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Sunday, September 09, 2007

FireHeart Paladins - Characters Overview

FireHeart – Legend Of The Paladins
Novel Project
Character Abilities and Specifications :

The Paladins :

  1. Robert Chandler

Class : Ranger + Guardian = Fire Paladin

Status : Stable boy > Scout > Knight > Marshal

Rank : Page > Squire > Knight

Race : Human

Nation : Lore

Best Weapon : Grimlock – Fire Dragon Saber (Class A, Adair’s Arsenal)

Best Armor : Algaban’s Dragon Rune Armor Set : Half-plate, Greaves & Arm Braces (Class A, Adair’s Arsenal)

First Weapon : Emmerich’s Kiliji (Class C), Compound Crossbow (Class C)

First Armor : Fine Leather Armor (Class D) => Compounded Breastplate (Class C)

Guardian : Algaban, The Ancient Fire Dragon

Skills / Spells :

- Sword Mastery with Fire Property

- Archery Skills : Eagle Eye and Bull’s Eye

Basic Sword Mastery :

- Power Bash

- Three-Point Chain Slash

- Four-Ways Cross Slash

- Air Slash

- Backslash

- Ten-Point Chain Slash

- Spinning Jumpslash

- Uppercut Slash

Dragon-slaying Swordplay :

- Dragonsnap - Power Bash

- Dragon Jaws and Claws - Three-Point Chain Slash

- Dragon Wings - Air Slash

- Dragon Tailstrike - Backslash

- Dragonstrike - Ten-Point Chain Slash

- Dragon Rolls in the Clouds - Spinning Jumpslash

- Rising Dragon - Uppercut Slash

- Dragon Hammering Down – Jump and/or Downward Slash

- Crescent Dragonfire – Fire Slash

- Dragon Ultimatum – Full-Powered Straight Thrust

- Wrath Of The Dragon God / Algaban’s Absolution – Finishing Omnislash (18-hit combo)

- Nine-Headed Dragon – Finishing Combo Strike: (Dragonsnap – Rising Dragon – Dragon Hammering Down - Dragon Jaws and Claws (3 hits) - Dragon Rolls in the Clouds – Dragon Tailstrike – Dragon Ultimatum)

Description :

Robert is indifferent, ‘cool’, serious, and full of determination, a personality formed by the traumatic incidents of his youth. For him, it’s very difficult to trust anybody. He even fears that someday his closest friend may stab him from behind. He prefers to focus to his disciplined life and training than women (he also had a traumatic experience with women). But several near-death experiences change his attitude and he can finally be a good leader to his hunting party and a great general of Lore. His prior obsession is to see orcs extinct from Aurelia, by his hands or another. His great loathing and vengeance towards the orcs earned him the nickname ‘Orcbane’ and the title master hunter in Lore.

  1. Cristophe Deveraux

Class : Swordsman > Knight + Guardian = Holy Paladin

Status : Prince > Emperor

Rank : Prince > Emperor

Race : Human

Nation : Arcadia

Best Weapon : Class A The Arsenal of Light – Angelic Sword of Justice

Accessories : Class A The Arsenal of Light – Ring of Heavenly Love and Necklace of Humility

Best Armor : Class A

The Arsenal of Light – Armor of Righteousness, Helm of Salvation, Iron Boots of Diligence and Shield of Faith

First Weapon : Wyrthal – Long Sword (Class C)

First Armor : Traveller’s Tunic (D) => Half-Plate (C) => Full Field Plate (B)

Guardian : Avariel The Archangel – Vadis’ Enforcer Of The Light

Skills / Spells :

- Sword Mastery with Light Property – Learned from Robert

- Healing & Protection Spells – Learned from Andreas

Basic Sword Mastery :

- Power Bash

- Three-Point Chain Slash

- Cross Slash

- Ten-Point Chain Slash

Divine Resolution – Justice by the Sword :

- Embraced by Angel’s Wings - Wind Slash

- Heart of a Dove and Wit of a Serpent - Shield and Sword Counterstrike

- Blessings Through The Faithful

- Angels’ Song of Praises: Gloria In Excelsis Deo – Force Slash

- Tears of the Avenging Angels – 12 Hits Combo

- The Angelic Army of Light – 20 Hits Combo

Description :

A greedy, careless, reckless youth. He is truthfully a prince with no burden of the throne on him, being a second son, so to avoid conflict with his brother Alexis he leaves the palace with his cousin Carolyn to seek adventure and experience as monster hunters. In book one he is known as ‘Christopher’. But his encounter and adventures with Robert and his hunting party turns him from zero to hero. He is sometimes funny and irritating, but truthfully an intelligent and wise man fit for ruling and a very talented swordsman. The future Emperor Sage V of Arcadia.

  1. Alexis Deveraux

Class : Knight

Race : Human

Nation : Arcadia

First Weapon : Colathaloc Glaive (Im’colath and Im’htaloc), (Class B)

Best Armor :

Guardian :

Skills / Spells :

- Sword Mastery with Wind & Fire Property

4. Don Hernan y Parvaez, Swordsman – Human, Escudia

Class : Swordsman > Fencer + Guardian = Water Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Lore

Best Weapon : Escobar, the Escudo Rapier (Class A, Arsenal of Light)

First Weapon : Albatross Rapier (Class B)

Best Armor : Eil’thanath Escudo (Mythril) Armor Set (incomplete) :

Breastplate, Arm Braces & Shoulder Braces (Class A, Enia’s Grace)

Guardian : Petra the Leviathan, Lord of the Seas

Skills / Spells :

Sword Mastery :

Requiem of the Tides – Wave of Thrusts Combo

Shears of the Falling Rain – Downwards Multi-Thrusts

Dances on the Clouds – Upwards Multi-Thrusts

Whirlpool Polonaise – Spiralling Jump Thrust

Symphony of the Seven Seas – Thrusts and Slashes, Attack and Defense Combo

Description :

Don Hernan y Parvaez Besso Trinidad, a noble loyal to King Jaime of Escudia, Hernan repeatedly saved the country by doing secret missions as a secret agent in his noble, flamboyant disguise (just like James Bond in 007 movies). As a token of appreciation of his heroic feats, King Jaime awarded Hernan a sum of land worthy of a Marquis in addition of Hernan’s hereditary lands, and the body-part armor set of Eil’thanath.

Hernan’s only weakness is his reverence of beauty – especially in beautiful women. Although he already has a wife, a daughter and two sons, he still likes to seek adventures in distant lands just to meet and woo beautiful ladies (and deflower them, leaving his ‘mark’ on them if possible) with his charms. Unfortunately, his age and marital status, if known, makes him somewhat ‘repulsive’ for ladies with uncommon beauty and qualities.

5. Viscount Adler von Bachmann, Knight – Human, Borgia

Class : Cleric + Knight + Guardian = Chaos Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Borgia

Best Weapon : Deathblade Zweihander (Kraal’shazar) (Class A, Adair’s Arsenal)

First Weapon : Ulcergash Flamberge (Class B)

Best Armor : Omegron’s Tiamatte Armor – Black Full Plate Armor (Class A, Demonic Weapons)

First Armor : Der Ingelham, Enchanted Full Plate Mail (Class B)

Guardian :

Omegron, but never had a chance to summon him because it’s controlled by Zal’fira the necromancess

Skills / Spells :

(Forces of Nature – Great Sword Mastery)

Tusks of a Myriad Elephants = Gading Selaksa Gajah

Pouncing Tiger Slash = Singa Putih Menerkam Mangsa

Whirlwind Slash = Badai Berpusar Membelah Awan / Sabetan Badai Berpusar

Shattering of Heaven and Earth = Penghancur Bumi dan Langit

Fingers of the Blade = Jari-jari Tapak Pedang

Description :

As explained in the story, Viscount Adler von Bachmann is the man who likes to dominate, influence and control others. He’s not necessarily evil, but he’s obviously ambitious.

The facts that even the King of Borgia is within his influence and being the Grand Marshal of the Borgian Army form his hyper-arrogant and hyper-egoistic character. He knows no true friend – until he meets Don Hernan y Parvaez.

His positive traits are his resourcefulness and his ability to notice opportunities even in the most obscure manner. He is also a good negotiator (although many are proved better than him in this kind of field).

  1. Lavennia Iris

Class :

Ranger + Enchanter, Bard, Archer + Guardian = Nature Paladin

Race : Elf

Nation : Thyrine

Best Weapon :

Wysteria (Yggdrasil’s Bark) Longbow (Class B), Elven Kris Dagger, Small Harp

Best Armor : Enchanted Green Dancer’s Dress with Enchanted breastplate, shoulder & arm braces, and enchanted long boots. (Class C)

Guardian :

Yggdrasil, The Guardian Force Of Nature

Eshmyria, The Guardian Force Of Wind

Skills / Spells :

Yggdrasil’s Enchantments :

- Nervatr / Omninervatr : Single / Mass Protection against magical attacks and effects, effect lasts for a full day (approx. 24 hours).

- Yggfhylshazar : Sharpen and toughen weapons and armor

- Nur Halizei : Cure Poison

- Yggseimathu : Regenerate and heal wounds in a quickened natural way.

Eshmyria’s Spells :

- Eshmyr : Wind Slash

- Eshmyriad : Hurricane

- Raduyev Eshmyriad : Typhoon

- An Eshmyria Aschi : Summon Eshmyria

- Rota Vaishazar : Twister Tempest

- An Eshmyr Guilarr Aschi : Summon Wind Elemental

Description :

A typical show-off and a bit flirty (but is steady with one boyfriend at a time). Being an 80-year old elf on her first appearance in this story, Lavennia Iris acts bossy and show-off her talents to influence people and gain respect, because she doesn’t get it in Thyrine. She looks like a teenage elf, a bit under 16 in human age reckoning, but she already gets the thirst and hunger for adventure. She gets bored easily over monotonous works.

What she really seeks in life is love, which is rather seldom happening among fair Thyrinian elves.

  1. Kyflynn, Assassin – Night Elf, Terranova

Class : Rogue > Thief > Assassin + Guardian = Wind Paladin

Race : Night Elf

Nation : Terranova

Best Weapon : Twin Daggers Maraj’vriad (Myriad of Shadows) – two daggers that can be combined into one (Class A, Gears of Chaos)

Best Armor : Sylvanian Serpentine Cuirass (Class B) & Eil’thanath Mythril Greaves (Class A, Enia’s Grace)

Guardian : Eöle, The Patron of Messengers and Speed

Skills / Spells :

- Throat Slitting Kill : Has his own style of a straight, clean slit because of great speed

- 9-Point Backstabs : Very accurate backstabs into the possible weak points (up to 9)

- Wind Needle : Flying needle empowered with wind power, instant kill from a distance

- Razor Wind Attack : Attacks + pressurizes the air so the air become a speedy wind which can cut things. Single / Multiple attack.

- Whirlwind Dagger Attack : Rotating attack with double daggers, sometimes forming a drill.

Description :

Unpredictable, irritating. Being an outcast dark elf (night elf), Kyflynn frequently finds himself in difficult situations. And sometimes his decisions to solve certain situations might be very controversial. His principles of 'Not killing good people' made him banished from his kindred, but it's not his privilege to judge who's good and who's bad, right?

He may laugh in critical situations and gets angry in happy times. He is the elf for himself: doing things the way he likes, as his heart pleases. He has no regard for decency, law and rules.

  1. Desmond Edmundsen, Berserker – Human, Bjordan

Class : Fighter > Warrior > Berserker + Guardian = Earth Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Bjordan – Fordia United

Best Weapon : Terra Nakroβ (Class A, Gears of Chaos) from Paliades

Best Armor : Iron Brigandine (Class C)

Guardian : Barudan the Titan, Guardian Force of the Earth

Skills / Spells :

  1. Father Andreas Marvellini

Class : Priest + Guardian = Wisdom Paladin

Race : Dwarf

Nation : Grad – Valanis

Best Weapon : Healers’ Axe-Staff of Gloria Vadis (Class B, Vadis’ Arsenal)

Best Armor : Robe Of Holy Light – the Vadis Priests’ uniform (Class C)

Guardian : Galatea the Protector (in holy energy that empowers spell only)

Skills / Spells :

- Vitali : Heal

- Viavitali : Great Heal

- Omnivitali : Mass Heal

- Galatr : Protect

- Omnigalatr : Mass Protect

- Delmetr : Dispel Magic

- Omnidelmetr : Mass Dispel

Description :

Fatherly and good natured, this elderly dwarf always says, ‘It’s hard being a nice guy, but I like being nice and I like hard work, so there’s no problem.’

His love for family and his determination to help people with the craft he does best: healing collides with his brethrens’ principles and belief, so he learnt Vadisian and came back to his homeland with a new faith. His mission to bring cure and salvation to his people will cause him to do so many sacrifices: separated with his family, scorned by his brethrens, prosecuted by the leaders, and who knows what else next.

In spite of his sufferings, he stays calm and cheerful as usual. He is the ‘father’ of his hunting party. He cools things down when his much younger partners begin to heat up and quarrel with each other, with witty advices and sometimes mild jokes.

His dwarf name (real name) is Rollo Bigstumble. He has a wife, Uli Nockimble and two children, Ivor Bigstumble and Eni Bigstumble.

Ivor Bigstumble is also known as ‘Ivor the Beardless’, the one and only beardless dwarf warrior in Grad, and (because of that) is the most handsome dwarf in Grad in his time.

His weapon is a hammer, a gift from the Dwarven King (Grand Trow) Haägi Thornhelm.

He’s hardheaded but can be easily influenced by the person he respects.

  1. Eidos Crydias, Scientist + Chronomage – Human, Parthenia

Class : Chronomage + Scientist = Intelligence and Time Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Parthenia

Best Weapon : (Both Class A, Order of Universe)

- Chronus’ Chakram – The medium artifact to perform time magic

- Tome of Time and Tide – containing complex chronomagical spells and incantations that manipulates time and space. The tome itself is enchanted as the catalyst of time flow. Put Chronus’ Chakram and Tome of Time and Tide aligned together, and the chronomagic spell will be complete.

Best Armor : Chronorobe - Chronomagic-proof robe, that prevents himself from getting the effects of time-manipulating when performing time magic.

Guardian : Chronus, The Keeper of Time, Space and Chance

Skills / Spells :

- Slow

- Haste

- Stop

- Teleport

- Deja Vu : To put a being’s mind and soul into its normal state in the previous time. It’s a very complex spell that requires the caster to re-imagine (or ‘save’ – another spell is required for that) the moment he wants to put the being in. Even when the being dies, when the Deja Vu spell is applied immediately he will come back to life and its physical and mind state is restored to the time imagined by the caster. The restored / resurrected being will maintain some of his memory of the places he went in the time between his saved moment and his death or restoration, and he will experience deja vus. ‘I think I’ve seen this exactly before!’

- Record : Saves the moment and the condition of someone completely in the caster’s mind. A support spell for Deja Vu

- Levitate : Deny gravity and weight, levitate a thing in mid-air or move it to anywhere you want to.


  1. Agustina Vyrakova

Class : Sorceress + Guardian = Ice Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Val’shka

Best Weapon : Cygnus Ice Wand (Class A, Vadis’ Arsenal)

Best Armor : Robe of the Elements

Guardian :

Jokulion, The Crystal Knight

Val’shka, The Immortal Queen Of Eternal Ice (for Frozen Doomsday only)

Skills / Spells :

  1. Dejan Pavlovic

Class : Fighter > Animage + Guardian = Beast Paladin

Race : Hobbit (Halfling or Gnome)

Nation : Regia (Halethia)

Best Weapon : Power Gauntlet, Tecnozegna (Class A, Vadis’ Arsenal)

Best Armor : Anything that can morph / transfigure along with him

Guardian : Lycanus Fenrir, Lord of the Beasts, The Pale Wolf

Skills / Spells :

Lycanus’ Possession : A Multi-Animagus Spell : Dejan can turn into a wolf, a rabbit, a bear, an eagle or an orca still with hobbit conscience.

The Dark Paladins :

  1. Pope Xylen Felicitia => Archdemoness Xylen

Class : Priest => Demoness

Race : Human => Devil

Nation : Vadis => Sylvania

Best Weapon : Overlarge Demon Hands and Nails

Best Armor : (none)

First Weapon : Healing Wand of Compassion + Protect Wand of Preservation = Divine Staff of The Holy Heart

First Armor :

Guardian : Vadis => Vordac

Skills / Spells :

  1. Zal’fira, Master of Omegron

Class : Necromancer + Summoner

Race : Human

Nation : Bresconnor

Best Weapon : Viper Cane (Class A Adair’s Arsenal)

Best Armor : Necromancer Robe

Guardian : Tiamat Omegron the Ancient Black Dragon

Skills / Spells :

  1. Noac The Dark Knight (formerly Eldric O’Brennan)

Class : Knight > Dark Knight

Race : Human > Wraith

Nation : Lore > Sylvania

Best Weapon : Carrion Chakram (Class A Demonic Weapons)

First Weapon : Lance Of Skewering (Class C)

Best Armor : Bloodshed Armor – Red & Black Full Plate Armor

Ride : Gregoron The Demonic Stallion

Guardian : --

Skills / Spells :

- Jousting Mastery

  1. Paliades (Nikanomikos Paliades)

Class : Knight + Golem Rider = Metal Paladin

Race : Human > Golem > Behemoth Juggernaut

Nation : Parthenia

Best Weapon : Deathblade Zweihander (Kraal’shazar)

First Weapon : Terra Nakroβ (Great Hammer, Class A Gears of Chaos)

Best Armor : Spiked Full Armor

Guardian : Behemoth Juggernaut, Chimera (Vyr, Jokul, Voltar, Borg and Eshmyr)

Skills / Spells :

  1. Sheena um Mekh’ta

Class : Corsair (Pirate)

Race : Human

Nation : Meshallah

Best Weapon : Zhaya’shazar – Dancing Blades (Double Scimitar, Class B)

Best Armor : Female breastplate, Dancing Dress

Guardian :

Skills / Spells :

  1. MacLair The Death Dealer

Class : Assassin

Race : Human => Zombie

Nation : Wardstone

Best Weapon : Ultimatum – The Dagger Stained With Cursed Blood (Class A Adair’s Arsenal)

Best Armor : (Ragged assassin cloth Kalvinka – never mentioned in novel)

Guardian : Death

Skills / Spells :

- Throat Slitting Kill : Has his own style of a straight, clean slit because of great speed

- 9-Point Backstabs : Very accurate backstabs into the possible weak points (up to 9)

  1. Dar’gum The Relentless

Class : Berserker

Race : Orc

Nation : Gremion

Best Weapon : Il Khatl J’nadh – Great Axe (Class A – Gears of Chaos)

Best Armor :

Guardian : Uruk’nagh, Father of Uruk’hais, Lord of Chaos

Skills / Spells :

  1. Archdevil Arachus The Blighter

Class : Archdevil

Race : Devil

Nation : Sylvania

Best Weapon : The Crow (before handing it to Vordac’s heir) (Class A – Demonic Weapons)

Best Armor : None

Guardian : Himself

Skills / Spells : Infernal Rage

Note :

A hero from the light paladins : Alexis Deveraux and another from the neutral, Princess Eloise will be included in the dark side. Andreas Marvellini dies before the last crusade, so the standings for paladins will change as follows :

Light Paladins :

  1. Robert Chandler
  2. Cristophe Deveraux
  3. Adler von Bachmann
  4. Don Hernan y Parvaez
  5. Lavennia Iris
  6. Kyflynn The Windwalker
  7. Carolyn Deveraux
  8. Desmond Edmundsen
  9. Agustina Vyrakova
  10. Eidos Crydias
  11. Dejan Pavlovic

Other Heroes & Key Characters :

  1. Princess Eloise of Lore

Class : Princess

Race : Human

Nation : Lore

Best Weapon : -

Best Armor : -

Skills / Spells : -

  1. Carolyn Deveraux

Class : Sorceress + Priestess + Guardian = Lightning & Fire Paladin

Race : Half-Elf

Nation : Thyrine > Vadis > Arcadia

Best Weapon :

Esthagar - Eye Of The Storm – Magic Staff + Trident + Halberd (Class B)

Healing Wand of Compassion + Protect Wand of Preservation= Divine Staff of The Holy Heart (Class A, Arsenal of Light)

Best Armor : Enchanted Dress of Hayjal-Beruna (Fire and Rainclouds) (Class A, Enia’s Grace)

Accessories : Necklace of Luck (Class C)

Guardian : Aegis, and a one-time aid from Yggdrasil to unleash ‘Nature’s Wrath’

Skills / Spells :

  1. Emperor Sage IV The Obliterator, Arcadia

Class : King (Chevalier)

Race : Human

Nation : Lore

Best Weapon : Royal Sword

Best Armor : Royal Full Plate Mail

Guardian : -

Skills / Spells : -

  1. King George XIV The Invincible, Lore

Class : King (Chevalier)

Race : Human

Nation : Lore

Best Weapon : Royal Sword

Best Armor : Royal Full Plate Mail

Guardian : -

Skills / Spells : -

  1. Rael’charon, Advisor – Elf, Lore : The greatest tactician of this age

Class : Noble, Advisor

Race : Elf

Nation : Thyrine > Lore

Best Weapon : Flying daggers (Class D)

Best Armor : Noble High Elf Robe

Guardian : Yggdrasil – extra knowledge & consultation only

Skills / Spells : Bulls’ Eyes Knife Shot : perfectly accurate flying dagger single shot

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