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Friday, December 29, 2006

Directory fo eBook Publishers

More homework, BJ Vadis. Brace yourself...

Artemis Press
ePublishers of fiction and non-fiction ebooks relating to women. Especially interested in publishing lesbian-related fiction and nonfiction.Submission Guidelines

Atlantic Bridge
ePublishers of All Genres. PDF & HTML formatting. Submission Guidelines

Awe-Struck E-books
ePublishers of romance, Sci-Fi, Western, Suspense, Historical among other genres.. eBooks available as HTML downloads, disks, Rocketbooks and Palm Pilot. Submission Guidelines

Multi-lingual site Submission Guidelines

ePublishers of all genres. Print On DemandSubmission Guidelines

Boson Books
Most genres published in electronic formats. Submission Guidelines

Chippewa Publishing LLC
Chippewa Publishing LLC is an ePublisher with titles available in all genres. Submission Guidelines

Clocktower Fiction
ePublisher of Science Fiction, Horror, and darkly imaginative fiction. Submission Guidelines

Colvin Publications Pty Ltd
"Colvin Publications Pty Ltd IS NOT a 'mainstream' publisher. We break the traditions that have greatly limited the possibilities for budding authors through large corporate publishing organizations."Submission Guidelines

Conscious Kernels
ePublisher of Spirituality, Science of Mind, New Thought Ideas, Metaphysics, and Religious Science genres. Submission Guidelines

Crystal Dreams Publishing
"We are looking for authors who show new writing techniques and promise within the future of their writings."Submission Guidelines

Denlinger's Publishers, Ltd.
aka The Book DenePublisher of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.Submission Guidelines

Diskus Publishinge
Publisher of all genres in the following formats: HTML, PDF, Palm Pilot.Submission Guidelines

DLSIJ Presse
Publisher of books by women authors in the following formats: PDF, MS Reader, Rocket, Palm, and a format for the sight impaired.Query first.Submission Guidelines

Double Dragon Publishing
ePublishers of all genres of eBooks in Rocket-eBook, Hiebook, Adobe PDF, MS-Reader, Mobipocket, iSilo, Franklin eBookMan, and Palm Doc formats. Submission Guidelines

Dragonfly Publishing
Publishes Science Fiction/Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance and Young Adult genres in paperback, ebook and CD formats. Query first.Submission Guidelines

Publishes Fiction and nonfiction in print and electronic formats.Submission Guidelines

Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publishing
Specializes in any work of literature that is both romantic and sexually explicit in nature. Submission Guidelines

e-PressMost Fiction genres. Non-fiction works should be aimed at helping writers and with particular emphasis on beginning writers. Submission Guidelines

Publisher of all genres. Formats: Pocket PC, Palm, Win CE, and personal computers. Does not accept original worksSubmission Guidelines

Foremost Presse
Publishers of fiction and nonfiction books, both hard copy and electronic. Prefer working with published authors, but will consider manuscripts from unpublished authors.

Gateway Publishers
Electronic publishers of paranormal, science fiction, new age and metaphysical stories in eBook and POD Formats.Submission Guidelines

Hard Shell Word Factory
Royalty epublisher of fiction and nonfiction from both new and established authors.Submission Guidelines

Lazy Bee Scripts
Lazy Bee Scripts is a publisher of theatre scripts. "We specialize in English pantomimes and school plays with a strong sideline in humorous plays." Submission Guidelines

LionHearted Publishing
Publishes Romance in paperback and electronic form. Offers all titles in both forms.Query first.Submission Guidelines

Mundania Press
Specializes in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror, as well as cross-genre (i.e., Comedic Horror, Fantasy Romance) . Submission Guidelines

Mushroom eBooks
Genres: Science fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers and romance, travel writing, guide books, popular psychology, popular science, health, mind body spirit, biography and business books. Accepts new and previously published works.Submission Guidelines

New Concepts Publishing
Primarily Romance of all types, but publishes other genres. Format: Rocket eBook; RTF, Word and WPWIN via download, or on disketteSubmission Guidelines

Renaissance E Books
Publishes and distributes multi-genre eBook novels and short story collections.Submission Guidelines

Scorpius Digital
Specializes in science fiction, fantasy,and horror ebooks in Microsoft® Reader format. Submission Guidelines

Spilled Candye
Publishers of well-written, realistic portrayals of Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, Druids, and other followers of Earth-based religions. Also Non-fiction guides aimed primarily at the Pagan market. Submission Guidelines

Publishes all genres. Format: eBooks, paperback and CD-RomSubmission Guidelines

Twilight Times Books
Fiction and non-fiction books, Submission Guidelines

Vintage Romance Publishing LLCPublishes vintage (old fashioned) romance. See guidelines.Submission Guidelines

Wings ePress
A new ePublishing company that offers an alternative to established and upcoming authors. Publishes general fiction and all genres of romantic fiction in electronic and trade quality paperback. Submission Guidelines

Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Publishes all genres. Electronic publishing - all formats.Submission Guidelines

Zumaya Publications
Accept submissions in fiction and non-fiction in almost any genre. "Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts of 85,000 words or above for consideration. We're committed to actively working with writers in giving each title the attention it deserves." Submission Guidelines


Theresa Chaze, Wiccan Writer said...

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Theresa Chaze

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Yet there are other options to relying on others to make your work a success. Valkyrie Publishing provides a formatting conversion service, which translates word documents into PDF files and creates unique graphics for those who are time and technically challenged. Not only for Ebooks, PDF files can be useful for newsletters, ezines, or any document that will be needed to be easily opened by many computers.

Valkyrie Publishing provides a conversion service for writers who would like to publish their ebook and maintain total control over it. Since the author is hiring a service, all rights are retained by the author. This service will provide a way for more authors to publish their work while maintaining total control over the distribution and sales.
In addition, Valkyrie Publishing uses Photoshop and other graphic programs to create covers, which are professional and content appropriate. Using both royalty-free and original graphics, the illustrations are unique to the individual project. Examples of Valkyrie Publishing work can be found at and The last site also has contact information.

Dorothy Thompson has released "A Complete Guide to Promoting & Selling Your Self-Published eBook"; it is a comprehensive ebook that not only gives specific ways to promotion you ebook without cost, but she also gives the active links to the sites on which the author can do it. No longer does an author have to rely on professional publicist to get their work noticed by the public; they can do it themselves with the same success and with the enthusiasm only an author can supply. Endorsed by "Mr. Self-Published" Dan Poynter, this eBook explains why self-publishing eBooks is one of the most viable, not to mention profitable, ways of earning income with little or no overhead. From creating a personalized killer guerilla marketing plan to ways to turn your website into a viral marketing machine, this eBook revolutionizes our old way of thinking about publishing and carves a new way to provide authors with an alternative that will provide them with instant results which leads to more profits and self-satisfaction. You can find out more information by visiting Dorothy can be contacted at

Anonymous said...

Echelon Press Publishing

Offering unique stories for exceptional readers in both e-book and paperback. Submission guidelines posted on website.

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