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Friday, January 09, 2015

History of Everna - Update 2015


Welcome to Terra Everna!


Whenever you see the world map of Everna or the blue planet from space, you might ask, “Is this Earth?”
Actually, the core concept of Everna is Earth in an alternate dimension, a similar yet different world that you can never reach with spacecrafts or scientific means, no matter how advanced they are.
One of the differences between Earth and Everna is, most of the myths, legends and tales of fantasy on Earth are history, myth and legends in Everna.
The location and spread of continents and cultures of the nations in Everna is similar to Earth, of course with different names as follows:

Orien    : A continent similar to Asia on Earth. The largest continent consists of several regions.
-      Al-Kalam             : A region similar to Middle-East on Earth.
-      Na-Wan               : A region similar to Earth’s Far East including China, Japan and Korea.
-      Antapada            : A region similar to Indonesia and South East Asia.
-      Arcapada             : A region similar India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ceylon.
-      Boreal                   : A region similar to Australia.
Myriath: A continent similar to America on Earth.
Ubanga                : A continent similar to Africa on Earth.
Frigia     : A continent similar to Antarctica or North Pole on Earth.
Aurelia : A continent similar to Europe on Earth.

Official map of Aurelia Continent, Updated 2013. Made with Celianna Map Generator.

Everna has gone through ages and phases in history:

I.                    First World – Prehistoric Age (Billions of Years before the Age of Gods)
Since The Almighty Source ignited the first spark of life and shaped Everna for eons, living beings have been evolving towards perfection to survive the ever-changing world.
And then humans emerged, the most advanced species with neo-cortex brain and conscience, far superior and more intelligent than all other beings. Therefore, The Source entrusted the care of Everna in their hands.
The First Ice Age or Period ended the Prehistoric Age, making the dinosaurs extinct and the rest evolved into more advanced beings.

II.                  First World – Age of Gods (10000 years before the Ice Age)
Thus humans evolved further, and a few of them even overcame the boundaries of nature, even natural death.They were called GODS.
Thus godly dwellings were established: Asgard on top of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life; Olympus on the floating islands above the mount; Shangri-la, the hidden city and Nirvana, the floating city forever covered in clouds.
In awe of these marvels, humans worshipped the gods instead of The One Source. The Creator was enraged, yet he changed his mind about destroying the world. Instead, he let the gods struggle for absolute supremacy so humans would finally realize that the gods were not perfect and not worthy of worship.
The climax of that struggle was Ragnarok, an almighty war between te gods, later involving devils and monsters. On the end of that war, the Devil King named Surt was finally defeated. As he fell, Surt ignited the fire from the sky and underground, causing a chain reaction that set the whole world ablaze, destroying almost all life on Everna. It was the first doomsday that ended the Age of Gods.

Surt got furious, his anger set the world ablaze.

III.                First World –  Ice Age (1024 Years)
Surt’s folly made The Source act, unleashing a long winter to extinguish the fire. However, it lasted a thousand years and more.
During this period, an Ice Goddess named Frei Val’shka became absolutely almighty. She gathered the survivors of Ragnarok and established an empire on which she reigned one thousand and twenty four years.
At the end of this age, The Source sent a man, Vazar and a demigoddess, Marvella to search for the Eternal Fire Ruby and Yggdrasil Seed and fight against Frei Val’shka’s tyranny.
At last, Frei Val’shka’s reign ended in defeat, and the Yggdrasil Seed was planted in the future site of Elf Kingdom of Thyrine. Yggdrasil grew rapidly, starting a new spring that ended the winter – and Ice Age – in Terra Everna.
Note that this Frei Val’shka Ice Age was the Second Ice Age.

IV.                Second World – Restoration Age (1 – 2480 A.R.)
In this newly restored world, The Source incarnated into three entities of Trinity:
-      Vadis: God of Light and Positive Force
-      Adair: God of Darkness and Negative Force
-      Enia: Goddess of Nature and Neutral Force

During this Restoration Age, the Trinity channeled the human evolution into making new races, among them were:
  1. Elf: A demigod race with superior magic and intelligence and everlasting natural lifespan.
  2. Orc: A demidevil race with superior physical, brute strength.
  3. Dwarf: A mini-demihuman race with superior stamina.
  4. Goblin: A mini-demidevil race that was either extremely savage or intelligent.
  5. Halfling: A mini-demihuman race shorter than dwarves. They had superior intelligence and mastered technologies ahead from their time. They were often called “colobockles” or “hobbits”. Some halfling sub-races including gnomes.
  6. Faerie or Fae: A demigod race with various shapes and sizse. Some have wings like dragonflies or butterflies. Generally, they lived in their own solitary “world” more magical than the elf kingdom.
Also many minority races as described in the codex.
During the Recovery Age, a conflict occurred between Vadis and Adair. Enia tried to end the war in peace and sacrificed herself, merging herself into the Core of Everna. Finally Vadis ascended to heaven and Adair descended to hell – typical Evernan afterworlds.

V.                  Second World – Ancient Civilization Age (1 – 4000 A.C.)
The emergence of new civilizations marked the beginning of this era. Empires rose, expanded and fell.
Human race became more populous and widespread. Yet they grew more oblivious to Vadis. Some nations even went back to worshipping the gods from the First World, believing that they still had influence in this age.
During this time Vordac the Dark Prince rebelled against his father Adair, yet he was defeated and imprisoned. A thousand years later, Arachus, Lord of the Underworld in Everna freed Vordac.
Centuries later, the Ice Goddess Frei Val’shka was freed from the Eternal Fire Ruby. She gathered a new force to re-create a new Ice Age so she could reign in the entire Everna again. A hero named Lesnar Geine rose to fight her. Vordac unexpectedly aided Lesnar and finally vanquished Frei Val’shka again, imprisoning her in her own citadel for centuries to come. 

VI.                Second World – Prior Arcane Age (1 – 1638 A.V.)
Civilizations became more advanced, and in this age magic and alchemy became more widespread and widely practiced than science and technology. Even the center of Vadisian Religion in Valanis also served as the largest magic academy and research center in Aurelia.
Conflicts were also frequent: Nations against nations, kingdoms against kingdoms, and on the peak of it all, Forces of Light versus the Dark Forces. The culprit and leader of the Dark Forces was none other than Vordac, the Dark Overlord.

Some of the Dark Forces’ campaigns during the Arcane Age:
1.       Took Sylvania, Land of Everlasting Night from the Vampires.
2.       With the Gremion orcs as their allies, the Drak Forces conquered Aurelia from Slyvania to Borgia. In Myrcalia, the Capital of Arcadia a sudden reinforcement from Sage the Fireheart thwarted the Dark Army. A vampire hero, Gairon of Crypton even sent Vordac to his demise.
3.       Vordac’s spirit entered the Deathblade Kraal’shazar and later possessed Mildred Urganon. With his father Mandrach Urganon they conquered Borgia and Arcadia. They planned a two-way conquest with Arachus in Sylvania, yet the Forces of Light led by Antoine the Avenger infiltrated Arcadia and vanquished the father-son tyrants.
4.       Once again, Vordac tried to re-emerge in the world and found a new host. Again, the Dark Forces swept across Aurelia only to fail because of a woman’s heroic determination. The Forces of Light struck back and raided Kraal’thragon, the main stronghold of the Dark Forces in Sylvania. Cornered, Vordac unleashed the ultimate force to bring cataclysm like Surt did in the First World. The second apocalypse was averted, yet this considered as the end of Prior Arcane Age.

VII.              Second World – Latter Arcane Age (1638 – 3747 A.V.)
During this age, the usage of magic was still widespread, but was gradually diminished upon more and more scientific inventions. Humans further dominate the world, pushing other races especially elves into seclusion.
The climax was the prolonged war between “magic” and “science”. Remnants of the Dark Forces seized this opportunity to strike again. So once again human and other races including elf, orc and goblin joined forces and fought back.
Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life corrupted by the Dark Forces was finally destroyed, and the Thyrinian elves staged an exodus to find a new natural domain in other continents, marking the end of this Latter Arcane Age, also the Second World Age.

VIII.            Third World – Machine Age or Steam Age (3747 A.V. – 3950 A.V.)
As magic was gradually declining, people kept on inventing new technologies with science. Magic crystals were getting rare and rarely mined and used. Machines became more powerful and useful in any work. The alchemy machina was considered obsolete.
The general use of electricity and oil fuel, and later the invention of new technology like computers and automatic or electric gadgets and tools marked the end of the Steam Age and the beginning of the modern age.

IX.                Third World – Modern Age (3950 A.V. – 4378 A.V.)
Humans further dominated the world, pushing other races into the brink of extinction. Technology became more advanced. Magic was further decimated into oblivion, only practiced subtly or in secret. Wizards, witches and mages were quite rare – at least in the open world.
The Dark Forces were gone, yet forces of evil still lingered sporadically, presenting a latent danger, and later, new threats that forever was a part of existence of Terra Everna. Not to mention threats from fellow humans, plus alien invasions.

X.                  Third World – Space Age (4378 A.V. - ?)
As technology reached the summit, humans and pro-technology races went to explore the space, seeking worlds to colonize or interact. Life in Terra Everna went on, until the third apocalypse occurred and maybe, there were glimpses of post-apocalyptic lives.

A.R.: Anno Restoratum, the calendar of the Restoration Age.
A.C.: Anno Civilium, the calendar of the Ancient Civilizations Age.
A.V.: Anno Vadisium, the calendar of the Arcane, Machine,Modern and Space Age.

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