categorizeskill_and_helpextension_patch_for_atb.txt ( 6.9K ) Number of downloads: 94

- ATB only compatibility patch for KGC_HelpExtension and KGC_CategorizeSkill by Moonlight, AlphaWhelp and Mr. Bubble. This patch is designed to work whether you use HelpExtension, CategorizeSkill, or both at the same time. This patch is only for the ATB. Both of those KGC scripts will already properly work with the basic Sideview. Updated 6/17/09 with a bug fix and aesthetic changes.Moonlight's KGC_Steal Patch moonlights_kgc_steal_patch.txt ( 2.76K ) Number of downloads: 22

- Moonlight's compatibility patch for KGC_Steal will properly execute an action sequence when using a steal skill. This patch should be placed below the Sideview scripts and KGC_Steal. Updated 9/13/09 !Force Action Fix for ATB mithrans_force_action_for_atb_patch.txt ( 2.86K ) Number of downloads: 188

- A patch by Mithran to fix the Force Action event command for the ATB. Again, this is only for the ATB. Place this patch below the ATB scripts in the Script Editor.blackmorning's Enemy Hue Change Patch( ) - Topic link.For use with animated enemies. Restores the hue slider functionality for enemy animated battlers.Add-ons:Add-ons listed here will generally work with any setup unless otherwise noted.6-digit Damage Pops 6digits.txt ( 4.67K ) Number of downloads: 300- Extends maximum pop damage digits up to 6. Paste this script directly below Sideview 2. This script will *NOT* break the default damage limit (9999). You will need another script to do that.Enemy Animated Battlers Add-on enemy_animated_battlers.txt ( 4.01K ) Number of downloads: 577- Read this guide on how to use this script. This has been recently updated with aliased shadow customization. There are also examples set up for this in the EXTRA demo.Extra Transformation Skills Add-on extra_transformation_skills_addon.txt ( 3.09K ) Number of downloads: 118- Add-on by Mr. Bubble and Enelvon. There are examples already set up in the EXTRA demo using this add-on if you need help with this script. Updated 6/17/09 to apply states when casting the skill.AlphaWhelp's Haste &Slow States for ATB v1.0 alphawhelps_atb_haste_and_slow_states.txt ( 6.97K ) Number of downloads: 114- Original Post: ( )Major bug fix update 5/28/09. If you are using an older version, it is highly advised that you update to v1.0.This add-on is only for the ATB. Please remember to read the add-on's directions.Kylock's Stationary Enemies Add-on kylocks_stationary_enemies_addon.txt ( 2.33K ) Number of downloads: 6- This surprisingly popular add-on by Kylock will make enemies that you define to not move when they attack. Updated by Mr. Bubble to include a stationary skills option. Actor4_sample.gif ( 1.61K ) Number of downloads: 599


cremisisteam said...

Do you still have any of those EXTRA DEMO's ???

He removed em all when he last updated the scripts. T_T...
Mine is so old its super incompatable with the newer scripts lol. (2.6 or so extra demo lol)

Andry Chang said...

well, the best next thing is to visit the forum and search for it yourself. or maybe i can repost and host the ATB demo samples

3.3c and 3.3d and put them in a new post (at the risk of being pummeled by the original creators...)of course i shall credit them.

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