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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Innocent Destiny - RPG Maker VX [Preview]

now this is the one rpg maker game i must sample! - bj vadis

Innocent Destiny Layout:

5,000 Years ago five islands were created
into the world by an earth Godesse that each sustained
an element. The elements were Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.
The fith island though was not blessed with an element. As
humans studied, there were no signs of magic aura to be found.
People, demons and creatures then assumed this island was cursed and
not like the other four at all. They banned the island and tried to
isolate it and its people from being near the other four until they would
come to a conclusion of why it was that they had no element. And so,
years went by and still no sign of magic, or even anything for the
warrios, swordsmans of any class to defend themselves. Except for mere
weapons. The kings, as so to say with due time, of each island swore and
gave their word to eachother, to ban the island into forgotten oblivion.
And so, so many years had passed from then that everyone really did forget.
Nowone even kept a certain history of this island at all. It was completly

After more time had passed and everything was normal with everyone.
Until a rumor spread that a preist. A girl of a very young age had
accomplished of studying and knowing the four elemtns of each island!
Witch in anyones case, knowing only one element themselves of their
birth island is difficult enough. Not everyone can conquer the trainning
needed for it. After hearing this "rumor" mages, swordsmans and even
theif's had gone out to search who this mysterious woman was in hope
of having a chance to be trained by her. Then, out of a period of time
three dark alchemists had discovered the location where she was hiding.
They then found out the secret to why she had easily obtained the
knowledge and arts of the four elements. She had a stone. A dark blue
stone named "Life" that was made with pure magic. Possibly one of the
hardest stones in magic use to ever create. The three alchemist then
tracked her down in hope of obtaining it. When they had come across her
a battle between the four of them raged. The preist known as Satai escaped
and then with no other choice had to sacrifice herself witht he stone...But
in return the stone had gave a new birth...5,000 years later into the futur.
Witch is where our story begins. As a girl known as "Tasai".
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