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Wednesday, October 08, 2008 The Stolen Helmet – Part 5

Finally, I made it, Chris smiles. Now, let’s see if I can shoot more harpies... Meanwhile, Acavela scratches into another harpy and Chris finishes it off with a Cross Slash.

Suddenly, from the midst of the group, the blue-skinned succubus glides through. It seems she is going for the Helmet of Truth Adler is wearing. The target is busy with three harpies, so it’ll be like snatching candy from a baby.

‘Oh, no you don’t!’

The moment Adler realizes the succubus’ attack; a blast hits the blue she-devil. Only this time she is ready and only gets pushed a few meters from her previous position. The succubus shouts curses.

‘Huh! Filthy griffin brute! You messed up with my plan again! Maybe a gruesome death will make you understand the consequences of hindering the Archdemoness of Desdemon!’

Chris stares at the Archdemoness curiously. Archdemoness? I only know about the incubus Vordac and his generals, Arachus and Thalakon from history books. But, her face is somewhat familiar...

A jerk from Acavela snaps Chris back to himself. The griffin zooms to attack the Succubus Queen frontally. She does a back flip, and the attack misses. But that’s not the end of it. She rolls on and on, scratching Acavela’s belly a few times and finishes with a double kick.

This time Acavela is thrown upwards and Chris almost falls from his seat. The griffin coughs blood but Chris calms it by stroking the back of its neck gently.

The Archdemoness laughs evilly.

‘Pleased with the Wheel of Pleasure? Crave for some more? C’mon, sweet prince, come to mama. I got plenty of moves to send you into the abyss of hell!’

Her eyes flash splendidly. Cristophe’s eyes meet with the succubus’ and his mind goes astray. Chris might look stupid before, but under this spell, Captivating Stare, he now looks like a complete idiot, stunned – or more likely – charmed.

Seeing this opportunity, the Succubus Queen charges with her spiraling frontal glide.

‘Feel my Irresistible Desire!’

The succubus is about to knock Chris over when suddenly Acavela flies upwards, shielding its rider! The drilling attack lands on the red griffin’s chest instead.

This time Acavela is thrown backwards with an injury to add. It jerks again, restoring Chris from his trance. Chris comes round, and gasps on seeing Acavela’s bad condition and the opponent making another go.

The succubus charges again directly towards Cristophe. Her eyes glow, trying to stun him again with Captivating Stare. But like the saying: A skill can’t work twice for an opponent, this time Chris is ready. He raises the Shield of Faith which aura deflects the black magic hypnotic wave back to its caster. The succubus is immune to her own hypnotism and she breaks the spell instantly.

This time Acavela charges back. Chris also adds several Air Slashes to lock the she-devil in the line of fire if not injuring her. The succubus swerves left and right to avoid the slashes. When she goes in range, she kicks rapidly with the dark technique Unquenched Passion. The serial kick blocks the Air Slash waves and neutralizes Acavela’s strike at the same time.

Knowing this situation, Chris changes his attack to Ten-Point Chain Slash. With accurate timing, Chris’ sword grazes the she-devil on four places: left leg, left arm, left shoulder and right waist.

Enraged, the she-devil quickens her kicks. Most of them land on Chris’ shield, the others miss the spot and one lands on Chris’ cheek.

The Prodigal Prince might wish that he wears a helmet now, namely the Helmet of Truth. However, the Shield of Faith absorbs energy from the kicks and Chris releases it back to the opponent with Shield-Sword Counterstrike.

The one thrust with Wyrthal, quicker than anything, goes through the multiple kicks and pierces into the she-devil’s thigh.

Startled, the Succubus Queen pulls back and stops in mid-air. Cristophe and Acavela don’t make a move either. What is she doing? Maybe she’s preparing a finishing move. Alas, I don’t have anything more powerful than Ten-Point Chain Slash now and she already knew that move. Hope I can survive this fight. So Chris accumulates his holy aura to anticipate any move his opponent might make.

The Succubus Queen looks around and analyzes the situation.

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