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Monday, August 12, 2013 The Reaper and the Crow - Part Two

And finally, Freidle is free once more.

‘Oi, Hernan!’ Kyflynn’s shouts from his back. ‘There’s no time to think! Let’s attack him together! It’s our chance!’
            Hernan answers with surprise, ‘But, your hands...’
            ‘I’ve got rid of the blackening with Tina’s help. Now let’s help our friends!’
            ‘Got it!’
            The fencer concentrates his aura while the Windwalker attacks with the homing-spinning thrust of Soul-Splitting Drill. The Heir just repelled Robert’s attack, turns aside and intercepts the dagger drill.
            CLANK! SCREEEECHH!!!

            The daggers hit the scythe, but the spinning doesn’t stop. Instead, its power amplifies and multiplies, with the wind element that is reserved for this moment. The pressure is so great, the Heir even concentrates all his power to repel it.
            This is our chance!
            Using that momentum, Hernan attacks! When he gets in range, his sword starts dancing as rhytmically as ever, except that this like rolling waves of the seven seas striking towards one ship, the Symphony of the Seven Seas.
            And this time, the Heir just eats the whole blow in full, sustaining the damage.
            The other Paladins also use this momentum to attack. Robert comes with the single blow of Gold Dragon Dominator from the left, while Desmond is going to apply the single blow of Megaton Impact from the right. The Heir is now agonizing from the consequences of being on the wrong side until at a point... BLAAAMMM! He explodes his aura, repelling all attacks and pushing all those pesky Paladins away. Nonetheless, that move inflicts some damage on all things in the radius of five meters.
            Hernan spits blood from his internal wound and looks at his opponent, his eyes widen with amazement. He’s so tough! Even after bearing those blows and exploding his aura, he is still standing! He’s like an angel of death himself. Oh, Vadis, I hope any of us is strong enough to finish him now, or he’ll be more impossible to kill in the future!
            Alas, all Paladins including himself are too injured to conjure a deadly blow on the Heir, all but one...
            ‘An Jokulion Aschi!’ 
            Agustina Vyrakova! She steps into the scene with the mighty guardian spirit Jokulion, the ice knight with serpent leg and readies herself to cast a top-level spell.
            ‘Hm, Jokulion, eh? Even he is no match for the Dark Overlord!’ says the Heir with a gentle voice. ‘Here’s a deadly lesson for you! An Arachus Aschi!’
            The great, brutal Archdevil comes in spirit to face Jokulion, but the Heir just stands still and doesn’t prepare anything except maintaining the aura link with the summoned spirit.
            ‘Vare Jokulhaups Tyral!’
            BBRUALL!! Heaps of snow slide downwards like an Avalanche from the highest mountain in the world with a force that can freeze and destroy anything in its path – no escaping that.
            In retaliation, Arachus opens his mouth abnormally wide and ‘GRRWAAAHH!!’ He blows an equally abnormally large blast of Dark Disintegration.
            And BLAAMM!! The two forces collide. Dark and ice energy push each other. The pressure goes on and on for quite a while. Arachus, realizing that Avalanche packs a higher level of power than Dark Disintegration and he needs more power supply from the Heir, but the ‘master’ apparently has another plan.
            The Heir throws his scythe! And it goes spinning, spinning towards the target: Tina! This is bad! The Paladins are still too weak, and Tina is still concentrating on the Avalanche. Death is spinning swift, until...
            Jokulion moves to the left and shields his summoner with his body! The scythe comes into a halt, nesting in the guardian spirit who just fulfilled his duty. Jokulion looks back and smiles at Tina. The sorceress’ face doesn’t show sorrow or surprise, but her eyes shine brightly with gratitude. She just stares back at Jokulion, watching as the faithful partner dissolves into the limbo.
             Jokulion’s spell also throws Arachus away and he too dissolves into the limbo, back to the Crow Scythe he resides on.
            Agustina’s mana runs out too, and she falls on her knees, exhausted. She just touches the ice crystal on her forehead where the Ice Orb is implanted, and in a rare occasion, her expression changes to worry!
             Suddenly, CLINKER! The crystal breaks, and she feels cold all over as the energy from the orb circulates all over her body, becoming one with her aura. Judging from that symptom, from now on Agusina doesn’t have to summon a guardian spirit to cast high-level ice magic now Jokulion lives inside her and merges with her completely. Tina’s magic level increases dramatically, but as she doesn’t have enough mana to cast any spell, her condition is quite fragile and defenseless.
            This is bad! Hernan thinks. Now all of us are down and the Heir is still standing?! But, wait! What’s on his body? Isn’t it... ice? He-he’s freezing! Thank goodness! I think we’ve got him at last!
            But, suddenly, to Hernan’s dismay, the ice melts! Exhausted as he is, the Heir uses the last drops of his dark energy to un-freeze himself. He mutters in a harsh voice, ‘It seems I need more coordination to my new body and skill, especially in combat. Well, this is your lucky day, Paladins as I must go now.’
            His voice turns gentle, ‘It seems my troops cannot last any longer either, thanks to those blasted chariots.’
            And he shouts, ‘Nöac! Withdraw the troops and strengthen our defenses! WE can retake Borgia again next time!’ Saying so, the Heir runs from battle.
            The Black Prince tears himself away from his ongoing duel with Adler, cursing, ‘We’ll finish this later, knave. I’ll never forget this humiliation. ALL TROOPS, FULL RETREAT!’
            But Adler doesn’t want to let him go, ‘Don’t run, you cowardly murderer! You must pay for my teacher’s blood!’
            He runs as fast as he can to catch up with his opponent, but Nöac utilizes his four spider legs to stand, spring and leap far away, and Adler can’t possibly keep up.
            Extremely upset, he bellows, ‘ALL TROOPS, FULL PURSUIT! Let none of those abominations escape!’ And all of them obey.
             And so it’s decided. The Allied Forces liberated Freidle, wiping out about seventy percent of the Dark Forces, though they can’t vanquish the Heir and the Black Prince yet.
            Dar’gum and the orcs already left Freidle for a more pressing matter: Liberating Bresconnor from the agents of Hagnorj and the Dark Forces, aiding Vincent the Raging Bull’s troops who are already there with the Resistance Forces led by Yemima Genilda.
            When all the troops are regrouped and ready, Adler instructs, ‘We have liberated Freidle in a famous victory. So, it’s time for us to go to Castoria and aid our comrades there in the Crusade. Ballax and Handelburg are easy targets for Lady Irene and Sir Mallard now, so, let’s not waste time and get going! Warriors of the Light, fulfill your destiny!’
Lady Irene of Everglades - A woman knight

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Image / Illustration Source:
Model for City of Freidle: Tyria in

Human Female Knight Concept by ~iidxgirl on deviantART
Author's note: Next: Merida Marination pg 219/487

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