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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Alaunt OnLine!

Alaunt Free Fantasy Web Browser Game (MMORPG)
Alaunt is a Free Web Browser Game, taking place in a MMORPG oriented Medieval Fantasy age. Everything you need in order to play the free game, is a Web Browser (We suggest Mozilla Firefox, which is Free and properly fits the Game), and as is supposed for a serious game, a certain amout of cleverness. The game is based on an articulated and Town management, and MMORPG is stimulated thanks to the the Medieval Fantasy background, and strenghtened by the Races available in the game (Humans, Orcs, Undeads, Elfs, Dwarfs). This management system represents a new point of view in the Free Games, and MMORPG oriented games, and though it doesn't require to spend many hours sitting and watching the game, can be hard to beat, thanks to many factors that will make you prove your "in game ability".
MMORPG oriented, Online Web Browser game...totally free!
Advanced Troops Management!
War Game Tactics and Battle Strategies own management!
RPG Trade System, and free "in game" NPC Marketplace!
Enemy Villages conquest!
"In Game" advanced and diversifcated Battle Damage Dealing!
Sorcerer Units and Magic Spells Enabled!
The hardest part in playing our MMORPG Browser Game, if compared to any other free online web game, is represented by the little but needed attentions that are the key to beat the game and properly administrate your Artificial Intelligence guided empire, and a great game leader must be great at this! The game experience is enriched by the possibilty of casting Magic Spells, taht influence the whole game, and the unique War Strategies to choose each round (Charge, Close Ranks, Square, Anti Magery, Outflanking, Withdraw) promote those who have a strategical game style, important for an MMORPG oriented game, and this also makes our game a completely extended free MMORPG, that our staff feels like declaring the best free game for anyone that believes that a MMORPG strategy is just "build, wait, attack, build, attack". In game tutorial provides explainations, strategies suggestions and game tips, however you will find that the game is easy to be understood thanks to a dedicated game graphic interface. MMORPG is enriched by the many possibilites of interaction with other players, such as creating alliances, based on MMORPG background, and true game interaction with other players, no just "NAP with ***" as seen in other MMORPG. This will also allow the MMORPG oriented players to organize Game Wars, involving the whole server, or in game Guild Wars! And for your own vanity, the game provides a space to put your own Alliance Avatar . Members inclusion/exclusion has a system that prevents unloyal behaviours. So, alliances become the key and heart of the whole game. This Free game, is the result of pernickety on older generations of MMORPG and Online Free Game samples, and represents a revolution in the overview of MMORPG, and in the outlook of Online Free Game resources! Sign In the Game Now, and let your adventure start!!!

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