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Friday, December 08, 2006



Monsters, Wild-Special and Magical Beasts of Eternia – A Study

Based on the game Ultima VI – A Bestiary by Lord Britain
Produced by ORIGIN (tm)
Recorded for Andry Chang’s research only, not to be published commercially.

M - W


Disguised as abandoned treasure chests, these masters of illusion wait patiently for passing adventures whose greed exceeds their wisdom (Christopher will be a sitting duck for them!). If you take a moment to observe questionable chests from a safe distance, the mimic may reveal its true nature by spitting venom in your direction.

Habitat: Dungeons in Lore, Arcadia and Escudia-Corazon, and throughout Aurelia Continent.

Mongbat (Dark Imp):

Resembling a monkey as much as a bat, these winged anomalies are swift and powerful in their attacks. Though seldom encountered except in the deepest dungeons, encountering one in the dim subterranean light can unnerve even the stoutest among you.

Note: Forest Imp is a wingless, carnivorous monkey-like monster dwelling in Yggdrasil’s Forest.

Habitat (Dark Imp): Dungeons and the Underworld, especially in Sylvania.

Rat, giant:

These voracious, overgrown rodents have evolved over the centuries in the dank, inhospitable sewers that honeycomb the levels below some castles. Having grown immune to most poisons, they are difficult to exterminate. Even a single bite from one of these giants can cause disease or plague.

Habitat: Sewers, dungeons, underground caverns. Commonly found in Eternia, an in-city monster.


A remnant of an ancient enchanted forest swallowed up long ago in a cataclysmic upheaval, the reaper at first appears as a solitary tree trunk rooted in the dungeon rock. Closer examination reveals a grim intelligence which lashes out with long, gnarled branches and magical bolts of destruction. But, the resourceful adventurer can turn the threat of the reaper into the evening’s campfire, ofttimes uncovering hidden treasure in the process.

Note: Another original modification from Lord Britain. It’s for my note only, for now.

Habitat: Some dungeons.

Rotworms (Carrion Worms):

Born of decaying detritus which carpets the swamplands, these loathsome invertebrates are more nuisance than threat – a pass of your torch across their path will usually keep them at bay.

Note: Same definition for Carrion Caterpillars, only they live in mountain valleys and have legs like ordinary caterpillars, but they are giant caterpillars, actually.

Habitat: Some swamps, especially Jigdha’uthul.

Scorpion, giant:

Is there anyone who has not flinched at the sight of an angered scorpion, is stinger poised to inject its victim with deadly venom? You are advised to keep moving when confronted by one of these armored nightmares, lest you perish where you stand.

Habitat: Deserts, dungeons, valleys. One of Vordac’s favorite monsters including giant spiders.

Sea Serpent (Sea Wyrm):

Like its land-bound cousin, the dragon, a sea serpent will attack the seagoing traveler with magical fireballs and violent physical swipes of its long tail. The wise sailor avoids this nasty beast.

Habitat: Petravia Ocean, Centromare Sea, Ergyla Sea (for common sea wyrms).

Legendary: Leviathan Petra in Petravia Ocean.


The expressionless, hollowed eyes of the skeleton belie the malice that animates this otherwise lifeless latticework of bone and sinew. Conjured up by malcontented mages bent on mischief, these creatures – the restless remains of fallen warriors – are both fearless and tireless in battle.

Habitat: Graveyards, Dungeons, Sylvania

Legendary: Ugar’khosl the Skeleton King

Slime (Slime Monster):

This shimmering, amorphous mass seems more an oddity than a threat when first encountered.

Constantly dividing and recombining, it seeks to surround the traveler who happens upon its swamp or dungeon lair. Though susceptible to damage from ordinary weapons, the experienced adventurer is always ready to use fire against the ooze’s subtle maneuvers.

Note: It’s the same thing with Flob (Jelly Monster) who lives in the forests and plains.

Habitat: Most dungeons and caves.

Spider, giant:

Though they spin their lethal webs deep inside dark lairs, spiders of this gargantuan variety often venture forth in search of prey. They are capable of inflicting painful bites or spitting their toxic sputum from great distances. But they are not invincible, and can be killed with a few well-placed blows.

Habitat: Forests (mostly), caves, dungeons (almost any place on land).

Squid, giant (and Octopus, giant):

The dreaded scourge of all mariners, this horror of the high seas is legendary for its ability to destroy a large sailing vessel with its dextrous tentacles and crushing beak. It being exceedingly strong and durable, one should avoid confrontations with this nemesis of the deep.


Giant Octopus: Northern seas near the North Frozen Continent (Antarctic in our world).

Giant Squid: South Pole Ocean (the Arctic Sea in our world)

Legendary: Kraken, the Giant Octopus Lord in Western Petravia Ocean, originally from the Northern Seas and often named as the Polar Kraken.

There’s a legendary tale of a clash between the Kraken and the Leviathan that lasted three years and ended with the two withdrew from each other and never came close again ever since.

Tangle Vine (Choking Vine):

Though this plant resembles a common hedge of briars and thistles, wary adventurers take care to avoid tangle vines. The sharp thorns that adorn this creeping foliage radiate from a well-protected central flower pod. As if the swiftly growing limbs weren’t threat enough, the flower pod gives off a sleep-inducing fragrance whenever it is threatened.

Habitat: Meadows, plains, woods and forests.


The brutish troll takes perverted pleasure in hiding beneath bridges so it can terrorize the unsuspecting traveller. Fortunately, trolls are relatively weak and they lack endurance, so they pose only a moderate threat when encountered.


Forest Troll: Forests, he can regenerate severed limbs and heal wounds slowly. Green-skinned.

Mountain or Rock Troll: Mountains, hills. His skin is very hard and stone-like, and usually larger than other troll species.

Common Troll: Usually wears simple clothes like prehistoric humans, it always uses stone club as weapon and its stupidity is legendary. Usually lives in mountains or hills.

Night Troll: Forests, he is extremely powerful at night, but dreadfully weak at day.


Often mistaken for a harmless, forest firefly, the nocturnal wisp can both mystify and antagonize the adventurer. Though only causing minor harm in any single attack, its uncanny ability to dance about the field of battle, striking at will, can lead to serious cumulative injury.

Note: Sometimes it’s called ‘The Spirit of the Forest’. The wisp can be very intelligent as though it’s really a spirit or some faerie.

Habitat: Forests, especially Yggdrasil’s Forest and the forests near Terranova.

Wolf (also Dire Wolf or Warg):

Both revered and feared, this canine lord stalks the high plains and forest alike on its quest for survival. Never, ever put this wary beast in a threatening situation! Its bite is far worse than its mournful howl.

Note: Dire Wolf is bigger and stronger than common wolf. In Gremion, sometimes a wolf is a goblin’s ride, and a dire wolf (or Warg in Tolkien’s novels) is an orc’s pet and ride, being equally wild and harboring mutual thirst of battle and fight.


Common wolf: high plains, forests

Dire wolf: hills, mountainous terrains. Mostly found in Gremion.

White dire wolf: Northern Ice Barrier highlands and mountains in Fjorn.

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