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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nations in Aurelia Continent : Lore

Kingdoms and Realms in Aurelia Continent

Name : Lore - Kingdom

Location : Large island north of Arcadia surrounded by the Alluviel and Darude Sea

Major Cities :

Alceste (Capital), Rand, Varestine, Wagnerport, Leddingsford, Armitage, Partridge

Resources : Alluviel Sea, Darude Sea, fertile land, copper mining in Mount Armitage

Specialities : Delicious fruits and high quality agricultural products

Economy : Farming, commerce, fishing

Ruler : Ep1 King Michael VI The Great

Ep2 King Michael VII The Protector

Ep3 King George XIII The Cranebill

Ep3 King George XIV The Invincible

Model Base : England in our world

Major Creatures : Fairies, sea serpents, fishmen, mermen, trolls, giant boars,

sprites, pixies, unicorns, carnivorous plants, acid blobs, acid slug,

Gnomes, fairies, few orcs, hobbits, flobber, giant mantis, giant spider.

Legendary : Pirates, Leviathan, Kraken (in Petravia Ocean)

Description :

Maybe the word ‘lore’ is derived from the many stories and great legends that came from this realm. Although the monsters there are quite ‘dull’, but the bravery and heroism of Loreans are far beyond compare. The thing is, the maritime and adventurous life also result in piracy and buccaneering. Loreans are also known for their daring to explore and trade with far countries beyond the oceans.

Lore is also a perfect place to start being a monster hunter.


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