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Sunday, August 01, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Six Part 1


Uvarse Village - Spring

After the novel-adapted scenes, you find the party already in the village as the snow clears up. Rest, restock and save before exiting the village and move north the path of the Europe-like West Aurelia world map into the next area.

Way to Freidle

Follow the path and go northwise. Save your game often before moving a “tricky” boulder. The ways are always open as long as you move the boulders one step at a time and take care not to block all the roads permanently (Load last saved game if you do, amigo).

Interacting with people along the road there might be fruitful and informative. If you can see a hooded woman and a monster on the scene, go to the left path upwards, save your game and go right to trigger a cutscene and a battle with:

HP: 5200

The Kelpie (Zebra Gnoll) is with 2 gnolls. These bunch of pushovers are not of much problem (or are they to you?). Yet, beating them is easy enough, easier than Alpha Werewolf and the gang.

After beating the Kelpie, make sure you explore up the map and open a bonus treasure chest there before exiting on the upper right corner. At the world map, go all the way north to...

Freidle, Capital of Borgia

This mount City of Freedom was literally carved out of the Great Mount Freidle. The Great Palace of Drakkarsheim lies on the top end of the map but you can’t enter because you have no business there (at least in Book One).

After a cutscene at the city entrance, follow Paolo’s clue by moving to the left.
Approach the bearded man standing beneath the dragon statue (FYI: It’s a statue of a Borgian Dragon Rider). Talk to him, and a dialogue then ensues between your party and one Heinrich Ratzinger.

You’re free to shop and roam around in this city (recommended) before entering the inn for a cutscene and Robert, Carolyn and Paolo will leave the party and leave Cristophe to roam alone.

The attractions in this city are:
- The same dice and pea guess game as in Alceste in the Two Spurs Pub & Casino.

- Horse Race Level 3, the stable at the right side of the entrance. Try your luck and play to gain some geines. The money is good and you need it. Definitely.

- Training Dojo: It’s a spoiler mini-game, really to test the monsters you’ll encounter later – for a fee. Just make sure you have a minimal 3-man party or else they’ll maybe too tough for you to beat. No death penalties for losing, but better be safe than losing money for nothing, right?

- If you want to cheat a little, you can go into a stone house with a combination lock. Just enter the number “2575” and go inside. It’s actually my test site for Party Changer common event, so pick the available characters (Rob, Chris, Carol, Paolo, Chiel and Iris) and enjoy! You cheatin’ devil, you...

If you’re already alone as Cristophe and done playing around and picking bonuses along the way, just go and enter the pub on the far right corner of the map.

Two Spurs Pub

Save your game, talk to the barmistress going to-and-fro behind the bar to trigger a full special effect cutscene and a very-very long story dialogue scene all the way back to the inn.

Eventually, the party will be Robert, Carol and Paolo. Finalize your preparations and head out of the city on the world map, go right towards the forest and walk into the “tent” marker.


Anonymous said...

i can't find my way through the "Way to Freidle". There seems to be no way through the area after the stairs since all the paths are blocked by tree branches.

Andry Chang said...

There are some rocks that you can push here and there - remember the "boulder" concept I used in previous stages. I just beta-tested it again anyway.

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