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Friday, September 07, 2007

FireHeart - Skill List

No. Level Element Skill/Magic Name Casting/Executing

Soul of the Sword (Basic Swordsmanship)
1 1 Any Double Slash 2-slash Combo
2 1 Any Uppercut Slash Below-up
3 1 Any Jump Slash Above-down
4 2 Any Power Bash Powerful Slash
5 2 Any Three-Point Chain Slash 3-slash Combo
6 4 Any Ten-Point Chain Slash 10-slash Combo
7 2 Air Air Slash Long Distance Slash
8 2 Any Counterslash Parry, Pivot, Slash
9 3 Fire Exploding Fireslash Fire explosion effect
10 3 Fire Fire Slash Long Distance Slash
11 3 Air Whirlwind Slash Defensive Rotate Slash
12 3 Earth Quake Slash Earth-crack Powerbash
13 3 Water Whirlpool Slash Muffle-Counterslash
14 4 Any Hidden Slash Invisible Quickslash

Dragon Slayer (Saber, Katana or Long Sword)
1 1 Air Dragon Claws Double Slash
2 1 Air Dragon Fang Jump Slash
3 2 Air Dragon Wings Long Distance Slash
4 3 Fire Dragon Fireslash Long Distance Slash
5 3 Fire Dragon Crossfire Slash Long Distance Slash
6 2 Fire Dragon Tail Sweep Rotating Reverse Slash
7 2 Fire Dragon Rises to Heaven (Rising Dragon) Uppercut Slash
8 2 Fire Dragon Hammering Down (Dragon Dive) Jumping, Downward Slash
9 3 Air Sleeping Dragon Curls Up Somersault Counterslash
10 3 Earth Angry Dragon Stomping Quake Power Bash
11 3 Water Twin Dragons Scour the Seas Left-right or opposite directions double slash
12 3 Fire Dances of Myriad Dragons 10-slash Combo in disorderly manner
13 4 Water Blue Dragon Roar of Pain (Leviathan's Shockwave) Amplify shockwave using water property
14 4 Wind Green Dragon Assault Strike Multi-thrust-slash frontal, uppercut or jump-dive.
15 4 Fire Red Dragon Hellriser Fireballs from the air or Fire pillars the ground
16 4 Dark Black Dragon Soulstealer (Omegron's Scourge) Multiple fast-thrusts, run from different angles
17 4 Light Gold Dragon Dominator Multi-thrust-slash flying
18 4 Fire Nine-Headed Dragon God (Orochi Rampage) Nine-hit Combo
19 5 Fire Wrath of the Dragon God One-hit concentrated slash/thrust
20 5 Fire Regrets of the Dragon 18-hit Finishing Combo
21 5 Fire Supreme Absolution (Algaban's Absolution) Algaban's special version of the 18th tech

Songs of Albatross (Water, Fencing)
1 1 Water Seafarers' Overture Frontal Thrust
2 2 Water Shears of the Falling Rain Jumping, Air to ground thrusts
3 2 Water Whirlpool Polonaise Muffle-Counterslash
4 3 Water Dances in the Cascades Cascade-pattern slash
5 3 Water Albatross Embraces the Clouds Upward thrusts
6 4 Water Hymn of the Rolling Waves Vertical rolling slashes combo
7 4 Water Requiem of the Tides Thrusts combo
8 4 Water Riverstream Rhapsody Hidden hyperspeed low thrust
9 5 Water Maelstrom Serenade Rotating Slashes Combo
10 5 Water Symphony of the Seven Seas 21 thrusts and slashes combo from every angle

Kaiser Zweihänder (Two-Hand Swords, Greatswords)
1 1 Nature Pouncing Tiger Slash Jump-pounce slash
2 2 Light Fingers of the Blade Five-Way energy spread
3 2 Water Turtle Shielding Blade Defensive force field
4 3 Nature Tusks of Stampeding Elephants Lower-Upward thrusts and slashes combo
5 3 Wind Griffin Whirlwind Slash Defense+Attack Slash
6 4 Light Singular Voice of Truth Single flying thrust
7 5 Nature Shattering of Heaven and Earth Combo of rolling slashes with ultimate energy

Divide and Conquer (Great Axes, Great Hammers)
1 2 Earth Timbercut Swing 360 degrees single horizontal swing
2 2 Earth Half-Split Swing 360 degrees single vertical rolling swing
3 3 Earth Cavemaker's Rampage (Hammer) Multi-Blows
4 4 Earth Thousand Gates Break One blow, continuous force - frontal
5 4 Earth Landsplitter Quake Plus Landcrack effect
6 5 Earth Land and Sea Divide Large Area Effect Blow
7 3 Earth Megaton Impact Multiplied Strength Blow

Cloudshear Wings (Two Swords)
1 3 Wind Last Stand of the Eagle Defensive propeller
2 3 Wind Eagle Fishing on the Lake Jump, flying dive slash
3 3 Fire Phoenix Wings Slashes combo, directions bend/curve
4 4 Fire Phoenix Rampages in Hell Flying slash combo from any angle
5 3 Dark Wyvern Sweep Dive Jump, flying dive slash
6 4 Dark Wyvern Flying Blades Flying double sword, remote-controlled
7 3 Light Griffin
8 4 Light Griffin Noble Sacrifice

Khattaran Bladedancer (Two Scimitars - Special)
1 2 Wind+Water Alluring Siren Illusion: look at sword from left actually right
2 2 Wind+Water Reflections in the Breeze Create shadows by moving xtra fast around
3 3 Earth+Wind Scorpion Tail Block and overhead somersault thrust
4 3 Earth+Wind Sandstorm Skirmish Series of rolling jump thrusts combo
5 4 Fire+Wind Firestorm Fervor Jumping fire slashes 8-hit combo
6 5 Fire+Wind Dancing Lost Souls Swift moves and attack from all angles combo

Shadow of the Wolf (Twin Daggers - Special)
1 2 Wind Backstab Stab to the back
2 3 Wind Traitor's Backstab Invisible Backstab
3 3 Wind Cartwheel Slash Somersault Slash
4 3 Wind Cartwheel Thrust Somersault Thrust
5 4 Wind Soul-Splitting Drill Drill Rotate Stab
6 5 Wind The Shadowless Wolf Invisibility+Speed+Stabs

Monstrosity Blows (Monsters' Skills)
1 4 Metal Giga Rocket Ram Flying Header Ram by golems
2 5 All Feast on the Champions Chimera's finishing blow
3 4 All Paladins' Pancake Chimera's skill
4 2 Wind Avrakadavra Avracense's skill
5 3 Ice Avralanche Avracense's skill
6 4 Fire Avracalypse Avracense's skill

FireHeart Skill and Technique List used in FireHeart Saga Novels
Refer to "FH Characters" and "Paladins" label to see the users and read the novel to see the usage. Created by Andry Chang

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