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Sunday, December 06, 2009

RPG Maker VX Resources - Moromaga Web Faceset Maker


RPG Maker VX Easy Tutorial on FaceSets!!!!!!

Face Set Maker; (jap)


Carli FaceSet;

Category: Film & Animation
Tags: Tutorial RPG Maker VX Sprite RPG Maker Sprite Maker Famitsu
Category: Film & Animation
Tutorial RPG Maker VX Face Set RPG Maker Face Set Maker Moromagalabo
More Tags: RPG Maker VX Resources Game Making Tutorial


Instruction Manual
* Steps to Create *
1. At the top of the screenButton switch,Part button wantDisplay the.(Eyes, hair, clothes leftExpression, decoration, and otherDisplayed on the right)

Two. Parts Button "●" and "●"If you click theFace imageKawarimasu parts.※ The image at left for example,You can also click a no-no.

* For saving material *
※ Note: You can not right click and save.·

Windows if1. PrintScreen snap a screenshot by pressing the key.Two. Screen shot is taken, it is stored in the clipboard,Paint program (Windows comes with Paint also acceptable) to open, paste (paste) to.Three. Rest, 96x96px crop (crop) if you are finished. Reduced, and processed for free.Please feel free to name and save.The extension is also free, JPEG, and it might degrade it.Included, such as Windows Paint, difficulty in trimming the case of software, using different softwareI better get it trimmed. If GIMP is free software, and look good.

If · MacCommand key, Shift key, if you press 3 keys simultaneously, I can take screen shots.(Should have taken pictures on the desktop)Rest is the same as above.

"" Example Materials (Maker 200X)      

"" Example Materials (Maker XP)

Important Note:

Always credit "Moromaga" or,"Oh Moroki Chu", "Margaret" in your game's credit list whenever you put the facesets made with this tool in games, forums, publications etc.

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