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Wednesday, October 08, 2008 The Stolen Helmet – Part 6 (end)

The Guardian Spirit Eshmyria has killed ten harpies and shreds four more with her Pandemonium attack. Her summoner, Iris even helped Adler, killing five harpies with four arrows. Adler killed one of the three harpies surrounding him, plus two more with Tusks of a Myriad Elephants technique.

Soon, a thick, dense dark aura covers the succubus’ entire body. She’s going to put all her energy into one last bet. If this move doesn’t finish them all, then nothing will. One last bet of life and death. Win all, or lose all. It’s now or never.

Eshmyria gathers wind energy and accumulates her aura to counter the succubus’ move – whatever it’ll be. The surviving harpies pull back so they won’t become victims of this final clash. Seeing this, Iris and Adler also prepare their final moves.

Just as the Archdemoness reaches her maximum power and is about to unleash her attack, suddenly she stops! Her accumulated aura is gone, and her face looks stunned. Something must’ve disrupted her concentration.

Her opponents see that and get puzzled, but maybe that’s a trick move so they don’t lower their guards. Even Eshmyria also holds her move.

And then, the she-devil grits her teeth in anger and shouts, ‘HALT! I’d like to finish you all with one move, however I’m needed somewhere else for more urgent matters. Looks like this is your lucky day. The next time we meet, it’ll be your doom!’

The Archdemoness of Desdemon turns around to fly away, and abruptly turns back again!

‘Oh yes, I almost forgot. This energy I’ve gathered must be released before it consumes me. So here’s my farewell gift, Dark Disintegration!’

She joins her two hands and blasts a black ray at Adler! It hits the griffin Adler is riding on, killing it at once! Its body decays and disintegrates as the end result of that blast. Adler ejects himself from the dead griffin at once, and now he has no one and nothing to fly on. Anyone can guest what’s next: Free-fall to the death!

Chris and Iris are startled on seeing that, and both swiftly dive to save Adler. No matter how irritating his ego is, as long as there’s still goodness in him, he must be saved. The two griffins dive faster and finally the two champs catch Adler just about one meter above the ground. They move the Viscount to Iris’ griffin. Chris then quickly looks up in the sky and the Succubus Queen is gone. Thoughts come in his mind.

She’s so powerful, and she’s winning. But what urgent business made her give up the chance to get both the Helmet of Truth and the Shield of Faith plus eliminating powerful foes with one blow? Something is not right here, but thankfully we are alive with a chance to get stronger. The next time we face her, we’ll be ready.

Chris looks at Iris and Adler. Iris looks back at him with a worried face. She seems sharing the same thought as his. Adler, on the other hand, seems unconscious. Understanding this situation, Chris smiles. Thank you, Vadis. We are spared to fight another day.

Acavela and the yellow griffin land in the midst of a group of gray and brown-feathered griffins. Eidos comes running, muttering something about his old bones and how Lord Adler is. Iris dismounts and puts Adler on the ground.

Chris also dismounts from Acavela. The great red griffin sways a bit, and collapses on the ground because of its injuries. Chris comes closer to help, but he also collapses from his injuries. Chris would’ve fallen unconscious in the battle without his aura sustaining him.

About a quarter of griffin population were lost today. So much destruction and death, all to protect the sacred Helmet of Truth and deliver it into the right hands – namely on Adler’s head.

Although Chris challenged the Succubus Queen, he lets Adler claim the helmet and wear it. The situation doesn’t allow them to argue and fight over an artifact.

This is a sign, a warning of an upcoming new holy war, and peace has gone.

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