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Friday, September 08, 2006

Nations in Aurelia Continent : Valanis

Name : Valanis - Republic

Location : South of Grad Mountains

Major Cities : Ascen (Capital), Encarta, Pervilon

Resources : Lorna Sea, fertile land

Specialities : Religious Educations, Magic Educations, Ruby, Sapphires, Star Diamonds

Economy : Making and selling books or tutoring, farming, lots of fishing and gem mining

Ruler : The Council of the Wise and Strong and Vadisian Spiritual Leaders with:

Ep1 : Pope Sanctus III, Chairman Ezelar Izeglio

Ep2 : Pope Nepathia, Chairwoman Katharine Montella

Ep3 : Pope Xylen, Chairman Solituri Salinas

Model Base : Italy in our world

Major Creatures : Giant bats, michas, luchis, tatras,

Legendary : Hydras, medusae, Star Diamond

Description :

The Nation of God. The Nation of Vadis. The Nation of Magic. People learn Vadisian Religion, white magic and philosophy in this country. Led by two leaders. The spiritual leader, known as a Pope, the holy messenger chosen by the archbishops as the channel of Vadis’ will to direct the spread of the religion throughout the continent of Aurelia. And a supreme council led by a Chancellor that manages all physical, mental and magical aspects of the Valanisian People.

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jerski said...

mmm cool
i see my island where i live...
in lorna sea :)

AlterEgo said...

Hi from the real Italy...:-)

vadis said...

hehe i can see brac island a bit more clearly now, after seeing the beauty in it...

hi alterego from the 'italy in an altered dimension'

Marita said...

Hello :-)
You have written in my Chatbox...And you wondered if i made the animation?...
I have done the animation on my top-picture..but not the picture it self... I use other peoples tubes... and compose pictures from the tubes..and animate them...

Maybe i misunderstood your question?..
If you have anymore questions..just ask... :-)


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