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Monday, August 21, 2006

Carolyn the Sorceress - Characters

Class : Sorceress

Race : Half-Elf

Nation : Thyrine > Valanis > Arcadia

Best Weapon : Esthagar - Eye Of The Storm – Magic Staff + Trident + Halberd

First Armor : Common travelling dress

Best Armor : Enchanted Dress of Hayjal-Beruna (Fire and Rainclouds)

Accessories : Yggdrasil’s Necklace of Luck

Guardian : Aegis the Thunderbird (Guardian Force of Lightning)

Skills / Spells :

Elemental Mastery : Fire and Lightning

(During Book One)

Fire Spells :

- Agnios : Fireball

- Polyagnios : Rain of Fireballs

- Pyroagnios : Fireblast

- Severagnios : Firestorm

- Cineragnios : Incinerate

- Agnioparadh : Wall of Fire

- Inferno : Hellfire (with Algaban’s assistance)

Lightning Spells :

- Voltarus : Lightning Bolt

- Magnavoltarus : Lightning Blast

- Xacravenos : Wrath of the Skies (reinforced by Aegis)

- Megavoltarus : Jolt Shock

- Polyvoltarus : Chain Lightning

- Zydaros : Chained Ball Lightning

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