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Sunday, August 01, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Six Part 3

Yggdrasil River

To reach the core of this vast forest, it’s now time to row, row, row your boat through the river. Just hop into the boat (Iris probably conjured one from somewhere but it doesn’t show in this event – should anyone ask).

Paddle through whirlpools, rocks and encountering monsters such as mutant salmons all the way to the right. If you notice the “odd” map layout here it’ll be to the “L” of “YGGDRASIL”.

Of course there’ll be treasures and you can even shop a bit, and at the “L” part you’ll encounter the MINI-BOSS: Sultan Sahagin and three mutant salmons. They’re easy to defeat, so without further ado, exit right to:

Wysteria’s Lair

Go right, exit the boat, heal up using the healing crystal, arrange party members ( I suggest you remove Iris if she’s in your active party), save your game and go up and right. A cutscene ensues, and on to battle with the quarry, the main objective of this mission.

BOSS: Wysteria
HP: 7500

Actually she is not a lamia, but a Mandragora (a monstrous version of Mandrake that is half-woman, half-plant). But as she already existed in many other works and my lack of resources, so a lamia (snake-woman, another variety of a gorgon) she is.

In the story, she is controlling the Wind Orb containing the esper (guardian spirit) Eshmyria the Wind Fairy, so Wysteria’s attacks are also of Wind Elemental: Tornado (HP <60%), Typhoon (HP <40%) and Pandemonium (HP <20% ultimate wind magic) beside her darkness spell of Dark Disintegration and curse spells such as Temptation Song (confuse), Sleep and Paralysis.

You might also want to eliminate the two Forest Imps first with powerful fire-based or lightning-based spells and attacks, and then protect Paolo so he can heal or cure your party every turn.

When you defeat Wysteria, Eshmyria will be freed and join the party as Iris’ esper (note that Iris won’t be able to use Eshmyria Pandemonium spell until she’s level 30 or more).

Then comes a long scene and you’ll be back in Palamural’s cave and then on to Adler’s scene in his home in Freidle. At the end of the scene, the party is already back in Freidle, talking to Heinrich. I suggest you just rest up and prepare the sundries, don’t buy weapons and armors yet here because there are better (and more expensive) ones in the next town on the journey to the west. It’s also a good time to withdraw all your savings in the Melchior Bank.

Exit the city and go west through the world map. Just follow the north route because the toll guards are disappearing there only. Just follow the path, go past the city of Myrcalia, Xenticen and Celc (you have no business there in Book One).

You then will come to the narrow road through the hills and you can visit the small frontier town of Medellar. This is your last chance to give alms, visit the church and accumulate your Vadis’ Blessing meter (the more the better but not compulsory because it’ll be used up on an ultimate one-use relic at the final stage of the game).

Exit Medellar Town when you’re ready, go down along the path and then left. Save your game before entering the tent marker entrance to the vicinity of Enia’s Sanctum, the place for the final chapter of this game (Book One only).

(End of Chapter 6)

Special buildings and professions to aid your party sustainability

1. Church:
The function of church in every town is always the same, it’s to exercise one’s compassion, thirst of truth and unconditional love (except for a special story scene in Book Two).

Give alms by talking to the nun near the collection box, entrance or sorts. Alm to the poor and beggars also count. Talk to the priest and you’ll know that it’s to accumulate Vadis’ Blessings meter. I know this is not realistic, educational or even religious in the nature of sincerity, but a game is a game and the wasted money and time for alms is to be accounted for something – called the “Divine Intervention”, tee hee hee.

2. Hunter Guild:
Assign optional missions and sometimes the mainstream storyline missions. So far only the guilds in Rand and Varestine are fully functional, because the author was too cooked up in mainstream story missions and additional missions will somewhat make the game look more easier... (or maybe we can add some more quests in later versions).

The operational in Rand and Varestine is quite similar, and the steps are:
- Look for mission posters in the walls, and choose the ones you want/are qualified to overtake.
- Talk to the “clerk lady” on the left to discuss mission details and confirm that mission. Some missions will give you a special “quest item” that is to check the progress of the mission on hand and will disappear upon completion.
- If you complete your quest, talk to the clerk in the middle to confirm completion and get the info of your rewards.
- Go to the clerk on the right to claim your rewards (most of the time it’s money).

3. Pub / Bar / Casino:
It’s usually a place to seek out information from “unusual” sources, usually when all else fails. The people here might hear things “normal people” don’t.
Some mini-games of luck and mini-quests are installed here, and the pubs in Rand and Freidle hold the key of mainstream story continuity.

4. Jeeves the Magic Butler:
Now this is an extra feature: play/change soundtracks (background music) using the Magic Piano from the future.

5. Melchior Bank:
Some critiques said it’s not quite useful. Well, wait until some bandits and thieves stumble with your party and stole your money or goods. We shall improve the scripting into storing items too and limit the “bag” unless we can assume that Carolyn carries around a magic “Doraemon’s Bag” that contains everything – another product of Melchior’s?

Buy an Account Book (100 geines) to check your money balance anytime in the game. Talk to the clerk on the center to conduct actions: (Deposit, Withdraw, How’s my Account Balance?). Talking to the clerk on the right and she’ll tell you the reason I put the banking system in the game.

6. Disabled Features:
Blacksmith (too complicated eventing), Party Changer man/crystal (already using item in book 1), Save Crystal (you can save your game everywhere from the menu).

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