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Sunday, June 12, 2011 The Abduction

Succubus Queen
Example Picture Source: 2Moons Multi Player Online Game The Abduction

Dawn is breaking back in Myrcalia, in the Tower of Solitude, one of the four towers encircling the main tower of Levides Palace: Solitude, Knowledge, Perseverance and Reminiscence. In the room with bed and breakfast, the morning sunlight doesn’t bother Empress Eloise of Arcadia because she is already wide awake.

Lonely, bored and miserable.

To kill her boredom, Eloise just eats her breakfast and stares at the window. A sparrow comes in and perches on the window. She stares fondly at the lovely creature and the bird stares back at her, as though puzzled – or maybe enchanted to see so fair a creature, surpassing its own beauty.

Eloise can’t help thinking, Cute, little bird. I should be the one who envy you, not the other way around. Just look at you, you are free, free to fly anywhere you like and perch anywhere to rest your wings a bit. But I? I’m just a prisoner here.

I wish I can fly like you, little one. I’ll fly to my home where dad and Rael’charon are, and ask them to put some light into my husband’s darkened mind. I’ve been alone and apart from the outside world for so long. Even the maids who bring me food never tell me what’s going on. I feel like I’m just a bird, confined in this golden cage just for show – as if anyone can see me up here!

Suddenly, Eloise stops eating. Her stomach is upset and she feels awfully sick. She gets up, goes to the basin on the corner of the room and throws up into it – but nothing comes out.

Dang! It’s been three times already, every time I ate my breakfast. Does any Arcadian food disagree with my stomach? The breakfasts seem common enough: scrambled egg, ham, bacon, bread, soup... Oh, maybe it’s something in the soup? I must ask the maid about it. The royal cook must be very careful about the food they serve to the royal family, or he will lose his job, not to mention, his head!

Oh! Speaking about maids, I just remembered. My nanny Umbelle told me a couple times about this queasiness. Oh yes, I know! If it’s not because of the food, this symptom means...

Oh, no! Am I...?


Eloise is shocked to hear that voice. She turns back and gets horrorstruck. The tower wall is broken down with a powerful dark blast. And, in front of her stands the pale blue skinned, winged, horned and the devilish faced Succubus Queen. A big scar that runs from her face all the way to her belly is like a permanent tattoo on her. Her icy, deathly voice whispers,

‘Hello, little Empress. I see, you must be bored and miserable being confined in this high tower. Well, come with me. Someone wants to meet you.’

Eloise responds curtly, ‘Excuse me, madam. But you don’t appear trustworthy at all, especially with your violent conduct just now. So, I can’t go with you. Get out now or I’ll send for the guards!’

‘Go ahead, lassie. Just call as many as you want, but I insist to take you away. Don’t bother to change, because we’re leaving NOW!!’

With a quick move, the she-devil seizes Eloise, holding her tight in a deadlock grip. The guards rush into the room, just deciphering from the noises that an intruder is in there and climb the stairs all the way up. Alas, no matter how quick their response is, the result is still the same. The she-devil stuns them with her Captivating Stare and darts two black needles into the two guards’ face, poisoning them to death. She goes out with the hostage through the broken wall, knocking the Empress unconscious in the process, and flies away to the southeast.

If only Eloise is conscious now, she will protest, ‘When I said I wanted to fly, I didn’t mean to fly like this!’

Empress yesterday, fly today, hostage tomorrow.


Cristophe knows that he’s too late when he sees the tower is breached and two guards got killed with black needles in their faces. Complete is his dismay when he can’t find his wife, who got abducted because of his ignorance.

Once again he cries a deep sorrow. The first time was when his brother was killed, and now this.

Eloise, my beloved wife! The one I should’ve protected with my own life was abducted by that she-devil! No, no, please, the Almighty One. Don’t let anything bad happen to my beloved! Damn me! Once a fool, always a fool. I should’ve apologized to her when I got the chance, and now the most important person in my life is held hostage, demanding me to get out in the open with my guard down – and they will kill both of us anyway!

Please, O’ Almighty One! Please keep her safe and alive until I come and bring her back to safety!

And then, in his place of solitude he falls unconscious, tortured by mixed feelings of anger, fatigue, regret and guilt.

He has chosen a wrong path.

He has returned back in track with a streak of luck.

He has to face and overcome the complications that follow.

Having wings and be able to fly doesn’t mean you’re free.

End of Chapter 17

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