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Wednesday, September 21, 2011 The Heir’s Awakening

Heir of The Dark Lord
sample illustration retrieved from The Heir’s Awakening

Back in the Dark Throne of Kraal’Thragon, Lair of the Dark Traitors, tension fills the air already reeks of evil. All dark denizens present there just stand with a whiter shade of their already pale face – a mixture of disappointment and dread.

The Succubus Queen walks to-and-fro in the middle of the hall, nervous and deep in thought. Standing near her is the lich, wearing a new mask so none can predict her emotions.

The hour is nigh, says the Succubus Queen in her thoughts. The time of our Dark Lord’s awakening has come, and all we bring to celebrate are news of failure and a woman. An Empress she is, but what does he want with only one woman? He whispered it to me as if that woman is more precious than the world. He made me abandon the war, preventing me from opening the path for global domination, thus ruining the whole operation.

If only I can bring this up against him, but he is the strongest of us all. And being the strongest means that his words are incontestable – an absolute ultimatum that brings severe consequences for failures and denial.

She keeps on pondering, trying to cook up a way to escape the ‘severe consequences’ when suddenly the whole room is shaking, rumbling like an earthquake going on.

Dust, peices of stone even chip out from the walls, pillars and hideous, gigantic statues representing the seven original sins (pride, sloth, gluttony, greed, envy, wrath and lust) in that hall. Those without wings have difficulties standing, and those with wings fly, avoiding the falling stones.

The tremor goes on for a minute or so, before it gradually ceases and people in that hall get back into their original positions.

Any minute now...

The door to the hall slams open with force. In the front of it stands a figure wearing a ragged black robe with a black cloak. His appearance is similar to the lich with hidden face and all except long, white hair hanging out from the hood like a scarf. All in all, this not quite an impressive figure.

A demonic captain even bellows, ‘Intruder! How dare you break an entry! This is an important meeting, you know! Get out before I...’

Before he can continue, his head is severed and falls on the floor, still with inquisitive expression on his face. After that display of power, the hooded man speaks with a hoarse, deathly voice,

‘Anyone else?’

No one moves a muscle. The Succubus Queen who recognizes the hooded man kneels at once with a salute, ‘Hail to the Dark Overlord. We rejoice upon your awakening. Forgive us for not saluting immediately at your presence.’

Seeing the she-devil, all underworld retainers there, including the lich also kneel and bow. The Dark Overlord just walks past them slowly towards the Throne of Bones, the most exalted place in darkdom. Once he sits comfortably on the throne made of the bones of vanquished heroes of the past, the Dark One speaks,

‘Aah... It’s been years since I last sat here. Hmm, now, since I am in a good mood upon my rebirth, I decided to forgive you all now for not knowing. But, if you act without thinking like that garbage there,’ indicating the headless demon on the floor, ‘I won’t be so merciful next time.’

After a slight pause, without waiting for response the Heir of Vordac talks on, ‘Now, I feel like celebrating my rebirth. Before that, I wonder, where is my Lord Regent, Arachus? Why doesn’t he here to celebrate with us?’

Again, the she-devil reports, ‘The Lord Regent was fighting with Archangel Avariel of Yvais last time we saw them, They flew away from the battlefield, still fighting, and we haven’t seen them again ever since.’

‘The Archangel – himself? That’s interesting. I was about to fight my good ol’ archrival myself to test my renewed full strength, but the power-hungry Arachus just won’t spare me the glory of obliterating the toughest hurdle in my path! Well, he is doing me a favor, actually and with Avariel out of the picture, I can save my strength to get rid of lesser hurdles.’

Suddenly, Vordac’s hoarse voice turns soft and gentlemanly as he talks on, ‘Don’t forget there are the Paladins, too, especially the Heir of Vadis with their Guardian Forces. They can be hurdles tougher than Avariel can ever be.’

‘You’re right,’ says Vordac, his voice turns hoarse again, talking as though having a discussion with himself. ‘Two Heirs of Vadis have stopped me before, and this time, even two thousand Heirs of Vadis won’t stand a chance against my might! This time, our victory will be certain, and absolute domination of Eternia will be in our grasp!’

The Dark One’s overconfidence rouses his minions’ fighting spirit and they cheers, ‘Vordac! Vordac! Vordac!’

Lazily, Vordac raises a hand – a deathly pale hand like of a fresh corpse, and the cheers die down.

And then, the manly-voiced Heir talks, ‘So, any news from the front?’

The Succubus Queen, acting Commander in Arachus’ absence reports, ‘As you can see, Milord, almost all of us have returned here, and the Black Prince is guarding our front in Freidle.’

‘Just straight to the point, Archdemoness. Are we triumphant in this campaign?’

‘We... We have conquered Castoria, Merida, Bresconnor and Borgia, but... the Light Side halted our advance in Hail’varan Plains. So, we decided to withdraw and amass a larger army to launch the second wave...’

Before she finishes, the Heir’s hand is already on her throat, lifting her from the ground. In his wrath, the Heir tortures the she-devil by electrocuting her with dark aura.

He shouts with hoarse voice, ‘So, you mean we’ve lost this war, and we must send out our reserves, leaving our domain vulnerable? All your word-twisting is USELESS! You and your useless minions have ruined the whole campaign and you’d rather leaving our domain vulnerable to those pestering angels to save your own face! Well, you won’t even recognize your own face when I’m done rearranging it!’

Choking, writhing in pain, the she-devil pleads, ‘Aah...!! Please, master... Please, not the face... I’d rather die than to lose it... Please... You told me to abandon the battlefield... For a more important mission... Please, master...’

The Heir continues his pressure, yet his voice turns manly as he says, ‘Hmm, I remember now, I did sent her to kidnap the Empress. Answer me, did you bring her here?’

‘Y-yes, m-master... She was stubborn... Resisting all the time... So I kept her in the dungeon...’

‘Good, very well done,’ says the Heir, loosening his grip and putting the she-devil gently on the ground, ‘But, you better be true with your words or I’ll waste you without hesitation.’

‘Yes, master, yes... Oh, thank you, master, so great, so merciful.’ So that’s the only way to make this Dark Mistress swallow her pride in your hands of mercy.

The Dark One then slides back and sits on the Throne of Bone so casually with his one foot up and his knuckle supporting his head. He simply waves his other hand, and all denizens in the room understand the signal and leave the room silently and orderly.

The Succubus Queen, the last one who gets out from the hall walks limply. As she reaches the doorway, she looks back at the Dark Overlord unmoving, with thoughts in her mind.

He cares so much about that young Empress, and regards me as nothing but a minion, a tool. Me, Vordac’s Mistress... If only I can find out his real intention...

The door to the throne hall is shut, leaving the Heir in the darkness, alone with his thoughts.

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