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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 The Ravaging of the Sun - Part 2

Borg the Monster Earth Bear
2nd Reference:

Pillars of fire erupt from the floor, hitting the crocodile squarely on its abdomen. It lets out a deafening roar. Its abdomen is indeed its weak spot after all – uncovered with the crocodile’s ultra-hard crystallite scale. Now! Seeing that the crocodile is weakened and groggy, Robert and Sheena immediately attack it together. Robert reinforces his kiliji blade with fire aura, slides down between the crocodile’s four legs and strikes its abdomen again with Rising Dragon, the fire-reinforced Uppercut Slash. At the same time, Sheena’s flying Dancing Scimitar, also reinforced with fire, hits Jokul on its head, only to be deflected again by its thick hide. Robert is surprised for a moment on hearing a resounding clang, clang when his kiliji and Sheena’s scimitar hit Jokul.
Metal! This monster is a golem!
The giant crocodile is in pain, it stomps forwards, backwards, side-to-side to shake the pain off. Robert quickly moves away so he won’t get trampled by its feet like an unfortunate fellow huntress who tried to hit the abdomen too, but missed and got crushed. A life is taken, again.
As Robert arrives on a safer spot, he shouts to his comrades, ‘Careful! This thing is a golem! It’s made of some kind of alloy; our mediocre weapons can’t cut through it! We must destroy its insides!’
A thought comes into Sheena’s mind. Wait, if it’s a golem, a spirit must be dwelling inside it! It has a mind of its own, not programmed, but magically invoked! Now it’s time for me to do what I do best!
Sheena boldly runs towards the crocodile and swiftly comes in front of the crocodile’s head. Then she somersaults to avoid its jaws, her eyes glows, and she stares into Jokul’s eye, transferring her instruction mentally to it. Attack the dragon. Attack the dragon. Attack the dragon. The giant crocodile pauses, it’s as though in a trance. Apparently it has a soul embedded in it – a gavial’s soul. Gavial is the true name for were-crocodiles. They are thaumaturgy-engineered humans who have crocodile heads, torsos and tails but retain their human hands and feet so they can stand straight.
Totally hypnotized by Sheena, Jokul turns and looks around, and finds Vyr the dragon fighting fiercely with Hernan, Ney, Agustina and many others. The giant crocodile rushes to the red dragon at once, springs up and bites the dragon’s foot while it is flying in mid-air. 

Jokl the Mutant Ice Crocodile
Reference: Atlantica Game Database: Monster List - Huge Crocodile

The dragon roars, gets furious, and with its beastly instinct sweeps Jokul away with its tail with no avail. Maddened by its fellow guardian’s betrayal, Vyr attacks by breathing fire on Jokul. And then a fight breaks between these two mighty guardians. Feeling safe at last, Hernan says to Sheena, ‘Whatever you do back there, lady, I thank you.’
Sheena responds, ‘You better pray that I’ll be in no condition to apply it on you too.’
Hernan doesn’t answer, he just rushes away to give assistance to his fellow hunters to fight the other three guardians. As he arrives on the scene, Hernan sees that only Iris and Kyflynn are fighting Borg the giant bear. An elf guide, a champion has fallen! There lies Orlevant, not far from where Hernan is standing now, totally crushed beyond healing, with Andreas Marvellini and the Valanisian spy kneeling beside him, shaking their heads with regret in their faces.
What actually happened was, Orlevant and Iris attacked Borg wantonly with drills of Typhoon, which proved to be quite effective. Confident that the attack would destroy the bear, Orlevant jumped above the bear’s head to deliver a final drilling blow of Firestorm Devastator, but the bear’s paw caught him. And Borg rewarded Orlevant with a Bear Hug for overconfidence, no matter how fast he moved. Borg crushed Orlevant’s insides, broke all his bones, and slammed the unfortunate elf captain on the floor, killing him instantly.
Hernan delivers his jumping, spinning multiple-amplified, water-based uppercut thrusts, Albatross Embraces the Clouds towards Borg, and misses the target by a few inches. Then cleverly, he steps on Borg’s body and uses it as a step to leap away from the brutish giant bear golem. Then suddenly he hears a very loud, commanding voice.
‘Guardians! Unite as Chimera, now!’
Hernan immediately recognizes the voice. It’s Paliades! He… he commands the guardians!
Nothing is truer than that. The five guardians stop fighting at once, turn and run to the middle, below the sun, obeying their master’s order. Now what’s going on here? Hernan is a bit puzzled and thoughtful. Paliades? He’s the HEIR, the culprit behind all this? And we assisted him to pass the chambers just to bring him to the sword? Damn! Have I known that from the start, I would’ve killed him!
As they run, the five guardians transform their bodies mechanically into strange shapes and break their body parts apart, yet they are forming themselves to unite into… Chimera!! This Chimera is the mechanical version of the organic Chimera monster in myths and legends, and actually, part of the history in Parthenia. It is impossible to kill because it masters the five elements (water, fire, earth, lightning and wind) at once and can shoot to any direction it wants. Vyr, Eshmyr and Voltar’s heads with long necks become Chimera’s three heads. Borg forms himself into Chimera’s torso and Borg’s head becomes the front side of the torso. Vyr’s wings attach themselves on the Chimera’s torso as supplements to Voltar’s wings on each side, forming Chimera’s wings. Vyr and Eshmyr’s bodies become the four legs of Chimera. Jokul’s head and torso become Chimera’s tail.
And there it is, Chimera, the Chime of Sure Death, the last guardian of Deathblade, standing vast and tall. But the guardian is corrupted. Someone’s controlling it. Paliades controls it as if Chimera is his pet, his toy. Paliades is the heir!
All heads turn towards Paliades, and all hunters and champions immediately charge to kill him on the spot. But Chimera immediately comes near its master, protecting him. The heads begin shooting fire, lightning and wind blasts to every direction, destroying a few hunters. Eshmyr’s head with an elongated neck goes down to the floor, and Paliades climbs on it. Paliades comes down into safety on Chimera’s back. Vyr lowers its head and Chimera stops its attack, guarding its master from any attack from four directions. 
‘Now you may assume that I’m the heir of Vordac,’ says Paliades. ‘But one thing, you cannot be certain of that until I have the Deathblade in my hands. Now, Chimera! Bear me to the sun!’
Chimera’s three heads shriek at the same time. The wings start flapping, and Chimera starts flying, bearing Paliades into the sun. None of the hunters can prevent them. The Chimera flies too fast to be hit by arrows and spells. As Paliades and Chimera are in the sun, the hunters and other champions can only wait, and some hope that the sun burns Paliades and Chimera into ashes. But their hopes are none but empty wishes, because the sun explodes!

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